Me- "I am a teenage girl with nothing better to do than write and read fanfic so do you think I own KP or ADJL or DP? No didn't think so! This will be mostly about Danny and Jake but some with some KP in it too! No PP! And no one only the people who already knew about their ID's knows. Minus Kim."

Danny's POV.

"SAM! Why would you sign us up? I mean really? Between ghost fights, taking care of Dani and homework plus my job I don't have time to house an exchange student! Epically one that is just from the middle of new york city!" I said. Speaking of ghost fights I was fighting Skulker at the moment.

"Oh please Danny! This is the only year we get to do this and they are Seniors too you know! So you probably won't have to do that much!" She yelled from below. I sighed and sucked the hunter into the thermos.

"So? Just because we are all seniors doesn't mean that it will be any easier and where will he sleep? I mean come on the apartment has only two bedrooms and Dani is in one. Plus the letter said that I got said that he had to bring his little sister and his grandpa cause his parents would be on a month long cruise!" I said. Making sure no one was around I changed into Fenton and landed.

"Easy! Is sister can sleep with Dani and he can sleep with you! His grandpa can sleep at your parents house in your old room!"

"You know what fine. I'll try to be nice and not ditch him to much. He finds out my secret it's on your head."

"BEWARE!" Was shouted from above us.

"Hello misplaced anger!" I said before changing and flying up to fight the box ghost.

Jake's POV.

"Hey Trixie, I can't believe I have to do this! I mean really! How am I going to deal with Am drag stuff if I have to hang out with this kid?"

"I don't know Jakey just be nice and try to get along. Just be happy that I convinced my parents to let me bring you guys out here. Can your Grandpa even reach the pedals?"

"No. But thanks for coming. Any way Trixie. This is the place I guess." I said. We were at an apartment building.

"Be nice and H don't get into too much trouble." She said t my little sister in the back. She was sitting next to our Grandpa.

"Bye!" We said as we got out. We walked up to the door and took the elevator up to the right floor. I went and knocked on door 3D. Nothing happened for a bit. Than a girl with black hair wearing a Tight black tee-shirt and a pair of dark blue tight jeans. Her black hair was pulled up into a pony and her ice blue eyes were looking over us. (A/N: Danny = 18, Dani= 16, Jake = 17, Haley = 15, Grandpa= ?)

"You must be Jake?"

"Yea. This is my sister Haley and our grandpa. Who are you?"

"I am Dani Fenton."

"Danny? Isn't that a boy name?"

"No. Not D-A-N-N-Y, D-A-N-I. It is short for Danielle. My dad should be home in a mintue he had some stuff do deal with. Oh and He called and said that with only two rooms he thinks that your grandpa would be better off at my grandparents house rather than here."

"Wait! Danny is your dad?"

"Adoptive yea."


"Cause my 'real' dad is a jerk. He is the mayor but he used me to do his dirty work and trick people till I wised up and left. Danny knew this so he took me in."

"He seems cool." Haley said.

"Yea he is. So what do you guys do for fun?"

"Oh well I like to skate board and hang with my friends." I said.

"I like to read and do my homework and work on stuff for collage." Haley said.

"Ugh. It's gonna be like having Jazz all over again. All she ever did was read and practice for when she becomes a psychiatrist. But at least I will finally have a fellow boarder. Danny never wants to board with me." Dani said. She pulled out a board. It was all white on the bottom minus an odd D that looked like it had a P on the inside.

"What is that symbol?" I asked.

"Oh. It is the Danny Phantom symbol. He is the towns local hero. He is a ghost you know." She said it so calm it was kind of odd.

"Ghost? Really? Are there a lot of ghost attacks?"

"You bet there are. Dani I thought I told you to call me when they got here." Said a deep voice behind me. I turned around and saw a tall guy with a lot of muscles behind me. He had black hair and ice blue eyes. He was wearing a gray tee-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. He also had a small goatee.

"Sorry dad. Sam picked up and said that it was the Hunter and that you were busy any way."

"Oh yea. He got some new weapons tough. Stupid net. I had to freeze it! Than he got all mad. Than dead beat showed up and they got in a fight. So I caught her than finally him. Than Boxy showed up for stress relieve."

"Yea. He'll be out in ten minutes you know." She said. It was like they forgot we were here.

"Don't remind me. I need a way to keep him in. Heck even the hunter isn't keeping him any more. Maybe I should hand him over to Walker." I cleared my throat.

"Hi I'm Jake and this is my sister Haley and my Grandpa."

"Hey. Names Danny. Dani did you offer them some thing to eat?"

"Meh. I figured you would want to take him over to Fenton works before dinner. You know so you can tell your mom."

"Yea all right."

"Can I come?" I asked.

"Sure why not. Dani I am taking the car and I swear if Justin is over here when I get back he'll be sent back to the zone." Dani just rolled her eyes. We walked down and found an all black car. However on all four doors was the same DP as on Dani's board. Rather than ask I just got in.

Danny's POV.

"Okay so any thing I should know about you?" I asked Jake.

"Not really. I like to skate board and play video games with my friends. You?"

"I like to hang out with my friends at the nasty burger, pull pranks on Vlad aka fruit loop and hang with my girlfriend at her house. We'll probably spend a lot of time there."

"Okay." I looked in the mirror at the old man in the back.

"Is he always this quite?"

"I wish. Normally he is yelling my ear off in Chinese!" He said. I nodded. We pulled up to my parents house. After a long time I had convinced them to get ride of the stupid sign. The op center was just as big as ever. I sighed and walked in.

"Mom, Dad! I'm home and I have some one you need to meet!" The two came up from the basement.

"Hi Danny what do you need?"

"Sam signed me up for this exchange student thing and I only have two rooms. Jake here and his sister will be with me but I need you to have their grandpa here cause I have no more room."

"Okay sweetie! Just show him to your room. He can sleep there."

"Kay thanks." I lead the two of them up to my old room. A lot of my NASA stuff was down minus a few posters.

"Like NASA much?" Jake asked.

"Yea I used to want to go into space."

"Cool." I put the bags down on the desk and told him where the bathroom was. I also told him to stay away from the basement and never go down there. After that I took Jake and we went back to my place. I opened the door on a war zone. Dani was in ghost form and a pink lizard thing was across from her. (A/N Haley is now the size that Jake is and Dani is the size Danny was in the show. Danny now is about two and a half feet taller than that.)

"DANI!" I yelled.

"HALEY!" Jake yelled.

"What?" They said at the same time.

"Why on earth would you be in Ghost form?"

"Cause I was sitting here minding my own business when all of a sudden Plasmuis came. I went ghost and we fought than that pink thing showed up."

"Haley! Dragon down!" Jake said. The dragon turned into Haley and Dani turned back to normal.

"So wait. Are you both dragons?" Dani asked.

"Yes. What are you?" I asked.

"We are halfas. Half ghost half human. Dani here is supposed to be a clone of me but the fruit loop messed up and she is the only stable one. She is also the only one with a mind of her own."

"What ever you know you love me."

"Yea yea." I said. Jake looked at us. For a minute.

"Can I see what you look like as a ghost?"

"Just don't scream or any thing. My ghost form kind of changed into my 'purest' form. It is a ghosts strongest form but it hurts like hell to change into it. I was fighting a ghost that found and used the 'Fenton peeler' on me. So now I look like this." I said. I let the blue rings form and do their thing. When it was done I had white flaming hair, Black gloves, I a mostly white jumpsuit that had a black T going from shoulder to shoulder with a white collar. The white symbol in the middle. I had black pants with a white belt and boots. Along with a cape that was white on the out side and black on the inside. My eyes where the same ectoplasmic green and my skin was just as pale as ever.

"Cool!" Was all Jake said.

"Can I see your dragon form?"

"Sure why not." He changed into an all red dragon. Minus the under side which was yellow. He had black claws and black eyes. The ridge on his back was all green and his wings were all red.

"Nice." After that we both turned human again. Than we sat down and had dinner.


Me - "Yea one chap out of the way!"

Jake- "WHAT! Come on do more please!"

Danny- "Don't bother dude. She won't give in. I tried going ghost and human but she has a shield to keep out all people who will mess with her story in any way."

Jake- "Awww man!"