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Danny POV.

It was finally the end of the month. Jake and Haley had been fun and all but I felt better knowing it would just be me, Dani and Jim from now on. Jim had gotten every thing he needed from his parents house and was moving into the small three bed and one bath house I had bought. I woke everyone up for the last day of school. Jake and Haley had packed the night before so that they could hit the road with out having to stop by here first. I was excited because of everything that would be happening.

"Dani, you ready?" I called to her. She poked her head out the door. She gave a quick nod and I went to grab my bag. It was mostly empty. This was after all my last day of school. The only thing that made me even a little sad was that Jim wouldn't be able to 'stay' at my house. He was going to live with my parents and such so that no one would think it was odd, when he was eighteen that we 'started' dating. I was pulled out of my thoughts when said teen came down the stairs in front of Dani. He gave me a quick hug. Dani rolled her eyes at our antics and muttered 'lovebirds' under her breath.

"Oh, calm down. Your just grumpy because you don't have a boyfriend." Jim teased. I laughed at their antics, as we all five filled into the car. It was me and Jake infront with Haley, Dani and Jim in back. They bickered all the way to the school. I parked the car and they hopped out. I waited for Jim before we walked into the school. After being 'an item' for most of a month people stopped looking. Dash, and Brad weren't a problem any more. Seeing as how a sugar high from Ember and Skulker had pretty much ended my secret.

"Hey, Danny! Dude I can't believe it's really our last day! It feels like just yesturday it was freshman year and you couldn't control your powers at all!" Tuck said.

"Yea! It feels like I should be fighting the LunchLady for the first time not going to her wedding!"

"Aw, man. Jeez... Do you think that it would have been better normal?" Sam asked.

"Dude, In my family there is no such thing as normal." I pointed out. The small group of us laughed at the small joke thinking of different points to prove such a statement. This last day went by in a blur of inviting people to an open house, being invited to them, and saying final-ish farwells. Finally at the end of the day it was time to go home and relax.

"Wow. That's it. No more school, only worring about ghost attacks." I said. Sam and Tucker looked kind of sad.

"I really wish you would go to get your astronuat thing dude, it is your dream." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Nah, my dream is to have the family i already do and kick ghostly hide." I said. Tucker and Sam laughed weakly at my joke. We finally made it home were a black girl with a mini-van was waiting for us.

"Jake-y! I've missed you!" She called. She quickly pulled him into a hug. Followed by Rose, and finally a quick kiss for Spud.

"Jeez, Trixi. I didn't think a month would make you all hug-y and stuff. Aww man! Did the huntz tweebs try anything? And what about Am-Drag stuff how did that go?" Jake said.

"Nah, man Jake-y you know those two gave up the 'hunting magical creatures' thing once they discovered girls."

"Right... But really, Sunni took care of all the Am-Drag stuff?"

"That's right. Now come on! I gotta get your gramps!"

"Jake, who is this?" Dani asked from behind me.

"Oh right, Trixi this is Danny, Dani, Sam, Tucker and Jim and Tim. Yes, Jim and Tim are twins... Oh and Danny is dating Jim."

"Slow down! Okay so why are there two Dannys' and which one is dating the twin?"

"Oh, right. Tall dude is Daniel, 'Danny' two N's and a Y, Fenton/ Phantom. While The girl beside him is his adoptive daughter, Daniella 'Dani' with an I and one N, Fenton/ Phantom. And Danny with a Y is dating Jim."

"Why Fenton/ Phantom?"

"Their half ecto-ghost, half human... I explain on the way home." Jake told Trixi. She rolled her eyes. Dani pulled out her phone quick.

"Hey dad? Youngblood texted and wants to hang out, so can I?"

"Fine." She changed and flew off into the ghost zone from my parents portal. After the New yorkers left Tim and Jim went back to their hotel so they could say goodbye and so Tim could get a ride home with his sister.

"This was one hectic month." I told my two friends. They nodded in agreement as the Nys' van drove by and Team Possibles' plane left the hanger. The three of us watched as all of our new friends went to their much awaited homes and some stayed behind to live.


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