A/N: Love to reviewers and Countess Black

Bellatrix does, in fact, quote Eurpides 'The Trojan Women'.

Rule Two: I will not point out the inconsistencies in the author's way of doing things

'Muggle!' No answer, so I poked her harder. She rolled on her side, groaning, and the insolent cat yowled at me from its place at the bottom of the bed. I like the cat-it can be re-educated to serve our Cause, I'm sure.


'Mmm? Something on fire?'

'Not yet. I've decided I'm ready to tell you the next bit of my story. Sit up and take your writing box on your lap, I've a lot to say.'

'What ti'z'it?'

'Four thirty AM. Well, are you waiting for an engraved invitation?'

The lazy muggle sat up, rubbing her eyes. 'We tried for three hours last night and you wouldn't say anything. Just told me a bunch of horrible stories and then asked me to write something disgusting.'

'I've explained, it would be myself and the Dark Lord as he was. Wise, noble, mighty, in speech and manner both. No man had touched me when he...told me to marry Rodolphus. And now's he's thirteen, and I, with other Death Eaters, am sent to Bulgaria.'

'You're quoting.'

'You do it all the time.'

'Euripides has nothing to do with the idea you were pitching me last night.'

'Oh yes, it's ever so much more relevant to a story with dragons and werewolves and such.'

'It's different when I do it. It's an homage.'


'It is.'

'Are you ready, or not?' Not only was she lazy and stubborn, she refused to acknowledge I was right. I stroked the cat's chest and started to talk.

Strangely, the next came I deigned to come by, the sign on the door had another rule. Not that I bothered reading it, but still.