Chapter 1

12:45, the fluorescent clock flashed in Sahira's face as she stated time of death. De-moralised she walked into the staffroom and slumped down into a chair. Jac, Jac should have been here. It was her case, was what went round Sahira's mind as she sipped a strong balck coffe.

"You alright?" Greg questioned as he sauntered in, wakening Sahira from her daze. "Yeah, it's just, well, someone needs to inform the next of kin." "Do you want me to do it?" Greg asked his college Sahira shock her head sadly, she knew it was her duty. However it was no joy, and she wasn't sure if she trusted herself not to get all emotional. "I'll do it" "Are you sure?" Greg asked kindly, he knew her problems, and didn't really want to have to comfort her as well. " You did all you could" Sahira nodded violently "Iknow, but it shouldn't have been me, it should have been Jac?" Where is she?" Greg questioned, knowing Sahira wouldn't have an answer. "Sleeping?" was only feeble reply she could muster. "I didn't know people like her need sleep! Do you want me to look for her?" Sahira nodded "Just check the on call rooms and I'll tell the relatives. "Ok, see you later, and, good luck" Greg patted her on the shoulder and left the room. Slowly Sahira dragged herself up from the seat and headed off to do the unpleasant task.

Chapter 2

After half an hour of giving the relatives her sympathies and insuring them, her team had done all they could. Sahira walked out the relatives' room, brushing sleep from her eyes. "Sahira!" Sahira awoke suddenly from her daze, to see Greg standing over her. "How did it go?" he asked, "as well as ever, did you find Jac?" "No, I looked in all the on call rooms, and the cafe, I wonder where she is." "Probally gone home, anyway no use waiting for her" Sahira yawned, and tried to bring herself together. Seeing how exhausted she was Greg sat down next to her saying "Sahira, look go and wash that sleep out of your eyes, before you fall asleep, and then go down to the cafe and get something to eat; I'll cover for you" "Ok, thank you" Sahira smiled gratefully at Greg and ambled out of the staffroom, heading to the toilets.

Chapter 3

As Sahira entered the ladies she was hit by a hushed crying noise. It was so low and mournful it made her want to cry too. "Who's here?" she questioned, and without waiting for a reply she asked "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Slowly the crying softened to a minute whimper. Sahira walked over to the next cubicle and entered, climbing on the seat she peered over the divider. "Jac?" Sahira's voice didn't hide her shock, Jac Naylor crying? Jac Naylor had emotions? Down below sat Jac, her face hidden in her hands. "Jac, are you alright?" Slowly Jac shock her head. Sahira clambered down and went over to her door, "Jac... open up... please". Gradually Jac leant forward, and undid the lock. Hearing the click Sahira carefully pushed the door open and moved inside. "Jac, what's the matter?" Sobbing Jac held up a small white long stick. "A pregnancy test." Sahira's eyes widened "positive?" Jac nodded, "it's not too bad Jac, you don't have to keep it" Jac shook her head, Sahira's eyebrows rose "how long?" She questioned, she knew the answer wouldn't be good. "3 months" ,"3MONTHS?" Sahira shouted in a whisper, "how, why?" "Yes" Jac sighed "I thought it was just late" "LATE? For 3 months?" " Well after my operations, crash and the kidney transplant it's often irregular" " Oh Jac" Sahira leant over to her, hugging her, "look, take the rest of the night off, go home" Jac shook her head, her childhood flooding back to her and the truth came flooding out "Sahira, what if I'm like her? What if I can't take it? What if I'm like her?" "her?" "my mother, what if I'm like her?" Sahira tried to mask her blankness with certainty, "you won't be, Jac, you won't be" Her eyes said trust me, but really her brain was starting to panic, pregnant? Jac? All she now wanted to do was get Jac somewhere safe and secure. But curiosity prevented her from moving her just now, "Do you know who the father is?" Jac gulped, her face a crimson mess "I think, I think, I think it's Joseph's" "Oh, ok" Unsure of who this mysterious man was, Sahira decided it was now time to send Jac home "Look, go to bed Jac, go home"

"I found Jac" Sahira told Greg as she poured herself another warm coffee, "where?" "bathroom" "for this long?" "Well she's, well pregnant" "Pregnant?" "Yes, but don't judge her, she needs our support" "Does she know who the father is?" "Someone called Joseph" "Joseph, ah" Greg nodded thinking of Joseph and Jac together.

Chapter 4

3 months later, and Jac had got used to the small bump underneath her shirt, it was her trophy. Her medal to show she was not completely heartless. Outside in the hospital car park Jac got off her motorbike, taking off her helmet and flinging her hair around, like a red haired angel. As she locked the motorbike her phone started vibrating, and Sahira's name flashed fluorescently on the screen. After Jac had first told Sahira about her pregnancy the two had really started to hit it off. "Yes? Yeah Jessica Long, I was thinking Keyhole..." Involved in her conversation she crossed the road to reach the hospital foyer.

Suddenly the phone line went dead. "Jac?" Sahira pressed the machine to her hear as out came a shrilling scream. "Jac?" Sahira shouted down the phone, turning as Greg touched her shoulder "Sahira? What did Jac say?" "Umm, keyhole... but... but... I think she's in trouble" "Hmm?" "I think she's in serious trouble" Greg jumped back from Sahira "Where is she?" "She said she was just coming, so I guess she's in the car park?" "Right, quick, I need a crash team down in the car park right now!" Greg grabbed Sahira's hand and pulled her down the stairs.

In the car park Jac lay with her leg in an obscure position, her head covered in blood. As Sahira and Greg arrived, they saw Nick leant over her, issuing commands. As he spotted Sahira and Greg he shouted "I need a crash trolley!" "We have one on its way" Greg pointed at the crash trolley that was travelling behind them. "Who are you?" Nick asked the two; "Jac's colleges, you?" "Ex-college, head of the ED" Nick leant over her "Jac, Jac, can you hear me? You've been knocked down, and we need to get you to theatre, as soon as possible. You're in the best possible hands" Nick spoke to Jac as he lifted her onto the trolley. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Greg asked Nick. "Yes, can you page a theatre? We need to get her in as quick as possible. Also check to see if there are any beds available in ITU." "Ok, on to it!" Sahira rushes off indoors, her heart racing. Greg started to follow, when, suddenly Nick began to shout "I can't get a pulse, we're losing her!" Sahira rushed to Nick's side, kneeling down she started the cardio massage, pushing Jac through the hospital.

Inside theatre Nick enlightened Elliot and Michael on what had happened. "Right we don't know what we're dealing with, but her right leg and arm seem in a bad way, her skull is cracked and she may have several broken ribs that may have punctured her lung. We may also be dealing with multiple organ failure." Michael nodded "Yes, and we need to deliver the baby. But our attention is on Jac, she's one of ours so I need top work."

Chapter 5

After the operation Jac lay in ITU her life supported by machines; "Michael? Nick?" Jac said in a feeble whisper, "I'm here Jac." Michael replied quickly "You gave us quite a scare then Naylor!" Jac smiled, "How's my baby?" Nick appeared from behind the monitor, now out of scrubs and back in his 'director of the ED' suit "A little early, but she's fine, and down in paediatrics" "She?" Michael smiled, seeing the joy lighting up Jac's tired face, "Yep Naylor, you have yourself one healthy baby girl!" "Can I see her?" Jac questioned eager to see the tiny bundle she's been carrying inside herself all these months. "No, I think not yet. We need to discuss you" "But..." "No buts Naylor" Michael carefully but painfully crushed Jac's fantasy of holding her newborn. "Look Jac, you've suffered a lot, now let's just focus on you for a bit, ok?" Without waiting for an answer Michael ploughed on "Now, you suffered five broken ribs, one punctured lung, a severe head injury, a broken leg and arm, and severe bleeding in our abdomen." It took a while for the severity of her injuries to sink in, but when they did her face became a stream for tears. Michael taking pity on her, sat in an empty chair next to her, until she had calmed down. "Is there anyone I could call for you? Joseph? Connie? Your family? Defiantly Jac shook her head, she didn't want anyone here who'd left her. Who'd hurt her. "Are you sure?" Michael didn't want to leave Jac on her own, not in this state, he felt she should have at least someone dear to her here. "Yes, I'm fine thank you, we'll be fine. On our own" "Well..." "I said no Michael" Jac snapped, and closed her eyes, blocking him out.

Chapter 6

Instead of leaving Michael decided to stay, as the dusk fell Michael sat reading 'OK'; the only reading material he could find without leaving ITU. For a while he drifted off, dreaming of Annalese and her battle to get him to sign the divorce papers. Deep in sleep he twisted and turned, trying to get away from Ric and Hanssen, as they both demanded his wife or his work. So deep in his slumber Michael did not hear the manic beeps coming from Jac's monitor. It was only when a frantic Elliot shook him that he awoke. Pulling himself to his feet he rushed to get Jac into theatre to stop the bleed.

Hours later after an almost fatal operation Jac lay back in ITU. However this time she was surprised to see a familiar face staring concerned over at her. "J...J...J..oseph?" "Shh, don't try and speak" Joseph took her hand, but Jac obstinate as always carried on "B...b...but what are you doing here? How... how... did you know?" "Michael rang me. I came as quick as I could." Then standing up and letting go of her hand he glared down at her "For godsake Jac, what were you thinking? You could have told me! Do you know how stupid I sounded on the phone when Michael told me who'd had the baby and I asked what baby? He must have thought I was stupid! Why does everyone who carries my children got to be crazy!" "I... I'm..." "Then why didn't you tell me?" "I...I...I..." Jac struggled for breath as a sharp pain hit her lungs, making her scream in agony, begging Joseph to help her. Immediately Joseph took back everything he'd just said, his mind panicked and swiftly he pressed the help button, summoning Michael to the the operation Michael went to find Joseph, "Joseph, I'm sorry but Jac's condition is really very serious, there is a chance she may not make it through the night." As he heard those words Joseph let out a small whimper, "Is there anything I can do to help?" "No, we're fine" Then seeing his frantic expression Michael indicated for Chrissie to come over, "Nurse Williams could you take Mr Byrne to see his daughter down in paediatrics?" "Of course" Chrissie touched Joseph lightly on the arm and gestured for him to follow her.

Chapter 7

Down in paediatrics Chrissie lead Joseph to a tiny baby who lay in a mist of tubes. "Is that her?" Joseph let a tear travel down his check, she looked so different to the healthy baby Faye had given him. This one looked so fragile that she was almost transparent. Touching the glass that surrounded her Joseph knew instantly that she wouldn't survive. As he thought how on earth he would tell Jac the bad news, when it came, a soft hand patted him on the arm. In surprise he turned to see a motherly paediatrics doctor smiling a comforting smile. "Hello Sir, I'm Dr Chase; Miss Naylor's doctor." Joseph turned and shook her hand "Joseph Byrne" "Now I know her condition may seem serious to you, and I can assure you it is. But she's not the worst case I've seen. However she was born rather early and we are worried that the crash may have caused an injury to her brain..." "Her brain?" Joseph's voice strained "Yes but we're not sure yet. And don't worry; I've seen much worst cases pull through." Seeing his worry she suggested "would you like to touch her, she's not in a condition for you to told her, but touch is fine" Joseph nodded and pocked his fingers through the glass, holding her little hand, as she squeezed her fingers. "Have you thought of a name yet?" The doctor asked "Only... I'll be honest with you, its better to be safe than sorry." "You mean?" Joseph asked horrific thoughts flooding through his mind. "All I'm saying is its better to be safe than sorry" "I'll think about it, but thanks"