My first fanfic. LOL, an HTF fanfic inspired by a song. That's kinda sad. Anyway, description:

First story of three: Sunny came home with a list of names. (AKA a hit list) Flaky is beaten and brutally raped by Lifty and Shifty. She discovers that they did it casually, on a dare. (RAAAAAAAGE!) What happens when she comes home one night, vowing revenge? Let's just say, she doesn't believe in transcendence (look it up!). Warning: Lemons (maybe), Limes (wtf), swearing, romance, PARTY FOULs, and other crap.

Happy Tree Town was not one of the most usual places on Earth. It was a wondrous, horrible place to reside. Everyone lived forever- At the cost of dying a shitload of the time. Yes, two things Happy Tree Town was infamous for: immortality and horror-movie style bad luck.

Most of the time, they just got killed in some unfortunate accident. Sometimes, they were murdered. Sometimes, they were killed by the giant, blue moose Lumpy (which is why they keep teasing him about the Invader Zim episode, "Room With a Moose". EVIL MOOSE. CRUSH MY NUTS!).

And, just to add to their bad luck, most of them have mental/physical issues. One was mute. One was blind. One was necrotic. One had OCD. Another had PTSD from the W.A.R., and killed people when he heard things that go 'bang'. There were thieves, idiots, pirates, mimes, skaterboys, tomboys, not-so-super heroes, and because of the biggest two assholes of the bunch, a pair of rapists.

As if daily gore and screams of bloody murder weren't bad enough.

The media coverage had been ridiculous. Her fellow citizens were horrified, her friends were traumatized. This was never supposed to happen. This was insane. This was the first time in the town's history, and it happened to her. Those bastards knew that she was the most sensitive. The most easily frightened. They knew it was Flaky.

And they made her suffer.

They had not an ounce of mercy. They beat the poor porcupine, cut her, TORTURED her, and made her live through it all. Everyone knew that, if she had just died, like everyone else does so often, she would have been reborn the next morning in some random hospital bed, free from any previous aches, pains, or injuries, and could have gotten the cops to go repo on the rapists. But no, she was forced to live through it for a week. No mercy. No knife to the heart, so it could be over with.

When she was admitted into the hospital, she was battered, bruised, and thin as a lightning rod. Her stutter was worse. She cowered in fear at any strange noise, and was suddenly afraid of the colour green. Green rapists, she said. Flaky couldn't look at anything green, even her best friend, Flippy, without being scared to death and cowering in fear. She was broken.

And no one could fix her.