It was the most traumatizing night of Flaky's life (and that was saying something, considering her current place of residence).

It was supposed to be a night of time to herself. A night to relax, and celebrate coming of age.

It had been her birthday.

Ten days ago:

Flaky woke up that morning, overjoyed. She was so happy, it was finally her birthday! She had waited three hundred and sixty-five days for this, three hundred and twenty-one of which she had died a painful death. She was determined to start of this year without spilling blood. And so far, things were going well.

She was much taller. Puberty had gone into overdrive, and she was now a confident, curvy, new version of herself. Her hips had broadened out, her breasts had grown slightly larger, her stutter was gone, and her dandruff was just a memory (respect the scalp, get the hair... quills, whatever).

Being a "wild animal", she legally had the right to drink, though she was still considered underage. It was confusing, but Flaky couldn't have cared less. Because, as soon as she had had her morning bowl of Frosted Flakes, she broke open the bottle of champagne her good friend Flippy had bought her for the occasion.

She sat on her leather couch, still in her pajamas, and sipped leisurely on the bubbly. It had an indescribable taste, of light grapes and pears, and tickled her throat like any other carbonated beverage would, but softer.

"What a way to start my birthday" she took another sip, and exhaled. "Sippin' on the good stuff."

She finished her glass, stood up, and for absolutely no reason but to take a shower, stripped out of her PJs and walked nude to the bathroom. When she stepped in, she was still holding her champagne glass. She looked at it for awhile. She turned her gaze to her nude self in the mirror, and back to her empty glass.

"*Hic* well, that was extremely odd. *Hic*" She continued examining herself in the mirror, running her eyes over her curves, contemplating the few reasons why she is single. She might have a few guy friends, but she was out of their league, or vice versa, as they would claim. Besides, even if they were all fair game at one point, Cuddles was in it with Giggles, Flippy was, like, forty, and Flaky was pretty sure Toothy was gay. Not that she (or I, the writer) had any problems with it, but that just obviously wouldn't work out.

After a montage of the many reasons why she shouldn't be single, she decided she would save it for the bar later, and stepped into a shower.

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