"Big Time Rush! Big Time Rush! Big Time Rush! Kendall! Kendall! Kendall!"

Kendall looked out into the swarms of thousands of fans, all chanting his name proudly. A couple months of fighting his illness had gone by and this was his first concert, or public appearance of any kind, since he had gotten sick.

It had been a miserable couple months of struggling to become well again. His illness caused him to be on an emotional roller coaster, wearing him down to the bone until he was afraid he wouldn't be able to fight anymore. But his friends had been his crutch, his salvation.

And now, here he was, pounding music pulsing through his veins and screams of his fans ringing through his ears as the band started to sing "Big Night". When they finished the song, Kendall just stood in the middle of the stage for a couple minutes, letting the overwhelming feelings sink in. His buddies began to get worried by his suddenly motionless state but when their leader turned to face them with tears glistening in his happy, wide eyes and a huge grin on his face, they knew he was more than ok.

Before the show, Kendall had admitted to them that while he was dying, even though he was so far away, he could recall their voices begging him to hold on. It seemed like such a faded memory now, as if it happened in a whole other lifetime. But he knew it's what saved him. So that's why, standing on the stage that he shared with his brothers, he raised his microphone to his mouth and began a completely unplanned speech. He felt like his fans should know everything, and his best friends should as well.

"You know, a few months ago, I got really sick," Kendall started in a small, nervous voice. He never talked about his illness to anyone but Carlos, James and Logan before. Their back up band seemed to catch on quickly and started playing slow background music and the lights dimmed. "I had a kidney infection that turned into septicemia. I hid my pain from my friends and suffered in silence until it was too late. It was a stupid move. They tried to help me and Logan even risked his life to save mine…" Kendall cut off for a moment to compose himself. Tears pricked at his eyes at the thought of Logan nearly dying to help him. "I- I was almost gone. My body was shutting down on me. I was in so much pain. All I wanted to do was escape and I almost did. But every day, these guys were right there next to me. Sometimes I still hear their voices in my sleep, telling me to hang on and to please not leave them…" Kendall sniffled and wiped at his eyes, tears flowing freely now. He looked over and saw tears sparkling off of the dim stage lights in the dark eyes of his best friends. They gave him encouraging nods and smiles and Kendall continued in a voice filled with emotion. "They forced me not to give up and they said that just a couple days before the doctors were going to unplug me and let me go, I woke up with the first deep breath that I took on my own for weeks. My infection was fading and my lungs somehow regained full function, which is rare in somebody who was suffering from ARDS as long as I was. My recovery was nothing short of miraculous and I know the reason why I was given a second chance. These guys, right here." Kendall gestured to his boys and put his arm around Carlos. "They pulled me through and I got through it alive somehow. They saved my life. I wouldn't be here if I didn't have them, I would have given up. Nothing I could do would ever make up for what they did for me." Kendall choked up a bit and Carlos squeezed his shoulder affectionately. Logan and James were now crowded around Kendall for support and there wasn't a dry eye in the audience.

"It feels so good to be alive," Kendall said through his tears. "Music is such a huge passion of mine and being on this stage under all these lights in front of all of you with my brothers, I feel more alive than I ever had before. I'm so thankful for life and for these boys. They're my heroes, and I love them more than I could express. I love you guys." Kendall brought Carlos, Logan and James in for a hug and held them closely. They cried into his neck and clung onto him tightly. Logan pulled away and ruffled Kendall's hair before mouthing something to their band, than turned to the audience.

"This one is for you, Kendall," Logan announced. "This is your someday, buddy!"

The music to "This Is Our Someday" exploded through the amps, and Logan started singing Kendall's lines to him, dedicating every word to his best friend. The 3 boys sang nearly the entire song to him until the bridge, when James sang out,

"Oh no, I don't have all the answers. If there is one thing, I know for sure one is good, but four is better!" The boys engulfed Kendall in a hug again at this, mussing his hair lightly. Kendall grinned and belted out:

"It took some time to get here, it's better late than never! Someday, it will come together! Someday, we will work it out. I know, we can turn it up all the way, 'cause this is our (some) day, is what we make it someday, is right here and now. Why wait? 'Cause this is our someday!"

The boys sang along with Kendall for the rest of the song, dancing and belting and smiling at each other. Every movement they made and every line they sang was full out. When the show was over, the boys were hyped and jumping around backstage like jumping beans.

"That show was amazing!" Kendall said, still on a high from the amped crowd. Nothing could ever compare to being on stage.

Suddenly, he found himself engulfed in a warm, tight circle his friends made around him. The 3 boys brought him in close and held him tightly, listening to his steady, strong heartbeat. They were so relieved, so grateful to have their Kendall back. They saw the spark in his eyes, the aura of life around him that he just genuinely gave off, his prize-winning smile... He was well again, everything would be ok. The realization that everything was back to normal, that Kendall would live a healthy and long life, hit them hard and they were overwhelmed with joy. They no longer had to live in fear.

"Boys, I'm ok," Kendall said, wrapping his long arms around their skinny bodies and holding them close to his chest. He was confused as to why they were once again crying.

"We know," Carlos squeaked, melting into Kendall's embrace as the taller boy ran his fingers through his spikes of hair.

"You did it Kendall, you survived," Logan said proudly. "You're ok. And we're probably insane for sobbing like this right now but… You made it, buddy. You never stopped fighting and now it's over. We can start again."

Kendall grinned at this, nuzzling his face into Logan's neck. He liked the sound of that. He was alive, and with his buddies, he could start his life again.

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