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"Welcome to my new story Naruto: Heir of Whirlpool. This is a story that I have been thinking of for a while and finally I'm posting it. This will be a Naruto/Hinata story and will be a very AU story. I will follow the manga only when it fits my story. There will be major Sasuke/council bashing so if you don't like it I don't think this is a story for you. I will also be borrowing characters/ideas from other manga/books/stories/anime and will try to make sure to give the credit where it belongs. Enjoy the first chapter.


Chapter 1

A furious man stormed through the halls of one of the largest mansions in the Hidden Leave Village. That man was Hiashi Hyuuga. Hiashi, like all Hyuuga, took pride in being a member of the mighty Hyuuga clan. As the head of the Leaf Village's most powerful and influential clan he was a man that valued power, honor, strength, and prestige. Hiashi was a man that had been trained from childhood to control his emotions. However that wasn't the current situation as servants and other clan members all but ran out of his way. They couldn't get away fast enough as the man radiated bloodlust and none of them wanted to set him off lest they become the target of that anger.

Hiashi made it to his room and was met with a sight that instantly calmed him and warmed his heart. His wife Hana was sitting in a chair holding his newborn daughter Hanabi while his eldest daughter Hinata played with the infant's tiny hands and made funny noises for her. Hiashi couldn't help but smile at what he saw in front of him.

His wife looked up at him with a loving smile on her face. Seeing the look on her husband's face she knew instantly that something was wrong. She looked at Hinata and said, "Hinata dear could you go to the kitchen and ask them to bring some tea and cookies for us." Hinata smiled and quickly left to do as her mother asked. Once Hinata left Hana turned toward her husband and asked, "What's wrong?"

Hiashi knew he couldn't keep anything from his wife so he just told her." I just came from a meeting with the clan council."

After hearing the news, Hana's face grew grim. She knew if he was upset then something terrible had happened in the meeting. "What did they want?" she asked.

Hiashi looked at her, his expression stony, anger easily seen in his eyes. "The council has deemed Hinata unfit to be clan heiress. They have demanded that I name Hanabi as my heir and place the cage bird seal on Hinata and place her in the branch family." There was a silence that he knew wouldn't last. He was right.

"What!" Hana screamed in a rage. "How dare they! Hinata is the first born and rightful heir to the clan. Hanabi is only two months old, how can they ask this?"

Hiashi sympathized. He had asked the very same question himself. "They say that Hinata is not suitable to be clan heir and should be replaced. They see Hinata's kind heart and gentle nature as weakness. They want to take over Hanabi's training when she is older as well as to find and arrange a husband for Hinata." Hiashi was unable to continue because he was cut off.

"They can't do that! Only WE can arrange a marriage for her" she said.

"I made sure to remind them. They said that if we are unable to find someone worthy of the clan they will find someone for us" he said the last part with anger in his voice.

"They want to rob my eldest child of her birthright and turn my youngest in to an emotionless puppet. We can't let them do that" she begged him.

"We won't" he said. "We can't change their decision on Hinata; if we try to fight it I know they will do everything they can to pit them against each other." Hana knew he was right. She didn't like it but it was exactly what the old fools would do. "But we can keep them from corrupting Hanabi. The Hyuuga doctrine states that as her father I get to train her." Hana knew that much was true at least. Even the council can't go against the clan doctrine. It's what had kept the clan together for so long, if only barley. "For Hinata all we can do is try to find someone that will be a good husband for her" he said in a sadly. Hana walked to the part of the room where they kept the family pictures. She smiled sadly at the newest one. It was the one taken the day Hanabi was born." I hear that Tsume Inuzuka has been looking to arrange a marriage for her son, I guess we could talk to her" he said trying to see how he could help his daughter.

Hana was not really paying attention. She was still looking at her family pictures. It was then that another picture drew her attention. It was the picture of her Gennin team. In the picture was a blushing Hana in the middle with a smiling Mikoto Uchiha on her left. On her right with her arm around her shoulder was her best friend Kushina Uzumaki with a face splitting grin. Hana missed her friend dearly; when she died Hana had been devastated. It was then as she looked at the picture of her lost friend that the idea hit her. It was like her old friend was sending her a message. Yes Hana knew what to do, and she would make sure to do it no matter what the cost.

"Hana I know this is not what we wanted but we have no other choice" he said.

Hana turned to her husband with a smile "Oh but we DO!" she said.

Hiashi didn't like the look on his wife's face. He knew that look meant trouble." What are you talking about?" he asked not sure he wanted to hear the answer. His wife said one word.


Hiashi was puzzled. "Your old team mate? What about her?" he asked. His wife just kept smiling which made him realize what she was scheming. "No" he said in disbelief. "You can't possibly be thinking of…"

"Yes I can! For too long I have been kept from keeping my promise to Kushina" she said with determination in her voice.

"The fire council will never allow it. We tried to adopt him and they rejected us like everyone else who tried. Arranging a marriage with him will be impossible" he said.

"I have no intention of asking for their permission" she said.

Hiashi looked more confused than ever. "But he's a civilian. That means that only the civilian council can make decisions on his welfare," he said, trying to reason with his wife.

"Not if he's taken back to his family" she said in a serious voice.

Hiashi's eyes went wide as he finally understood what she was really planning, and he felt the unfamiliar grasp of fear on his heart. "We can't! Its treason! If the Hokage found out…"

"He won't be able to do anything once the Uzumaki get involved!" she snapped.

"You think they will be able to protect us from being executed for treason? They will probably declare war on the Leaf if they find out we lied to them." he snapped back at her. He knew the Hokage would not just let this go. The Third had gone through a lot to keep the boy's heritage a secret. The only reason he and Hana knew was because Hana had been there to help her sensei with the delivery of Kushina's child. The Hokage had told them that they couldn't reveal the child's heritage because it would put him in danger from his father's enemies. He said that secrecy was the only way to keep the child safe and lied to the village and the boy's family by telling everyone that both mother and child died during labor. The only few who knew the truth were sworn to secrecy under the pain of death.

"They won't. I know Kushina's family. They will help us, we just have to be careful how we let them know" she said.

Hiashi was not so sure. He knew the Uzumaki clan's reputation for ill temper. "Are you sure? What if they share Kushina's idea of kill first and ask questions if someone is lucky enough to be left alive?" he asked.

Hana couldn't help but smile sadly and turned to back to the picture. "No. Her father and brother are much more level-headed. I spent my summers from the academy with them remember? I can explain things to the Daimyo. It will work out, I know it" she said. Hiashi thought about what his wife said. It could work but it would be incredibly dangerous.

"I will get a squad of branch members to escort you" he began.

"No. We must do this in secret. I will go and I will only take Hinata with me" she said calmly.

"You can't, it would draw too much attention. And I will not let my wife and daughter go unprotected" he said, practiced authority in his tone.

Hana saw her husband's point. "Very well…but I will only take two escorts. Any more will make it difficult to travel unnoticed, and we can't let the Hokage know until the Uzumaki get involved."

Hiashi nodded. "I will tell Koh and Hideki to be ready by morning. What do I tell the elders if they ask where you went?"

Hana thought for a second. "Tell them I'm taking Hinata on vacation to moon country, they won't think anything of it" she said.

Hiashi knew she was right. The elders would just think she was spoiling Hinata. "Very well then, everything will be ready for you in the morning" he said. With that he left to inform the guards to get ready for the trip. If everything worked out the elders and the council of fire would be in for a big surprise.


Well that's the first chapter. It was a short intro to set up the beginning of the story. Please let me know what you think, what you like/don't like. I enjoy reviews and all feedback that will help the story become better than it is. Thanks to everyone for reading and look forward to see what you all think.

Also I would like to thank my friend JS for helping with the spelling/grammar hopefully the errors are down to a minimum.