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Chapter 13

Time flew by, and the date of Naruto's departure from Whirlpool was rapidly approaching. In three months Hinata would become a Gennin and Naruto would be joining her in the Leaf Village. That was the reason Genryusai had assembled all of Naruto's teachers for this meeting. They were to determine the best course of action.

"Thank you all for coming. As all of you know, in three months Naruto and his friends will go to the Leaf as part of the deal that was made when he was retrieved from there several years ago. The reason I have called you all here is because I have found a way to limit the influence that the leaf will have on Naruto. After reviewing our alliance with the Leaf and Fire Country, as well as other international agreements, I believe we have found the perfect way to limit the control the Leaf will have over Naruto."

"And how will we accomplish that Daimyo-Sama?" asked Uryu.

Genryusai smiled. "While rare, it's not unheard off for allied nations to send armed forces to serve under another nation's banner for carefully pre-determined periods of time. Well that's exactly what we will do. Naruto will be there for a carefully pre-determined amount of time."

"And how will this be any different than before; other than to limit the time Naruto spends in the Leaf?" asked Kurama.

"Oh it will do more than that Kurama. You see, by sending Naruto as part of a military-alliance based agreement it will allow Naruto and his friends to go as active Whirlpool ninja to help our ally nation. That means that while they will follow the Hokage's wishes while in the Leaf Village, their loyalty and orders will always be to and from Whirlpool first," said Genryusai.

"It also means that the Hokage won't have free reign to do whatever he wants with them since they are still technically our ninja," said Kenshin

"It's a good plan; it only has one minor problem. Whirlpool has no ninja division. They are sure to argue this point," said Urahara.

"And that is why we are all here. I have decided to officially start a ninja division for the Guardian Core. I want one of you to become the captain of this new division and as a result, become the official sensei to Naruto's team," said Genryusai.

"So, let me see if I have this right. You want one of us to give up our position on the Guardian Core, so we can become the 'Captain' of a division that doesn't exist; just so we can go and babysit the brats when they go to the leaf?"


"What Kurama? You're not actually entertaining this idea are you?

"The Leaf cannot be trusted, someone has to go to keep an eye on them," answered Kurama.

"If they just need a babysitter then just send that useless oaf," said Hiei and he pointed at Sano. "It's not like he actually does anything useful around here."

"You want to say that again short stuff, just don't blame me when you end up in the hospital...again." Sano answered as he glared at the smaller man.

Hiei glared back, he didn't like to be reminded of what happened to him the one and only time he fought the Taijutsu Master. "All you do is eat, sleep, and gamble. You're not even an official member of the Guardian Core."

"You forgot that, un-like you, I'm also a ladies man." Sano said with a huge grin on his face that just pissed Hiei off even more.

"That's enough," said Genryusai. "Sano was one of our top choices because he is one of the strongest men in the world. Unfortunately we decided against sending him; sending one of the Roku Kyoshu will make other nations nearby as nervous as the Leaf will be. We don't want that after the episode with Water Country a few years back, so Sano will not be able to go.

"Then this is a difficult choice to make. We all love Naruto but we all have roles that are vital to the safety and well-being of Whirlpool." Said Uryu

"I will go."

Everyone turned to the only woman in the room in slight shock.

"Are you sure Shigure? What about the spy network?" asked Kurama.

"Yes, I can handle the information without needing to be here…besides, I like training the children," she said with rare depth of emotion in her voice.

"Well, that was easier that I thought. And I'm sure Naruto will be very surprised to know who will be his official sensei." Genryusai could almost picture Naruto's horrified face when he finds out Shigure will be the one to be his sensei. "This meeting is over, you are all dismissed!"


In the Leaf Village

Back in the Leaf Village, the Council was having a meeting of their own. The Third Hokage had yet to receive word about whether Naruto would join the Leaf or not. The deadline was almost up and wanted to discuss with the council what to do about it.

"Thank you all for coming. As all of you know it is almost time for the graduation of the new set of Gennin. The reason I have called you all here today is because I haven't heard from Whirlpool on whether Naruto will be joining the village as we all hoped. We need to figure out what to do about convincing the daimyo to allow him to become a ninja of the Leaf."

There was a murmur around the room and many eyes landed on the head of the Hyuuga Clan.

"I have not been told if the Uzumaki have made a final decision." Hiashi was lying. He knew that Naruto would be coming to the Leaf and the Uzumaki were trying to limit the amount of influence the Leaf could have on the boy. It was also going to be a big surprise for Hinata since she wasn't aware Naruto would be coming to the Leaf Village.

"I thought that it was your daughter's job to…entice the boy to return to the village," said one of the civilians.

Hiashi gave the man a Byakugan-enhanced glare. "My daughter's relationship with the heir of Whirlpool is of no concern to you."

"Her relationship with the Namikaze heir is of great importance to the village. I would have thought after spending every summer there for the last several years she would have made some kind mark on the boy that would make him want to come to our village." Danzo didn't care about the relationship between Naruto and Hinata, he just wanted Naruto here so he can gain some control over the boy.

"As I said, I know nothing more than you. However I would assume that if the daimyo agrees to let Naruto come to the Leaf, he will do so only under his own terms."

The members of the room thought about what Hiashi said and couldn't help but agree with him.

"Hiashi is right. From what I observed during my visit to Whirlpool, the Uzumaki are very protective of Naruto and will not allow him to come here without some kind of assurances" said Shikaku Nara.

"If that is the case we will have to deal with them once they make their intentions known." The Hokage was not looking forward to discovering what demands the Uzumaki were going to make, that's for sure.


At the Academy

Four years had passed since the Uchiha Massacre. Over the years the lone survivor, Sasuke Uchiha, has been working every waking moment towards one goal; to grow stronger, to grow strong enough to kill HIM. However as Sasuke stood watching yet another pair of losers during Taijutsu training, Sasuke came to the realization that gaining the power he would need to accomplish his goal would take more time than he thought. Sasuke hoped that once he was placed on a team and was being trained by a Jonin that he would be able to grow stronger faster.

As Sasuke considered his dilemma he noticed the next pair of classmates go up to the ring; One was the only female in the class whom Sasuke didn't think of as a useless fan-girl, Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the Hyuuga Clan; and an unfamiliar class mate opposing her. As Sasuke watched the match begin he thought about the dark-haired girl. When Sasuke started the academy his own father had told him to keep an eye out for her. At first Sasuke didn't know why his father would ask him that, but as time when on he could tell why. The girl was strong, smart and excelled in class, inciting the jealousy of her classmates; well her female classmates anyway.

Sasuke watched Hinata move with the skill and grace of a dancer as she easily avoided her opponent's attacks. It was then that Sasuke began to think. There was a goal he had other than killing HIM. That goal was to restore his clan, and to restore his clan he would need a wife. He couldn't take just anyone as his wife. As Sasuke glanced around, his eyes landed on a pair of girls, one with blond hair and the other with pink hair… Sasuke mentally shuddered at the ! His wife couldn't be a pathetic loser like the ones he was surrounded by every day.

He looked back towards Hinata. She was strong and came from a noble clan that had a powerful blood-line. Sasuke also though Hinata was very pretty and would only grow more beautiful when she grew older. Simply put, Hinata was the best; strength, smarts, beauty, and a noble birth. Hinata was the only one good enough to be the future matriarch of the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke didn't know how long it would take him to be strong enough to complete his first goal so he might as well work on his second goal in the meantime.


Hinata was enjoying lunch with her friends as she usually did at school. Kiba was again complaining that he couldn't wait to graduate and be placed on a team. Hinata was looking forward to starting her life as a Gennin. The only sad part was that she would not be able to go to Whirlpool this year and see her Naruto-Kun. She also knew that he would never willingly come here. Over the years Naruto had told her everything the Leaf Village had done not only to him but to his clan. Hinata had to admit that his stories had seriously affected her opinion of the Leaf. Hinata was so busy thinking about Naruto that she didn't notice someone approaching her and her friends.

"What the hell do YOU want," snarled Kiba who hated Sasuke for being an arrogant asshole. It was then that Hinata noticed Sasuke standing in front of her and her friends with a determined look on his face.

"My business isn't with you mutt, so why don't you run along?" sneered Sasuke.

"Bastard," yelled Kiba as he got up to fight; but Shino and Hinata grabbed him before he could.

"If you have no business with us then perhaps you should leave. It would do you no good to remain here," said Shino trying to de-fuse the situation.

"My business is with Hinata, and it's a private matter that doesn't concern either of you. I would like to speak to her alone so both of you leave."

Hinata was so surprised that Sasuke wanted to talk to her she didn't respond immediately...then Kiba replied for her.

"Like hell we're going to leave her alone with you. Why do you even want to talk to her alone? You never want to talk to anyone." Hinata was curious about that too. Sasuke avoided all contact with his classmates unless he was forced to interact by the teachers.

By now all the yelling had acquired the attention of the entire class; who were observing the scene with intense interest. Sasuke noticed this and gave an irritated sigh, so much for being discreet about this. "Hello Hinata, I wanted to tell you that you fought well today. I see that you have grown very strong over our time in the academy."

"Thank you Sasuke...you also fought well today." Hinata was not sure what Sasuke wanted; he had never complimented anybody since the death of his family. Hinata didn't miss the angry looks that were appearing on her fellow Kunoichi. 'Great, now they'll be mad at me again. At least it's only a few months before graduation,' thought Hinata.

"Thank you. Anyway I wanted to tell you that I would like to get to know you better and would like to ask you out on a date," he said.

Whatever Hinata was expecting, this was definitely not it. She was not the only one either as shouts of "What!" and "Is he serious?" were heard all around them. Hinata was flattered but had to find a way to let Sasuke know she wasn't interested; she had Naruto and was very happy to be with him.

"I'm honored b…"

"Great, what time should I…," Sasuke had cut her off without bother to let Hinata finish, something he would regret.

"But I will have to decline," Hinata finished her sentence.

"Pick you up?" It was then that Sasuke actually noticed what she said. "What!? Why?"

"I'm afraid I have no desire to date you Sasuke." Hinata explained; to the shock and horror of the other girls; she was speaking blasphemy! "I'm currently in a serious relationship with someone; he not only has my parent's approval but the approval of my entire clan."

Sasuke's pride was stung and his anger flared; especially when he heard snickering around him from some of the guys that were enjoying the arrogant Uchiha's humiliation. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Hinata before turning to look at her companions. Sasuke knew she had to mean one of them, Hinata hardly ever talked to anyone else. Knowing this made Sasuke's anger boil even more, she was refusing HIM for one of these losers? "So you would rather date one of these pathetic losers over me!? An elite Uchiha?" snapped Sasuke, his nostrils flaring with indignation.

"What did you say you bastard? Shino let me go! I'm going to kick his ass!" yelled Kiba. Shino didn't let him go.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't insult my friends, for they are just that, my friends," said Hinata.

Sasuke had enough; he gave them one last sneer then left to take out his frustration on a training post.

Once Sasuke left, Hinata helped Shino try to calm an angry Kiba. None of the three friends noticed the death-glares they were getting from a group of Uchiha fan-girls.


"I don't believe it! Why would Sasuke ask out that pale-eyed freak!" screeched Sakura; she, like all of the Uchiha fan-girls, was furious.

"I can't believe she actually turned him down," said Ino, disbelievingly.

"Oh please, she is probably playing hard to get. She was lying about having a boyfriend. The only guys she hangs around are those two creeps. One smells as bad as his dog and the other is just plain weird," said Sakura getting agreeing nods from most of the other girls.

"We should do something to teach her a lesson," said one of the girls in the group.

"Yeah, but what are we going to do to her? Is has to be good enough that she learns to stay away from Sasuke," agreed Sakura and the others. Only Ino looked nervous.

"I don't think it's a good idea guys," said Ino.

"What? Don't you care about Sasuke-Kun Ino-Pig?" yelled Sakura.

"Of course I do Forehead! But haven't you seen how the village treats Hinata? Everyone acts like she is some kind of princess or something. I remember a few years ago when she beat me in a sparring match. I was planning to get her back for it and my dad overheard me and he FREAKED OUT! He ordered me to stay away from her and not cause trouble for our clan. When I asked what he meant he only said that Hinata Hyuuga was very important to the whole village because her clan is allied with a very powerful and prestigious clan. He told me that I should do my best to be friends with Hinata but I ignored him."

"Hmm, now that you mention it, my mom basically told me the same thing. When I started the academy she told me to do my best to make friends with Hinata too," said Sakura. Several of the other girls that had family in the council stated the same.

"Look Sakura. I don't like Hinata either but the way her clan is connected, it would be stupid to attack her. What if she gets the Hokage to ban us from graduating?" asked Ino. The look of horror on all the girls' faces was enough of an answer. "I say we all keep an eye on her and if she is trying something with Sasuke-kun, then we'll make a move."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense...I still don't like her though." With the matter settled the group left to find Sasuke in hopes of consoling the poor Uchiha. None of them noticed the bug that had been hovering above them and listening to everything word.


Two months passed before the Leaf Village received word from Whirlpool. The Hokage as promised had called for a meeting to discuss the demand made by the Uzumaki.

"As all of you know by now I have received word from the Uzumaki Daimyo in regards to Naruto. He has agreed to let him come…as long as some conditions are made."

"What kind of conditions Lord Hokage?" asked Shibi Aburame.

"The Daimyo expects Naruto to be received as his station as a prince of Whirlpool, so we will hold a ceremony and introduce him when he arrives to the Village." This was to be expected so nobody was bothered by it.

"Second is that Naruto will live in his parent's old home and it is expected to be ready for him when he arrives." Again this was easily done and no one in the council objected.

"Third is that Naruto will bring two bodyguards that will be with him at all times." This item caused some concern.

"How will he be going on missions with two bodyguards?" asked a civilian.

"Yes, surely the Jonin sensei we assign to him will be enough protection for him?" asked another.

"All conditions are non-negotiable, if we don't agree to them Naruto will not be coming to the village," said the Hokage; effectively silencing everyone. "The final condition is that Naruto will not be here as a Leaf ninja but as a ninja of Whirlpool." Sarutobi knew what was coming next. The room exploded in yelling and shouting as he had expected. He let the arguing continue for some time before demanding order and quiet.

"How can they even ask this? Whirlpool doesn't even have ninja!" Asked Homura.

"Apparently the Daimyo started a ninja division months ago. Now they are using the international treaty as a loophole to limit what we can ask of Naruto."

"So basically he will be a foreign shinobi representing an allied nation," said Shikaku Nara.

"Yes, it appears that will be the case," answered the Hokage.

"Then will need to find other ways to give him ties to our village. If we can get him to agree to take part in the CRA* and get him to choose a second wife from this village it would go a long way to cement his loyalty to the Leaf," said Koharu.

"We will deal with it once Naruto arrives, for now we have some preparations to make," said the Hokage; finally ending the meeting.


In Whirlpool

Naruto, Kimimaro and Haku were waiting at the Death Gates for the arrival of their sensei so they could start their trip to the Leaf Village. They'd had a huge farewell party the previous day and said their goodbyes to the people of Whirlpool. Naruto would miss his home and still hated the idea of returning to the Leaf, but he was looking forward to seeing Hinata.

"What's taking them so long? They should be here already," said an impatient Naruto.

"I'm sure they'll be here soon. I just wonder who was chosen to be our sensei. I know they wanted to keep it a surprise; but I would like to know who is going continue to teach us," said Haku.

Naruto was going to comment on that when he saw their teachers and his family making their way to them. "It's about time you guys got here," said Naruto.

"I thought we taught you to be patient Naruto?" asked Urahara.

"You also taught me to be on time sensei," he answered.

This made several of his teachers chuckle. Genryusai looked at his grandson. He had changed so much in the last seven years since his arrival at Whirlpool. Naruto had changed from a malnourished and abused child to a strong, confident and honorable young man. The Uzumaki Daimyo was very proud of his grandson and his friends as they stood there, all three wearing the same dark blue kimonos they used for training. They had decided to make that their uniform not only because they were comfortable in them but because they wanted to keep the samurai look even while in a ninja village.

"We wanted to let all three of you know how proud we are. I know how difficult it will be for all of you to be away from home, especially how hard it will be for you Naruto. I'm sure however that all of you will make Whirlpool proud. That is why I, Genryusai Uzumaki, Daimyo of the Land of Whirlpool, am proud to present you with these." Genryusai stretched his hand towards them, loosely holding three identical ninja headbands. These were much like any other headbands. They had dark blue straps that matched their kimonos and a metal plate at the center like other ninja headbands, except they bore the Uzumaki crest; these headbands announced them as ninja of Whirlpool.

"Thank you grandfather. We will do our best to make you and Whirlpool proud," answered Naruto; trying not to get choked up in front of everyone. Naruto handed the headbands to his friends and placed his around his on his forehead proudly displaying it to everyone. Haku and Kimimaro quickly did the same and proudly stood at either side of Naruto.

"I guess all that is left is to let you know who will be your sensei for the duration of your stay in the Leaf," said Genryusai.

Naruto looked expectantly at his teachers, all of whom had amused looks on their faces. It was then that he noticed one of his teachers was missing. 'Oh no, anyone but HER!' thought Naruto. Before he could voice his worry a monotone voice whispered in his ear.

"Shigure will not have to miss her students. Shigure will keep training them but will have to try harder from now on." Naruto paled and slowly turn to see Shigure standing next to him wearing a Whirlpool headband around her neck. Naruto noticed Haku was very happy; Shigure was one of her favorite teachers. Kimimaro didn't look bothered at all.

"s-Shigure-sensei...that's great!" said Naruto with a nervous enthusiasm that not quite convinces anyone.

"Let's go," said Shigure and began to make her way across the Great Uzumaki Bridge.

Naruto sighed. "This just keeps getting better and better," he muttered. With a final goodbye to his teachers and family Naruto and his friends followed Shigure. Naruto couldn't suppress the smile that appeared on his face. Soon he would be back at the Leaf, and this time he wouldn't take any crap from anyone. More importantly, soon he would see his Hinata-Hime.


Several Days Later in the Leaf Village

Hinata was very excited. Today was her graduation day from the academy. The last of her tests were done and she was certain she had done well. The only dark spot on this bright day was the glaring boy that sat a few seats from her. Sasuke had not taken her rejection well. Over the last couple of months he had been more vicious than normal. He even broke one of Kiba's arms during a sparring session. Sasuke hadn't sopped bothering her about going out with him either. He went as far as to ask for a meeting with her father. Luckily Hiashi had told Sasuke that Hinata was not available to date anyone because she was already seeing someone he approved of. Sasuke had backed off a little after that and settled for glaring at her every once in a while.

Hours later Hinata walked out with her friends; all proudly wearing ninja headbands. Hinata's parents were preparing a party at the compound to celebrate her graduation. Kiba and Shino had volunteered to walk Hinata home before going to celebrate with their own clans. As they were making their way to the Hyuuga Clan's compound they ran into an unexpected and unwelcome person. Leaning lazily against a wall in the ally they were entering was none other than Sasuke Uchiha.

"What the hell are you doing here Uchiha?" yelled Kiba, Akamaru joining in with a growl at Sasuke.

"None of your business mutt! Now step aside." Kiba stood between Hinata and Sasuke.

"What do you want Sasuke? I have already told you I'm not interested in dating you, and my father has already told you that…"

"I have found a way to get around your father and your lie. As an official adult now that I'm a ninja I can go to your clan's council and arrange for a marriage contract. If the Hyuuga Clan's laws are like the Uchiha's, then the elders can overrule the heads' decision if it benefits the clan. And marrying me will benefit the Hyuuga more than marrying one of these losers," he said, motioning disdainfully to Kiba and Shino

Hinata knew that Sasuke was actually correct in his assessment of clan laws. However she also knew she had the protection the Uzumaki Clan. Hinata moved around Kiba and stepped right in front of Sasuke, locking her gaze with his. "I. . MARRY. YOU." She told him with conviction.

Before she could say anything else Sasuke grabbed her roughly by the arm. "You WILL be my wife whether you like it or not!" he yelled at her. Kiba and Shino moved to help Hinata...but something else connected with Sasuke's face, sending him skidding across the floor. Both Shino and Kiba turned to see who had done that. They saw a boy about their age wearing a blue Kimono and an elegant sword strapped to his hip. He had blond hair and blue eyes that were sending the Uchiha a smoldering glare. He had his right elbow up showing that he had hit Sasuke with it on the face. Shino noticed he had a headband that had a symbol similar to the one of the Leaf Village but was slightly different.

"You touch her again, I'm taking your hand," said the blonde.

"N-Naruto-Kun?" stammered a completely shocked Hinata.

"Hello Hinata-Hime. You look even more beautiful than last time I saw you," grinned Naruto.

Hinata's shock transformed to joy and she squealed happily as she flung herself at Naruto and hugged him. Naruto eagerly returned her hug. By this time Sasuke had regained his composure...just in time to see Hinata hugging a blonde kid he had never seen before. As his anger flared Sasuke charged them with a snarl but only got a few steps towards them when he had to freeze. Sasuke felt a sharp and pointy object pressed painfully at his neck and another on his chest. Sasuke looked down to see a sword that looked like it was made of bone pressed at his chest and then looked to his left to see a senbon pressed at his neck.

"You will not harm Naruto-Sama," Said Haku. She and Kimimaro had moved quickly to stop this boy from attacking their friend.

"Let him go guys, he's no threat. I was just letting him know not to touch my Hime," said Naruto. Haku and Kimimaro reluctantly let Sasuke go and quickly moved to stand next to Naruto.

"So, I guess your Naruto huh?" asked Kiba. Hinata had told them about Naruto two years ago, as well as the arranged marriage between Hinata and Naruto. Shino and Kiba told Hinata that as long as she was happy they were happy for her.

"Yes I am. You two are Kiba and Shino right? Hinata has told me a lot about you two." There was an annoyed bark from Akamaru. "Sorry, she told me about the three of you," said Naruto with a wink at the puppy that looked happy to be included.

"Who do you think you are fool!? You dare attack ME!? I'm Sasuke Uchiha of the great Uchiha Clan, I'm an elite ninja of the Leaf Village!" raged Sasuke.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Elite? I thought you were just a newly graduated Gennin. If you're not then this village is more pathetic than I thought," said Naruto.

It was then that Sasuke noticed the headbands that Naruto and the others were wearing. "Where the hell are you from? I have never seen that headband before."

"Don't worry about it, you'll find out soon enough," answered Naruto. "Come on Hinata-Hime, let me take you home. I look forward to seeing your parents and Hanabi-Chan."

Sasuke wasn't about to be ignored and made to yell at them but before he could say anything all of them disappeared via the Body Flicker Technique. All Sasuke could do was fume inwardly and vow to put the blonde in his place next time he saw him.


The group appeared several streets from their previous location, Shino and Kiba where surprised when Haku and Kimimaro had grabbed their shoulders and the next moment they were transported away.

"Man I wish I knew how to do that!" whined Kiba.

"I'm sure once we are introduced to our teams we will be able to learn many new things," said Shino.

"I hope we get to be on the same team," said Kiba as the group made their way to the Hyuuga compound.

"Me too," said Hinata.

"I would like that as well," said Shino.

"Well, the three of you would make a great tracking team," said Haku. Shino nodded in agreement while Kiba stared slack-jawed at the beautiful girl. They continued to make small talk while Hinata and Naruto conspired with each other until they made it to the Hyuuga compound. Shino and Kiba bid everyone farewell and left to meet their families. Hinata led Naruto and his friends to meet her parents.

"Mother, father, look it's Naruto-Kun," said Hinata happily. Both of her parents smiled.

"I see you made it early Naruto-Kun," said Hana as she welcomed him with a loving hug.

"I did, sensei is meeting with the Hokage to get the keys to my parents' home. I didn't want to see any of the village leaders until tomorrow so we went to look for Hinata-Hime."

"Well then all of you will join us for Hinata's party to celebrate her graduation," said Hiashi. Naruto agreed, he knew today would be the last day he would be free from dealing with this village for a while. He didn't like being here but once he saw Hinata, Naruto knew that whatever he would have to deal with, it would be worth it to be by her side.


*Clan Restoration Act - states that the last surviving male of a clan may take multiple legitimate spouses for the purpose of re populating his clan.

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