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Anyway I want to say a few things to reviewers that brought up interesting points.

First to blood-elf 101 I want to say, no Naruto can't boss around Shigure around; though I did have a good laugh at as I pictured him trying to. And no Naruto is strong for his age but he certainly can't rival a Kage or Sannin.

Second to Jeffrey Lii I want to say thank you for bringing this up! Yes my samurai are pretty strong but they are far from invincible. While no, the Uchiha couldn't shoot fire balls at them because the fire itself would be infused with chakra, and the Uzumaki seals would block any external chakra from harming them. But ninja can certainly use other means of combat like poison gas and yes the Aburame bugs would be effective against them. Exploding tags, Kunai, shuriken, and other weapons would also work against them. They can be killed just as easy as any other person if you know how to take advantage of their weaknesses. That doesn't mean they are easy to kill by any means, but they are not immortal either.

Finally to SciFi Maniac I want to say this. I am not a big fan of the Third Hokage because I think he did a shitty job of protecting Naruto. Frankly Sarutobi reminds me too much of Albus Dumbledore. I'm sure he truly had the best of intentions but went about it completely the wrong way. Both let the hero of the story have a miserable childhood when they could of used their immense political and in Dumbledore's case magical power to better protect Harry and Naruto.

I mean, Sarutobi is the FREAKING HOKAGE! I'm sure he could have done more than letting Naruto rot in an orphanage. In my story he could have told the Uzumaki from the first day. Regardless of what promises he made his first duty was to the wellbeing of the child. As we know Naruto would have been guarded around the clock by the Guardian Core and the Uzumaki. So his excuses in my story don't really make any sense.

Anyway it's time to continue the story, please let me know what all of you think!

Chapter 14

While Naruto and his team enjoyed their time at the Hyuuga compound, the Hokage received word that the ninja from Whirlpool arrived at the village. The Third Hokage immediately called for the Council to assemble in order to welcome Naruto back to the village. It was imperative that the first impression Naruto got upon his return was a positive one.

"As you all must have heard, Naruto and his entourage have arrived in the village. They are waiting outside the door. I will only say this once; we get one chance to make a good first impression, so let's not do anything that will jeopardize Naruto's desire to be a part of our village."

"Have we decided on whose team we will be placing the boy?" asked a civilian council member.

"I have chosen to place him under Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi was a student of Naruto's father, and is the best person to tell Naruto of the love his parents had for our village. As for his teammates, it will be Hinata Hyuuga and Sasuke Uchiha." When the Hokage said this it send a wave of murmurs through the room.

"The heirs of the Hyuuga, Uchiha, and Namikaze on the same team? They could be the next Sannin!" exclaimed a council member. Many in the room seemed to agree with the sentiment.

"While the Hyuuga heir I'm sure was chosen for obvious reasons, what might have led you to pick the Uchiha heir as the third teammate Sarutobi?" It was Danzo who had spoken.

"Sasuke Uchiha is the rookie of the year. And Kakashi is the only Leaf ninja that can properly train him in the use of the Sharingan. He will make the perfect third member of the team."

Danzo shook his head as an adult would when listening to a child's wild imaginings. "Are you truly naïve Sarutobi? Or are you just that behind in your intelligence?" there was an uproar at Danzo's clear disrespect of the Hokage.

The Third raised his hand to silence the room. "And what exactly to you mean by that Danzo?" Sarutobi knew that though dealing with Danzo was awkward and often painful, he always had a reason for his actions.

"What I mean is that even I know placing the three of them together will end in blood being spilled within the first team meeting." This statement caused great confusion throughout the room.

"Care to elaborate Danzo? And stop with the riddles…what do you know?" asked the Hokage.

"I know that for the last two months at least, the Uchiha heir has been pursuing a personal relationship with Hinata Hyuuga." Everyone in the room turned to Hiashi.

Hiashi, for his part, showed nothing outwardly, in his mind however, he wondered how Danzo knew what he did. "Danzo is correct. I have spoken with the Uchiha heir and informed him that my daughter is not available. He didn't take it well." Hiashi remembered perfectly that Sasuke had stormed out if a childish fit of anger.

"I also know that earlier today there was a confrontation between the Namikaze and Uchiha heirs. It ended with Sasuke Uchiha being attacked by the Namikaze for trying to take liberties with Hinata Hyuuga." The room was filled with shouts and arguments once again.

"Silence! We will deal with that problem I assure you Hiashi." Hiashi looked at the third as if saying 'you bet we will!' "Now let us welcome our guest, we have much to discuss."

The Hokage signaled for a ninja to open the door and let the Whirlpool entourage in. To his surprise, and that of the council (with the exception of Hiashi who was having a difficult time not smirking) that the only person to walk in was a beautiful woman in a tiny pink kimono.

The woman didn't need to introduce herself, every ninja in the room knew who she was if only by reputation. Her description and aura was enough proof for the ninja leaders to know who this was. This was the famed leader of Whirlpools spy network, the world's most renowned weapons mistress, Shigure Kosaka: The Phantom of Whirlpool.

"Who are you? And where is Naruto Namikaze?" asked Sayuki Haruno.

Shigure ignored the pink haired woman. She simply addressed the Hokage. "I am here to collect the keys to the Namikaze Clan compound as per the agreement with the Uzumaki Daimyo."

"We were under the impression that young Naruto would be coming with you," answered the Third Hokage.

"Naruto was eager to meet with his betrothed. He will meet with you tomorrow before the introduction ceremony."

The council didn't look pleased by the news. "I suppose that is understandable. We were hoping to introduce him to his new sensei and inform him of his new teammates. We believe he will be pleased with our decision."

Shigure's demeanor hardened. "Naruto has no need for a new team or a new sensei," she said in a firm tone.

"Perhaps it is different in Whirlpool, but if Naruto is to go on missions for the Leaf, he will need a team and sensei." The Hokage told Shigure.

"Naruto is a part of a three man team, and I am his sensei," answered Shigure as she pulled a scroll from her kimono. She handed it to a ninja who took it to the Hokage.

"This scroll says that his teammates are Haku of the Yuki Clan and Kimimaro of the Kaguya Clan. They are not only his teammates but will also be acting as Naruto's bodyguards."

"That is correct," answered Shigure. "My team and I will actively go on missions for your village as agreed. But as a Whirlpool ninja, Naruto will be under my command while on those missions."

The Council and the Hokage didn't look happy that their plan was foiled before it began but agreed in the end. Shigure received the keys to the Namikaze compound and agreed to bring her team to meet with the council and the Hokage before the introduction ceremony the following day.


The following morning a silent assailant creped through the halls of the Namikaze compound, his target was none other than Naruto Uzumaki. The assailant had made it into the room of his intended target without the bodyguards and was now standing over Naruto ready to strike. He took a moment to savor his victory, a glint of satisfaction in his dark colored eyes… Then the attack hit its unsuspecting prey!

"AHHHHHH!" a frantic scream was heard coming from Naruto's room. Kimimaro and Haku rush to Naruto's room with weapons drawn and ready to defend their friend. What they were not ready to see was an enraged and totally drenched Naruto throwing shuriken at a small grey mouse that stood on his hind legs like a human and had a pink ribbon tied to the end of his tail. The mouse evaded Naruto's attacks with the skill of a ninja and was obviously laughing at Naruto. Both Kimimaro and Haku relax when they saw there was no danger.

"Tochumaru". Naruto stopped attacking and turned to see that Shigure had entered the room. Tochumaru wasted no time in making his way to her. He quickly climbed to stand on her left shoulder.

"What the hell sensei? Why did Tochumaru hit me with a water balloon?" screamed a still pissed off Naruto.

"I gave him the task of waking you up. Perhaps I should have told him to be less… enthusiastic about it." Naruto grumbled but said nothing. He would get the little hair ball later, Uzumaki don't just get mad; they get even. "Get ready; we will have breakfast before meeting with the council."

"Will Hinata-Hime and her family be there?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, her family will be there so that she can be introduced as your betrothed."

"Then I guess I can deal with the council for a short while."


As Naruto and his party got ready for their meeting with the council, Hinata was at the academy receiving the news of who would be heard new teammates.

"Now, team 7 will be… Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and our new transfer student Sai; you will be under Kakashi Hatake."

Sasuke was furious! He had done his research; it was always tradition to place the top male and the top female students with the dead last of the class. That meant that he should have been placed with Hinata! He grit his teeth, someone had to have changed the teams this time.

"Team 8 will be Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuuga, and Shino Aburame; you will be under Kurenai Yuhi."

Hinata and her friends were ecstatic that they were going to be on a team together. They all had been worried that they would be split up. All the worrying had been for nothing, the Hokage had to change his plans and decided to not place Hinata and Sasuke in the same team.

"And finally since team 9 is still active, team 10 will be Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi. You will be under Azuma Sarutobi." After congratulating all of the new Gennin, Iruka had one final announcement. "I want to let all of you know that there will be a very important ceremony from the top of the Hokage Tower later today. The Hokage has made it mandatory for the entire village because we will be celebrating the return of the son of the Fourth Hokage, Naruto Namikaze."

That announcement caused excitement throughout the room. Hinata frowned; she knew that Naruto hated it when they called him by his father's name. He had told her that he was proud of his heritage but that was an Uzumaki first and foremost.

"Iruka sensei, why are we only hearing of him now? Where has Naruto Namikaze been? The son of the Fourth Hokage should have been here in the village right?" asked Ino. There was a murmur of agreement from the rest of the Gennin.

Iruka hesitantly answered her question. "When he was young, he was sent to live with his mother's family. Before she married the Fourth Hokage, Kushina Namikaze was Kushina Uzumaki, princess of Whirlpool Country. She died during childbirth, and the Fourth Hokage died fighting the Nine Tailed Fox that same day. The Uzumaki took custody of young Naruto when he was five and he has lived in Whirlpool Country since then. He has chosen to return to be a ninja of the village as his parents were before him. The Hokage will make the announcement during the ceremony, that is all the information I have. Now I suggest you all go and get ready."

As all of the Gennin were making their way out Hinata couldn't help but overhear some of the things the others were saying.

"Did you hear that? A real prince!" squealed one of the girls.

"Yeah, and if he looks anything like the Fourth you know he's probably gorgeous," said Ino.

"Hey, what about Sasuke, traitors!" yells Sakura.

Ino shrugged. "The only person he has ever shown interest in is Hinata. And we're talking about the prince of a whole country, if you marry him you become a real princess, maybe a queen if he becomes Daimyo."

Hinata would have loved shut them up, the thought of a few well-placed palm strikes almost made her smile. But Hinata knew the joke would be on them when they found out about her and Naruto. With that thought in mind Hinata left them to their arguments and fantasies.


Naruto and his team had made their way to the Hokage Tower. He was about to meet the Hokage and the council that he had despised for so long. If it had been up to them, Naruto would never have met his family, never met his friends, and never met Hinata! Naruto was ready for them; his grandfather had prepared him to deal with politicians. As they were led into the council room, Naruto showed complete confidence; he would show no weakness to them. The Leaf leaders must learn that he was an Uzumaki, and one should be wary of messing with an Uzumaki.

Naruto walked in with Haku and Kimimaro flanking him and Shigure behind him. The room was filled with people; Naruto recognized some of them, the ones that had visited Whirlpool years ago. They were all standing in front of him. The large table that normally was in the center of the room had been removed. The Hokage and his advisers were now standing in the center of the room. The Third stepped forward, a smile on his face as he welcomed Naruto.

"Naruto, welcome back; you have grown much I see. It is great to see you again."

Naruto's temper flared. He remembered the Hokage. The Third Hokage was the only person he remembered being nice to him during his stay in this village. Of course now he knew it was the Hokage that had actively kept him from his family. He kept a neutral mask on his face as he answered the old man. "Thank you for your kind words Lord Hokage."

"You're more than welcome. We are happy to have you back. And I for one expect great things from you. Your parents were two of the finest ninja I have ever met and I'm sure you will follow in their footsteps."

"My team and I will do our best to fulfill our duty to the alliance between my clan and your village."

The Leaf leaders didn't like the sound of that answer. It was clear that Naruto didn't consider himself connected to the village at all. They would have to try harder to change his mind.

"That's great to hear. By now the people of the village should be gathered outside. It's time to introduce you to them. They are looking forward to meeting the son of the Minato Namikaze."

"I will be introduced as an Uzumaki or not at all," said Naruto. That made everyone in the stop and look at him.

"What do you mean?" asked one of the council members.

"You're the last of the Namikaze, why wouldn't we introduce you as one?" asked another.

"Because I know exactly what you are trying to do. I don't answer to the Namikaze name, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I will not be used for your political games. The only reason I'm even setting foot in this place is because I didn't want to wait 4 years to see Hinata."

The Third could see this heading to an argument and wanted to stop it before it started. "Perhaps a compromise can be reached. We can…"

"No! You made the choice to give me the Uzumaki name remember? Now you have to live with that choice lord Hokage."

To the Hokage Naruto never looked more like his parents. He could see his father's intellect combined with his mother's fierce determination. He knew better than to try and argue with someone with an immovable will.

"Yes, I suppose I do don't I. I would like to speak to you in private when we have more time."

"I look forward to it," Naruto said neutrally.

They all made their way to the top of the tower where Hinata, Hana, and Hanabi were waiting for them. Naruto brightened up when he saw Hinata. She was the reason why he was willing to put up with being in the Leaf Village. He would remind himself of that fact when he continued to deal with the council and the Hokage. Keeping his anger in check was going to be more difficult than he had anticipated.


As requested by the Hokage, the entire village had gathered in front of the Hokage Tower and was waiting for the ceremony to begin. They didn't have to wait for long as the Hokage and the village council soon arrived. The Hokage stepped forward to address the people.

"People of the Leaf; Twelve years ago, our great village suffered an attack from a monster that was as dangerous and powerful as any army. A great many of our ninja fought and died to defend our people. We lost mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. We were on the verge of annihilation. But we were saved by one of our greatest ninja, one of our greatest leaders. Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leafs." The village erupted into cheers and the mentioning of the Fourth Hokage.

"The Fourth gave his life so that our village could survive. As many of you know, his own wife had died giving birth to their only child that very day. For many years it was believed that their child had died that day, ending the line of the Namikaze. But that was not the case, it was a lie fabricated to protect him. 7 years ago he was sent to live with his mother's family and has been away from our village, until today. Today he has returned as a proud ninja representative of an allied nation and a future leader of their people. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. This is Naruto Uzumaki, crowned prince of Whirlpool Country."

Naruto stepped forward as the Leaf Village cheered. He looked into the masses; he could hardly stomach the hypocrisy. Only seven years ago they all treated him like demon, like a worthless piece of trash. But he would not let his emotions rule him. Naruto would use all his training and act as the heir of Whirlpool is expected to act like.

"Thank you Lord Hokage. I am glad to be here, and to represent my home and my clan, the Uzumaki. This will be a valuable experience for me; one that I hope will help me become a great leader for my people once I take the throne or Whirlpool. I look forward to getting to know the village that my parents loved so much. And more importantly, the village that someone very important to me loves as well. The person that is the reason I'm here. That is someone I would like to join me here. I would like to formally introduce to all of you; my betrothed and future queen of Whirlpool, Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the Hyuuga Clan."


While many of the older generation already knew of the betrothal, the younger didn't. They had interesting reactions to Naruto's declaration. Sasuke was seething in rage. Not only had that bastard humiliated him, he had taken the girl he had chosen to be his future wife. He would not let that happen, he would show that blond idiot who was the true elite next time he saw him.

Ino, who was standing next to Sakura, had her mouth hanging open as she saw Hinata standing next to the unbelievably hot blond. It wasn't fair! "No way! Not only is Sasuke after her but now she is going to marry the prince and son of the Fourth Hokage?"

"Whatever, it's not like he is better that Sasuke-kun," answered Sakura.

"Will the both of you quiet down? This whole thing is a real drag." Both girls turned to see Shikamaru and Choji behind them.

"You don't understand slacker. I would kill to be in Hinata's shoes. She is so lucky!" whined Ino. That sentiment was shared by a large number of girls in the village.

"You're right, I don't get it. It would be too troublesome to care that much about someone I have never met before. For all you know this Naruto guy can be a real pain in the a…"

"Oh please. He's a PRINCE! I'm sure he is real gentleman, nothing like you lazy bums."

"Guess we'll find out wont we? Since he'll be taking missions with us," said Shikamaru. Before Ino or Sakura answered Iruka sensei walked up to them.

"Good, the four of you are here. I was asked to tell all of the top Gennin to join the council and the Hokage in training ground 1. He is going to have the young prince and his team demonstrate their skills by sparring with some of you." Sakura and Ino dragged Shikamaru and Choji to the training ground where the rest of their teams were already waiting for them.

"Thank you all for coming in such short notice. As you all now know, Naruto and his team will be joining all of you as Gennin in the service of the Leaf. But because they have been trained in a foreign nation, we do not know enough about their skill to know what missions they are ready to take. Each member of Naruto's team will spar with one of you to give us an idea of their skill level." The Leaf Gennin agreed to participate, well, all except Shikamaru who though it was too troublesome.

"The first to spar for the Whirlpool team will be Kimimaro Kaguya. Who would like to be his opponent?" the asked the Hokage.

"I would like to volunteer Hokage-Sama." It was Sai, who was wearing a fake smile that everyone though as rather creepy. Kimimaro and Sai walked to the center of the field and prepared to fight.

Sai started his fight by throwing several shuriken at Kimimaro who simply batted them away with a swing of his left hand and charged straight at Sai with impressive speed. Sai had thrown the shuriken in hopes of placing some distance between himself and Kimimaro so he could use his Ink Ninjutsu. Kimimaro didn't give him the time and Sai had no choice but to go for his ninja-to and charge at Kimimaro. Kimimaro blocked Sai's blade with his forearm and delivered a staggering blow to Sai's face, sending him tumbling across the training ground. When Sai shakily tried to get up he swiftly found a pointy object pressed on his neck. Sai carefully looked to his right and saw a sharp bone knife sticking out of Kimimaro's palm pressed against his neck.

"Winner of the match is Kimimaro Kaguya". Wordlessly Kimimaro made his way to Naruto's side where he was congratulated by his friends. Haku then made her way to the center of the training ground

"Next up is Haku Yuki. Who would like…"

"I'll do it Hokage-Sama!" Ino was not going to let this chance get passed her. She wanted to impress the prince. As Ino made her to the center of the training ground she carefully analyzed her opponent. Ino begrudgingly had to admit it, the girl was beautiful. She couldn't tell how good a figure she had because of the loose fitting kimono Haku was wearing. Ino noticed that Haku was carrying a sword strapped to her left hip. 'She is carrying a smaller sword than the katana the prince is carrying. It likely means she is either a long range fighter which would be perfect for me or a really close range fighter and I'll have to be careful' Ino thought.

"Ready? Begin!"

Ino started much like Sai had and launched several kunai knifes at Haku neutralized them by throwing senbon at them. Ino was surprised that the girl was good enough to pull that off. Ino was more surprised when Haku starting going through hand signs.

"Water style: Water bullet jutsu"

Ino barely able to doge the large blast of water that shot from Haku's mouth, when the attack ended Ino was breathing heavily as she was horribly out of shape. Ino didn't get much time to rest as several Haku clones rose from the puddles of water that surrounded her.

"Water clones? You can't be serious!" Ino did her best to fight of the multiple opponents that came at her from all sides but in the end it proved useless. The clones quickly overwhelmed Ino and had her pinned to the ground with kunai and senbon pressed against her neck.

"Winner of the match is Haku Yuki!" Haku smiled happily as she dispelled the clones and made her way to her team. Unfortunately for Ino, when the clones dispelled they totally drenched her in water. Ino was furious, she had never been so humiliated in her life! And it wasn't just in front of Sasuke and the prince but in front of her father and the Hokage too! Ino vowed to get the bitch back for this.

Naruto calmly made his way to the center of the training ground. He could hardly contain his face from smirking. The look on the council's face as his teammates decimated their "Top Gennin" was priceless. Naruto planned on continuing the trend. He wanted to make sure the Leaf knew they were real ninja and not to be underestimated because they came from a country that was dominated by samurai. And it looked like he was going to enjoy it to since before the Hokage could even ask, the Uchiha had already stepped forward glaring at Naruto. Naruto smirked then, oh boy was Naruto going to enjoy this.

"Ready? Begin!"

Naruto didn't look bothered by the start of the match; in fact he looked rather bored witch only pissed off Sasuke even more.

"You think you're special don't you? Just because you're the prince of some backwater rock in the middle of nowhere? Don't make me laugh. I'm going to show you what a true elite is capable of."

"Are you going to talk me to death or are you actually going to do something?" asked Naruto in a bored tone. Sasuke had enough and charged at Naruto. Using his family's Taijutsu, Sasuke tried to land a hit on Naruto who avoided the Uchiha's attacks with ease. Knowing how frustrated the Uchiha was becoming, Naruto decided to further irritate the Uchiha.

"So this is the famed Interceptor Fist of the Uchiha Clan? Pathetic!" he said as he continued to avoid Sasuke's attacks. "Do you want me to let you know in on a secret? The reason why it's so easy for me to avoid your attacks is because I'm very familiar with its patterns. And I should be since they were stolen from the Uzumaki Taijutsu style."

"What the hell are you talking about? This is the style that my clan has always used!"

"Not really, your clan has only been using the Interceptor Style for about 90 years or so. It's just a bastard version of the Uzumaki Style that your ancestors TRIED to steal from mine. Unfortunately for them the Uzumaki style can't be duplicated by a non-Uzumaki. Not even your precious Sharingan can copy it. Your clan had to settle for cheap imitations, which is all you're using against me right now."

"Lies! You don't know anything about my family!" Sasuke raged as he redoubled his efforts and attacked blindly making it easy for Naruto to sidestep him and causing Sasuke to lose his footing. The result was Sasuke landing face-first on the ground. Sasuke was physically uninjured but his pride burned was mortally wounded, he was not only being made to look a fool, this bastard was insulting and defaming his great clan!

"Let me show you the true power of the Uzumaki Style." Naruto than took a stance. He bent his knees, his left was arm stuck forward while his right cocked back with a closed fist as if ready to punch."

On The Sidelines

"Oh, his going to use that move? Naruto-Sama must still be upset at the Uchiha from what happened yesterday" said Haku. Kimimaro simply nodded in agreement.

"Naruto-Kun needs to learn to restrain himself," said Shigure.

With Naruto

Sasuke was on his feet and took a defensive stance. "Bring it, loser, I'm ready for it!"

Naruto smirked. "If that's the way you want it, fine by me."

Uzumaki Style: Gatotsu

Before Sasuke can even blink, Naruto's fist connects with his face with devastating power sending Sasuke rocketing across the training ground. He landed unconscious, a few feet from the Hokage and the Council, who were in absolute shock from the speed and power Naruto had just displayed. Naruto calmly walked back to his team as if it was no big deal.

"What the hell just happened?" asked one of the civilians who couldn't follow what had happened.

"He used an Uzumaki technique; one that usually is used with the sword to get an instant kill. I'm not too familiar with it but I know the Uzumaki use a powerful thrust to cross short distances and bypass an opponent's defenses with their impressive speed. The key to the technique is in the stance they use but I know that there is more to it that is only known to the Uzumaki. Regardless, it was a very impressive set of sparring matches," said the Hokage. The Third thanked everyone for participating and told the Gennin that their teachers would contact them to start their training. In Naruto's case he told Shigure that she could meet with him later that day to discuss how to proceed with her team's duties to the village.

Naruto and his friends walked Hinata home. So far Naruto couldn't complain too much about his stay in the Leaf Village. He would have to see how things continued, one thing was for sure: he would never let his guard down. He would be ready for anything that came his way, and with his worthy allies, he knew that no matter what, he would always have people he could trust at his side.


So there you have it! Naruto has made his big debut to the village at large and the new Gennin have seen a taste of what he and his team can do. Next chapter Naruto interacts with the village, meets more of the Gennin, and is introduced to the joys of doing D-rank missions.

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