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"Bijju/ Summon"

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Chapter 5

Hiashi sat in the clan council room with his emotionless mask on. He knew that the meeting that was about to begin would cause trouble within the clan. He was having difficulty not smirking knowing how much he was going to piss off the clan elders.

"Thank you for coming to this meeting; I have news from my meeting with the council and the following meeting between the village council and the Whirlpool Daimyo."

"And what news do you have Hiashi? Is war with Whirlpool inevitable?" asked one of the elders.

"It seemed that was the case. However, I was able to reach an agreement with the Uzumaki that saved the village from war" answered Hiashi.

"What do you mean? What agreement? And what does this agreement with the Uzumaki mean for the clan?" asked another elder.

"The agreement was for a marriage between my daughter Hinata and the heir of Whirlpool." Hiashi inwardly smirked at the shocked looks on the elder's faces. He didn't have to wait long for their reaction.

"You betrothed Hinata to the Battosai? How did you get him to agree?" asked an elder seemly not bothered by the thought of a five year old being betrothed to a man more than twenty years older.

Hiashi glared at the man before answering. "No, Hinata has been betrothed to the Whirlpool Daimyo's grandson. Naruto Uzumaki". As Hiashi expected, this was met with shock quickly followed by outrage.

"What do you mean by that Hiashi? How is that… abomination the heir of Whirlpool? Explain yourself!"

"It appears that Naruto bears the Uzumaki name for a reason. He has been proven to be the son of Kushina Uzumaki, princess of Whirlpool, and her husband the Fourth Hokage. Because of this he has been chosen as the heir of Whirlpool. In order to prevent war I suggested an alliance between our clan and the Uzumaki via a political marriage between Hinata and the young prince."

"What possible reason could you have to do that? Why would you ally our great clan with that demon?"

"He is the son of our village's greatest hero and leader. The Third Hokage admitted that it was true himself. He will also be the next Daimyo of Whirlpool; he will lead one of the richest and most powerful nations in the world. What do you think will happen when he takes the throne? He will lead his armies and burn this village to the ground; but if his future wife has her family in this village, that won't be the case."

The elders seem to finally understand that this was a good thing for the clan. The Uzumaki were one of the most influential royal families around. An alliance between the Hyuuga and the Uzumaki could be very beneficial for the clan, both politically and financially.

"I suppose that the next Daimyo of Whirlpool is an acceptable match for Hinata. Yes, this will bring honor and respect for the clan" said an elder getting nods of approval from the rest. Hiashi thought this going better than he thought until…

"I suggest that we prepare to place the Cage Bird Seal on Hinata as soon as possible so she can be…"

"We WONT be placing the seal on Hinata" interrupted Hiashi.

The elder glared at Hiashi. "She will be marrying someone outside our clan. She will have her bloodline sealed as it's always done. We won't let our bloodline be taken by another clan no matter who they are."

Hiashi glared at the elder. "Have you forgotten that the Uzumaki are the greatest seal masters alive? The Daimyo is the finest seal master in the world. And do not forget that it was an Uzumaki that developed the original seal we used to protect our bloodline before we changed it to the way it is now."

"That doesn't give them a say on how it's used" started the elder.

"If anyone can find a way to remove it, it's the people that created it in the first place" said Hiashi.

This send worried whispers throughout the room. "Surely we can reason with the Daimyo. He must understand that we do this only to protect our bloodline".

"IF that was true I'm sure we could reach an agreement, HOWEVER, we all know that's not the case. If all our seal did was protect our bloodline there wouldn't be a problem. The Cage Bird Seal however practically enslaves the branch members…"

"The branch members must be kept in their place for the good of the clan" snarled one of the elders.

"If the Uzumaki won't agree than we will simply terminate the marriage agreement" said another.

Hiashi couldn't help himself as a ghost of a smile crept on his face. "I'm afraid that is not possible. Our alliance with the Uzumaki is the ONLY reason we are not at war…" started Hiashi only to be interrupted.

"That is not our concern; the Hyuuga clan has already made a sacrifice to prevent war with the Cloud Village. We will not sacrifice the Byakugan to stop this one".

"And who will the Village blame? We would lose all our power and prestige. Besides, you're under the impression that the Uzumaki will give us a choice" said Hiashi.

"We will not let them steal our bloodline…"

"They don't CARE about our bloodline. The Uzumaki are one of the oldest clans in the world, much older than our own. And they already have a powerful bloodline of their own." Hiashi was losing his temper with these old fools.

"Then why do they care if we seal Hinata?"

"If you must know I will tell you exactly what the Uzumaki Daimyo told me, he said 'I will not have the future Queen of Whirlpool branded like she is a piece of cattle. Any attempts to do so, or if your clan breaks our agreement, WILL result in the Uzumaki declaring a blood feud with the Hyuuga Clan; a feud that will only end with the extinction of your clan'. The Daimyo was very adamant that he will not let one of the future leaders of his nation be subservient to any outside influence." Hiashi's smirk was evident as he looked at the seething elders. It was now painfully obvious that the fools had thought they would somehow be able to manipulate Hinata for their benefit. Well now they knew she was untouchable, which was probably the reason why they were so pissed. The arrogant fools knew the village would gladly sell them out to save their own lives. And with a blood feud with the Uzumaki, no other village would take then in. "I believe that this meeting is over, if you'll excuse me I think I will go and speak to my wife about this new development". With that Hiashi stood up and left the room as the angry elders argued with each other.


After seeing the condition that Naruto was is Genryusai and Kenshin had taken the carriage at full speed and reached their camp in a few hours. Once there, they had rushed Naruto to the medical tent where they were met by 22 year old Megumi Takani head of the Guardian Core medical unit and personal physician to the Uzumaki Clan. Megumi is a beautiful woman with long black hair and dark eyes; she wore a medical apron over her usual lavender kimono as she looked over Naruto. Once she was finished cleaning and treating Naruto for his wounds she turned to the Uzumaki, rage visible in her normally playful looking eyes.

"What kind of animals would do this to a child? I hope you made sure they were punished for this" she said looking at Kenshin.

"I can assure you they all paid with their lives, my sword made sure of it" answered Kenshin.

Megumi send him an approving nod before she looked at the Daimyo and spoke. "He had several injuries, broken and fractured bones were the worst but those seem to be healing at an extraordinary rate, most likely due to him being a Jinchuriki. The cuts and bruises are gone and I didn't find any internal injuries. He will be fine with some rest and should be awake by tomorrow. What worries me is that he is in a serious state of malnutrition. I will need to prepare a special diet and some medicine to help him gain the weight he should have. He has so little fat on his body I'm not surprised he's so small."

"Thank you Megumi-Chan. Let me know if you need anything" said Genryusai. Megumi gave him a small bow before leaving to prepare Naruto's medicine.

"Are you seriously going to let him return to that miserable place?" asked Kenshin.

"Like I said, it will be his choice. Whether we like it or not your sister loved that village and would have wanted him to at least have the chance to choose to go there or not".

"I don't like it, but I will do as you say father. Excuse me but I must let the men know that we must prepare to go home."

"I'm sure they will be disappointed, but it is for the best."

"Several of them saw Naruto's condition. You know that as soon as we get home the whole city will know of it too." Kenshin had seen the reactions on the faces of his men. They looked ready kill, not that he blamed them at all.

"Yes, I know. We will have to do what we can to make sure there are no incidents, especially now that we will resume trade with Fire country. Leaf ninja will once again be able to enter our land. I don't want unnecessary violence in our home."

"I will do what I can". Kenshin then left to make preparations for their trip home.


The next day a dizzy Naruto opened his eyes. He quickly realized he was in the softest bed he had ever been on. Once he sat up he looked around but couldn't identify where he was. He remembered being kicked out of the orphanage then getting attacked by all those people but nothing after that. This room didn't look like the hospital that the nice old man with the funny hat took him to once. Plus, this room made him feel funny, like the room was moving back and forth. AND it smelled weird, kind of like fish or something. Before Naruto could continue to wonder just where the heck he was, he heard the door opening. Naruto turned to see a very pretty lady with black hair come in. she smiled at him before speaking.

"Ah, I see you're awake. Good morning Naruto, are you feeling ok?"

Naruto was not sure what to say. No one but the old man with the hat had been nice to him. "Um I'm ok… I feel good. Where am I? And how do you know my name?"

Megumi spoke as she looked over him to make sure he was in fact ok. "My name is Megumi and I'm a doctor. You're here because you were hurt, but you do appear to be doing very well." Before Megumi could continue two large men in blue armor walked in the room. Naruto was a little scared because they both had long swords with them.

"Megumi-sama, Daimyo-sama wanted to be informed immediately once the young price was awake" said one of them.

"Very well, you may go and tell him. Let him know however that I must make sure that Naruto gets a small meal then takes his medicine before I bring him to the Daimyo" replied Megumi. Both men placed their right fist over their heart then bowed before leaving the room. Megumi left the room but returned shortly afterwards. Naruto wanted to ask a million questions but all of them were forgotten when Megumi placed a tray of delicious looking food and told him to eat. Once Naruto had finished, which Megumi thought was impossibly fast, Megumi handed Naruto the nicest set of clothes he had ever worn. It was a dark blue kimono that Megumi had to help him put on. Megumi took him by the hand and led him out of the room; Naruto saw that they were not in a building. Naruto looked around and saw that there was water everywhere around him, and there was a strong salty smell in the air. Megumi and Naruto were surrounded by men wearing the same armor as the other two that first came to Naruto's room. Several of them bow to Naruto as he walked by, which really confused him.

"Where are we? And where are we going?" asked Naruto as he pulled on Megumi's sleeve.

"We are on a ship Naruto. And we are going to meet some very important people that are very eager to meet you. Look we're here" she said pointing to the door that a man in armor was opening for them.

As they walked in Naruto tightened his hold on Megumi's hand. Naruto could see what looked like very nice paintings on the walls as well as other very expensive looking things in the room as they walked through it. When Megumi stopped, Naruto turned his head to look forward and saw two people in front of him. The first was a very old looking man whom reminded Naruto of the old man with the pointy hat, he was sitting in an expensive looking chair. He was wearing almost the exact same clothes that Naruto was wearing but he had a long white coat on him, he also had a long beard that for some reason Naruto really wanted to pull on. The old man smiled warmly at Naruto witch helped Naruto feel a little more at ease; he was still pretty nervous.

The second man had long red hair and an X shape scar on his cheek. He had a similar white coat to the one the old man had. His clothes are similar to those Naruto and the old man are wearing but his are red and white not dark blue. The man was not smiling, and was giving Naruto a stare with a look in his eyes that actually scared Naruto a little. The fact that he also had a sword didn't help Naruto feel any better either.

"Naruto, I would like to introduce you to Kenshin and Genryusai Uzumaki" said Megumi.

"Eh? But Uzumaki is my name? Why do they have the same name that I do?" asked a confused Naruto.

It was Genryusai that answered him. "Because you have the same name as your mother…"

"My mother? You know who my mother is? Can you tell me, please?" he asked in an almost frantic voice. Naruto had never known anything about his parents. To an orphan like him it was the most precious dream to one day have a family, and now these people knew who his mother was. He had to know; he just had to!

Genryusai stood from his chair and kneeled down placing a hand on his grandson's shoulder and looked directly into his cerulean blue eyes. "Your mother's name was Kushina Uzumaki, Princess of the Land of Whirlpool, wife to the Fourth Hokage and my precious daughter. You, Naruto, are my grandson, I am your grandfather and my son here," he said pointing at Kenshin. "He is your uncle, we are both your family".

Naruto could not believe what he had just been told. His mother was a princess and his dad was the Fourth Hokage, THE FOURTH HOKAGE! And he had a family, after always being alone, he finally had a family. "I-I h-have a f-family?" he choked out as tears of happiness began to fall from his blue eyes.

Genryusai embraced his grandson as the boy clung to him like a lifeline and cried his little heart out. "Yes, you have a family. And you will never be alone again, I promise, and an Uzumaki never breaks a promise".

After a few minutes Naruto calmed down enough to speak. "If you're my family why was I in the orphanage? Didn't you want me?" he asked in a whisper, not looking at his grandfather. Before Genryusai could answer Kenshin spoke.

"Never believe that for a second Naruto, we were lied to by the Leaf Village. We were told that you had died with your parents. Had we known you were alive there would have been no force on this earth that would have stopped us from bringing you home to Whirlpool."

Naruto turned to look at the man he now knew was his uncle. His eyes had a warmer look to them and he didn't scare Naruto anymore. Naruto didn't know why the village said he was dead but he didn't really care right know. He finally had a family and they cared about him, Naruto had never been happier.

"Can you tell me about my mom?" asked Naruto.

"Of course we can Naruto-kun" said Genryusai as he placed Naruto on his lap. "We can tell you anything you want to know about her" he said as Naruto gave him his undivided attention.

Megumi smiled lovingly as she looked on and the Daimyo began to tell the little boy everything about his mother. She could see that even Kenshin's stern and emotionless mask was forgotten as he too listened to his father speak about his beloved sister. Megumi slowly and quietly left the room leaving the newly acquainted Uzumaki family to spend the very private moment alone.


The next few days flew by for Naruto. He spent most of the time with his grandfather and sometimes with his uncle as well. Naruto really liked his family; even if his uncle Kenshin seemed to always be mad about something. Naruto also liked Megumi a lot; she was always nice to him and although she made him take his medicine and that tasted horrible! Naruto's grandfather had been telling him many things about his mom and about his new home in Whirlpool Country. Naruto couldn't wait to get there; his grandfather said they would by arriving in a few hours. Naruto was also told by his grandfather that as a prince of Whirlpool he would be taught both ninja and samurai arts. Naruto had always wanted to be a ninja but being a samurai was cool too. Naruto's mother had been trained in both arts and she was super strong from what his grandfather and some of the samurai on the ship told him. The samurai were pretty cool too. Naruto was still not used to them calling him Naruto-sama or Uzumaki-sama but his grandfather told him that it was a form of showing their respect for him and the Uzumaki family, his grandfather told Naruto he might as well get used to it because he was going to hear it a lot for all of his life.


Naruto turned to see his grandfather entering his room, "Hay grandpa ".

"Did you enjoy you meal?"

"Yes, it was AMAZING! What was that anyway? It was the best thing I ever eaten" Naruto said with a face splitting smile on his whiskered face.

Genryusai chuckled at his antics, "I had a feeling you would like ramen. It was your mother's favorite food too. Did you take the medicine Megumi-Chan left for you? Or does she need to give you another shot?"

Naruto's face went extremely pale as he shook his head at blurring speed. A couple of days ago Naruto refused to take the disgusting medicine. Megumi smiled wickedly and said that was ok, but before Naruto could celebrate she gave him a shot in the arm. That needle really HURT! After that Naruto never complained about taking his medicine, and his grandfather just loved teasing him about it.

"No! I took my medicine, promise".

Genryusai rubbed his grandson's hair and said, "good, now come we are almost at Luca port. We will take a carriage from there to Ayindril and from there we will ride horses to the People's Palace."

"Why don't we take the carriage to the palace?"

"Because the people of Whirlpool want to see their new prince. The people loved your mother and I'm sure they will love you too. Now come, we have to get ready".

The Whirlpool fleet arrived to the cheering crowds as many locals had received word of the arrival and went to meet their loved ones. It was a surreal experience for Naruto. Naruto had been despised and mistreated all of his short life. But these people clapped and cheered as the carriage drove by, Naruto would occasionally poke his head out the window, which caused the cheering to spike even louder. As they drove on the Great Uzumaki Bridge there were cheering crowds on either side of the bridge but nothing prepared Naruto for what he saw when they reached the end of the bridge and got on the horses. As they passed the massive gates with a samurai escort to keep the crowd at bay Naruto got one of the biggest surprises of his life.

As a samurai lead Naruto's horse with his grandfather and uncle at either side of him he got the first look at his new home. It was HUGE! Naruto could see it was almost endless when he compared it with the Leaf Village. But was the biggest shock was that when the Uzumaki where in the sight of the people of the city there was a thunderous explosion of celebratory vocals as the people cheered for them while they rode by. Naruto was nervous and actually really scared at first. Every time he had seen a crowd this exited, they were trying to hurt him. But these people smiled and cheered and waved at him. The people threw flowers in front of them. Naruto's trademark smile appeared on his face as he began to smile and wave back to the people as they made their way through the city. When the Uzumaki and their escort stopped in front of the palace gates Naruto's grandfather spoke to him.

"Welcome to the People's Palace, welcome home".

Naruto like the sound of that, if possible his smile grew even larger. "I'm home" was all Naruto said.

The heir of Whirlpool was finally home.


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