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"Bijju/ Summon"

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Chapter 6

The city of Aydindril celebrated through the night of the Uzumaki's return to Whirlpool, Naruto was treated to his first royal feast where he was introduced to several important political leaders. While he didn't understand much of what was said he still enjoyed himself since he could eat as much as he wanted.

On Naruto's second day in his new home he was escorted to the royal council room. As he entered the room he was led to the empty seat to his grandfather's left, seating across from his uncle who was seated on his grandfather's right side.

"Hey grandpa, uncle Kenshin" said Naruto with a smile on his face. His uncle as gave him an acknowledging nod, while his grandfather answered him with a smile. "Good morning Naruto-kun".

"So, why do you need to see me? And who are all these people?" he asked pointing at the several people sitting around the table.

"They are some of my most trusted captains of the Guardian Core. Everyone in this room, your uncle and me included, will all become your teachers in the different areas of study you will be learning over the next few years."

"All of them? Why that many different teachers?" asked Naruto.

Naruto's question caused some chuckles from the people in the room. "Because Naruto, you are the future ruler and leader of Whirlpool. It will be your responsibility to guide and protect the people of our nation. You must always remember Naruto, it isn't the people that serve us but we as their leaders that serve them. And to be able to be a good leader you will need to learn many different things, we will help you to learn by teaching you some of our expertise's" said Genryusai motioning to the people in the room.

Naruto sat a little straighter after hearing that. He then looked briefly at the people around the table before he looked back to his grandfather. "I promise to do my best grandpa".

Genryusai smiled at him. "That's all we will ever ask of you Naruto. Now, I will be teaching you the art of sealing, as well as politics and economics. Your uncle Kenshin will be teaching you Kenjutsu and more importantly the Hiten-Mitsurugi style of our clan. When you are ready he will also be teaching you how to use our bloodline."

"What's a bloodline? And how do you use it?" asked an excited Naruto.

"I will teach you everything when the time comes Naruto" responded Kenshin in what Naruto quickly named his "grumpy voice" since he always looked mad when he talked like that.

"Now I believe we should let your new teachers introduce themselves and tell you what is it that they will be teaching you, why don't we start with you Sano" Genryusai said pointing to the man sitting next to Kenshin.

The man named Sano was a tall and lean, but muscular, man. He had long spiky black hair and wore a red headband around his forehead that reached past his shoulders. Sano wore white pants and had white bandages wrapped around his stomach and right hand. He also wore no shirt but he did have a long white coat similar to his uncle's and grandfather's. Sano's coat had a black trim and the Kanji for Taijutsu on the back.

Sano grinned before answering. "The name is Sanosuke Sagara, don't forget it kid. I'm your uncle's best friend even if the sourpuss refuses to admit it in public". This got Sano a death glare from said sourpuss, which only made Sano grin even more. "Like your grandfather and your uncle I'm a member of the Roku Kyoshu, I hold the coat for Taijutsu. I will be teaching you Taijutsu which includes your own family style that I was honored to be allowed to learn. I will also be in charge of you physical strength and stamina training, so I hope you're ready for me to work your tiny body to the ground" he said with his grin never leaving his face. Naruto glared at him when he called him tiny and only looked more determined to work his hardest.

The next person to introduce herself was the only female in the room. She was a fairly tall and beautiful young woman with a remarkably curvaceous-figure and a well-endowed chest. She looked to be in her early twenties and had waist-length raven black colored hair tied in a high ponytail. She had peach skin and light purple colored eyes. She was wearing long purple stockings and a very small pink kimono that did little to cover her gorgeous figure. She wore chainmail under her kimono and had a tsuba-less nodachi strapped to her back with bandages wrapped around the hilt for better grip.

"My name is Shigure Kousaka. I am the captain of the spy and intelligence network. I will be in charge your of stealth and weapons training" she said in an monotone voice.

When it was obvious the Shigure was not going to continue the young man sitting in front of her turned to speak to Naruto. He was the youngest man in the room; he looked to be in his in his late teens. He had chin-length black hair and wore squared glasses. He wore an all-white attire, white pants, long sleeve shirt, and mantle. The only color in his clothes was the blue cross on his shirt's collar and stripes on his sleeves.

"My name is Uryu Ishida. I'm the head of the Ishida clan and captain of the archer division of the guardian Core. I'm also in charge of the defenses of the city's outer wall. I will be instructing you in tactics and strategy."

The next person to introduce himself was a young man in his early twenties. He had bright green eyes and vibrant red hair, with two long forelocks on either shoulder and the rest on his back. Naruto thought the man might be related to him since he looked like an Uzumaki. He was wearing a dark blue martial arts outfit with a red trim and a red sash tied around his waist.

"My name is Kurama Minamino. I am the captain of the hunter and tracking division of the Guardian Core. If anyone commits a crime against Whirlpool and somehow escapes, it's my team's job to hunt them down and return them here so they can be punished. I will be one of two teachers that will instruct you in Ninjutsu and chakra control. The other will be this man sitting next to me" said Kurama pointing to the shorter man sitting next to him.

The man in question was around the same age as Kurama. He was easily the shortest of them all and looked to be less than 5ft tall if you disregarded his long gravity-defying spiky black hair. He wore a white headband on his forehead and had blood red eyes that had an angular, slightly slanted shape that gave him a sinister look to him. He was wearing a long black cloak-like jacket with a white collar. He had black pants tucked into black combat boots, and what looked like a black undershirt. He had a sword strapped to his back and by the look on his face he really didn't want to be here as he seemed to be glaring at everyone in the room. When the man didn't seem to be in any hurry to speak, Kurama gave him a subtle push with his elbow and the man finally gave in and spoke.

"My name is Hiei… I'm the head of the Guardian Core's assassination squad. If there is a threat to Whirlpool that can't be dealt with through peaceful means, my team and I terminate that threat. I will be helping Kurama teach you Ninjutsu". Naruto was a little scared of the small man; he looked like he didn't want to help Naruto at all.

"Don't worry about our vertically challenged friend my prince; he's just not a people person".

Everyone in the room turned to look at the man at the end of the table who was now the recipient of a death glare from Hiei. This only made the man chuckle which pissed Hiei even more. The man was tall, light-skinned, and has grey eyes which at the moment sparked with amusement. Looked to be in his thirties and had messy light-blond hair with strands framing the sides of his face and in between his eyes. He was wearing traditional wooden sandals and a striped white and green bucket hat that shadowed his eyes. He also wore dark green shirt and pants, topped with a black coat with a black diamond pattern along its bottom half. He had a walking cane in one hand and what looked like a closed fan in the other.

"My name is Kisuke Urahara, but you can just call me Urahara like everyone else my prince. I am the head of the research and development division of the Guardian Core. I will be teaching you history, science, literature, and philosophy. As well as anything else that strikes me at the time" Urahara said as he fanned himself.

Naruto wasn't sure what to think about his new teachers but he knew that he was going to work as hard as he could to make his family proud.

"Excellent, we will begin your training tomorrow morning Naruto. For now you can take the rest of the day off." Naruto smiled at his grandfather and nodded before leaving the room. Genryusai and the others continued to discuss Naruto's training.


Back in the Leaf Village the news of Naruto's true heritage and his leaving was received with mixed feelings. The civilian population was in complete denial, and refused to except that the Demon was the son of the Fourth Hokage. The ninja population, at least the ones from established clans, accepted the news as the truth, and they were furious that it had been kept a secret from them. While most ninja had not been openly hostile to the boy, they didn't do anything to help him either. They now realized that they had been letting the civilians get away with tormenting the son of the Fourth Hokage and it sickened them.

Once the elders had told the main house members of the deal with the Uzumaki the Hyuuga household became an awful place. The main branch members were outraged that Hiashi would willingly surrender the Byakugan to another clan. Unfortunately for them, no matter how much they complained, there was nothing anyone could do to stop the arrangement without starting a blood feud with the Uzumaki. The fact that Hinata was now the most important member of the Hyuuga Clan, as far as the Village was concerned, was something that also agitated the main house members as now they couldn't openly ridicule her or insult her for being a failure.

Hana and Hiashi couldn't be any happier, both of their children were safe from the clan elders now that the village knew Naruto's heritage. While the village couldn't agree on the truth of that information, what they all did agree on was the important role that the Hyuuga played in stopping the war with Whirlpool. All the adults also knew how important Hinata was to the village and they now treated her with great respect whenever she went out in public. Hinata herself had not been told of her future marriage since her parents wanted to wait until she attended the academy to tell her.

Hinata was currently sitting in the Hyuuga clan's private dojo waiting for her father to arrive to start her lesson. She was a little surprised when she saw both her parents walk in.

"Hello mother, father" said Hinata.

"Good morning honey" said Hana.

"Good morning Hinata" said Hiashi.

"Are you ready to begin your lesson honey?"

Hinata smiled at her mother, "Yes mother".

"Hinata, you will be starting the academy in two years. Because of recent developments your mother will be taking over your training when I am unable to do so. You are of great importance to the clan and to the village. I'm sure you have noticed that people are nicer to you or treat you differently than before. I know you wish know why that is, but you will have to wait until your seventh birthday for us to tell you. I want you to remember that no matter what anyone might tell you, you are first and foremost our daughter and nothing will ever change that" said Hiashi.

"Your father is right Hinata. Some people may treat you differently, but we will always treat you as our daughter first, and as a Hyuuga second. We will always love and be proud of you no matter what. So while we will ask you to train and study hard, we don't want you to feel that you always have to be the best to make us proud of you. Do you understand honey?"

"Yes mother, thank you for believing in me".

"Your mother and I will always believe in you Hinata. Now lest begin our training session".

"Yes father".


In Whirlpool Naruto excited to begin his training. He needed to learn so much but he was determined to do his best to make his family proud. Naruto had been led to one of the palace's many private training rooms but was surprised to see his grandfather there instead of Sano who he was told was to begin his physical training before he began to learn from the other teachers.

"Grandpa? What are you doing here? I thought I was going to train with Sano-sensei?" asked a confused Naruto.

Genryusai smiled at his grandson. "You will be, but before you do its time that you receive something that every Uzumaki receives once they begin there training to become warriors of Whirlpool. It is one of the Uzumaki Clan's most guarded secrets, a secret that has been passed down generation to generation since the founding of the Uzumaki clan."

Naruto sat a bit straighter once he heard that. He knew that whatever his grandfather was about to give him was very important and he wasn't about to disappoint him.

Genryusai continued, "I promised to let your uncle teach you about our Kenjutsu style but what you need to know is that there is a reason why the Uzumaki are the only ones that can truly master the Hiten-Mitsurugi style. In the past many have tried to steal the secrets of our fighting style. But even those who have managed to discover some of our secrets have never harnessed the true strength of the Hiten-Mitsurugi style."

"Why is that grandpa?" asked Naruto.

"Because Naruto, the Hiten-Mitsurugi style was created by the founder of our clan to be used only by our clan, and he made sure that nobody but an Uzumaki could truly master it. I will let your uncle tell you the reason since I promised him he would be the one to teach you of our bloodline and Kenjutsu style. What I will show you today is one of the reasons why we are the only ones that can master the Hiten-Mitsurugi."

"Ok grandpa, what do I need to do first?" asked an eager Naruto.

"Oh that's easy Naruto, you just need to take off your clothes" said Genryusai.

"W-what? Why?" yelled Naruto as he clutched his training kimono as if it was going to disappear all of the sudden.

Genryusai chuckled already expecting this reaction from the young blond. "This is the reason why" he said rolling back one of his sleeves and focusing chakra in to his arm.

Naruto watched as several markings began to appear on his grandfather's arm and began to glow brightly. Naruto didn't know what they meant but he knew they had to be seals since he was told his family was famous for being seal masters.

"Wow, what are those grandpa? They're so cool looking! Am I going to get that? Will I look that cool too?" Naruto started to rapidly shoot questions off.

Genryusai stopped the flow of chakra to his arm letting the seals fade away. "Those Naruto are the Uzumaki clan's gravity seals."

"Gravity seals? What do they do?" asked Naruto.

"They act much like weights in the way that they add resistance to help strengthen your body. Except that unlike weights which only add resistance to certain parts of your body, the gravity seals distribute the added resistance evenly throughout your entire body; the seals never need to be replaced and you can control the resistance they add to your body at will without needing to waste time to remove any equipment from yourself."

"That's sooo cool! So does everybody have them?"

"No Naruto, the only person outside of me and your uncle that has these is Sano. And that is because your uncle considers him a brother in all but blood, even if he rarely shows it.

"Yeah, Sano sensei really likes to make uncle Kenshin mad" said Naruto.

"Yes he sure does. Alright Naruto lest begin, it's going to take a while to finish and we don't want to waste more time than we have to."

"Ok grandpa" said Naruto as he began to take off his kimono.


Several hours later Naruto and his grandfather exited the room. Naruto was obviously struggling as he walked.

"It will take a few days before your body adapts to the seals. It looks like your large chakra reserves are adding more chakra to the seals than I expected. We will have to cancel your physical training for the next few days. You will instead begin your academic training and once the seals are no longer bothering you we will resume the full training regimen."

"I guess your right grandpa, I am very tired" answered Naruto.

"I will tell Uryu to expect you in an hour and Urahara to expect you after lunch. I will begin to teach you Calligraphy and sealing basics after diner."

"Ok grandpa, I'll see you later" said Naruto as he stumbled away; still finding it difficult to walk with the new seals in place. His two samurai guards walked next to him to make sure the young prince didn't hurt himself by falling down.


Naruto walked into Uryu's office to see him waiting for him at his desk.

"Ah, you're here Naruto. How are you feeling? I was told that the application of gravity seals can be very taxing on your body."

"I'm fine Uryu sensei, I'm still getting used to the seals but I'm doing better now" answered Naruto.

"Great, come here so we can begin" Uryu said, leading Naruto to a small table with two chairs facing each other.

Once they took their seats Naruto asked "So what kind of training are we going to do today sensei?"

"We are going to play a game" answered Uryu.

Naruto was confused. "I thought you were going to train me in strategy?"

"I am. And we will begin by playing a game. We will study more advance forms later, for now we will start with games that will help you develop your mind."

"What kind of games will we play?" asked Naruto.

"We will be playing Shogi, Go, and Chess among others to help you work on your strategy. Later on we will read and study books and scrolls. For now we play".

Uryu and Naruto spend the next few hours with Naruto learning the rules of Shogi and playing a few games together. Naruto found it difficult at first and even though he lost every game he did start to get why these games would help him in developing strategic skills. Uryu had been impressed with Naruto's ability to grasp the concept of the game. He told Naruto that he had a very unpredictable mind, and that it would help him in the future when developing stratagems against his enemies.


Naruto's next lesson was with Urahara. Urahara was supposed to start with a history lesson on the Five Great Nations, but seeing that Naruto didn't know how to read or write Urahara started teaching Naruto the alphabet and number system. This would mean his academic learning would take a little longer but Urahara didn't mind since he enjoyed teaching the young prince. Naruto obviously had a sharp mind and quickly picked things up, the hard part was keeping him focused as he tended to get bored easily and loose interest.

Urahara soon learned that threatening to ask Megumi to give Naruto a shot if he kept falling asleep during a lesson worked marvelously. Urahara didn't care how Naruto learned his lessons, fear of punishment worked just as well as eagerness for knowledge as far as he was concerned.


"How about this one grandpa?" asked Naruto as he held up his latest attempt at calligraphy work his grandfather was teaching him.

"That's better Naruto, now try 'I' again. This time try to write it more cleanly, and you're still pressing the brush too much. Let it glide on the paper and your work will come out much better.

"But I've done it like a hundred times! And they all look the same to me" whined Naruto.

"Naruto, sealing is a very complex art. You won't learn it I a day or two. I have been training in sealing for decades. I am considered the best seal master in the world, and even I learn new things about sealing all the time" said Genryusai.

"Really?" asked a disbelieving Naruto.

"Yes Naruto. You see, sealing is like no other ninja art. With sealing you're only as limited as your imagination, that is why sealing is so feared in battle. With sealing you can do just about anything your mind can conjure. Now it's not an easy process by any means, even the tiniest mistakes can have horrific results. That is why we practice and practice, even I practice every day so my skills stay sharp. You mustn't be dissuaded from it so easily Naruto, you're an Uzumaki after all; sealing is in your blood. Now go ahead and try it again, if you do it perfectly by the end of our lesson I will let you have as much ramen as you can eat tomorrow, ok?"

"Alright! I'll have it down for sure grandpa, believe it!" yelled Naruto as he returned to his work with renewed vigor.

Genryusai could only chuckle at how much like his mother Naruto was. He may look like his father on the outside, but on the inside he was all Kushina, all Uzumaki.


Three months had passed since Naruto's arrival in Whirlpool and his family was very proud. The little blond boy breathed new life in to the palace and its inhabitants with his ever happy attitude and seemly endless energy. He was kind and hardworking child and since he grew up never having anything he was very appreciative of everything he had now. The news that trade was to be re-established with Fire Country and by connection the Leaf Village, had been received with mixed reactions by the people of Whirlpool. As Kenshin had suspected, the news of how the new prince of Whirlpool had been treated by the Leaf spread through Aydindril like a wild fire. The vast majority of the military and civilians were outraged and word quickly spread to all of Whirlpool's allies who in turn expressed their disapproval toward the Leaf Village by sending most of their business elsewhere. That not only hurt the Leaf financially but politically as many nations put pressure on the Fire Daimyo to keep a tighter leash on the village. The only thing that seems to go in the Leaf Village's favor was that with trade with Whirlpool re-established, the economy of Fire Country was on the rise and it meant the Leaf Village was not in as bad position as it could have been otherwise.


Back in Whirlpool a small blond boy was running for his life through the halls of the People's Palace. When he saw two members of the Guardian Core standing guard he made a bee line towards them.

"PLEASE YOU HAVE TO HELP ME! SHE IS TRIYING TO KILL ME!" he screamed frantically at them. Before either of the guards could respond to the blond boy, he disappeared in a yellow blur just as before a pair of shuriken imbedded themselves in to the ground the boy had just occupied a second ago.

Naruto was running for all he was worth from the evil monster that was chasing him. Unfortunately for Naruto the People's Palace was a maze of halls and rooms that you could easily get lost in if you didn't know where you were going. Naruto, in his haste to get away, did not pay attention and ran into a hall that was a dead end.

"No no nono! I have to get away!" Naruto turned to run back the way he came only to have a menacing shadow appear around the corner.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH". The ear splitting scream was heard through the entire place making several certain people (Naruto's teachers) laugh quite heartily.


In his office Genryusai heard the terrified scream and looked up from his paperwork.

"That was Naruto. It must be Tuesday already" he said before he decided to check how Naruto's training was going. Genryusai didn't have a hard time finding Naruto; all he had to do was follow the screams. Sure enough it WAS Tuesday as he saw Shigure throwing shurikens at Naruto who was desperately trying to doge them. Genryusai walked up to Shigure and asked.

"Ah Shigure-Chan, how is Naruto's training going?"

"Good" she said in a monotone voice without looking at him or stopping what she was doing. Naruto who saw his grandfather yelled at him for help.

"Grandpa! Please help me! She's crazy!"

Genryusai turned back to Shigure and asked, "What kind of training are you working on right now, exactly?"

"Dodging" was her answer as she continued to launch shurikens at Naruto.

"I see… carry-on" said Genryusai as he turned and left to continue his paperwork, but not missing Naruto's indignant yell of, "WHAT?" Genryusai only chuckled as he left. He was sure that Shigure wouldn't hurt Naruto…well, not too much anyway.


Later that day Naruto found himself in Megumi's office getting his injuries looked at. Even though Shigure only gave him minor cuts and those were mostly healed by the Fox by the time he got there, Megumi always liked to make sure Naruto was fully recovered after any injury.

"I'm telling you Megumi sensei (Megumi has been teaching him about medicine and healing, but only when he has free time, not as an official teacher. Naruto still calls her sensei) Shigure sensei is going to kill me one of these days if she keeps throwing sharp weapons at me."

"Come now Naruto, I'm sure she's not that bad. After all, you haven't actually gotten seriously hurt. You only have some small cuts, and those are almost done healing".

Naruto had to agree, as much as Shigure's training freaked him out, she never actually hurt him. "Well… it still hurts a lot" he grumbled.

"Well your fine now. Get yourself something to eat and rest before your next training session ok. By the way who is your next session with?" asked Megumi.

"I have Ninjutsu training with Kurama sensei, he said that Hiei sensei will be there this time but he never shows up though."

"Well, maybe he'll show up this time".

Naruto shrugged "I guess, I'll see you later Megumi sensei" Naruto said as he waved goodbye and left to get something to eat.


"UUUUGH, this is impossible" wined Naruto as he tried to focus his chakra and hold a pair of leaves to his hands.

"Calm down Naruto. I know you're getting frustrated but you're doing great" said Kurama.

"But it's been three months and I can't get the leaves to stick for more than a few seconds" argued Naruto.

"I told you that's only because you have so much more chakra than most people. You're actually doing better than I thought you would be. Just relax and remember what I have told you about chakra".

"Chakra is a combination of both spiritual and physical energy. To be in control of your chakra you must be in control of both your mind and body" replied Naruto.

"Exactly, so clam your mind and try it again".

"Yes Kurama sensei".

As Naruto continued his exercise Kurama turned to look behind him and spoke. "Are you going to stay there all day or are you going to actually help since you actually showed up?"

Coming from behind a tree Hiei answered him. "I don't see why you and the Daimyo insist on me being here. The boy had no chakra control so you can't really think I can teach him anything."

"He has little control because of the Fox. He is very sharp and works very hard too; if he didn't have the Fox he would certainly have amazing chakra control. It's only been three months and he can already do what even some of the kids in the ninja academies can't".

"I still think your wasting your time. He has too much chakra; having him try to use such a small amount is like trying to pick a grain of sand from a beach. You should focus on exercises that use more chakra to help him get better control" answered Hiei in an irritated tone.

"Hmm, that could work. Ok I will get him started on tree climbing next time."

"Whatever, I'm leaving; don't ask me to come until he can actually learn some jutsu" said Hiei.

"I can't promise that. After all you actually did help today" said Kurama.

That pissed Hiei off because he was right. Why didn't he just keep his mouth shut? Now they were going to make him show up more! Hiei left the training area still cursing his bad luck.


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