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"Bijju/ Summon"

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Chapter 7

Naruto found himself on his hands and knees panting. Even though he was exhausted he was wearing a face-splitting grin. It was a situation that he often found himself in over the past year and half. Naruto himself had changed a lot since coming to Whirlpool; he was no longer the malnourished, half-starved, and illiterate five-year old that his family found in the Leaf Village.

With a proper diet, exercise, and excellent teachers, Naruto had proven that he inherited his father's brilliant mind. In fewer than two years he was already at a level well above any fifth year academy student, perhaps even some of the newer Gennin as well. It had not all been work for Naruto either; no, he had a very happy life with his family too. He had his first real birthday party, which actually turned out more like a city-wide festival since the entire city celebrated it with Naruto and his family. Naruto couldn't remember ever being this happy before. He loved his family, his teachers, and his new home.

"That's enough for today Naruto, go get some rest before lunch".

"But I can keep going Sano-sensei" whined Naruto.

"Sure you can kid, but I'm not going to get chewed out by Megumi again for letting you get chakra exhaustion because we practiced too long. I swear I thought I was going to lose my hearing from all that yelling".

Naruto scratched the back of his head and smiled. "Yeah I got yelled at too; ok I'll go get ready for lunch. I have Kenjutsu training with uncle Kenshin this afternoon anyway".

"Tell that sourpuss not to forget we have to go out drinking tomorrow night" said Sano.

Naruto stopped walking and turned around. "You really should stop trying to get my uncle to meet women. Every time you guys go on one of your nights out he spends the next week even grumpier then usual. And I end up getting the worst of that situation during our sparring sessions".

"At least they're still wooden swords right?" asked Sano with a grin.

"Yes" grumbled Naruto. "I keep telling him I'm ready for a real Katana but he won't budge".

"I'm sure he's got his reasons. Just give him some time kid; it's not like you need to carry a sword around at your age anyway".

Naruto sighed. "I guess. I'll see you later Sano sensei" Naruto said as turned and ran out of the training ground.


At another part of the People's Palace the other two members of the Uzumaki clan were having an important meeting.

"Are you sure it's time for that, father?" asked Kenshin.

"Yes, Hinata-Chan will have her seventh birthday in two months; she will start the ninja academy in four months. I don't think we can afford to wait to tell him any longer" Said Genryusai.

"Will you require him to attend her birthday? You know he won't like going back there, even if it's for a day or two" said Kenshin with a scowl on his face.

"I don't believe that would be a good idea. I have invited Hana-Chan and her family for a visit so the children can meet each other. They will be here the week after Hinata's birthday, and they will spend a few weeks here before they return to the Leaf Village so Hinata can start the academy."

"So they will be here for Naruto's birthday celebration. Well I suppose we can only hope for the best then. If you excuse me, I have to prepare for Naruto's lesson."

"Ah, yes. Today you start teaching him about our bloodline right?"

"Yes. I think his chakra control is good enough that we can start. I think he is ready" said Kenshin.

"Very well son, make sure to bring him here once your training is finished so we can tell him about the arrangement with the Hyuuga".

"Yes father". Without another word Kenshin left the room to go and wait for Naruto.


An exited Naruto arrived at the training ground. His uncle had promised they were going to start some special training today. Naruto was really hoping that he was finally going to get a real katana; he was tired of only practicing with wooden training swords. When Naruto arrived at the clearing he saw his uncle standing in the center of it; much to his frustration, Naruto also noticed that his uncle had brought the usual practice swords. Naruto opened his mouth to start complaining about it when he was suddenly attacked!

Seemly out of nowhere Naruto saw a pair of glowing white chains with spiked ends shooting at him. Only because of his rigorous training was Naruto able to doge them. The chains however, seemed to have a mind of their own as they continued to attack him. The chains would strike at him like snakes, trying to stab him with the sharp points at their ends. After some close calls that managed to give Naruto to some shallow cuts he'd had enough.

Naruto started going through some well-practiced hand signs and yelled "Water style: Tidal Shield Jutsu". Just as the chains were about to impale him a circular shield made of water materialized itself in front of Naruto, blocking their relentless attack. Once he was sure the attack was over, Naruto released the jutsu, breathing heavily with the effort.

"What the hell was that?" he screamed at his uncle who still had not moved from the spot he saw him when Naruto arrived.

"That was a secret jutsu that only an Uzumaki can perform. It is a jutsu that can only be used with our bloodline" said Kenshin with a calm voice.

A grin rapidly spread across Naruto's face, he finally realized that the special training his uncle had been talking about was training in his clan's bloodline. "So you're finally going to tell me about our bloodline?"

"Yes, but before I begin why don't you tell me what you know about bloodlines in general".

Naruto walked up to his uncle and then took a seat on the ground before he spoke. "Well Urahara sensei told me about them a while ago. He said there were several types of bloodlines, but there are three main types. There are Doujutsu like the Sharingan that the Uchiha clan has or the Byakugan that the Hyuuga clan has. Both clans are from The LEAF village" he said with obvious dislike when he said Leaf. "Doujutsu are ocular jutsu that enhances the user's eyesight. Each one has deferent capabilities that are unique to each other."

Kenshin nodded his head. "That's correct, and next?"

"The next type is the elemental manipulation bloodlines. They are the most common because many clans have them. Some of the best known are the wood using Senju clan from the Leaf village, but there are others like the ice users if Water country or the coal and lava users of Earth country. I also heard that Wind country has people that can use glass as a weapon".

"Very good Naruto and what is the last?"

"The last type, are the body manipulation bloodlines. Those are the bloodlines that enhances or manipulate your body in some way or another. Water country has several like the Kaguya Clan that can manipulate their bones. Earth country has a clan that can turn their skin in to granite. And I heard that Lightning country has a clan that can transform in to dragon-like creatures".

"That's correct; I see that Urahara has been teaching you well".

"So which of the three types do we have?" asked Naruto excitedly.

"Neither of them" answered Kenshin.

Naruto face faulted. Before he stood up and yelled, "What do you mean we don't have either of them?"

"Our bloodline is… unique Naruto. And it doesn't fit in any of those categories" answered Kenshin.

Naruto seemed to relax. "Ok, so what exactly is our bloodline and what does it do?"

"Our bloodline is chakra based, but it isn't an elemental bloodline. You see the Uzumaki Clan has very special chakra. Our chakra is different, more potent than everyone else's chakra. This gives us unique abilities. Our bloodline makes our bodies stronger and more resilient than others; it gives us large chakra reserves and highly increased stamina. Our bloodline also increases our longevity and our healing ability. It's one of the reasons why we can use gravity seals while any normal person would never be able to; their bodies are not as strong as ours."

"That's why nobody but an Uzumaki can truly master the Hiten-Mitsurugi style! Because it places too much stress on one's body. Even if they can imitate the moves, their bodies can't handle the strain".

"That's correct Naruto; we will go into that later on. The other part of our bloodline is that because our chakra is so potent we can focus it to create weapons like the chains you saw when you got here."

"Yeah, those were pretty cool!"

"Those are a special jutsu that will be a priority for you to learn because it will help you control THAT".

Naruto placed a hand over his stomach. He had been told of his burden shortly after his birthday. Naruto now knew why the people of the Leaf Village hated him. At first he was not sure how to feel, he hated that it was him that was forced to be the vessel of the Fox, but at the same time he knew that as an Uzumaki he was really the only choice. He didn't hate his father for placing the Fox inside of him, but he certainly didn't idolize him like he did when he was in the village. Naruto had been told that his mother had been the previous host and that she never had a problem controlling the Fox. Naruto swore that, like his mother, he would not let the Fox control him; Naruto would grow strong on his own and not rely on the Nine Tails power.

"I understand uncle, I will do my best" said Naruto with determination.

"Then let's get started" said Kenshin. And for the next few hours Kenshin explained everything he could about the Uzumaki bloodline and began to teach Naruto ways to start to focus and control his chakra so that it could be used in Uzumaki style Ninjutsu.


Later that night Naruto found himself in a meeting with his grandfather and uncle. Naruto knew it was something important because both had serious looks on their faces, well his uncle always had a serious look on his face, but for his grandfather it was very uncommon.

"Naruto I have asked you here today to tell you something very important. Important not only for the Uzumaki Clan, but for all of Whirlpool" said Genryusai in a commanding-regal tone.

Naruto knew for sure this was something important, his grandfather was speaking to him in the tone of voice he would use with visiting dignitaries or nobles that would come to see him.

"As you know you will one day be the Daimyo of Whirlpool and it will be your duty to guard and protect the people of our country".

"Yes, grandfather" answered Naruto.

"And you know that as the leaders of our people, sometimes we must make sacrifices for the good of those people."

Naruto was not sure where his grandfather was going with this but he had a bad feeling. "Yes, grandfather, sometimes we must do what is necessary for the good of the people. Even if you don't like what you have to do for it" answered Naruto.

As Genryusai looked into his grandson's eyes he could only hope that he would one day fine happiness with Hinata. The last thing Genryusai would want for Naruto would be to have him trapped in a loveless marriage. It was now too late to change his mind, he had given his word that Naruto would marry Hinata as his daughter would have wanted; and an Uzumaki always keeps his word, or dies trying. "Then there is something I have to tell you Naruto" said Genryusai in a serious voice.

Naruto was very worried now, if the tone of voice his grandfather was anything to go by, then whatever he was going to tell him was going to be bad news. Naruto had only seen his grandfather talk to him like this once, when his grandfather told him about the Nine Tailed Fox. Naruto could only gather his courage and ask the question. "What do you have to tell me grandfather?" asked Naruto in a worried tone.

Genryusai took a deep breath and closed his eyes, making a final silent prayer that this would not ruin his grandson's life. Genryusai opened his eyes and looked directly into Naruto's. "Before your mother died she was best friends with her former teammate, Hana Hyuuga, do you remember I told you about her?" seeing Naruto nod, Genryusai continued. "Kushina and Hana were more like sisters and even I looked at Hana as a second daughter, they were friends since they were children after all".

Naruto was not sure why they were talking about this but answered, "I have seen her in some of my mother's old photos. Anyone I have asked has told me Hana Hyuuga is a very kind and caring person".

"Yes, she is a very kind person. Your mother loved her very much; so much that when she found out that Hana was pregnant with her first child, your mother was determined to get pregnant herself. Your father agreed as he too wanted to start a family, and a month later she was pregnant with you".

Naruto blinked in surprise, he had not heard of that all, "Wow, I had no idea," said Naruto. Then Kenshin decided to put in his two cents.

"When my sister and Hana were both pregnant, they agreed to have each other as the Godmother to the others child. That makes Hana Hyuuga your Godmother, and Kushina would have been Godmother to Hana's daughter Hinata."

"I see…" said Naruto still not sure where this was going.

"And when your parents found out that Hana and her husband were having a girl while they were having a boy, they made a very important decision… a decision involving you."

Naruto felt his chest grow tighter, dreading what his grandfather would say.

"Your parents wanted to unite both families… by arranging a marriage between yourself and Hana's daughter Hinata" said Genryusai, and waited for Naruto's reaction.

Naruto could only sit there in stunned silence. His parents had placed him in an arranged marriage? Sure he had heard of them from Urahara. He knew that it was not uncommon for noble families to practice them, but he couldn't believe that his parents had actually placed him in one. And now he was expected to marry someone that he has never met? Naruto couldn't help but feel betrayed by his parents. One of the things he loved the most about his parents was that they obviously loved each other very much. You can see it in any of the pictures of them together; you could feel the love they had for each other. Naruto wanted that for himself in the future, he wanted to be able to look at his wife the way his father looked at his mom and have his wife look at him like his mother looked at his father. But now that would probably never happen.

"I…see." Naruto could feel his eyes start to moisten. "I understand grandfather, and I will perform my duty to the clan. If that is all, may I be excused?" Naruto asked as it was getting hard to use his voice.

The look of sadness in his grandson's usually happy face was painful for Genryusai to see. He knew Naruto would need time to sort out his feelings. "Yes you may Naruto… Hinata and her family will be joining us in two months. They will be here so that the two of you can begin to know each other".

Not feeling that he would be able to use his voice Naruto gave his grandfather a nod before leaving to go to his room.

"Give him some time father, he will be sad for a while, but he'll be back to his old self before you know it. He is my sister's son after all, he has her strength in him" said Kenshin.

"I hope your right son; I don't like to see him like this".

"All we can do is try to help him in any way we can."

"Yes, I suppose that is all we can do for now" said Genryusai knowing that they would have to wait two months to see how Naruto and Hinata would interact with each other. He only hoped that their first meeting would go well.


Back in the Leaf Village the next two months flew by and the day of Hinata's 7th birth day had arrived. It was a big day for the Hyuuga Clan. Over the last two years things had begun to change for the clan, many things for the better. Hiashi knowing that the Elders had to tread carefully around him because of his alliance with the Uzumaki, had steadily been pushing for the unification between the Main House of the Hyuuga and the Branch House. While it was slow going it was still progressing, and Hiashi had the full support of the Branch House; though his nephew still looked at the Main House with contempt.

Hinata had also changed in the last two years. While she was still a little shy around people she didn't know well, she was not the scared child that would cling to her mother's leg every time they left the compound. Hinata was more cheerful and confident than before and was advancing in her study of the Gentle Fist style. While she was still disliked by the Elders and most of the Main House, Hinata was loved by the entire branch house (except Neji). Hinata was very excited for her birthday; she loved spending time with all of her family. This year was more exciting because her parents were going to tell her some important news.

The party itself was a very formal event. Many of the clan heads and their children stopped by, Hinata new some of the children but was not really friends with them since she didn't really leave the compound very much. That was going to change this year because she was finally old enough to join the academy this year. It would start in two months and some of the children she had met would be in her year. Hinata enjoyed talking, playing, and spending time with kids her own age; she enjoyed her party very much this year. It was after the guests had left that she was asked to meet her parents in the council room. When Hinata arrived she was met by her parents, who were sitting in the middle of the room with what looked like a present in front of them.

"Hinata please sit, there is something of great importance that we need to speak to you about" said Hiashi as he motioned her to sit in front of them.

"Yes father" she said as she took a seat.

"First of all honey, we have one last present for you" said Hana as she pushed the beautifully wrapped box closer to Hinata. As Hinata carefully opened the box she let out a small gasp. Inside the box, having been carefully packed, was a beautiful blue kimono the color of clear ocean water. It was obviously extremely expensive; it was pure silk and had small whirlpools all over in a darker blue. On the left shoulder it had the Hyuuga Clan crest while on the right it had the red swirl that the ninja of the Leaf village wore. Hinata lightly touched the fabric and noticed just how incredibly soft it was, this was the most beautiful kimono she had ever seen and couldn't wait for a chance to wear it.

"It's gorgeous" Hinata said as she continued to stroke the fabric.

"It's made from Ember silk [[yes I play WOW]]. Ember silk comes from the ember spider, it's a vicious spider that grows nearly 5ft tall and is very dangerous. They are only found in a few small islands near Demon country. Because of how dangerous it is to obtain and how beautiful the silk is, ember silk is extremely expensive. That kimono is more than likely worth a fortune" said Hana having seen Kushina in a beautiful kimono made from ember silk for her wedding.

"You didn't need to get this for me then, even though it is beautiful" said Hinata.

"Your mother and I did not get this for you Hinata, it was a present for you on the behalf of someone that you haven't met yet" said Hiashi.

"But why would someone I have never met send me something so expensive?" asked Hinata confused.

Hiashi and Hana looked at each other and once Hiashi got a nod from Hana as a final confirmation he began to explain.

"Hinata… you are my eldest daughter, and your mother and I both love you more than you can possibly imagine. You have a gentle, kind, and loving heart, and we love you for it. However, there are many within our clan that mistake your kindness for weakness; the clan elders among those that feel this way, along with the majority of the Main House of our clan."

Hinata was a smart child, she knew that the Main House members didn't like her and would often glare at her when they thought no one was looking. The Elders often didn't bother to hide the glares from her.

"Because of this, after your sister was born two years ago. The Elders demanded that you be removed as clan heir and be placed in the Branch House"

Hinata gasped! She knew that the Elders didn't like her but she would have never thought it would be this bad.

"While they don't actually have the authority to force me to do it, they had enough support within the clan at the time to rip our family apart. It could have ended in a civil war within our clan. Your mother and I could not let that happen; but neither could we just let them place the seal on you."

Hinata visibly shuddered at the thought of having that vile creation placed on her forehead.

"That is when your mother came up with a plan to save both you and our clan. You see before you were born, your mother was best friends with the wife of the Fourth Hokage".

Hinata smiled at that, her mother often spoke of Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. "Yes I know mother and I visited Whirlpool country two years ago" said Hinata.

"You visited Whirlpool for a very important reason Hinata. Your mother loved her friend so much that when they found out that they were both pregnant. Your mother with you, a girl, and Kushina with a boy… we made a choice for the good of the clan."

Hinata felt her chest tighten; as if in warning that something bad was coming.

"We reached an agreement for a betrothal contract between yourself and the son of the Fourth Hokage" Hiashi said knowing how much this would hurt his daughter.

"W-what?" was all Hinata was able to say as she was in shock of what she had just heard.

"It was originally to unite the Hyuuga and the Namikaze clans. But the day that their child was born was the day that the Nine Tailed Fox attacked the village. As you know, both the Fourth Hokage and his wife died that day. The Third Hokage also announced to the village that their son had died at childbirth".


"That was a lie," Hiashi said cutting Hinata off. "Your mother and her sensei, along with two others, were there when the child was born. But the Hokage forbid us telling anyone, whoever did would be killed for treason."

"Why would he do that?" asked Hinata.

"I don't know. But I think it was in a misguided attempt to keep a promise to the Fourth. No matter the reason, it turned out to be a huge mistake. Your mother and I tried to do what we could for the boy, even tried to adopt him into our clan. However, the Hokage and the village council blocked us at every turn. When the Elders tried to force the seal on you, we knew we had no other choice than to go against the Hokage to save the both of you."

"What do you mean, to save the both of us father?" asked Hinata.

"Because of a certain… condition, The Fourth son was mistreated and scorned by most of the village. He needed saving just as much as you. The only way to save both of you was to activate the betrothal contract but to do that we needed the child's true identity to be known. The only way to do that without being charged with treason by the Hokage; was to secretly tell his mother's family that he was alive."

"That's why we went to Whirlpool country, to tell his family," Hinata said finally knowing why she was told to never mention that trip to anyone.

"Yes and your mother's plan worked. The Uzumaki Clan agreed to protect you by activating the contract. That is the reason why you were not placed in the Branch House. That unfortunately also means that you will not be head of the clan since you will be marrying the future Daimyo of Whirlpool Country."

Hinata felt tears begin to pool in her eyes, her vision started to get blurry. Not only would she never be able to fulfill her dream of uniting her family, but she would be forced to marry someone she had never met. What if the Uzumaki didn't like her? What if they hated her like the Main House did? And Whirlpool was far away; she would be many days' travel away from her family. Hinata could not help herself; she ran out of the council room and rushed to her own.

Hana made as though to follow, but Hiashi stopped her. "Let her be. She needs some time to herself. Right now there is nothing you can say that will make this look like it's not the end of the world. Let her be; and tomorrow, when she calms down, you can explain to her that we did this for her own good, and because we love her".

"Ok, I just breaks my heart to see her so sad," Hana said.

"I know, but this is many times better than the alternative." Hiashi and Hana left the meeting room without another word.

That night in the Hyuuga compound, if you listened very carefully, you would be able to hear the quiet sobs coming from the room of a heartbroken little girl.


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