Learning How to Forgive

Chapter Twelve

Kurt and Blaine continued to see Dr. Smith, and small improvements were made, but the entire time he couldn't help the nagging voice in the back of his mind, constantly poking at Kurt's newfound knowledge of how Blaine and Wes fell out of touch.

A few awkward dates had taken place since the revelation, but if Blaine had noticed he had yet to acknowledge. Despite working on their marriage and still actually being married, they had settled into a weird pattern in which both men had lives separate from one another, but still intertwined.

Today was an example of this. Both Blaine and Kurt had the day off, but had no plans whatsoever, except the exchange of hands of Keenan, who would be spending the day with his father.

"So where is the little munchkin today," Santana asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

"He is with his other daddy at Blaine's annual company carnival," Kurt responded, mirroring Santana's actions.

"Doesn't he like to go these things," Santana inquired.

"He loves them. It is my who cannot stand them. A bunch of stuffy lawyers running around a park with their kids and perfect spouses trying to show that despite their profession, they might actually have souls. They have tight smiles as they cart their families around, showing off to right the people, even though the entire time they are thinking about billable hours and whether or not their mistress can squeeze in a couple hours after the whole event," Kurt said sarcastically, pausing for a moment. "Huh, guess Blaine really does fit in at work."

Santana laughed. "Was Keenan excited for his day out with his dad?"

Kurt nodded. "He was more excited to see Isaac than he was to go with Blaine," he said.

Isaac was a bittersweet topic for Kurt. He was Keenan's best friend and one of the sweetest kids imaginable. He had thick glasses because his eyesight was terrible, but that coupled with Keenan's asthma and need for an inhaler helped the young children to recognize a kindred spirit in one another. Isaac also had the misfortune of being David's son.

"Ah, have you talked Isaac's good old dad since you last saw him," Santana asked.

"That's why you're here today my dear friend. To answer your question, no, I have not had any contact with David since we ran into each other last. But as Blaine has to run straight to court after the carnival, David will be dropping Keenan off. And I need someone to make sure Keenan isn't caught in any cross-fire." Kurt said.

"No problem Thelma, you know I got your back," Santana said.

The sound of car doors drew both of their attention, and caused both rise and head towards the front door. "I'm going to hold you to that Louise," Kurt said.

Kurt opened the door to be assaulted by Keenan, carrying a bag with the law firm's logo on it, filled to the brim with prizes and gifts. He started babbling but Kurt could pay him no attention, instead focused upon the man he had once called his friend, staring intently at him. He went to close the door but was stopped by David's voice.

"Kurt," David questioned. "Can we talk?" Kurt froze, prepared to dismiss the man. He looked towards the driveway and saw Isaac in the backseat, looking around, waving when he saw Kurt. Sighing, he nodded and turned towards Santana.

"I'll be fine, will you take care of him," Kurt told Santana as she tapped his shoulder, trying to give him her silent support. She nodded and led Keenan further into the house.

"Will you please just talk to me Kurt. Please, tell me why you're so angry with me," David asked.

"It really comes down to a simple truth David: you enabled the affair. By keeping quiet and ignoring what was in front of your face, you shit on our friendship and basically gave it a big old middle finger," Kurt said, leaning against the door, his face resolute.

"Please understand where I am coming from Kurt. I was damned if I told you and I was damned if I didn't. I thought that the affair would end and Blaine would move on, everything he ever said about Matt indicated that it wasn't serious. I did what I thought was best for everyone," David plead, bending his knees .

"No David, you did what you thought was best for you," Kurt said, his eyes steely.

David shook his head and opened his mouth to respond, but Kurt cut him off. "And if the affair had ended … how could you have come to my home and looked me in the eye, how could you have interacted with my child knowing the sins of his father? Don't you dare say you did what you thought was best for everyone. You thought of yourself. Plain and simple."

David's shoulders slumped. "Please forgive me Kurt. Our families are friends, our children our friends."

Kurt laughed, unable to retain his chilly demeanor. "Friends? You're no friend of mine. A friend would have told me what was happening. A friend would have thought of me and my child."

"Please Kurt, don't say things like that. Me and Blaine and you -" David started, but was again cut off.

"Maybe you and Blaine are friends, maybe you and he can still talk and hang out and chill, but you and I … you might as well be a stranger on the street to me," Kurt sneered.

Defeated, David let a deep breathe loose and nodded. "If that's what you want, I can respect that," he said and turned to look back at his car, Isaac innocently staring at the two men. Turning back to Kurt, his face was filled with worry.

"I understand if you don't want to see me. In all honesty, I wouldn't want to see me either. But please don't keep Isaac and Keenan apart. Keenan is Isaac's world," David said, his emotion painted across his face.

Kurt looked from David's sorrowful eyes and looked towards Isaac. His soulful eyes hit Kurt like a train and he could feel his resolve face. Isaac smiled and waved excitedly, in only a way a five year old could muster. Smiling warmly, Kurt returned the gesture and looked back into his house, his eyes immediately seeking out Keenan.

His son sat in the main entryway, showing Santana his balloon and babbling a mile a minute. Sensing he was being watched, Keenan met his father's eyes and, in the same innocent way that Isaac had, waved and smiled. Again, Kurt returned the gesture and addressed David.

"I don't want you in my home. I don't want you in my life. I don't relish the thought of you around my child. It's funny, I don't get to have a lot of the things I want nowadays," Kurt said, causing David's shoulders to slump even further. "But I'm a parent and that goes with the territory."

Casting one more look at Isaac, Kurt delivered his decision. "Isaac will always be welcome here. He is a sweet kid and loves Keenan, and Keenan loves him. I wouldn't imagine punishing them by keeping them apart. They had no part in what has happened," Kurt said.

David allowed a hesitant smile to make its way onto his face. "Thank you Kurt. Thank you so much," David said.

Kurt nodded and pushed himself from the door frame. "Drop Isaac off on Friday for a sleepover. I know its your anniversary and Blaine will be swamped with that deposition, so he is more than welcome to say here."

David's smile grew larger, but retained its edge of nervousness. "Thank you, that's really kind," he said, slowly walking towards his car. He turned and found Kurt still standing in the same place, his face impassive as ever. "I truly am sorry," he said.

Kurt gave him a once over, mustering his better-than-you look before responding. "You don't owe me an apology," Kurt said. Without looking, he pointed behind him in the direction of Keenan. "In fifteen years, when he is old enough to understand, try apologizing him."

David remained silent while Kurt headed back into his house. "See Isaac on Friday. Give Adele my best," Kurt called over his shoulder, shutting the door, musing on how closing the door seemed so much complicated and symbolic that it really was.

Walking towards Keenan and Santana, he dropped to his knees and examined the bag that his son had brought from the company carnival.

Keenan's face lit up even more if possible and held up an adorable stuffed penguin. "Look daddy, I won this!" Keenan said, his excitement lacing his voice.

Laughing, Kurt wrapped Keenan in his arms and gave him a tight squeeze, ignoring the laughter and shrieks that erupted from the child. "I'm proud of you buddy. Guess what, Isaac gets to spend the night on Friday," Kurt said, reveling in his son's renewed laughter. Kurt couldn't help but hug him a little tighter.

Santana watched father and son and couldn't help but laughing with the duo. Catching Kurt's eye, she mouthed 'I'm proud of you' as she pointed at him. Shooting her a smile filled with warmth, Kurt continued hugging his son.

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