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The guests made their way back towards the front, Olivia with her arm looped through the older gentleman's "I hope for your mothers sake that this whole thing is legal"

"Oh Grampy Gorden who cares whether it turns out legal or not "Olivia sing-songed happily

"Well your mother is Commissioner of Police my dear" Spiking tapped her arm with pride still burning from his 'girl' making it all the way to the top

"But they should have done this years ago" Olivia protested

Spikings thought of the times the two of them had stood before him in his office. The first flash back was to when the pair had stood in front of him the day after Makepeace had been signed back, fit to work barely more than a week after the Liverpool bomb scare. He had looked from one to the other now daring to hold hands in his office "You don't have to..." he'd addressed Harry who had jumped in and assured him "this was all she wanted, she had already told him that she reminded Spikings and she wasn't going to change her mind."

He'd continued "It won't be..."

"Easy" she had jumped in again "This is me and Dempsey we're talking about Sir; we know each other, we respect each other"

Spikings had grumped an acknowledging huff and turned his attentions to Dempsey "You'd better damn well look after her" he'd threatened

Dempsey's sole reply had been to ask him what the hell he thought he'd been doing ever since his plane had landed three years ago.

"This is different" Spikings had tried to explain "getting married, being together, being a family..."

"I'm ready for it Sir" Harry had told him

"Me too" Dempsey had copied and feeling rather like the vicar at a wedding Spikings had looked from one to the other and then clapping an arm around each with sartorial pride he'd told them "This was for life and they'd bertter make damn sure of it" Yes he thought, never conventional, never actually done the official I do bit but in their own way...

The second flash back interrupted the first back to when he had insisted they work together on the Caviar case, those now immortal words he'd said with some sarcasm and very little real hope "Who knows - you might even make a team"

A breakfast that still included kippers blew the four away but they tucked into it with great relish, laughing and deciding that posh undercover was most definitely the way to go. It was as they were about to follow Jenkins out that the random, eccentric old man with walking stick bumped into them.

"Oh, ah, hello, aah you must be, Musn't say, top secret I know, Police training- yes we can keep a secret, don't worry about me I'm just a rambling old man"

"Lord Winfield" their guide took charge "We're just about to go up to Felborough Wood with the quads"

"Aah yes, noisy things rather like motor bikes but with four wheels for idiots" Lord Winfield chuntered "not that you're idiots of course, I wouldn't say that, no not at all..."

The men followed their guide and started to shuffle forward "Yes, have nice day" Lord Winfield continued

"We're shooting this afternoon, old Ben's lads are beating for us" Jenkins addressed his senior "Would you like to join us for lunch, I can get Tomlinson to carry for you"

Lord Winfield beamed "yes, yes, that would be rather splendid and I can spend some time with these wonderful chaps"

Tony nudged Dave "I'd love to see Dempsey here"

Dave laughed "A pizza takeaway and bottle of beer"

"How the heck did Dempsey do posh undercover?"

"He had Harry"

They agreed with a conspiratorial silence

"So this team building is a new thing" Mac asked Jenkins

"Yes Sir it is"

"Going well?"

"Yes Sir, bookings seem to be coming in; this is the first we've done for the police though. Mr Dempsey wanted things done a bit differently for you"

"Like how?" now Tony was interested

"Well as there are only four of you we've put you in the west wing where we usually put our better known guests. Last week Princess Michael and the Duchess of Kent were in those rooms"

"Holy shit" muttered Tony

"The old guy?" asked Mac "Lord?"

"Lord Winfield" Jenkins confirmed "It's his family home" Something niggled in Macs head but now was time to ride.

Rather pleased with their proficiency the officers were bullish when it came to the afternoons shoot and even the more sensitive Mac ended up admitting he was surprised at how well the old man did and conversely how badly the police marksmen did. "Different sort of thing entirely" the old man had reassured them "but don't going telling that to my daughter now"

All four shrugged promising 'never to breathe a word' and trying to imagine what the daughter of an eccentric old Lord would look like.

Jeremy Wood first led the groom "I do solemnly declare / that I know not / of any lawful reason / why I, James Henry Dempsey / may not be joined in marriage / to Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace" before taking the bride through the same

"I do solemnly declare / that I know not / of any lawful reason / why I, Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace / may not be joined in marriage / to James Henry Dempsey"

"Now this is the chance for you to say your own words" Wood turned to Dempsey "You first"

Dempsey took a deep breath, giving himself a little time and then launched forth

"Harry you are my best friend, my love & my inspiration and today I want to give myself to you in marriage." he took her hand "We have loved each other when times were good and when times were hard and I promise I will love you forever." He stroked her hand "No matter how difficult things seem, I will never give up on us." He squeezed her hand "I want to thank you for all the years we've been together and all the fun and laughter we've had. I wanna thank you for your loyalty, your love and your support" he paused to think before finally adding "I will always be here for you" there was a long beat "my princess"

Daniel put two fingers to his mouth but his older sister anticipated the puking sign and elbowed him hard.

That evening they sat back, rather stuffed and now drinking port and trying some rather different cheeses

"Fry, a test of your observation…" Dave looked at him, "Like the one Dempsey gave you, this is testing your long term memory: what exactly was Dempsey doing on that Irish beach?"

"Well he was sitting up more and his hand was like drawing lines down Makepeace's leg"


"Just tracing his hand from her knee to her bottom, it wasn't like doing anything"


"And nothing" I think he tried to help the wet vest dry off he put his hand under it to lift off her skin, let the air ccirculate"

Dave looked at Watson, "No wonder Dempsey was mad"

Fry failed to understand. "Yeh well I really thought that Dempsey would never speak to me again after the time I had to find him watching the stars with Makepeace"

Dave, Mac and Tony looked at each other 'there was more!' flashed across their faces

"Well, he's recommending you for sergeant so I guess your forgiven Fry" Dave tried to sound encouraging

"Personally I don't care if he does or doesn't talk to you Fry" Tony spoke up "Just tell us what happened or you might not live to find out!"

"Well I think he got fed up with me following him so he told me where he would be, it was a good job because Spikings rang me and Dempsey had to get the plane out to New York."

"You miss out all the interesting stuff Fry, where did they go?" Mac spoke up

"Oh, this posh, very posh actually, restaurant then up to some landmark"

"What land mark? Think of it as another observation test Fry" Dave spurred him on as well.

"There was a hill, it was dark and at first I couldn't see them because they were lying down on a rug"


"No! looking up at the stars"

"Miles apart from each other"

"No" he thought back, this all seemed a bit unfair; he didn't see what the fascination was. "Harry had her head on his chest, his hands were… well one hand was holding some of her hair I guess"

"There were some champagne glasses and a bottle" it was coming back now

"Expensive dinner, romantic venue, what did you do Fry?"

"I just called out Dempsey, Makepeace"

"I thought they were undercover as Mr and Mrs"

Fry reddened again "That's what Harry shouted at me"

"And Dempsey?"

"Like I said I think Harry was crying and he pulled me into the car, pushed me out at the hotel, told me not to go near Harry and his anger was so fierce I thought he would never speak to me again"

"Tell me Fry, what did you think when you went up to find them?"

"That you keep up the role, all the time"

The bride smiled and at the cue from Jeremy Wood, looking straight at Dempsey she began "You have the biggest nerve of anyone I have ever lived with, you are impossible, impractical, cocksure and totally blind. You have the maddest ideas and expect me to agree. You are incorrigible, incurable, irredeemable and totally hopeless" She dropped his hand and rested her arms loosely on each of his shoulders "And yet James Dempsey I learnt to love you many years ago and I have never stopped and I know I never will" She kissed his cheek "You are the funniest and most amazing man, life with you around has been a ball and we will continue that together for rest of our lives" she paused thinking how to finish "partner"

Whilst a few of the guests not knowing Olivia's parents had had heart in mouth at the beginning of the brides speech James had stood grinning, lapping up the torrent of abuse with pride. The poor registrar thought he was just about to have a heart attack but brought himself back to life with a cough that started him breathing again.

"Ok" he claimed back control "Just the last little bit for you both to say"

He led again making sure the couple faced each other, hands in a double hold

"I call upon these persons here present"

"I call upon these persons here present"

"To witness that I James Henry Dempsey"

"To witness that I James Henry Dempsey"

"Do take you Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace"

"Do take you Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace"

"To be my lawful wedded husband"

"To be my lawful wedded husband"

"I call upon these persons here present"

"I call upon these persons here present"

"To witness that I Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace"

"To witness that I Harriett Charlotte Alexandra Makepeace"

"Do take you James Henry Dempsey"

"Do take you James Henry Dempsey"

"To be my lawful wedded husband"

"To be my lawful wedded husband"

The door swung open "So wadda you think" asked Lieutenant James Dempsey "Ain't this the place to do some training? I'm thinking them new kids can do some night tracking, we can set up some scenarios and see what they make of it, invite a few of the city types down - they all ways have something unsavory about them" As he spoke Dempsey pulled up a chair accepted a scotch on the rocks and lit a cigar. He pushed back and crossed his left ankle up on his knee and drew on the Cuban tobacco.

"Have you seen those suits of armour?" Dave asked Dempsey

"Yeh, pretty cool eh? and the swords... have you had a go with swords?" Dempsey enthused, then registering their reticence he swung out of his seat and out into the hall way calling out "Hey tell Jennke to fetch some swords in, the boys wanna play.

Fry coughed nervously sensing that Dempsey was out of order whilst Dave and Tony quickly overcame their uncertainty and took a sword each from Jenkins

"Wow heavy" Tony nearly dropped his with the unexpected weight.

"I fought off this slime ball called Simms first time I came here" Dempsey said

Dave and Tony clouted the swords whilst Fry panicked they would all be thrown out.

"Thought you wanted time with Harry and Olivia" Mac turned to a serious discussion with his mate

"And wouldn't this just suit the bill" Dempsey enthused

"But it must cost a fortune to rent out" Fry whimpered as the swords clashed again

"Sure does" Dempsey grinned "And there's a city full of companies willing to shell out"

"I thought Spikings is always going on about budget" Dave lay his sword down

"I'll cut him a deal" Dempsey promised but that just left Fry bemused.

On the other hand the penny was dropping for Mac; bits and pieces suddenly beginning to filter through and he remembered where he'd heard the name Winfield before "Bloody Nora" he gasped "and the old boy..."

As if on cue Freddy opened the door "ah there you are"

"Freddy" Dempsey stood "Harry's just putting Olivia to bed; come and meet the new top boys from SI10"

"So what do you think of this baseball?" Freddy asked Fry

"Um it's American isn't it Sir?"

"Most definitely but the girls and boys round here seem to be rather enjoying it" Freddy launched into one of his stumbling soliloquies "Ever since James set up the, um, ooh, um what's the word. um field, ah no pitch; I love having the children around - so much more life in the place and now that Olivia is here; oh isn't she such a doll?" Fry sat dumbstruck not knowing what to say praying that the opening door would be his salvation.

Mac saw the blond bob and the petite figure "Nice gaff you have here Harry"

Harry looked at the jaws hitting the floor and laughed "Technically" she corrected Mac "It will be Dempsey's but yes thank you: it is a great gaff, but we're keeping Camberwell Grove for day to day work" she touched her nose "now has Freddy told you the ghost story..."

The whoop went up and as it stilled suddenly all eyes were on Darren who was frantically staring at the dvd case in his hand trying desperately to find any clue about what would make a suitable track.

He scanned 'You and me'? 'One of these days'? What would 'Harvest Moon' be? His indecision was now apparent and he just hit track 7 and prayed that the song about a woman would be a love one and not a disaster

For the second time a bride and groom walked hand in hand down the aisle; he was grinning with self satisfaction, she was giggling stupidly. When they reached the end James swung Harry around into his arms and they rotated around as the words sung out

No one else can fill me like you do
No one else can kill me like you do
And I love you.
You are such a woman to me.

There was a brief kiss and then Dempsey looked up and around at the milling crowd; he caught sight of Dan "hey son" he whispered "I need you to play that title track at smoochin' time tonight" Dan look horrified but Angela had overheard "Don't worry darling I'm on your case - harvest moon" she reassured Dempsey

"Now that's enough of hijacking a wedding" Dempsey announced to one and all "It's Lib's and Nat's big day – let's get the party started"

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