Running Wild

By: MyNameIsJag

Chapter 1: Making Impressions

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Warnings: M for a reason, slash to the greatest. Mech/Mech Multiple pairings. Mostly G1 based, except for Ratchet's voice, he will have the accent from the movie cause I'm in love with accents. There really needs to be more Hound out there.


Usually fractions take bots who sign up with them, but Mirage and a few others are sent to retrieve a certain tracker from a planet filled with wild animals including the tracker himself. But what happens when he doesn't want to go with them.

Flora, wild animals, the scent of the wet forest after a rain and the feeling of everything being one…Mirage hated it. In fact, you will never meet another who had such detestation for one place…but he had to be here…Prime sent him here with the others to retrieve a new member or convince him to join them. The planet was filled with what Perceptor had described basically as a planet of metallic creatures designed after organic life…an example would be the metal wolf staring at him. All the systems of a Cybertronian but it's form and function is based of that of an organic creature, much like the rest of the animals on this planet…to the Tower mech's horror. A whole planet of nothing but wild, unruly, dirty, unmannered, filthy, uncivilized beasts! And that was him only describing the mech they had come to persuade to the way of the Autobots…why did Prime want a tracker anyway…it wasn't like he was going to send the mech after someone. A tracker…all this way for a unruly tracker…what good would that do them?

He was really starting to get annoyed by that mutt staring at him, the green mech said it was his partner…really…how can an animal be any good company. He turned back to the target, he was leaning against a wall smiling at them…but Mirage knew he was studying them, examining their features of what they can and can not do…a predator with the face of an innocent as he befriended his prey. Just like a tracker…a hunter…he couldn't fool this bot…Mirage was on Special Ops for more then his ability for turning invisible.

"As much as I appreciate the company but I believe you came all this way in vain, I have no desire to leave and I doubt the Cons have any desire to come here." Dog…was that his name…shifted, his optics studying going from one to another before leaning down to pet his companion.

A sigh came from within their group, their medic stepped forward or as much as the twins would let him, the two frontliners were assigned to protect the smaller white and red mech…but the spy had a feeling they would even if they weren't commanded to. An accented voice came from the bot, (I kept the accent from the movie, cause accents are sexy), "How about a trade then, we have gotten a transmission from a neutral camp here for my services, but because of the thickness of the woods; we are unable to track their exact location-" "And you want me to help, I was wondering why a medic was here and being from the Prime's crew himself…you must be one pit of a one…CMO? Yeah, I'll take you but for what?"

How about a bath?

The doctor gave him a look, a little upset about the sudden burst but took the acknowledgement of being the CMO as a compliment, "You can restock any supplies you need from our main ship and I can run full scans and upgrades on you and your partner." The twins twitched, full scans meant that the doctor had to examine the protoform and that usually meant only the medic and the patient were allowed in the room…which meant they weren't going to be in there to protect him if anything was to happen. Not saying that the tracker would go after him but still the idea of the small mech being left alone with a strange bot did not set well with them. They owed their afts to the CMO…literally…

Canine…no that wasn't it…tilted his helm and studied them again…then nodded with a smile that would just send anyone's spark a fluttering but Mirage wasn't going to fall for any charms like that…especially one's coming from such dusty mech. "Sounds like a plan, doc-" "Ratchet." "Ratchet, I'm guessing your orders come first then my needs?" A nod was all the answer the tracker needed before clapping his servos together, "Good to see someone so concerned for others, me and Shadow here will be happy to escort you. I suggest we do it by the new sun though, your group needs to gather their strength for the trip."

They all agreed before leaving and no, the Towers mech did not blush when he gave one final look over his shoulder at the untamed bot, who did not wink at him with a cheeky smile.


His whole frame shook as tried his best to stay on all fours as a hot glossa swirled around the rim of his valve, the tip would snake in and hit a sensor before darting back out. "Never had such a high class meal like you before." He could only moan as a servo reached around him to wrap around his spike, the thumb flicking the tip. He couldn't even look see his partner, the room shrouded in total darkness…adding to the exoticness of it all. He was used to having femmes and mechs thrown at him and offering themselves to be taken not himself in such a position that he usually found himself to proud to do. But oh, did it feel good…so good being taken like an animal…

A deep growl echoed in his audios, vibrating through out his entire protoform, the other's heavy frame on top of his, the warmth surrounding him. "Tell me, master, what do you want of this beast," he could feel the tip of something hard against his opening as his spike was being stroked, "tell this wild creature what you desire."

He never felt so in control and helpless at the same time, the pressure in his spike building but the other wouldn't let him release unless he demanded it.

"I want," he pressed closer to the tip, barely getting it in as the other back away just so slightly, "I want that spike in my valve, I want to be stretched and taken," the frame ontop of his was heating up nicely now, "I want you to fill me with so much fluid that I will be leaking liquids for cycles!" He glanced over his shoulder, only able to see glowing deep blue optics, "I want you to frag me!" A deep chuckle, "As you demand."

Oh…oh, Primus! The whole length was pushed inside of him in an instant, it was slowly pounding into him…he could feel the ridges of the spike as it was pulled out…hitting each sensory nodes before being pushed back in to the hilt. The slow process was torture. "Faster…faster…gah…stop teasing!" He was being bit…hard on the shoulder as the spike moved out slowly again before obeying.


His arms gave out and he fell face forward, but he didn't care…his frame felt like it was doused in pleasurable fire as he pounded from behind. The sounds of that rod filling him, the clangs of soft metal, and the feel of his valve being stretched with each harsh thrust. His own spike was being jerked roughly, a glossa was licking the now wound were his partner had drawn blood from biting his shoulder…but even that felt good…like he was being marked by an animal. His face was practically being scrapped against whatever surface he was on and he could barely believe the sounds coming out of his own mouth. He was so close, a purr in his audio made him shiver, "Scream my name and I'll send you over the edge." He grunted…he needed to release, he just needed to but who was this…he smelt like the forest, a musk that was heavy yet sweet…wait…he knew this! "Your name…uh…your name, AH!," the spike was now being angled in a different position…hitting that one sensor that could sent him into an overload over and over again. He pushed his hips into the thrust meeting each one, "Ooooh…Oh…HOUUUU-!"


Mirage gasped as he felt himself wet over and fluids spray onto his stomach, his intakes were harsh…he groaned as he sat up, sending a command for the lights to come on. He slightly thanked Primus for the sound proof rooms, he would be ashamed if anyone aboard discovered he was dreaming of that tracker…who he only met once and could barely remembered his name…

Hound…yeah…the wild mech's name was Hound…the wild, unruly, dirty, unmannered, filthy, and uncivilized beast who's designation was Hound…that was in no possible way charming…even if it was kinda sexy the way he leaned back against the wall with his arms behind his helm, like an animal showing off it's best features. That spark stealing smile on his faceplates as he spoke in that low voice that would be so perfect to hear as he spoke sweet nothings after a rough interface…as they both laid in the dark covered in fluids-and damn it! There was no way the spy would be forgetting the others designation now.

He fell back onto the berth, he was a noble-mech…he shouldn't be fantasizing about some random bot! His optics tipped down to the mess, he had to clean himself up…checking his clock, he was glad he still had time to hit the showers…a nice cold one would probably do wonders right now.


Hound scratched the back of his helm as he looked at the team he was supposed to lead, usually he would be alarmed at leading others to the neutral camp but it was the same camp who had contacted them and he supposed they couldn't give up the chance to try to convince him to join. But why would he leave this place, he had learned so much and there was still so much more to be discovered…yes, he was raised on the typical Cybertronian planet but this world and it's creatures felt so much more like home. He looked back down at Shadow, the pup was happily rolling around in the dirt, not really caring much for the new guests.

His gaze went back to them, the medic was scanning everyone one last time and some bot he guessed was a scientist was checking over equipment while another with flashing strobes on the side of his helm was happily chatting with the twins. He guessed the blue and white gentlemech that was trying to cover the fact he was glancing over at him was supposed to be in charge…but he doubted that…he seemed to be an understudy by his movements. Someone who was trained to take orders from their lead Special Ops member without having to take the responsibility of for their actions. He knew the mech was Ops just by the way he observed his surroundings. He shot a smile at mech, who pretended he didn't see it but already knew he had been caught, "So…where's the guy that would normally be in your position, you look out of place?" A shocked look appeared then disappeared as quickly as it came, a quick turn up of the olfactory sensor gave a 'I'm oh, so holy,' look to the smaller mech, "Are you presuming I am unable to perform such a simple mission from my appearance?"

Cause that can be solved with a simple disappearing act and the unruly mech wouldn't have to worry about his looks…and maybe wouldn't notice the looks the spy was giving him.

Hound chuckled, he figured the other would think about his appearance first before the actual meaning of what he said, "No, your movements and positions suggest your not the usual one to take lead, so which means his either off somewhere on a more serious mission; which begs the question why aren't any of ya'll back at the main ship waiting for the results, or-" "His not here if that's what you're implying." The green mech turned his attention to the medic who had just spoken, "You're very observant aren't you, before you get back to that, no, Mirage is not who would usually have, that mech is off on his own mission half way around the galaxy. So there is no need to suggest we are here to harm the neutral's when your back is turned, I demanded we take this mission because no one should suffer when help is so readily reachable."

"And you need allies, I'm not new to this Doc, your intentions may be as good as they are but my guess is Prime wants a friendly stake with the camp. Even if they are neutrals and some are likely to turncoat on you, it's still better to have a debt for them to repay with information if ever needed." He could see the twins rearing up now as the flashing mech quickly moved out of their way, tense and ready to charge…these two didn't just care for a damn spark and was happy at any chance to fight…probably some back story there but it didn't matter. He put a servo up to diffuse the situation, "But I'm just here to lead you there, what happens after that is none of my business, my business is getting you in and out alive and unharmed if possible."

The smaller rose colored mech stared at him, "What do you mean 'if possible'?" Lucky he didn't have to answer that one, the yellow twin did for him, "Just because they say they are neutral doesn't mean they have that point of view and some just might want to take us out just for having a fraction symbol on." Reason for the warriors being there.

Hound nodded, "But enough of that, we can stand here chatting all day about the matter but we have to start making headway, we want to get as far in before dark and find a good place to set up for the night. Trust me on this, you do not want to travel at moon rise on this world, too many different scenarios could happen and none of them good. Do not separate and try not to linger behind to study the environment here," he aimed a stare at the two scientists already poking at some vegetation, "As wonderful as this planet is, we don't have time for a side expedition."

It was agreed on with the simple nods and grunts, he whistled to Shadow and they were off.


"AH, SUNSTREAKER!" "You always know just how to scream my name just right, Ratch."

Hound had to laugh as the much smaller CMO glared at the golden warrior, who accidentally tripped over the white mech as he was trying to carry their tenting supplies to set up. Ratchet had been bending over on his knees trying to find a part of something the flashing audio mech had dropped when he was ran over. The end result was a heavy frontliner collapsed on top of his companion as though they were about to do an impression of Shadow trying to dominate another cyber wolf with the contents of the supplies thrown around them. "Get off of me! Your heavy as pit!" "What no complaints about the position, always guessed you were a valve mech, already knew you were a screamer."

The tracker supposed that the twin's name came from what he looked like as was suddenly being chased down by the medic with a vendetta. The red twin not even going to try to save his brother but settled on pointing and laughing.

The others were getting the temporary camp up, he could see lines moving on there own as an invisible Mirage was helping. The upper class mech had went invisible soon after they entered the forest, but it didn't matter…he could still smell him…all of them. He made sure to know their scents, movements and quirks…just because he was helping didn't mean he was going to lay complete trust in them. He had a quick chat with the odd masked scientist about joining their fraction again, he expressed openly he wanted nothing to do with it, his home was here and he was happy with his studies. Which seemed to be the key word as he was suddenly flanked by what he gathered was Perceptor about the world. The entire trip he spent discussing wildlife with the small mech, who seemed to have decided that Hound was now his personal dictionary on the wildlife. Not that the tracker minded, it was nice to have someone discuss his home so freely with but the rose mech was…clingy…

Which only seemed to make the others amused but oddly not the unseen mech, the tracker could smell anger vibrating off the Towers mech…well he guessed it was the Towers… He didn't know what made him angry, just because Hound could smell it didn't mean he understood the cause of it. He had sniffed arousal in the other's waxy scent from before, maybe he had a fling with the Perceptor and was upset about the attention the green mech was receiving. The spy shouldn't worry about that, the tracker had no interest in any kind of relationship with any of them.

Mirage watched from under his cloak, the wild mech was lifting the heavier parts that usually would be what Sunstreaker would be picking up but he decided he was to be murdered by their CMO. He watched the cables tense from the weight and the soft grunt that escaped the other's mouth as he moved the equipment. Being out here on his own, he probably was used to heavy lifting without help…those cables looked so taut…just begging to have servos message them. Maybe he could convince the beast to but that required touching that overly dusty frame…maybe he should convince him to a bath first. Or both at the same time…bad Mirage, high class mechs shouldn't think about things like having the mech in a shower while rubbing him down as the cleanser covered them both and steam flowed off their frames but not from the hot spray. He could just feel those stiff cables melt under his expert touch and those lips exploring his own frame. A slight nip here, a kiss there and they both would charging…maybe he would get his aft pounded into the wall. The image of the others strong servos holding him up as he wrapped his lithe legs around that built waist and the feel of a spike rubbing against his closed interface panels but he wouldn't open until his pet begged him to… He could just hear the other whispering his name to be let in… "Mirage…"

"Mirage, are you okay?" He shuddered his optics and stared up at the face of a confused Hound, he was still invisible so how- "Your still holding equipment in mid-air." Oh, that's how, he glanced at the object in his servos before back up at the taller mech, "I'm fine, just lost in my own thoughts." A lopsided smile was shot at him, "Better in processor then in life, I wouldn't want to lose you to some wild beast, those things are unpredictable."

Tell me about it.

The spy nodded even though he was still unseen, "Of course, now excuse me, I believe I have work to do." His spark could have just melted at the hurt turbofox look on the bigger mech's face, "Of course, leave it to ya." He briefly wondered if that was the wrong thing to say as the other walked over to Perceptor but settled on going back to his chores. He figured focusing on something more productive would possibly getting fragged by the tracker off his processor…possibly…


Ratchet growled, more at himself then anything, he was currently stuck between a rock and a hard place…the rock part being literal and the hard place being Sunstreaker's shiny yellow chassis. The mech had managed to trap him and was currently smirking down at him, the medic wanted nothing more to throw something at him but he was pinned. "You know, Hound said not to wonder off…you made me break a rule Ratch by chasing me." His smirk grew predatory, "Usually it's me chasing that red aft of yours but I'm sure you enjoyed the view of course." The frontliner pressed closer to the small mech, "Now since this is your fault, I believe you need to be punished," he rubbed their olfactory sensors together, "how about a quickie and I won't report you."

The CMO just stared at him, he should have been used to this by now, it seemed after their first encounter he couldn't shake the twins off. He didn't understand it, he treated them like anyone else and at least tried to keep them at a distance…there was so much to lose if he let anyone come too close to him. So much of his past he didn't want to reveal. Yet, since the first whack of the wrench and the first curse…it seemed to be the magic words to get their attention. "How about you let me go and I won't reformat you into something useful."

The twin chuckled and brushed their lip components together in a quick kiss as he started a slow grind. He wanted to get that little mech's legs spread, backstruts bent as far back as possible and valve filled as the medic begged for more in that exotic voice…but they didn't have time for that and he would have to settle for a quickie…or that smart little mouth wrapped around his spike. As long as he got to blow fluids in him one way or another.

Ratchet would have smiled at the thought that crossed his processor but that would have made the golden bot suspicious. He pressed a kiss onto the other's cheek and a sultry smile was sent to the taller mech, he dimmed his optics to give the appearance of being aroused. He could see the other's optics widen at the action and the loud rev of an engine vibrated through his smaller frame. Who knew that the warrior was so easily turned on? He was able to get his arms free just enough to wrap one around the other's neck and the other servo traced designs in the yellow frame as he purred upward. He felt a servo give his aft a squeeze and he actually let out an eep, his award was another chuckle, and the mech continued to play with his backside. He flashed his optics, he knew from orns what little tricks he could pull to get someone overheated without doing so himself. As much as he would like to go all out and make Sunstreaker practically melt into an unresponsive goo just for the pit of it and for blackmail purposes, they had a job to do…even if that grind felt nice. His own neck was being assaulted, he faked a moan and kicked on his fans for an added effect, "Oh, Sunny."

Dear Primus, the twin could die happy from the way that accented voice said his name, he really didn't care at the moment that it was that name he hated. Frag, the medic's dialect was hot, (cause accents really are), but not as much as when he started his own grind along with his, the friction sending burning pleasure through his wires. Another moan echoed through his audio, he chuckled, he should have trapped the healer like this earlier, "You're really vocal, any louder and the whole camp will know." A kiss to his cheek and a light laugh sent a chilled feeling this time, something was off in that laugh, "I don't think we have to worry about that," and then he felt the pinch to his neck and his frame freeze up. He fell back with an undignified plop, sneaky little bastard paralyzed him, he should have known it was too easy. Ratchet's face came into view, a smile just playing on his lips, "Sorry, my dear golden warrior but I don't do quickies, when I do it, I do it." He stepped over the paralyzed fighter, "Don't worry, I contacted Sides and he's on his way."

The yellow frontliner watched that pretty little aft sway away upside down, a taunting gesture from the medic. Even though he was so close and failed, he had to smirk cause as much as he loved watching that red aft go, he loved seeing the yellow streaks across it even more.


Perceptor looked up at the their personal guide, the taller green mech was explaining the systems of a certain plant he had found that was digesting an insect. It was nice to hear someone else elucidate something to him instead the other way around, he was so used to others unable to understand what he was saying…it was so odd…yet pleasant… "The plant actually let's out an attractive scent that lures it's prey into the center of it-" "Where that adhesive solution is latent?" "Yes, there the insect get's stuck and the plant curls around it much like a how you would close your servo, it slowly liquefies it's meal, it takes awhile but it's the only way it can get nutrients." The scientists nodded, he hadn't had much experience in such environments and was going to get as much information as possible from this trip. "Quite fascinating, are all creatures here carnivorous?" Hound shook his helm, "No, the ecosystem here is stable in supporting different kinds such as that." Oh, he could just giggle like a fan-femme…not that he would…Wheeljack was already making fun of him for following the naturalist like a puppy but he couldn't help it. The larger mech smiled down at him and he could feel himself just melt from that smile, "Most others don't take the time to look at what's around them and appreciate it. It's nice to know that there is someone with such intelligence here that is willing to divulge themselves in the features of my home."

He did it, unable to hold it back any longer, he giggled…not some light giggle, a full on 'servos covering his mouth little femme that has a crush' giggle, Perceptor actually let out a fan giggle. The red mech could hear his friend trip over himself at the sound and if his audios were correct a low growl, he shuttered his optics and looked around, "Did you hear that?"

Mirage shifted on his pedes, glad he was invisible, how could he, a noble mech, a being that outclassed every bot here…let himself go so low as to growl! He glanced back at the two, the timid scientist had wrapped Hound's arm around himself as the tracker tried to tell him it was nothing to worry about. The spy glared at them, he was to good to be jealous…but he wanted the tracker to himself. He glanced over to see Ratchet walk up, the medic looked way too smug and their engineer picked up on it as the white mech walked by him, doing a double take. A quick hand gesture saying to be quiet then pointed to the backside of the passing mech…oh…well that explained it…nice to know how friendly the crazed mech could actually get. Not to far behind, Sideswipe came up dragging his brother, how the mech managed to sneak off without anyone knowing was beyond the spy but then again he was busy not getting upset over the green mech. The red twin seemed absolutely proud while following Ratchet, they would never let the white bot down after he discovered those love impressions…the Special Ops mech reminded himself to keep his audios on low till afterwards.


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