Running Wild

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Chapter 4: Reviewing The Past

He sighed to himself, in a dignified manner of course, he could understand why his creators would want to establish a deeper connection with this family. The power and wealth would be tremendous if they joined houses…but Shockwave was just so…


Mirage said the last of the thought out loud as he made his way down the hall, he was desperately hoping that one of the other suitors would be chosen…he really didn't have a say in the matter…he was just another pawn in the game that all the Nobles played.

"Sir, are you feeling well?"The tingles of being scanned was sent through his systems but he ignored it, the mech behind him had a habit of randomly scanning those around him in case of anything. Probably something he picked up from being around his master so long.

"I'm fine."

Nothing was said but he could feel the notion that the other one thought he was lying, "Ratchet, I am well."

"You are among the few who have been picked to continue the line of Master's family, though I care for him, even I know one can not be well with the notion of bonding with him."

He glanced over his shoulder at the medic, living with the one optic mech, he knew all to well how much misery was to come to the one chosen to be the purple bot's mate, "I can not be anything other but what I am ordered to be, if he desires me…then my family will jump at the opportunity to increases their standings."

He would just do what they wanted, it was the way he was raised…

Their conversation halted as they came to the main room, the white mech gave him a sad smile before heading back down the hall, his job for the moment was to make sure each guest was escorted personally to the room.

The other servants were busily running around completing other chores, he didn't care for them really and he suspected the only reason he was able to get along with the personal medic was because he had grown up around him.

Not that he minded, Ratchet treated him more kindly then his own family…he didn't want anything from him and didn't expect anything from him.

Unlike the bot's master…who acted like the whole universe owed him something…

He ignored the urge to sigh as he sat down at the large table, other guests already there, flirting away…others like himself who were forced into this but unlike him had no qualms with this dead end tradition…could it be that a Noble…was just a bot who had treasures and riches but not the freedom to use them…

His optics traveled across the room, watching the others interact…was he the only one who saw that all of this was just some game and the horrifying irony in it was that they were expected to raise their own offspring much like they had been.

Perhaps he was just thinking too much on the topic…looking deeper then what it really was.

He grabbed the goblet of high grade in front of him, already poured and sitting on the table as though it already knew his thoughts and was ready to ease his overworking processor.

Sipping contently, he was almost finished when the last guest arrived and he could feel some of the stress slip off of his shoulders as the liquid danced within his systems. If the others already had their share of the stuff, it was no wonder they were acting like they were.

A bell tolled and he couldn't help but think of those that rang out during funerals in honor of the dead…fitting for the situation, even more so when Shockwave seemed to emerge from nowhere and preceded to stare at them as though judging their very fates.

He restrained a shiver as the optic passed over him, feeling much like a prey being stared at by it's most deadly predator…

The scientist suddenly turned to nod at his assistant before sitting down at the head of the table, the room that was once filled with a light air and laughter took a turn to the frame chilling sensation that could beat out even the coldest of frost.

"I thank you all for coming, now then, I have much to do so this announcement will be short," he did a servo signal and they all watched as Ratchet stepped up beside his master, holding a cushion with the emblem of the purple mech's family crest…a gift that was to be given to the chosen mate, "now then, I have chosen and the engagement will be begin shortly after all contracts and agreements have settled."

Another servo sign and the medic started to move…a remarkable contrast to legends where the messenger was sent down to pass on the judgment of Primus, only to find out the news was for their sparks to be damned for eternity…

"Hey, Towers mech, where you at?"

The spy just glared at the mech in front of him, but he was invisible at the moment and Sunstreaker was probably making sure everyone was still in the traveling group. He was always a little suspicious of the ones around him.

"Behind you."

The taller mech jumped up and away, "Fragging pit!"

The rest of the group burst into laughter at the startled look on the frontliner's face, he just growled, "Slag you all."

The laughter just quieted down to few giggles at the golden bot's harsh gaze, he snorted and turned back around to follow the tracker.

Mirage just kept going, it seemed like they had been walking forever and they couldn't just go into their alt. form because the ground would tear up their traction…and that would lead to a very upset and angry medic because they all would have to turn around to go back so they could properly get fixed.

"I think all this nature is starting to get to you Sunny."

A growl was the only response to the red twin's tease, only he seemed to be able to get away with the hated nickname, well him and the medic.

The Ops mech just shook his helm, glad for the distraction for it allowed him to escape his musings…why in the universe did he start uncovering those memory files was beyond him…he was sure that he had them buried underneath file dumps…

"We should be getting close to the next rest stop, you all can fill up and I'll scout ahead and see if we can continue on till dusk."

They all paused to stare at the green mech, he just threw a look over his shoulder and smiled, "Some of the local neutrals tend to be escapees from prison and get lost in here, they tend to get…a little paranoid and attack randomly."

A bark from the bot's companion seemed to be an agreement as the canine pushed it's helm against it's owners leg, waiting to continue on with him, the tracker just continued to smile as the group did a quick glance around…pulling closer to each other.

"You insinuate there is a prospect that there are unbalanced maniacs freely running amuck in the jungle with us," Perceptor seemed to take timid steps toward the green mech, pushing himself closer to the frame, he looked up worryingly at him, "and you plan to leave us with that chance?"

A quick laugh and the taller bot threw an arm around the scientist, "Don't worry, Percy, I'm sure your boys can take care of any problem that comes around."

The Twins snorted and puffed out their chassis, if this mech can handle anything in here, they would have no problem taking care of some lunatic.

The microscope just nodded, "What about you?"

Hound's grin remained on his face as he let his arm drop off the other, "This is my home, I'll be fine," he gave a small wink, "you can't take down a beast in it's territory and this whole place is mine."

There were a few optic rolls and one deep sigh as the tracker turned and took off deeper into the woods, Ratchet elbowed the noble, motioning with a tilt of his helm at the retreating form, "Good time to take a quick pic of that black aft, look at it go."

The spy just glared at him before turning away, "Please, there is no need for such thing," a quizzical look from the healer was sent in his direction before he cleared his throat, "besides, Ratchet, I've already taken some upclose."

And with that, he returned to being invisible.

Perceptor released another sigh as his servos cupped his face, his optics remaining where the wild bot had disappeared into, "He is sooo…", he shivered, "animalistic," he glanced over his shoulder at the engineer, "I expect he can do a number of wild phenomenons in the berth."

Wheeljack shutter his optics at him before nodding slowly, "That's…uh…really nice…yeah…", he turned and walked away, "I'm going to go pretend that you just did not say that to me…"

"Pfft, I don't get, what's so dreamy about being covered in mud, it's ugh, the dirt that must get into places."

"Well, Sunshine," they all watched as the medic plopped down next to a tree and stretched out into a relaxed posture, "think about it, he's not afraid to get dirty so he'll be up to anything suggested, he's abit untamed himself so he must act like an animal during interfacing and who doesn't like a strong frame pressed up against theirs and being ravaged to the point of incoherency?"

"Like it abit rough, do ya Ratch?"

A quick sly smile to the twin, "You have no idea exactly how much I like it."

"I'm aware of how I like it," they all turned back to Perceptor, "and I'm sure it's exactly how he would give it."

Sideswipe let out a gagging sound at the statement while the others laughed at the mech's distress.


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