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The Undead Rise and the World Falls

Chapter One: Beginning of the Rise

Why does everything have to be so complicated? I had always wanted my senior year to be full of fun and excitement. I guess the major thing that ruined that dream was me and Moze breaking up. You see, things were getting pretty serious between us and I really wanted to make sure Moze was the one for me. I thought Suzie was the one too but we all know how that turned out. But how do I know if Moze is? I didn't want to risk it and then have our relationship do a total 180 degrees and throw our friendship right into the trash. So I told her that maybe we should date other people to see if there was nobody else that could make our heart flutter. Oh gosh, the look on her face when I said that will haunt me forever! She yelled and asked how could I 'do such a thing'. She said that I 'never really loved her' and stormed away with tears in her eyes. How stupid I was not to go after her!

A couple days later, Moze's absence took a toll on me. I realized that without her, I could not live. I never even dated someone after Moze like I said I was going to. It's because any girl I saw just didn't compare to her. I desperately tried to apologize to Moze pleading with her to take me back. I told her what an idiot I was and how much I loved her. I guess I thought that dating other people would keep me from losing Moze, but I ended up losing her in the process. What was I thinking? Even though I lost count of how many times I apologized, she didn't forgive me. She became bitter towards me and refused even to look at me.

Moze soon dated Seth Powers a little after. Boy did that tear me up inside! I think she only did that for spite because they broke up a few weeks later. I just can't be without her any longer. Things were going so great for us. Why did I mess it all up? Cookie and Lisa are not helping much either. They have been dating for some time now. Whenever they talk all lovey-dovey when I'm around just makes me want to go jump off a building! It brings back so many painful memories. Me, Moze, Cookie, and Lisa were like the power couples. We did everything together. Now when I accidently glance at Moze, she either turns away or gives me an angry look. It hurts every day.

So now I'm here lying on my bed thinking if things can get any worse. Oh, and I'm sick with a fever too. I don't see that as a bad thing because it keeps me from going to the school field trip today. Guess where they are going? I'll give you a hint. It's where Moze and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. You got it! Huffington Gardens. I talked to Cookie last night and told him I was sick. He told me to feel better. I asked if he knew if Moze was going. He said yes. All I could think is how could she do that? I bet she is just going to prove that our breakup had no effect on her and she is doing fine without me. I don't know if it's true but I hope it's not. Urgh! I'm getting so emotional. It must be all the medicine.

Knock Knock

Ned turned his head to see his mom come in with more medicine.

"Ned I'm heading off to work now but first you need to take these pills." She said. His mother was wearing her scrubs. She worked as a nurse in the hospital along with his dad who was a doctor.

"More?" he complained.

"Yes more." She put the pills in his hand. "You're still sick and you need to take the medicine every eight hours."

"It's been eight hours? It feels like I just took some an hour ago."

"Well time flies when you're having fun." She laughed.

"Yeah, so much fun." He said sarcastically. Ned swallowed to two pills as his mom watched to make sure he didn't throw them away when she left.

"Alright I'm leaving then. I'll call you later to see how you're doing."

"Ok mom."

She kissed his forehead goodbye and left the room closing the door behind her. Ned grabbed the TV remote and turned on his television. He skimmed through the channels and ended up stopping on the news. They were just talking about the weather when Ned started drifting to sleep. He then heard them something about a disaster but his eyes closed before he could hear the rest of the broadcast.

It did not matter anyways because the TV screen went static seconds later…

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