A/N: the time on this story is definitely pre-series and woefully out of canon, but I needed Mike's presence to make the story work.

"Damnit Gibbs! We all have to do this at least once. You don't have a choice this time and I'm not letting you weasel your way out of doing it. And no, you're not going to assign anyone else to do it either."

Blue eyes flashing with indignation, Leroy Jethro Gibbs glares at his mentor Mike Franks. "You never said anything about this when you recruited me."

"Well, hell, Probie, I didn't have to do much to convince you."

Gibbs goes silent at the reminder of why he had joined NCIS just a few years before. He sighs in resignation.

"So, what do I have to do?"

"Morrow will be handing out assignments to all of us. We each, yeah I mean I'm doing this too, get to go out to the local colleges and recruit kids for FLETC. I know it's irritating as hell, but it beats sitting on our butts all day doing cold cases." Franks puffs on his ever present cigar as he stares at his protégé. Gibbs goes over to his desk and pulls out a pad and pencil.

"What are you doing Probie?"

"If I'm gonna give a damn speech, I gotta figure out what in hell's name I'm gonna say, now don't I, Mike?"

Morrow comes in and hands them each a list of colleges as well as ideas for their recruitment speeches. He then sits on Mike's desk, pulling the cigar out of the other man's hands. Gibbs hides a smirk as Mike looks up indignantly. The smirk disappears when Tom Morrow starts speaking.

"Listen to me both of you; we all know that the world is changing. We need those kids out there to help shape our futures here. Gibbs you aren't going to like where I send you but you've helped recruit Marines so now go out there and recruit us some new agents. Mike I've told you before, if you're gonna smoke these damn things do it outside."

Gibbs looks at the list Morrow has given him. MIT? Johns Hopkins? He stands up and heads towards the elevator. Both older men watch him as he punches the down button and Morrow asks,

"Where you going Agent Gibbs?"

"To get some coffee."