Two months. That's how much time has passed since Leroy Jethro Gibbs first laid eyes on Timothy McGee. Two months of gentle explorations on both men's parts. Gibbs sighs as he prepares for bed. It's the first night he hasn't had Tim beside him, but the younger man had gone out with Jim Nelson, celebrating that young man's graduation from Johns Hopkins. The older student had invited Gibbs to come to his graduation also, but a case had come up and he'd been unable to attend.

Gibbs sighs as he lies down in bed, missing the feel of Tim's young body next to his own. Even though they haven't done more than caress each other, the lack of the warmth of that body next to his promises to keep him awake most of the night.

Tim smiles as he waves goodbye to his friends. Much as some of the others had protested his leaving the party early, Jim had understood when Tim had told him that he couldn't stay past a certain time. Jim himself had driven Tim over to Gibbs' house, on his way to his girlfriend Janet's house. Tim couldn't help feeling that Jim and Janet would become a couple soon, maybe even get married in the near future.

Letting himself into the darkened house, Tim softly walks up the staircase leading to Gibbs' bedroom and lets himself into the room. Gibbs is half asleep when he feels the bed dip on Tim's side of the bed.

"Tim?" Gibbs sleepy voice reaches out to the young man who leans over and kisses him as he finishes getting undressed.

"Hey, I tried not to wake you."

"Couldn't sleep; you weren't here." Gibbs confesses as he pulls Tim back down to him. Slow luxurious kisses lead to nips and licks and twinkling blue eyes look up into sparkling green ones.

"Wanna go all the way tonight?" Tim asks as he finds that one spot on Gibbs neck that drives the older man wild. Gibbs only reply is to twine his arms around Tim's neck and pull him down even closer. Panting softly a few hours later, Tim snuggles next to Gibbs side and sleepily mutters, "I'll take that as a yes."

The End