Coming Out

(A/N): I had to make a chapter of Harry and Draco coming out. The temptation was just too much. I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy!

It was a bright, shining day at Hogwarts. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were flying. Draco and Harry were sitting out by the Great Lake, watching the Giant Squid, Macaroni, (A/N): (My sister came up with the name Macaroni for the Giant Squid. ) swim in the lake. Harry smiled, as he reminisced about the day Draco and him got together, six months ago. Draco moved a little, and poked Harry lightly in the side.

"Hey, Harry, look at that bird." Draco said, pointing toward a bird flying in the sky. "Just look at it. It's so free, and careless." And that was when said bird flew into the Whomping Willow and was whacked.

"It's careless, alright." Harry muttered, looking at Draco's bewildered expression. Harry chuckled. "Come on. We should get back to the castle. I'm hungry." Draco followed Harry, still bewildered that the bird flew into the Whomping Willow. They stood outside the Great Hall doors. Draco put his arms around Harry's waist, and Harry put his arms around Draco's neck. Draco leaned down, and kissed Harry on the lips. Harry tried to deepen the kiss, but Draco pulled away, and said,

"I thought you were hungry." Harry blushed, and nodded a little.

"Yeah, I am. But my hunger can wait." Harry said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Draco laughed, and kissed Harry chastely on the lips again, and walked into the Great Hall. Harry waited a good five minutes before walking in after Draco. Hermione raised a questioning eyebrow, and Ron was too busy inhaling his food to notice Harry sit down across the table from him. He started to put food on his plate.

About ten minutes later, Ginny came in wearing what seemed to be two sugar packets and a cracker. Wait, she was wearing less than that. She was in a short, black mini-skirt, with a low cut, strapless red shirt. 'Merlin, she bends over the wrong way and everything falls out.' Draco thought disgustingly. 'Poor Harry. This should be fun.' Ginny pushed Seamus out of her way so she could sit next to Harry.

"Hi, Harry." She said, touching Harry's bicep, trying to be seductive.

"Hello, Ginny." Harry replied, a little annoyed. He tried to shrug her hand off, but it stayed like it was glued.

"So, Harry. This weekend is a Hogsmeade weekend."

"So it is."

"Are you excited?"

"Yeah. I can't wait to be with the one I love." Harry said, eyes shining as he thought of Draco. Ginny blushed, and smiled.

"Oh, Harry! I can't wait to be with you, either."

"Huh?" Harry asked, looking at her as if she were crazy.

"I said, I can't wait to be with you, either." Ginny said, batting her eyelashes, leaning into Harry more. Harry tried to scoot away discreetly. He was beginning to feel awkward. Ginny giggled, and, if even humanly possible without being morphed into one, she moved closer to Harry. After five minutes of this continuous flirting and touching, Harry exploded. He stood up, and looked at Ginny.

"Ginny! Quit touching me! I'm tired of it!"

"Harry, how else will people know we're dating?" By now, the Great Hall had gone silent, and everybody's attention was focused on the scene.


"Harry, of course we are. Now sit down. You're making a scene."

"Ginny! I'm NOT attracted to you! I don't like girls! Girls are nasty! I'M GAY! G-A-Y GAY! And I don't mean happy, either! Although I'm happily gay…"

"Harry, you're not gay." Ginny said, as if it were obvious.


"No you're not. Because I'm not a guy, and we're together." Ginny told him, not understanding. Meanwhile, at the Slytherin table, Draco was holding in his laughter.

"Ginny, I'm gay! And seeing someone! A sexy, someone at that! I love him. With everything I have. I'll prove it, too!" And with that, Harry strutted over to the Slytherin table, pulled Draco up by his collar, and smashed their lips together in a heated kiss. He licked Draco's bottom lip, and Draco happily opened his mouth, his tongue coming out to play with Harry's. They continued the kiss until they heard a high-pitched shriek, coming out of one very shocked and angry Ginny Weasley. The two young men pulled back from their kiss to look at her. Draco smirked, arms around Harry's waist.

Ginny sat in her seat at the Great Hall, infuriated. Draco looked back at Harry, who shrugged. They kissed again.

Ron was completely and utterly shaken up. James, at the Great Table, (A/N): James and Lily are alive. Nobody died. I don't like it when everybody dies. It's sad. had his mouth gaping open, and eyes super wide. 'Why didn't he TELL me he was gay? I'm his father!' James thought. Beside him, Lily closed his mouth, and laughed softly. Then she looked down the table at Sirius, and held her hand out, palm up.

"Pay up, Sirius." She said triumphantly. Sirius grumbled, and reached in his pocket, searching around for two galleons. When he finally found them, he reluctantly put them into Lily's awaiting hand. Lily closed her hand, and deposited the galleons into her pocket. James' mouth had found its way to the floor once again.

"You bet on our SON?" James asked incredulously. Lily turned toward her husband. She nodded, and pushed his mouth back in place. James shook his head, and continued eating his breakfast. The rest of the day went by peacefully. Except for one raging Ginervra Weasley who tried her hardest to turn Harry straight by flirting with him, even though he was always with Draco. Finally Draco stood up and glared at her.

"Ms. Weasley, kindly stop flirting with Harry. If you can't tell, he's taken; happily. By none other than me. And I would appreciate it if you would quit trying to be seductive. We all know it's not working for you. Why don't you run along and mess around with another guy? Or perhaps even a girl. Knowing how fast you go through guys, you'll probably have dated every straight man and boy in this school by next month and you'll have to move on to girls." Draco stated calmly, but his eyes saying different. He was far from calm. He was infuriated. Sirius raised his hand.

"She hasn't dated me." He stated, not waiting to be called upon. Remus looked at Sirius.

"Sirius, you're not straight."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Moony. I forgot." Sirius replied sheepishly. Remus' amber eyes gleamed evilly.

"Do you need a reminder?" He asked.

"A reminder would be bloody brilliant." Sirius replied, winking at Remus. James put his hand up and slammed his eyes shut.

"Moony! Pads! I don't need to know! It was scary enough walking in on you two in seventh year!" He said, turning a lovely shade of green. Lily giggled at him.

"Well, there was a sign on the door, saying 'Do Not Disturb'. You should have taken Moony up on those reading lessons." Sirius replied.

Everyone looked up at the staff table at the three very crazy teachers. Draco shook his head at their comments then turned to look at Ginny again, the anger coming back in his eyes. Before he could comment though, a seventh year Slytherin girl named Danika, commented on Draco's statement about Ginny dating all the straight men and boys.

"She hasn't dated Professor Snape. Not that she hasn't tried." The young girl was a friend of Draco's and Harry's. She had black hair, amethyst colored eyes, and tan skin.

Draco frowned a little and looked up at his godfather. "I thought you were gay?"

Snape snorted and rolled his eyes. "No, I am very much heterosexual, and currently seeing someone."

Ginny turned a little red. "I would NEVER try and date SNAPE. I have always been faithful to Harry."

Danika looked at Ginny in disbelief. "That is such a lie! You have tried to date Professor Snape, and you have definitely NOT been faithful to Harry. There is photographical proof."

Ginny glared at Danika, and Harry stepped between them when Ginny raised her wand.

"How would you know anything about Snape anyway? Or have you been seeing him? And how did you get pictures?" Ginny hissed at her, her eyes narrowing, making her face look like a weasel (kind of like what Draco called her all the time.)

Danika just smirked at her. "You didn't deny that there are pictures then? And about how I know about Severus? That will be my little secret."

Draco looked at Danika, then Professor Snape, who looked smug. "So… A student Uncle Sev? I must say I am shocked." Severus rolled his eyes, and looked at Danika.

"I thought we were going to wait." He said simply. Danika shrugged her shoulders, and smiled up at him. Harry smiled at Draco, then dragged him out of the Great Hall, finishing what they had started before they went to go eat breakfast. Draco was smirking, and followed Harry. Harry turned toward Draco, and asked if it would be his room or Harry's. Draco smirked again, and dragged Harry toward his rooms, the question answered silently. They reached Draco's rooms, and immediately started back up where they left off.

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