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"Al!" Ed exclaimed, was his brother really here standing in front of him. How is this possible!

"Brother! Oh I've missed you!" Al said running to Ed.

"Al, I-I don't understand, what are you doing here?"

Al tackled Ed in an embrace. They fell to the ground, partially due the unbalance a new prosthetic caused, as tears stained Ed's shirt. This, of course, caught the attention of people nearby. Two people, a male and a female, ran up to the two brothers with worry show clearly on their faces. Ed propped himself up on his elbows as Al continued to cry and hug his brother.

"Hey, Al. Get off," Ed said trying to push Al off, all the while sending glares to the two strangers and the growing crowd.

Al complied with Ed's wishes and let go. "I-I'm sorry brother but I missed you so much," Al said rubbing one of his eyes. He then noticed the crowd, "oh, uh, Christian, th-this is my brother. The one I told you about."

The female stranger, now known as Christian, leaned down and rubbed Al's back. Ed's glare hardened at Christians actions, he reminded him of someone, but whom? It was someone he didn't like, but he just couldn't seem to remember no matter how hard he tried. She had wavy black hair, a small figure, and she was pretty hot if Ed said so himself. Still he couldn't place who she was, with a hat, scarf and pretty thick coat it was understandable.

Ed let out a loud cough gaining the attention of Christian and the others, "who are you?" Ed said rather rudely.

"Me," Christian said, she had stopped rubbing Al's back, "oh, I'm Christian, Al's caretaker."

Caretaker? That was a weird term, and the way she said it made it even worse. She sounded like she was preparing Al to die or preparing a dead Al for the grave. Why was Ed thinking like this? He was scaring himself. Christian could've used the word guardian or parent, but she chose caretaker and that just made Ed even more worried for his brother. Still he didn't show it and even acknowledged Christian with a curt nod.

"Yeah well I'm his brother, and I'm taking him back," Ed said standing back up. He brushed the grass and dirt off of him.

"I don't think you're qualified to do that young man. How old are you anyway, 13?" Christian asked standing back up, from her kneeling position, as well. As she stood up she helped Al stand back up.

"No! First, off I am qualified. I've been doing for years now. Second, off I am 15! Not 13! And I'm about to be 16 anyway!" Ed yelled back at the lady. He grabbed Al's and stormed off. He headed back towards Becky, Dave and his apartment with Al in tow. As he did so Christian glared at him, but the glared soon turned into a grin when they were out of sight. Little did they know a man, who looked like any other man, was stalking them back to the apartment, inconspicuously.

When they reached the apartment Ed violently knocked on the door. He was answered by a simple 'who is it?' by a female voice.

"It's Ed, who else would it be?" Ed asked as the door was opened by Becky.

"There's people," Becky said answering Ed's rhetorical question, "who's that?" Becky motioned to the boy beside Ed.

"I'm Alphonse," Al said holding out his hand for Becky to shake, "I'm Ed's younger brother."

Becky shook Al's hand and smiled at him. He seemed so cute and innocent. Becky just wanted to hug him and never let go. Instead she opted for the handshake.

"You guys hungry?" Dave asked from the kitchen. He brought out a fresh plate of watermelon slices and offered them to the boys.

Ed and Al both gave an affirmative nod before devouring half of the plate. They smiled as the sweet juice of melon ran down their faces. Watermelon was a delicious fruit, especially the darker parts. When they finished the delicious watermelon Ed took Al to his small room so they could catch up.

They discussed things like findings about the philosophers stone, anything strange and why Al was in his human body. They stayed in there room until dinner time, Becky hat to pretty much drag them away from there room.

When they were sat at the table the conversing stopped. Well mostly, they stopped discussing the philosophers stone at least. They gave introductions and learned a little more about each other. Ed made sure Al didn't go too much into detail.

After dinner Ed and Al headed to bed since they were a little tired. At least that's what they told Becky and Dave. They made a makeshift bed on the floor for Al, and they just talked. Ed was so happy to see his brother in his own body. So he decided to just talk.

Eventually they did fall asleep at around midnight. And at about two in the morning, there was a knock at the door. Of course this didn't disturb Ed but Al slowly woke up. As Al was trying to rub the sleepiness out of his eyes and see who was there, Dave was already at the door.

Dave groggily opened the door the stranger. Immediately a handkerchief was brought to his mouth, a hand on the back of his head to keep him from pulling back. This was a surprise for Dave and before he could realize what was going on it was too late. His vision became blurry and he became weak. The handkerchief had been dipped in Chloroform. Everything then when black as all of Dave's senses became numb. Dave had been kidnapped.

The kidnapper left a note, tapped to the open door, as he threw the unconscious Dave over his shoulder and hurried away. Al came down just in time to have a quick glance at the kidnapper before it disappeared.

'Was that Christian?'