I know, I know. Another one. You don't have to tell me. But this is the prequel to Fated for Forever! I think you'll like it.

What do you mean there's already a prequel? This is prequelyer. :D

This is the Kharlan War story within that universe. Namely, the universe where Mithos was the older sibling and Martel was the younger sibling.

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Summary: It's difficult for one half elf to survive, never mind for two to try and take care of a child. As war rages on around them, Mithos and Yuan have to raise Mithos's three-year-old sister, Martel. Unfortunately, Martel's a bit of a handful.

Warnings: Er… none, I think. I'll edit this later if I come up with something.

Hope you enjoy!

"Yuan, I sure hope you know where we're going." A blonde half elf grumbled as he carefully balanced a sleeping green haired girl in his arms. She was leaning on his shoulder, fast asleep, and the boys were hoping she wouldn't wake up while they were walking.

"I do." Yuan Kafei said, confident, turning back to the road and away from his friend's line of sight before frowning. 'I hope.'

Trisfeld wasn't an easy town to find if you weren't entirely sure what you were looking for. The town was nestled between two mountains, next to a ravine that seemed endless. The town itself wasn't visible from the main road—only the edge of the ravine. Once you began to approach the ravine, the road to the town and the town gate began to come into view.

If you knew to look for the ravine, Trisfeld was easy to find, but otherwise, most avoid ravines due to the typically unstable ground near the edges of them. Yuan had been born in Trisfeld, but he and his mother had moved to Heimdall when he was six. His six-year-old memory of the area surrounding Trisfeld was a little shaky. The caravan they'd managed to get passage with had only gone as far as Luin, and Yuan hadn't been in Sylvarant in seven years. Still, he wasn't going to tell Mithos this. The blonde had enough on his hands now that he was suddenly the only guardian for his three-year-old sister.

"I think I see the ravine." Mithos pointed. Yuan followed his gaze and sure enough, there WAS the ravine, sticking out of the valley between two mountains. They had been heading the right way!

"We're almost there, then." Yuan said, "How's Martel holding up?"

"She's still sleeping." Mithos said, readjusting his sister's position, "She's gonna be hungry soon, though, and I don't have any more food for her."

"Okay. When we get there, then, you get us a room and get her into a bed, and I'll go find food." Yuan said, "I'll meet you back at the Inn."

"Sounds good." Mithos said, nodding. Yuan turned to give his friend a smile as they pressed on.


It took a half hour to make it into the city, and Mithos immediately went to the cheapest looking Inn he could find. Between the three half elves, they didn't have much Gald to go around.

He tucked his sister into a bed and sighed, walking over to the window and pushing the curtains back to look out over the city. When Yuan had suggested they head for Trisfeld, he'd immediately thought his friend had gone crazy. They were twelve and thirteen, with a three-year-old girl to take care of, and he wanted to switch continents and go to a town that might not even accept them through its gates?

He'd gone anyway, though, since he had no better ideas, and he had to admit, maybe Yuan wasn't as crazy as he'd seemed. The town was large enough to require three Inns, and it didn't seem at all like many people recognized the people they passed on the streets. They might be able to blend in enough to stay here for awhile.

Hopefully long enough to figure out what they were going to do next.

Yuan entered the room, having got directions from the Innkeeper, and put a bag of food down on the small desk. "She still sleeping?"

"Yeah." Mithos nodded, "How's the city?"

"Just as big as I remember it." Yuan shrugged, plopping onto the floor with a sigh. "I'll head out to see if I can find any of my old neighbors in the morning."

"Just be careful and try not to draw suspicion." Mithos said, "Even if no one said anything, I don't think any town in Sylvarant or Tethe'alla is going to be accepting of half elves right now."

Yuan nodded. "I'll be careful."


Early, early the next morning, Yuan woke up to someone shaking him. Turning over, he saw Martel was sitting on the floor next to where he was sleeping, looking wide awake. "Wake up!" she giggled.

"Shh, shh, Mar." Yuan said, grabbing her and lifting her up. She squealed, and he yawned, not wanting to be awake. A glance over at Mithos in the bed where he'd fallen asleep next to his sister confirmed he was still fast asleep. "What are you doing up? It's really early."

"I'm not tired." She shrugged, giggling again. Yuan sighed, knowing there was no getting her back to sleep now. He readjusted her position in his arms and walked over to the window to see what time it was.

People were mulling about in the streets, so he assumed it was at least near the beginning of the work day and shops would be opening soon. "You hungry?"

Martel nodded enthusiastically, and Yuan walked over to the bag of food he'd bought the day before. Looking through it, he pulled out some crackers for the three-year-old to munch on and opened them for her, sitting down on his makeshift bed. She sat down next to him and ate them, quiet.

He and Mithos had quickly learned that Martel could only keep quiet when she was eating. The food seemed to keep her attention so she didn't need to squeal or get someone else's attention. He didn't want to wake up Mithos—the blonde hadn't been sleeping well while they were on the road, and if he could get some sleep now, that was a good thing. Once his friend did wake up, he'd head out to see if he could find any of his old neighbors.

In the event that Martel got too restless before then, though, he'd have to head out earlier and take her with him. His blue hair walking through the streets of Trisfeld was going to be suspicious enough without her green hair tagging along, but he'd do what he had to.

Martel finished her crackers quickly and looked up at him, "Are we walking more today?"

Yuan shook his head, "No, we're staying here for awhile."

Martel grinned, "Good. I'm tired of walking."

Yuan chuckled, ruffling her hair a little, "Feel like sleeping a little more?"

"I'm not tired!" Martel protested.

"But I am." Yuan whined. Martel pouted, puffing her cheeks out. Yuan rolled his eyes, "Well, we at least need to keep quiet so we don't wake up your brother, okay?"

"Okay!" Martel chirped. Yuan gave her a look, and she slapped her hands over her mouth, mumbling, "Oops."

Yuan chuckled.


Martel did really well staying quiet—Yuan played a few games with her, but she grew bored after two hours of games and started to fuss. Seeing no other choice, he pulled her sweater on and picked her up, leaving a note for Mithos and leaving the Inn room. The other half elf deserved to get some rest, and really, blue hair was going to stick out enough, having Martel with him wouldn't make the image that much weirder.

With that settled and the toddler leaning on his shoulder, Yuan left the Inn, heading immediately through the crowds making up the commercial district of Trisfeld and towards the smaller residential area on the south side of the town. Bordering on the ravine, this part of the town was not where anyone would want to lie if they could afford otherwise, and had been perfect for Yuan and his mother when he was younger.

"Hey, Mar." Yuan nudged the girl. She looked up. "See that house there?"

"Yeah." Martel answered.

"That's where I used to live." He smiled.

"Can we go visit?" Martel asked, grinning.

"I don't know who lives there now." Yuan shook his head, "But we can visit some old neighbors of mine, if they're still around."

"Okay!" Martel chirped. Yuan smiled and headed up the stairs to the second level of the residential area, coming to a stop in front of a door to the two story house that was directly above his. Taking a deep breath, he knocked.

A dark haired woman opened the door a moment later. Eyeing the two, she quickly ushered them inside. "Is that you, Yuan Kafei?"

"That's me." Yuan nodded, "Hi, Mrs. Jeredai." He said.

"Sit, sit. What are you doing in Trisfeld? You and your mother moved away years ago."

Yuan sat down, letting Martel sit in his lap. The toddler seemed to sense that Yuan needed to talk to this woman she didn't know, and was being quiet, playing with the hair Yuan had pulled over his shoulder. She didn't start to get fussy until Yuan ignored her for a whole ten minutes, before she began to yank on his hair.

"Oww, Mar, oww." Yuan said.

Mrs. Jeredai giggled softly, "And who is this?" she asked.

"Martel." Yuan said, "Mithos's younger sister."

"My brother's sleeping." Martel informed her, because this was information she thought everyone needed to know.

"So, do you think you can help us out?" Yuan asked, hopeful.

Mrs. Jeredai sighed, "I would love to, Yuan, but I'm afraid there's only so much I can do. This town is not that approving of half elves either, you know."

Yuan sighed.

"Why don't you check out of that Inn room of yours and come stay here for a few days. That should save you some money, and I can help you with Martel. That should give you some time to come up with some idea of what to do, right? I'm afraid there's not much else I can do besides that." She frowned.

Yuan nodded, "Alright. Thank you very much, Mrs. Jeredai."

"Call me Lyei." She insisted, "Now go wake up Martel's brother. If he sleeps any longer, he'll never be able to sleep again." She joked. Yuan thanked her again, and the two of them left the house.

As they walked, Martel tugged on Yuan's hair, "Can I wake up Mithos? Pleeeeease?"

Yuan chuckled, "Sure."

"Yay!" she grinned, bouncing a little.

Trisfeld: Asgard. Just in case the ravine thing didn't give it away. Jasmine came up with "Trisford" and I liked it but it didn't feel quite right, so I played with it until I had Trisfeld. Thanks Jasmine!

Sheesh, when I thought this idea up, I was planning on writing just one fic. Now I have Destiny's Fortune, Fortune's Fate, Fated for Forever, and a sequel that I haven't named yet.


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So, lemme know if you guys liked it! Lyei Jeredai is likely to be the last nice person Yuan, Mithos, and Martel meet for awhile, so they'll need the love. And Kratos will come in soon. I promise.

This is going to lead all the way until the end of the Kharlan War, and explain a little of what happened to spark the events of Fated, but most of that explanation is going to have to wait until the end of Fated. And maaaan are there some twists in that story coming, I promise. :D

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