Hakonesia was different than the two half-elves had expected. Sure, Lyei had told them that it was a traders town, but they expected an actual town, not a bunch of carts arranged in what kind of looked like streets to emulate a town. There were a few buildings here and there, but the majority of the town was made of moveable and temporarily placed carts.

Mithos glanced at Yuan as they walked in, both of them exhausted and neither of them wanting to sleep on the ground. "I hope they have an Inn." He muttered.

"Me too." Yuan said, sighing, "Come on, we won't know until we ask."

He lead the way through the streets, trying to find a person to ask. Most of the town seemed to be sleeping already (and he didn't blame them, he wished he was.) Mithos adjusted Martel's position and glanced at Yuan again, but the half-elf was set on his task.

Finally, they ran across someone who was outside of their cart, clearing some grass from the wheels.

"Well, hello there." He said, surprised, "What are you three doing out at this time of night?"

"We're just passing through and we need a place to stay. Does Hakonesia have an Inn?" Yuan asked.

"Sure we do." The man smiled, "Head down that way, it's the first actual building you come across."

"Thanks!" Yuan grinned, relieved to have found someone that was able to help. He turned around, Mithos readjusted Martel again, trying not to wake her up.

"She's heavier than she looks." He groaned.

"Not really, you've just been carrying her for a long time." Yuan said, "You do the talking at the Inn and I'll take her."

Mithos frowned, not even sure what he'd say if he was doing the talking, but nodded, "Alright, sure." He agreed.

Mithos carefully passed Martel over, Yuan resting the young girl's head on his shoulder this time. She stirred a little, but didn't wake up, drifting back to being fully asleep a moment later.

"Alright, good." Mithos nodded, "Come on, let's go so we can do the same thing."

Yuan chuckled.


The Inn room they rented only had one bed, which Mithos was (again) sharing with Martel. Yuan was okay with sleeping on the floor, though, because one of the blankets on the bed was fluffy enough that the floor hardly felt like floor when he laid on top of it.

When Yuan woke up the next morning, Mithos was nowhere to be found, and Martel was still fast asleep. A quick peek outside confirmed that it was morning after all, and Martel was just really really tired.

They were going to need her pretty awake for the next leg of the trip, since Palmasia was quite a ways further from Hakonesia than Hakonesia had been from Trisfeld, so Yuan let her sleep. He couldn't leave her alone, though, so he was out of ideas of things to do.

Luckily for him, Mithos walked back into the room then.

"Oh, g'morning." Mithos nodded.

Yuan yawned, "Where were you?"

"Asking around town about the fastest path to Palmasia. Was getting weird looks, though, so we should probably leave as soon as Martel wakes up." Mithos said, sitting down on the edge of the bed, "Everything still packed?"

"Yeah, we should be able to go right away." Yuan nodded.

Mithos nodded back, sighing, "I hate this."

Yuan glanced back over, frowning. "Yeah." He said, simply. He and Mithos fell silent, nothing else to say to each other.


Martel woke up less than an hour later, so they quickly grabbed their stuff and headed out of the Inn. They slipped out of town quietly, and past the person watching the Hakonesia Caves for bandits. He waved, apparently friendly, and they waved back, not wanting to call attention to themselves. Once inside the dimly lit caves, they slowed down slightly, the pace they'd been walking not easy for the three-year-old with them.

"Owwie." She mumbled, plopping onto the ground.

Mithos frowned, "Sorry, Martel, but we need to keep moving."

Martel gave him a pleading look, and Yuan swung her up into his arms, "Only for a little bit, okay?"

"'kay." She nodded.

They started walking again. The path they were going down was pretty smooth, many carts having evened it out as they made their way down it over years and years, and the footing wasn't difficult to manage, so they were able to keep a better pace than they'd expected to. Having not traversed the path before, however, they had no idea how long they would be without sunlight.

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