One Piece: Ace's Untold Adventures

Devil Fruit Crystal Arc

Chapter 1:

(The seas had begun to stir following the death of the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard. The remaining members of the Whitebeard Pirates were sailing into the New World, the second part of the Grand Line, to lay their beloved captain and beloved second division commander, Portgas D. Ace to rest. Shanks, whose presence brought an end to the War, entered the room where Ace's body is being kept; and for some reason reached out and placed his hands on Ace's neck to feel for a pulse. Shocked, Shanks yanked off the tarp that covered Ace's body and saw that the gaping wound in the center of Ace's chest, which was given to him by Akainu, was gone. Shanks stumbled back, unsure of what he saw.)

Shanks: What's going on here?

(Shanks then checked again to prove what he saw was real and noticed that all the wounds on Ace's body had healed and that no cuts or scars remained. Shanks checked Ace's pulse a second time only to find that his heart was beating. Ace began to mumble incoherent sentences in what seemed to be his sleep.)

Ace: Mmmph Eva…you…psychopath, mmm...bacon.

Shanks: Heh, you really surprised me. Now tell me, Ace what're you dreaming about?

(East Blue: Three Years Ago)

(Before the events at the Marinefold, fighting with Blackbeard, the reunion with Luffy in Alabasta, chasing after Blackbeard, and joining the Whitebeard crew; Ace who was just 17; had just a few days ago set sail as a pirate from his homeland, Dawn Island, in the East Blue to enter the Grand Line. One of his stops along the way is Jewel Island, an island that happens to be famous for creating some of the most beautiful and luxurious jewelry in all of the Four Blues. As the ship docked, Ace noticed that the city was more of a border around the island, surrounding the entire outer limits of the island, and that the center was all a large dense forest with deep, expansive gem mines. During his wanderings throughout the city, Ace's stomach began to rumble and growl.)

Ace: Guess it's time to get something eat; but the problem is finding a restaurant around here, all these places look like jewelry stores.

(Continuing with his quest in search of a restaurant, Ace enters the slums of the town and spots a group of men harassing a young woman; he decides to intervene.)

Ace: Don't you guys have any shame? Harassing a woman isn't best way to get a date you know.

(The guys see how much taller they are than Ace, try to pick a fight by ganging up on him. However, they are easily and soundly defeated, they never had a chance since they couldn't even land a single punch and Ace knocked them each out with one punch. Ace looked up to see that the woman he just helped was approaching. Her hair was long and silver that ended at her waist; her eyes were a deep blue, and her clothing style looked both luxurious and extravagant. A low cut white top with dark colored pants covered by a blue yukata with red trim and decorated with a Radiata Licorice floral pattern. The hem of the yukata ended at her ankles, the sleeves at her wrists, and the only area the yukata didn't cover was her chest from her collarbone to the low cut top. In that bare spot of flesh was a tattoo with an odd design in which the lines seemed to mirror one another. Ace walked towards the woman but he collapsed onto the ground; the woman leaned down to check to see if he was okay after what happened to him, only to hear his stomach growl excessively loud.)


(Inside the establishment, Ace sits across from the woman he saved from a gang of men who were harassing her earlier; to show her appreciation, the woman treated Ace to a lunch. Nevertheless, watching Ace eat as he does made her lose her appetite.)

Ace: (Mouth full of food) So, your names Eva? (Swallows a large mouthful of food) Thanks a lot for your help; I haven't eaten anything for two days and it didn't help that I couldn't find a restaurant either. Oh right, my name is Portgas D. Ace, but you can call me Ace.

Eva: Okay Ace, so what are you doing on this island?

Ace: Oh that, I'm a pirate-

(Almost instantaneously, Ace landed face-first into his plate, and wasn't moving. Eva, a bit confused, decided to check on him, by poking him with the back of her fork.)

Eva: Hey, hey are you alive? Hello, wake up.

(As suddenly as he collapsed, Ace quickly sat back up, gasping for air, and looking around the room.)

Ace: Sorry about that, I fell asleep.

Eva: Really.

Ace: Yeah, well anyway, I'm a pirate and I came here to replenish my supplies then head out towards to the Grand Line.

Eva: Hmph. Well then (gets up from her seat) Good Luck (Walks out of the restaurant) Hope you don't die too quickly.

Ace: Wonder what she meant by that? Oh well.

(Later on that night out on the wharf, the gang of men that Ace had beaten earlier that day stood around waiting for someone to show up. Their boss who went by the name 'Tank' noticed the person they were waiting for and started to yell at them.)

Tank: What the hell, I thought we had a deal! Three thousand Beli each for the information that you wanted, now pay up!

Eva: I'm sorry, that idiot who attacked you was an unforeseen setback.

(Eva steps out from the shadows with a serious face, with an authoritative and superior manner of speaking.)

Eva: Now that we're all here, tell me what I want to know and then I'll pay you what you want.

Tank: Fine, it's in East City. I heard some jeweler found it and is trying to sell it; people had come by to try it on but no one could figure out how to open it so it's on sale for cheap.

Eva: Thank you, that's all I need to know, In addition, here is the three thousand Beli each I promised you, there should be fifteen thousand in total.

(Eva tosses a suitcase on the ground before she turns to walk away. Tank grabbed her wrist hard.)

Tank: Hold on! (He smiles with a malicious gleam in his eyes.) You said that you would pay us all what we wanted; and I wonder about something. What's a hot young woman like you going around with that kind of cash making a deal with pirates for, to find a worn out old bracelet that you can't even open? I think I might just take you as my payment. it'll be more fun. What do you say?

Eva: Humph.

(Eva turns her head and stares directly into Tank's eyes, when Tank and his men all collapse and a frothy white foam bubbles and oozes from their mouths.)

Eva: Well, my business with you is through and the money is yours, farewell my little playthings.

(When Eva left, a strange shine came off the single earring she had on. Dangling from her left ear was a metallic silver earring in the shape of a bishop chess piece.)

(The next morning Eva was wandering around East City when she happened upon a familiar face, the man from the other afternoon.)

Ace: Hey Eva, what are you doing here?

Eva: I'm just wandering around, looking through the shops to see if I can find anything interesting.

Ace: Well, almost every shop on this whole island is jewelry stores, somewhat difficult for me to get supplies.

(In the distance, a guard was walking around look ing for something or someone.)


Ace: Well gotta go, see ya!

(In moments, Ace took off running with the guard chasing after him, and Eva just stood there and watched. However, unknown to Ace, this woman was already taking a keen interest in him.)

Eva: (Smiles Wickedly) Interesting guy, if he were more useful I might make him my new plaything.

(After a while of running, Ace hid in the alleyways and waited for the guard to give up and leave. With nothing to do for a while, Ace decided to explore the slums that the alleyways led him to, but not long after walking, a bird flew past, dropping something on his head. Wondering what hit him; Ace looked around him, and found a sliver metallic bracelet with an odd glass compass in the shape of a sphere with six indents, three on each side, embedded into the metal. Without thinking, Ace picked it up and began to examine the strange piece of jewelry.)

Ace: What is this thing? I bet this is what hit me.

(Seeing this thing as something potentially useful, Ace stuffed the bracelet into his pocket and continued his walk through the slums of Jewel Island. Later, Ace wandered into a bar, compared to all those who were inside already, Ace looked like some cocky kid with a big grin on his face. Ace immediately walked up to the counter and sat in an empty seat next to a young man who looks just a few years older than Ace, he has short jet black hair and is wearing a black cloak with a sleeveless shirt and black pants and a set of black shoes. The man's eyes were closed and he seemed to have a smile constantly on his face as he offered some of his drink to the stranger.)

Ace: Thanks, that's much appreciated…Um?

?: Zero, just call me Zero.

Ace: Thank you Zero, my name is Ace.

Zero: Well, Ace, mind staying and having a few more drinks? It's much more enjoyable when you have company.

Ace: I couldn't agree more.

(As they began knocking back the sake, Ace noticed Zero's left earring, a black metallic bishop chess piece shaped earring.)

Ace: Hey, that earring, it looks like the earring a girl I met yesterday was wearing.

Zero: Oh really, would you happen to know where this woman is?

Ace: I did run into her in the eastern side of town, but there's just something about her that I don't like.

Zero: What would that be?

Ace: Well, last night I was sleeping on my boat when I woke up hearing this gang of guys yelling and causing a racket, I then heard a collective collapse, when I went to see what was going on, I saw that woman walking way calling them her 'little playthings' all with an innocent yet disturbing smile.

Zero: Ha, that woman is nothing compared to the one I'm with now. My woman just nags at me for drinking, and then she goes somewhere off without telling me a thing.

Ace: Sounds like she makes you worry.

Zero: I guess.

Ace: You know, I have a brother who's three years younger than me, and he's always doing reckless stuff that makes me worry. His biggest dream, or really the only thing he talks about, is becoming the next Pirate King.

Zero: (LOL) That's some dream alright, what about you, do you have any dreams like that?

Ace: I'm gonna make my power known in the world.

Zero: How are you going to do that?

Ace: To tell the truth, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

Zero: I'm sure you'll come up with something; if not you could always join me.

Ace: No thanks, I'm interested in starting up my own crew and set off for the Grand Line; you can join me if you're interested.

Zero: No thanks, I already have gig that's working for me. You know Ace; you're a swell guy. Hey, barkeep, we'd like another round of sake for my friend and me over here!

(In East City, Eva arrived finally found the shop that had the bracelet, she was looking for, but to her dismay, the jeweler no longer had it as someone had bought it for Five hundred Beli, Eva was furious to say the least.)

Eva: You sold that bracelet for Five Hundred Beli!

Jeweler: I'm sorry, but he heavily insisted and he was willing to pay at least three times more than my selling price; What could I do?

Eva: You idiot! That bracelet is one of a kind and is easily worth one hundred million Beli!

Jeweler: You must be joking; I examined that bracelet from top to bottom and it's only a cheap rusted bracelet with some missing costume gems.

Eva: Who bought it? Tell me now!

Jeweler: O-okay, he was the captain of the Kingdom Pirates.

(Upon finding out who took her bracelet, Eva went from angry to a seemingly happy mood and a kind smile crept across her face in a scheming kind of way. Before she left, she thanked the man for the information and walked out, heading to her hotel room in West City, pulling out a white finely made cloth bag, and digging out the contents. A sword sheath, white from top to bottom, every inch of the Katana was solid white including the blade itself. Eva removes the sword from its sheath to examine it and to make sure it was ready for what she has planned.)

Eva: Soon Kingdom Pirates, you shall learn my wrath.

(As day turned to night, Ace and Zero continued to drink until both were a little more than tipsy.)

Zero: You, ya know what Acesh, you my bestesh friend evar.

Ace: Y-you're my besh friend too, like right in there with um, um oh yeah, no wait um.

Zero: Your brothe'?

Ace: Y-yeah to him, good ol'um…whatshisname. Hey you know what we should do?

Zero: What, what should we do.

Ace: We, we should set out on the Bro-cean and find Bro-lantica, and meet with Bro-sidon who is the king of the Bro-cean and have a Bro-mantic adventure bro.


Ace: YEAH! (He and Zero share a fist-bump) I'm so hungry I could eat, um well anything as long as I thinks it (hic) um, OMG dude you have a facsh! (Burst out laughing)

Zero: My head ish sleepy.

Ace: Mine ish too, your meh buddy.

Zero: Your meh buddy too. (Bro hug)

(Both Ace and Zero fell into an alcohol-induced slumber and by dawn Ace awoke to see that Zero had left, but because he was so hammered he has no recollection of the previous night's events; all he had now was a throbbing hangover.)

Ace: Oh damn, my head. What did I do yesterday?

(Ace, trying to sit up but to no avail, he just slouched in his seat holding his head in his hands, trying to piece together the previous day's events. The Barkeep then gives Ace a glass of water, telling him to drink it and get out. Ace picks up the glass and downs it in one gulp before he stands up, bows, apologizing for any trouble he might have been, and walks out. Meanwhile at the East City docks; Eva shows up to talk to the Kingdom Pirates while sitting on the roof of one of the dock houses.)

Eva: Hello traitors.

Tank: Well, well, well. Look who showed up; you know I was wondering why your face looked familiar, and then it hit me. You are one of the most wanted criminals in the world!

Eva: You done?

Tank: If we were to take some with your reputation down, then we are guaranteed to become the strongest pirates in the world.

Eva: That is impossible.

Tank: What!

Eva: The strongest pirate already exists and he sailing the Grand Line as we speak.

Tank: HA! Once I get to the Grand Line, that pirate will be begging for mercy!

Eva: I hate how people with no potential think they can amount to anything.

Tank: You'll witness my potential once I take you head off!

Eva: Sorry, but I'm gonna waste my time with the likes of you. I'll get someone else to deal with you guys later.

Tank: Now who's the overconfident one?

Eva: Farewell for now.

(Eva quickly jumps up and behind the dock house she was sitting on and disappears from the pirate's sight. Meanwhile not wanting to mix direct sunlight with his hangover, Ace wanders the dim and shady slums of Jewel Island, hoping to find some recruits for his crew.)

Ace: Now who do I want for my crew?

(Not long into his search Ace runs into Eva again who is moving through the slums, searching for her new 'toy'.)

Ace: Hey Eva, funny running into you again.

Eva: Hm? (Acts innocent) Yes it is; some people might call it fate.

Ace: Or just one big coincidence.

(Ace notices that Eva is carrying a white katana in her left hand and gets curious.)

Ace: That's an interesting sword you have there.

Eva: You think so?

Ace: Yeah, what's it called anyway?

Eva: Seinshin no ken; literally meaning sword of the spirit.

Ace: That sounds cool.

Eva: Sorry, but I'm in a hurry to find someone.

Ace: Well I don't want to hold you up, so I'll just ask. Do you want to join my crew?

Eva: Your crew, you mean become a pirate?

Ace: Yup, I guess you would be a skilled swords woman and you seem like you'd be strong so how about it?

Eva: Hmmm…You said that you were gonna head out to the Grand Line correct?

Ace: Yeah, but before then I'm gonna stop at a place called Loguetown.

Eva: I'll agree on one condition.

Ace: What is it?

Eva: I'm looking for a special bracelet; it's a sliver metallic bracelet with a log pose compass in the shape of a sphere with six indents, three on each side, embedded into the metal. I heard that some people who call themselves the Kingdom Pirates have it and if you can get that bracelet back from them I'll join your crew; after all a pirate captain has to be strong on his own right?

Ace: True, but the strongest pirates have the strength of their crew as well.

Eva: So will you get that bracelet back for me?

Ace: Okay, but what's so special about it anyway?

Eva: The bracelet acts as my log pose to navigate through the Grand Line as well as a piece of jewelry.

Ace: Cool then we will have no problem on the Grand Line; so where are these Kingdom Pirates?

Eva: I heard they're docked at the East City docks.

Ace: Alright, I'll be back in a flash. *Why does that bracelet sound familiar*

(Ace darts off towards the East City docks to fight these pirates for his soon to be crew member with Eva just watching him with a smirk on her face, when Zero, Ace's drinking buddy shows up behind her.)

Zero: Oh that's just cruel of you; promising some guy you'll be his crew member if he can beat those pirates.

Eva: Well he is an interesting guy, but if he can't beat those would be pirates then he has no potential.

Zero: And what if he does?

Eva: I'll fulfill my promise, but on a more important matter; what are you doing here Zero or should I say Black Bishop?

Zero: Just passing by on my way to Dawn Island for my new orders.

Eva: Good luck.

Zero: You should say that to the guy you just sent to a bunch of pirates; Former White Bishop.

(Zero then stepped into the shadows and disappeared from sight. At the East City docks, all 100 members of the Kingdom Pirates were gathered on the docks looking for Eva when Ace wandered up with his usual cocky grin, hands in his pockets, and hat hiding his eyes. None of the pirates notice him so he calls out for their leader.)

Ace: Are you the Kingdom Pirates?

Crewmate: Who wants to know?

Ace: Just the guy whose gonna beat you guys.

Crewmate: (Gets offensive) Why you!

Tank: What is it!

Crewmate: Captain there's an idiot who thinks he can beat us on his own!

Tank: Oh really, where is this idiot?

(Tank walks past his crew to come face to face with Ace, who only comes up to Tank's stomach, and tries to threaten him.)

Ace: Whoa, you a big guy aren't you.

Tank: Cut the crap, now tell me are you the guy that bitch Eva sent to take us out?

Ace: I am; she says you have a piece of jewelry that she wants and I'm here to get it back.

Tank: Why would you want to do that for a person you don't even know?

Ace: Cause if I beat you guys, she is gonna become my fist crew member.

Tank: (bursts into laughter) You? A pirate! What makes you think YOU can be a pirate with the way you think?

Ace: Dunno, but I'm going to show the whole world my strength and that's enough drive for me.

Tank: You must be JOKING!

(Tank pulls out a large metal hammer and swings it down as hard as he can trying to crush Ace completely; but something stopped Tank's swing with a stronger force. When the dust caused by the sudden impact cleared, Tank saw that Ace had held up his arm horizontal to his head and stopped the hammer in mid swing. The only thing Tank could see was Ace's usual cocky grin.)

Ace: Is that all?

(Tank stepped back in fear, he was shocked to see that his strongest attack had no effect on someone who was half his size, and out of this fear Tank could only muster a few words.)

Tank: W-who are you?

Ace: The name's Portgas D. Ace; and I'm a pirate.

Tank: D? I've never heard of anyone with that initial.

Ace: Now that introductions are done, why don't you give me the bracelet that Eva wants from you guys?

Tank: O-okay, I bought it from the jeweler to get back at the witch for what she did to us. But as I was walking through the slums in South City a large bird flew into us and took the bracelet and started heading for East City. That's all I know, I swear!

Ace: Wait…

(Ace stopped what he was doing and started to think about what had happened the previous day, but the hangover he had in the morning was making it hard. Tank saw that Ace was distracted and ordered all of his men to attack all at once; snapping out of his scattered thought track Ace easily reacted to the situation and started his own attack. Throughout the entire fight both Ace and the Kingdom Pirates notice that Eva is sitting on the roof of one of the dock houses, watching the entire fight. When the whole fight was done Ace stood as the victor having defeated the entire 100 members of the Kingdom pirates in as little as fifteen minutes. Eva walked out of the shadows, clapping, with a smile on her face.)

Eva: Bravo, what a surprise that you could beat all of them in just fifteen minutes.

Ace: That's how long it took?

Eva: Yup, I watched my little pocket watch carefully from the moment those pirates charged at you to the instant when the last one fell. You have some impressive strength.

Ace: Thank you. Oh and those guys don't have the bracelet.

Eva: (irritated) What?

Ace: Yeah I asked their leader, the big guy. And he said that a bird took it when they were in South City then the bird flew towards East City- oh crap that's right.

Eva: Hm?

Ace: I'll tell you about it over breakfast, how about it?

Eva: Fine, but if you have something to say to me; then say it now.

Ace: It can wait.

(Ace and Eva start making their way to one of the restaurants and Eva was suspicious of Ace's reasons and way he acted, but she decided to put this in the back of her head and play along with his 'game' and went with him. Meanwhile in North City Zero was wondering around looking for a deserted area so he can make a call. He did find such a place in an ally way then proceeded to pull out his small purple transponder snail and made his call to his boss.)

Zero: Yo it's me I'm here to let you know the orders I was given by 'him', and you'll never guess who I ran into here on Jewel Island. Come on Lord Dragon, guess.

Dragon: I'm in no mood for your games so just tell me what you have to tell me.

Zero: Geez you're no fun, but alright. You see I was ordered by King to find the rumored Gol D. Roger's child, you know the one that the marines went on a witch hunt for around 18 years ago.

Dragon: I'm aware, so continue.

Zero: Well I'm supposed to find Roger's alleged child and recruit him. So I've been ordered to look at a place called Dawn Island, rumor is that a pair of really strong boys are supposed to be on that island so I'm gonna check it out.

Dragon: I see; continue on but if you do find Gol D. Roger's child then pretend you never met him. Because I doubt he'd want to join any way.

Zero: True, oh and about the person I ran into, well I ran into two people of interest. The first one was a guy with black hair and freckles; his name was Portgas D. Ace.

Dragon: Portgas D.?

Zero: Yeah, do you know anyone by that name?

Dragon: No I've never heard of a Portgas D. And the second one you ran into?

Zero: It was that little witch Eva; I'm sure you remember her after what she did to the marines.

Dragon: How could I forget, it was the day she turned into the second most wanted person in the world.

Zero: It just proves how stupid the marines are.

Dragon: Is that all you had to say?

Zero: Yup.

Dragon: Then carry out the orders I gave you.

Zero: Yes Sir! (Salute)

(Zero hangs up his transponder snail and puts it back in his bag and tries to find Ace again, who is now in the restaurant eating all that he can with Eva; once again losing her appetite.)

Ace: (mouth filled with food) Are you sure you don't want any?

Eva: I'm sure, but what is it you wanted to say to me back at the docks!

Ace: *I wonder if telling her here is such a good idea, maybe she'll cause a huge scene and yell a lot. Or maybe she'll be completely calm, yeah…right.*

Eva: Are you even listening?

Ace: Hm, you say something?

Eva: I said, did you find the bracelet I've been looking for or not?

Ace: Oh yeah, about that.

Eva: What is it?

Ace: Well I've been thinking that I will not give you the bracelet until you can prove that you are strong.

(Eva just stares at Ace wondering what is going through that thick head of his, but then comes up with an idea.)

Eva: *So he's admitting that he has it, but he won't give it to me; I doubt he knows its value or its purpose. He might be more cunning than I gave him credit for* Alright you have a deal, and even if you don't have it I'll still get the satisfaction of beating you to a bloody pulp.

Ace: Alright, I think.

(One day and one epic battle later Eva and Ace arrive at the South City docks; Eva was untouched while Ace had a black eye and some bandages over his chest. Ace walked over to his boat and invited Eva on.)

Eva: You have got to be kidding me; that's your boat?

Ace: Yeah.

Eva: Forget it we'll just use my ship.

Ace: You have a ship?

Eva: Well it's not as big as most ships, but it's a lot better than your little dingy.

Ace: Well you don't have to be rude about it.

Eva: You have no idea how much stress I'm under!

Ace: I'm sure I don't, but it should go away in about a week; only down side that it'll come back every month.

Eva: What was that?

Ace: Nothing *Thankfully she didn't hear that* So where is your ship?

Eva: It's just over here.

(Eva leads Ace to her ship *which so happens to be the ship Ace had in the flashback of episode 461* and Ace was excited to see such a ship.)

Ace: Wow this ship looks amazing! Where'd you get it?

Eva: I won it off some pirates a while back in a poker game. Seriously men will bet anything if they think they can beat a woman.

Ace: That means I'm the captain of this ship, and you are the second member of the Spade Pirates.

Eva: Fine sure whatever just don't touch my stuff or go into my room got that.

Ace: Why are you in such a bad mood today?

(Ace starts wandering around the ship.)

Eva: You got your wrist stuck inside the bracelet and I can't get it off.

Ace: I said I was sorry!

Eva: Sorry doesn't cut it!

Ace: How about we set sail before it gets too late in the day.

Eva: Alright, but I'm still not letting this go.

(Off in the distance on the clock tower in South City, Zero sits with some binoculars, when a Den-Den Mushi went off so he answered it.)

Zero: Hello King.

King: Are you at Dawn Island yet?

Zero: Nope, case I think I found who I'm looking for, but I also found someone you're looking for as well.

King: Who are they?

Zero: After two long years I finally found Eva, but the one that you want me to find; his name is Portgas D. Ace.

To Be Continued.