One Piece: Ace's Untold Adventures

Devil Fruit Crystal Arc

Chapter 4

Milan Island, the island is so large that it's almost the size of a small country. There are several villages scattered throughout the land, the capital is a city that puts nearby kingdom palaces to shame. Milan City is considered the third richest city in this half of the Grand Line, with white towers with rich beauty and architect design and people fill the roads every day and night hoping to get a chance to see them. The pair of thieves that strike during the day and night, a beautiful golden hair woman who steals during the day and a mysterious man with purple hair who strikes under the cover of night; people, pirates, and bounty hunters alike have journeyed from nearby islands to try and get a look or capture the pair but not one has ever succeeded.

Three days have passed since the Volcano Island incident and word of Portgas D. Ace and reached the Marine HQ along with the three people he has with him. In the Marineford, Fleet Admiral Sengoku is sitting in his office having a brief discussing the new events with the Commander-in-chief Kong over a den-den mushi.

"CHESS is starting to move, and their target has to be the two members that left two years ago."

"And not only that I have been given information that not only us, but Dragon has placed a spy within the CHESS ranks."

Sengoku literally jumps out of his seat in shock of Kong's accusations


"We must plan our next move carefully; we can't allow the public to know that CHESS has started to move again. It will only cause panic."

Kong and Sengoku both hang up their Den-Den Mushi; Sengoku sits back down rubbing his forehead while muttering to himself.

"We're in for another two year battle aren't we?"

Lost in thought Sengoku didn't notice the first few knocks on his door.


A soldier hurries in, salutes and tells the Fleet Admiral what he was there for. Opening up a manila envelope he pulls out a few pieces of paper.

"Sir! I have the information you asked for."

Still a bit tense Sengoku lets him continue with his report.

"We have eye witness reports of the former White Bishop member of CHESS, has been spotted leaving Volcano Island on a pirate ship. And that's not all; she seems to have three new companions and has recently become a pirate!

Sengoku's face went pale as he listened to this information, why a person like Eva would ever become a pirate, but then again why wouldn't she.

"Her, a pirate? She's up to something again, and the other three?"

The solider flips to the second, third and fourth pieces of paper, two of them are wanted posters.

"The first one we saw was Kito, just and average swordsman from Volcano Island, the other two are more dangerous. The second one is the sniper Hansel of the infamous Fairy Tale Siblings; no telling when he joined them. The final one is Portgas D. Ace; he appears to be the captain."

Sengoku's face got even paler when he heard that forbidden letter among pirates.

"D? Where is he from!"

"No one knows. Even though he's a rookie, he defeated the third most powerful pawn in CHESS."

Sengoku sat back in his seat and let out a big sigh.

"Eva has certainly picked out a pair of deadly people. Has any news of this become public?"

The solider answered the Fleet Admiral's question in confidence.

"Yes Portgas D. Ace's recent events have already hit the papers, but did manage to keep Eva and CHESS out, all anyone knows that it was just a reneged villain that challenged Portgas D. Ace."

Sengoku smiled when he heard the news, and his body started to relax bit by bit.

"Good. Last thing we need is everyone getting into a panic over CHESS's revival."

The solider saluted, but became tense and nervous when he asked the Fleet Admiral about Eva.

"Um, sir. May I ask why Eva has such a large bounty on her, even though she was a member of CHESS? Not even the King of CHESS has such a large bounty."

Sengoku didn't seem to mind the question; all the marines should know why is it that Eva is so hated by all forms of law enforcement.

"Well I guess it's alright for you to know more. Six years ago that woman organized a small catastrophic battle with the CHESS members that went into hiding and the World Government. She became a secret informant for the Marines to find the others, and she told us their current hideout, but at the same time she told CHESS that we were coming for them and the fight broke out. Eva and another high ranking member took that chance to injure their leader that goes by King and their second in command, the Queen. As they both left, the marines recognized the two of them as the enemy but those two slaughtered all the marines and many of the CHESS members. All accept the three admirals, who were in charge of this assault, but she did injure them as well. And since then Eva and the other one has been considered too dangerous to be left alive.

The solider was almost shaking in his boots while listening to the story, that all he could squeeze out of his mouth was just a few words that fit Eva very well.

"What a heartless woman."

After wasting all that time Sengoku ordered the solider back to his post, and sat back down think about the marine's next move against the CHESS. Meanwhile Garp was reading the current paper in his office, the same paper that had Ace's current exploits on the third page. While reading the article Garp's fists griped the paper tighter and tighter as it wrinkled the paper. So enraged Garp yelled at the top of his lungs.

"That bastard! He went and became a pirate!"

This sudden burst of anger scared all the marines that were close enough to hear him; some were even foolish enough to get close to the door to see if they could hear what he was saying. But the door opened and the marines just stood still frozen with fear and when Garp leaves, those who were near heard his muttering with a smile, and what he said made them shutter as their faces grew pale white.

"When I get my hands on that brat (mutter)…He's gonna regret (mutter)…heheh."

On Milan Island, pirate ships begin docking in the low part of town known as crime ally, most there to capture the pair of thieves and claim all of their stolen loot. Docking on the island is also the newly formed Spade Pirates making their stop along the Grand Line for supplies. Their navigator Eva, swordsman Kito; the Sniper, Hansel and their captain Portgas D. Ace. The ship was relatively small compared to others, but once they docked some pirates recognized Ace from his wanted poster. Eva, having no business on the island, stayed on the ship to avoid trouble; Hansel was like a enigma, no one knew what he was thinking or where he was going, but as soon as the spade pirate docked he walked off. Kito decided to go with Ace to gather supplies, but before that they both decide to find a place to eat. While at a restaurant in the most scenic place in the town Ace and Kito discuss their thoughts.

"You know for an evil dictator hell bent on revenge against a powerful organization filled with people just as twisted, Eva isn't so bad once you get to know her."

Ace in the midst of eating couldn't resist laughing, because Kito's remark fit Eva's attitude so well. And Ace couldn't help but add insult to injury.

"Eva is like a piece of glass, multipurpose and durable. But fiddle around with it too much and you'll get stabbed in the eye."

Laughing at how clever the duo think they are, Ace and Kito have no idea that their enemies are on the same island. One in the shadows, two hiding in the city and the other is on the Spade Pirate ship.

Eva is sitting in her room reading through her notes, when she noticed a shadow was standing right behind her. So she answered their challenge.

"What do you want Zero?"

The shadowy figure just stood still, came closer and said with some of the most cheerful voice anyone could hear.

"How did you know it was me?"

Eva doesn't even bother to give Zero the satisfaction of looking his way while she reads her notes while answering his questions

"Do you really need to ask that? What do you want?"

All Zero does is scratch his head with his grin.

"Just following orders from Dragon, he wants to know if you are interested in joining the revolutionary army once you end this little farce with CHESS."

Eva just sighs.

"Tell him no, to keep his nose out of my business, and to also teach his little messenger lap dog a few new levels of stealth. It's a wonder how you even got into CHESS in the first place."

Zero suddenly goes quite and put his chin just above Eva's left shoulder and whispered in her ear with a smile then left. But not before Eva asks him a question

"What dose Ace mean to you?"

Zero lost his constant smile and answered her question without the slightest emotion.

"Because, he's my drinking buddy."

"That's not a good enough answer."

Eva turns around to confront him but finds that Zero had already left, she went outside to look around but there was not a soul other than hers on the ship.

In the city, in a condemned building in the abandoned outskirts of Milan, the two infamous thieves, nicknamed, Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood sit in their underground room filled with gold coins piled up in a treasure chest like box, jewelry stuffed in large bags and expensive artwork and other stolen expensive objects. Red Riding Hood is sitting on her fancy couch eating a chocolate cake, her hair is long wavy golden blonde, she wears black pants with a white revealing top with a red hooded cloak draped over her shoulders, and her physic is what most men lust after, long legs, small waist, a large bust and a beautiful face.

"Are you Red Riding Hood?"

Red Riding Hood turned around in a panic to see where and who asked that question and saw none other than Black Rook looming over her covered in his black cloak.

"Who are you!"

Red Riding Hood, jumps to her feet and pulls out her whip ready to attack, but all Black Rook did was make himself at home. He sat down on the couch and commented on her little hideout.

"Nice little hole you have, I bet every marine, pirate and bounty hunter on Milan would love to know where this place is, but this can be our little secret if you can do a job for me."

Unsure of whether she can trust him or not was an afterthought since Red Riding Hood knew blackmail when she heard it.

"What do you want me to do?"

In Milan City, Ace and Kito leave a local tattoo parlor.

"I can't believe you got that tattoo."

Kito was dumbfounded when he saw the tattoo Ace got on his left bicep. The tattoo was spelt ASCE with the S crossed out with an X.

"Seriously, did you make a mistake in spelling your own name? Cause if you did, it will only give Eva an excuse to belittle you."

Ace adjusts his hat and looks up into the midday blue sky and his grin gets bigger.

"It's so I can always remember a person I can never forget."

In a bar called the Rou'ge, a purple haired mad sits at a table drinking a glass of scotch on the rocks, Hansel sits at the counter, his large hands holding a wine glass that looked small in comparison. Hansel's large size and his heavy red coat have been getting a lot of attention from the patrons of the bar. One of them was already giving Hansel trouble.

"Hey big guy, I heard that the bigger the man, the smaller the brain. So. Can. You. Under. Stand. Me?"

Hansel understood them just fine he rather not talk and give men like them a reason to cause anymore unnecessary trouble.

"I guess it's true, big lump can't even give a response."

The man's two friends came over to join him in tormenting Hansel. One was a medium built man, and the other was a scrawny guy.

"Hey boy, how bout you give us your money and we won't have to get physical on you."

The scrawny man said with his western accent, he pulled out his switch blade knife and leaned in closer to Hansel's face. With a few seconds with no answer the scrawny man started to lose his temper and started yelling more, but Hansel ignored these men and just continued to enjoy his drink.

"Oh that's it, now you're gonna get it!"

The three men all held up knives and surrounded Hansel, who just sat there, while everyone in the bar tried their best not to get involved. The man with the medium build went at Hansel first by trying to stab his left arm which was lying on the counter. Before either of them had time to act, three bottles few across the room and hit all the men in the back of their heads. None of them were unconscious but all three were so mad that their pale faces turned bright red. The scrawny man turned his whole body around and started to yell at the top of his lungs.

"Who did that! WHO DID THAT!"

Everyone in the bar began looking around, but no one looked like they knew; but while everyone was looking around, the scrawny man walked up to the center table in the bar and slammed his hands down in front of the man sitting there. What this man saw was that everyone but the one sitting at that particular table was looking around. The man sitting had short purple hair tied back and golden eyes, wearing a white button up long sleeve shirt, a black sleeveless low cut vest and matching pants and shoes. He looked more like a butler than anything, but what was a man like him doing in a slum like this.

"Do you know who I am? I am the greatest bounty hunter on this land; I am Mad Dog, so you better apologize!"

The butler just sat there with a soft smile on his face and looked up at Mad Dog with a glare.

"So that's how you want to play it huh? Bull Dog, get me my pistol!"

"Yes Sir!"

The man with the medium build, Bull Dog, opened a box that contained a pistol and then Bull Dog loaded it and handed it to Mad Dog.

"Now look here you dumbass, look at what your actions have brought you."

The butler was looking up at the pistol Mad Dog was holding; still all he did was smile. For what Mad Dog saw and what the butler saw where two different things. What Mad Dog saw a was cocky punk of a servant about to get his head blown in; what the butler saw was Hansel standing over Mad Dog, his left hand holding his riffle by the barrel and his right hand griping the riffle where the barrel meets the handle; Hansel's upper body rotated to his right and holding his riffle like a club, he swung down at Mad Dog.

At Red Riding Hood's hideout, Black Rook got off the fancy pink couch he sat on and walked up to Red Riding Hood. She could tell just by looking at him that she was no match for Black Rook and shouldn't even start a fight, how did Red Riding Hood know this? She looked into his eyes, and in his eyes she saw her own death.

"I am called Black Rook; some pirates stole a very valuable bracelet from me that I was going to give to my boss. No one knows this city more than the infamous the Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood thieves, so I'm asking you to find these pirates and give me back the bracelet and I will gladly keep this place a secret and even give you a nice reward."

Red Riding Hood could feel the dark aura that surrounded Black Rook; she did not want to trust him, especially when Robin Hood wasn't around. Because at least then she would feel that they both had a chance to take him down, his aura was too thick, too dark to want to challenge it alone.

"Where are they and what do they look like?"

A smile crept across Black Rook's clearly satisfied face as he began to describe Portgas D. Ace and Kito and where they are.

"So that's everything we need for the ship?"

Kito was reading the list of supplies Eva gave to both Ace and Kito, a list which they had just finished.

"Yeah I think that covers it."

Standing on the building behind them was Red Riding Hood, she was wearing the same thing she always has except when she is out in the open she wears a red mask around her purple eyes. Red Riding Hood glares down at both of them, which Ace picks up on, but is too late; she jumps down and lands elegantly on the ground with her red heels making a clank noise on impact. Immediately after landing, Red Riding Hood gets close to Ace and tries to use a spin kick; Ace luckily manages to dodge her first strike after being caught off guard, by ducking at the last second. Ace attempts to land an uppercut but Red Riding Hood sees it coming and with one leg on the ground, does a back flip out of harm's way and continues to do three more before stopping; Kito quickly draws his sword when he sees Red Riding Hood smile. Kito runs towards Red Riding Hood and starts swinging his sword at her, but Kito doesn't really want to hurt her, so he's holding back his strength, but no matter how many times he swings at her, Red Riding Hood just keeps effortlessly dodging his attacks. When Kito finally get Red Riding Hood into a corner, she jumps up to a second floor balcony and uses that to help her go from place to place till she got to the roof and then running away.

"Ace, she's getting away!"

Ace followed Kito throughout his match and watches all of Red Riding Hood's movements, but it wasn't till Ace looked at his arms that he realized what her goal was.

"That's not all she got away with, she somehow took the bracelet!"

"How is that possible? Eva said it couldn't be removed without her help."

Both Ace and Kito are stunned at how the bracelet was removed without Eva's involvement, but they also started to wonder if what Eva said about the bracelet was even true. Was anything she said true, or was it just a cleaver ruse to get Eva some pawns. All of that was going through their heads, but they pushed that to back while their main focus was getting that bracelet back, so they followed Red Riding Hood on the ground as she jumped from roof to roof like a ninja. Making sure to run as fast as they can so they can keep up with her superior agility; the clock in the town center chimed three a clock as Ace and Kito entered the abandoned ruins of Milan in north-west of the large main city. Rock slides and large ocean waves was the downfall of this district, buildings covered by rocks which sank them underground by the waves. Red Riding Hood reached her hideout but was cautious about letting someone see her enter, but unfortunately for her Ace and Kito watched as she entered the abandoned hotel L`Amour. Ace devised a plan, which he thinks is completely full proof.

"Alright, let's get in, get the bracelet and get out."

"What about the woman?"

Kito, still a bit doubtful of his captain, decides to make his own strategy that is the same as Ace's but in much more detail. With both of them agreeing to the NEW plan, Ace and Kito enter the hotel. The entered the double doors and soon realized a problem. The hotel was larger that both had expected.


Kito said in a negative tone. So to avoid being ambushed Ace and Kito visit each room in the hotel; after finishing the first floor they both head to the stair case. Unknown to them they forgot to look in one specific place. UP. When the duo walked under the chandelier, Red Riding Hood, who was hiding up there, jumped down and managed to hit Ace in the shoulder with her heel. Kito attacked Red Riding Hood once more but she dodged his attack by using his own shoulders and used him as a support beam and did another back flip. Ace and Kito had to be cautious with her, but they had no idea just how dangerous she can really be; Red Riding Hood made sure that their eyes were staring directly into hers as she raised her hands and put them together to form a circle and said in a commanding voice.

"Dream of Eternal Anguish!"

Both Kito and Ace's eyes grew heavier and heavier until they both collapsed and few asleep. Red Riding Hood smirked and walked over to the two sleeping men and spoke in a soft voice.

"Goodnight my doves, you two must have some horrible memories so that's why I placed your minds into an eternal anguish of your most hellish memories. You'll keep fighting your past until you to run out of strength and when you die in this dream; you die in reality."

Red Riding Hood let out a sigh of relief but became startled when she heard slow clapping; she turned her head to the left and saw Black Rook coming down the stairs.

"Bravo, good show, now hand me the bracelet and you can leave."

"Leave? I shall do no such thing, you leave!"

Red Riding Hood wasn't going to allow someone like Black Rook stay longer than he needs to be.

"Leave or I kill you along with those two!"

Not wanting to leave everything that Robin Hood and she had work for, Red Riding Hood was trying to stay, but was trembling while doing so.

"Fine, if that's the way you want it, then I'll kill those two then you!"

Black Rook jumped from the stair case to in front of the sleeping Ace and Kito, he gripped his hand and raised his leg to stomp down and crush their heads then proceeded to do so. Shocked, that's the only expression Black Rook had, shocked. Before Black Rook could land a blow on Ace's skull, a sword blocked Black Rook's fatal kick. The reason Black Rook is shocked is not because his attack was stopped, but of who stopped him; Black Bishop had stopped Black Rook from killing Ace and his crewmate. Black Bishop had held out his sword above his head and crouched down to be under Black Rook's attack, used his physical strength to block; all with a smile.

"Black Bishop, you traitor!"

The sun still shined in the day giving a calm color to blue sky; Hansel and the mysterious butler leave the bar, as they leave the bar slowly falls about until it collapses. The butler seems to have become good friends with Hansel as he hands the butler his matching black jacket; the butler shakes it to get the dust off, puts it on and buttons it up.

"Well that was fun, don't you think?"

As usual Hansel did not respond to any questions that doesn't find important enough.

"Not a big talker huh? That's fine; I should at least tell you my name. My name is James."

James reached his hand out to shake hand with Hansel, instead Hansel just walked right past James without so much as a glance. Suddenly in the distance there was an explosion which got both men's attention.


James knew instantly where that explosion came from and ran straight for it, with Hansel close behind.

"Why are you following me!"

Once more Hansel did no answer as both men ran towards the downed building.

There was no explosion caused by any gas or fire, but of two men of the same organization fighting one another. Black Rook has begun a fierce attack on Black Bishop, or Zero, for blocking the attack that would have killed Ace and Kito and knocked Zero out of the building, destroying the front wall in the processes.

"Black Bishop why did you interfere!"

Zero stood up straight and with his black eyes, stared at Black Rook with a grin on his face.

"Is that your answer! Answer me, or I will kill you!"

Red Riding Hood didn't know what to make of the situation so she quickly ran to where all the treasure she had stored and was going to make a run for it, but she had to do it quickly and quietly as to not let Black Rook see her; all she had to do is wait for the right moment, and when Black Rook gave all his attention to Zero, she took it.

"You know we have to deliver the son of the pirate king to our King, so why are you going to kill him?"

Zero said with a calm laid back attitude that almost resembled Ace's and he rose up both arms and shrugged his shoulders.

"You're a fool! This man killed the second strongest pawn, if I let him live he will grow stronger and stronger till he is a lethal threat to our organization!"

Zero's face showed that he truly didn't care at all about what Black Rook was saying; all he did in response was shrug his shoulders once more.

"Humph, but you still can't kill him. Have you received any order from the King to kill him? No? What about Eva, still nothing? Then why don't you do what you're ordered to do. Observe!"

"And what is it that you're supposed to be doing, Zero?"

Zero turned around to see none other than Eva sitting casually on a pile of rubble staring at both CHESS members. Black Rook's face filled with anger every moment he saw Eva's face.

"I knew you would be here Black Rook, but Zero, why are you here?"

Eva stood up and began walking towards both men while asking her questions, but Black Rook had other thoughts. A big grin came across his face.

"Eva, how good it is to see you again. I hope you haven't forgotten me, because I am the one who is going to kill you."

Eva looks at Black Rook with a serious expression but doesn't even bother to acknowledge his threat by talking to him; she just stands there holding her sword with her left hand and her right hand on her hip. Black Rook begins to chuckle which turns into a higher pitched laugh; he then takes a breath, makes eye contact with Eva, then attacks. His high speed attacks were always deadly because for an instant Black Rook moves so fast that no one can even see him and when they finally do, he is right in front of them and takes the hit with the sole intent on killing; that is what would have happened to Eva. Just as all his previous attacks Black Rook disappears and moments later he re-appears in front of Eva ready with an axe-kick. But this time two others have shown up; from behind Hansel comes down with his riffle like a club, and with him is giant white anthropoid wolf, carrying a large heavy sword and both are just as big as Hansel. Both come down on Black Rook swinging their weapons at his body; Black Rook sees this and manages to move at the last second. Not wanting to deal with this many outside interference, he leaves by jumping off the nearby cliff and onto his giant personally trained bird that can make it impossible for people to follow.

"Damnit, we almost had him."

The white werewolf says, but when he talks his voice is that of James.


Red Riding Hood comes out from inside the destroyed building carrying a large bag over her shoulder, the white werewolf instantly transforms back into the butler type man that has been with Hansel at the bar. James runs over to Red Riding Hood to make sure she is unharmed.

"Jessie, what's going on?"

"James we have to leave now, too many people know where our hideout is."

Jessie seems to be in a panic from being around Black Rook for too long, but Eva won't let either go.

"Hold it! You two are not going anywhere until I get those two nimrods back."

Jessie looks back in the destroyed hotel lobby, which lets Eva know where they are.

"So they're over there, thank you."

Ignoring everything else, Eva walks past Jessie and James to where Ace and Kito where still sleeping and drags them out by their shirts, drops them to the ground and proceeds to try and wake them up. Slapping, punching, kicking, splashing cold water on their faces, holding their heads under water; nothing works.

"Hey what's wrong with them? I know Ace can sleep through dooms day, but Kito can't."

While Eva was trying to wake her two crew mates, Hansel stood behind Jessie and James to make sure neither of them left.

"It's useless to try and wake them up, they won't wake up."

Eva stops trying and glares up at Jessie with an aura of rage surrounding her body which was even more fearsome than Black Rook's and that made Jessie more afraid of Eva.

"I used my devil fruit power on them. I have eaten the Dream-Dream Fruit, I can put people to sleep and cause them to have certain dreams that can cause mental and physical harm. Whatever happens to their bodies in their dreams under my influence is what will happen to their physical bodies. If they die in their dreams while under my influence, they will die in reality."

Eva walks up to Jessie and looks her dead in the eyes, her glare still strong and her voice completely serious.

"What did you do to them?"

Jessie's breathing began to rapidly increase as she closed her eyes and put her head down.

"Dream of Eternal Anguish. When I used that particular one, when they fell asleep they relive their worst memories over and over until they give up and die."

"Then undo it."

Surprised by Zero, who everyone forgot was there, Eva then turned her glare to Zero.

"What are you still doing here?"

Zero began walking away when he answered Eva's question.

"Just helping out a friend, that's all"

Zero then waved and disappeared with the wind.

"Did you hear?"

"Yeah, apparently both his parents were killed."

"Poor boy he must be devastated."

"It a wonder how he got out of there alive; all of the doors and windows were nailed shut."

"You know what; the doctor said that the wounds were made by an armature swordsman."

"Maybe he did it; he killed his parents and then set the house on fire because neither would let him continue swordsmanship."

"How could he, he always seemed like a sweet boy"

"You know what they say; the happiest people are always the most miserable, but to go that far."


"You're the one who killed them so you should have died as well!"

"How could you do such a thing, they were your parents!"

"Your nothing but a murderer, I never want to see your face around here again."

"What's this? All alone in a place like this, come I know a job you will be most good at."

"Hey Kito, how about you join my crew?"

"What if Gold Roger had a son? Of course I know what'd happen to him! He'd get his head cut off for sure!"

"I wanna hear from him as he dies 'I'm just a piece of trash! I'm sorry I was born!'"

"What if Gold Roger had a child? I hope there isn't such a child."

"He must be some kind of devil who'd be better off dead!"

"Even though I had parents I was still all alone, I'm sorry."

"Ace, Luffy I'll be going off first. Luffy is still a weakling and a crybaby, but he's our little brother. Take care of him."

"Bye Ace! Take Care!"

"Fine, until I complete what I set out to do I'll join your crew; Captain Ace."

"Wake up, hey you two, WAKE UP!"

Eva begins yelling at the two unconscious pirates on the Spade Pirate ship's deck the next morning, Hansel leaning on the ship's railing; Jessie and James standing six feet behind Eva. Ace and Kito slowly begin to regain conscious as they come out of their nightmares and the first thing they see is Eva's angry face; but neither seem to have any reaction as they both sit up and start rubbing their heads.

"You're so loud; it's too early to be yelling."

"Just five more minutes please."

Kito and Ace lay back down to try and sleep some more; Hansel walks into the kitchen and fills a bucket full of water and ice, comes back out and pours it on both of the sleeping crew members. Both get up quickly and let out a shriek that made both sound like they were two women that had seen a mouse.

"What was that for!"

Ace was partially not amused by the sudden wake up call, but it had to be done.

"What? You wouldn't get up, so we made you get up; it's as simple as that. Since you're up mind telling me something Ace?


"How could you let someone take the bracelet!"

Eva spent the next few minutes chewing Ace out about the importance of the bracelet and how he was an idiot for letting someone take it. Kito looked around a bit and finally noticed the two people standing behind Eva.

"Gah, it's her! The one who took the bracelet!"


Ace looked where Kito was pointing and quickly got into his fighting position with his fist ready to attack; but Eva hit them on their head so hard that they fell back down. Ace was sick of how Eva treated him so he is the one that stood back up to face her.

"Would you stop that, why are you defending them!"

With a sigh, Eva pulled out the bracelet in perfect condition and handed it to Ace.

"The woman who stole this is a professional thief who is very well known on this island, she is called Red Riding Hood. Her specialty is cracking safes and detaching the hinges on this wasn't difficult for her."

"Then why are they here?"

Kito asked as he stood up rubbing the place Eva hit him.

"Black Rook; he had Red here steal the bracelet, but knowing his sleazy tactics, he was planning on killing her once he got the bracelet, kill her partner and take all the items they have been stealing as money for CHESS."

"So these two are targets just like us now; hmm hey you two wanna join my crew?"

Jessie and James looked shocked, why did this guy want them to join his crew after Jessie almost got them killed.

"Hold on Ace, just like that after she used some kind of hypnotism to knock us out?"

"It wasn't hypnotism; it was my devil fruit power. I ate the Dream-Dream Fruit; it puts you to sleep and you experience whatever I say. With you two I placed your minds in a Dream of Eternal Anguish; it makes you dream about your worst memories until I let you out or you die."

"Jessie filled me in on everything, after you two were knocked out that Black Rook guy tried to kill you two. But you were saved by a guy he called Black Bishop."

James told Ace and Kito this to try and calm them down.

"Zero did that? See Eva I told you we were friends."

"Please, Zero says he has some kind of connection with you; but I have no idea what that is. For all you know, it's just another one of his plots to help out his boss."

"We have to get moving now."

Hansel said interrupting Ace when he was about to speak, Hansel had heard a group of voices heading towards them, like a mod or bounty hunters.

"Well said let's go now!"

"So you two wanna tag along and join my crew?"

Ace, Hansel, Kito and Eva start moving around to get the ship ready to sail with Jessie and James stunned about Ace's behavior; but they had their answer.

"Like we have a choice?"

Both Jessie and James start helping out, James helping Kito and Hansel release the sails, Jessie helping Eva store their supplies and Ace grabs the wheel and turns it to line up with the bracelet's needle to point them to the next crystal as they leave Milan Island.

Meanwhile on Milan Island Black Rook walks around the destroyed hotel where he fought Zero and makes a call on his Den-Den Mushi.

"Hello Black Rook, I assume everything is okay on your part?"

"Of course, everything is going according to your plan; down to the part when Black Bishop would try and save Ace."

"My script is always accurate, and now they are heading to the Island of Screams just as I said they would."

"King Sir; I have to ask. What are we going to do with Black Bishop; he is clearly working against us."

"Patience; with Eva returning to the Grand Line, the son of Gold Roger traveling with her, another deserter member still in hiding, and two spies inside my very organization. I need to plan out my next moves so that when the time is right, I can have a match with Ace, get the spies to reveal themselves so that I can kill them, Eva and the other one in one move. I have my suspicions that Zero is one of the spies, but I can't act on it without his commander knowing and preventing it. So for now do what you have been doing, and leave Zero alone.

"Yes Sir."

Black Rook hangs up and leaves the island the same way he did last time and follows the Spade Pirates to their next destination.

On a similar bird that Black Rook has, flies Zero, who also is following the Spade Pirates in another angle and farther away so that Black Rook won't spot him. Grinning as always he begins to flick a green gem into the air and catching it in his palm over and over while he makes a call on a Den-Den Mushi to a woman.

"Hey there!"

"Zero? I was wondering when you would call, are you okay, did anyone hurt you, are you eating properly?"

"Easy, easy calm down and take a breath. I'm 100% fine. I'm just calling to thank you for sending over the Earth Crystal. I'm sure Eva will like it too."

"What is it about Eva that you like so much, you're gonna make me jealous!"

"I don't like her in particular, it's just that she is the quickest way to destroying CHESS, and then you will be free just like I promised you five years ago."

"Okay, I just hope King doesn't find out before Eva does so."

"Don't worry nothing will happen to you I can promise you that much. See you when I get back."

"Bye Zero. Good luck."

To Be Continued…