A/N: I'm back with the fourth installment in the Perspective series! For those of you who haven't read the last few, the Perspective series is a series of collections of drabbles (100 word pieces—please don't tell me to make them longer) that center around gods – Hades, Dionysus, Hera, & Apollo. Some advance notice: I'm probably going to horribly abuse the word awesome. So far, it's cropped up in the first few, so I might end up using it in every drabble as a weak inside joke. I also apologize for the rather obvious title drop here. But hey, Rick Riordan does it. Why can't I?

~This first one is in loving memory of the best English teacher anyone could ask for, who died tragically a year ago today. My thanks to thee, Ms. Kearney, for teaching me that a daily dose of insanity is healthy.~

And now, since this note is now longer than the drabble itself, I give you...

Nothing New Under the Sun


In all those years of riding across the sky, Apollo had noticed four things.

First, birds were really annoying.

Second, driving the chariot gave him a great view of all the little mortals down on earth. Plus, it was great for impressing girls.

Third, nothing changed much. Mortals invented things and spoke different languages, but the world stayed the same. The sun still rode across the sky (though they now thought Apollo was a giant ball of gas, which he found very insulting) and mortals still wondered at it. There was nothing new under the sun.


He was awesome.