I walked out of the school, hoping that someone, anyone, would be waiting for me to play but as with every summer I was left alone. That is, until I saw him-not really anyone I knew, just a complete stranger. He was alone, so I thought that he might want to play and say "See ya tomorrow~!" when we were about to go home.
So I ran up the stairs and stood by him. Taking a deep breath, I let the breeze make my hair flow, not realizing that he was watching me.
"What are you doing?"

"Huh!" I was startled by his sudden speech. "O-oh... I'm letting the wind take me, like I've always wanted it to..." I felt my eyes misting, then wiped them quickly. Ever since Misuzu-Chan had left this town, it had been quiet. I knew she had also wanted to fly, so that's what made us so alike. Of course, I had moved in with my grandparents after my parents-mom and dad-were killed in a car accident, and she had at least a mother.

"Do you mind doing it elsewhere! Some of us are trying to sleep!" He snapped.
"I'm Chinatsu Kimura. And you are...?" I knelt down expectantly to the man, who I realized was younger than he initially looked.
"I'm Kaito... Kaito Shimizu."
"Ocean Flying... Pure Water...?" I took his name in, studied it, and said its meaning.
"One Thousand Summers, Tree Village. Heh..." He smirked. "Well, Chinatsu. You remind me of someone my father told me about. I came back to this village to see if she was still around. He said her name was... Misuzu..."
A sudden sadness hit me. "Would you... Uhm..." I looked down. "You seem thirsty. I'll go get us something to drink!" I stood, pretending not to notice the plaque that was set in honor of Misuzu.
"O-okay..." He read the plaque, looked at the picture of the girl, pulled out his wallet, and took out a matching picture. Then, in a barely-audible whisper he said, "You have come back... Just as my father said you would..."
I ran quickly to the same juice machine that Misuzu had used so long ago, put in the needed coins, and got two gel drinks. "Here~!" I handed Kaito-San his drink.
"Huh? Oh. Thanks." He attemted to take a sip. "WHAT IS THIS STUFF! It's more like Clay than like a drink!" He turned it upside down, attempting to get something out of it.
"No! You squeeze it! Like this, silly!" I took it from him and demonstrated.
"Hmph..." He pouted fakely.
Taking a few sips of both of them, I gave his back. "It's fine. Now drink it." I shoved the straw into his mouth.
"Mo! Thoo dwank ouh aht!" He tried to push it away.
"DON'T TALK WITH DRINKS IN YOUR MOUTH!" I smacked him upside the head.
"OW!" He spit the straw out. "I said, 'No! You drank out of it!' Now stop torchering me, kid. I don't even know you." He stood to leave.
"Kaito-San! While I was getting the drinks, you whispered something... Care to share~?" I chased after him.
"I just said that you were a strange kid. Now, if you don't mind, I've got a train to catch." He walked a little faster.
I laughed, knowing that the trains had shut down long ago. Still, he interested me.
"What! What're you laughing at, kid!"
"You! The trains in this town!" I laughed more, then tripped.
"Uh..." He ran over. "Chinatsu-!"
I got up quickly. "Piko..." I wiped my eyes. "I'm fine."
"Then go home." He stood and continued walking.
"Hey! You said you'd play with-!"
"I didn't say anything. Now go home. I'll only cause you trouble."
"But... Piko..." I began to quiver. "... I like you... That's why, Kaito-San!" I teared up, "That's why I'm being such an idiot!"
He sighed and turned around. "You've heard of the myths about Misuzu's death, correct? And you know of the dreams she had shortly before her death?"
I nodded.
"Well, I believe that the same thing will happen if we become friends. So, please do not befriend me."
"But... Piiiiiiiikooooooooo!" I began to ball. "I wanted us to be friends! I've never... I've never had a friend! I just wanted you to think I was normal!"
He seemed surprised, then walked over. "Fine. I'll play; but ONLY for today."
"YAY~!" I hugged him.
"Wha-! Chinatsu..."
"Yeah...?" I didn't realize I had not let go of him.
"Get off me..."
"O-oh... Right..." I stood up correctly and wiped my face. "OOOHH! Look, Kaito-San, Fishies! Let's try to catch them, PLEASE!"
He rolled his eyes. "Fine."