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Author's Note: Based on a son called Land Of Make Believe by Buzz Fizz, which I heard on youtube. I thought that it would fit Tony. Sorry, I don't have the lyrics because you can't put lyrics on here. I don't own this song, or they lyrics either, so please don't sue.

The Land Of Make Believe

She watches him as little Anthony pulls back the sheets of his bed because the maid had made it this morning. The little boy smiled at his nanny and she smiled back. He was such a good little boy, so curious and cautious. His Father was out doing something to get money leaving her young charge in her care. It pained her that his father didn't care, or love the bright little boy. Since his father was out at night she could read a book to him. How he loved books and would often pretend that he was slaying dragons, or being an astronaut. She had seen his father once slap the little boy and she had said something, but he said if I wanted to keep my job I would keep my mouth shut. I knew that I had to keep Tony safe by being there for him and try to keep my charge away from his father. I sat down in the chair, which I had already put near the bed and sat down holding the book that I would read to him. I check on him as the book nears the end and see that he's already asleep with a smile on his face.

The little boy woke up in the middle of the night. It was nice when his Nanny would read to him. He loved the stories that she had read to him. Suddenly he hard a noise outside his window and was a little scared. He thought he had heard voices outside as well telling him to come out to play, but he really didn't want to go. He thought that maybe it might be vampires and he didn't want to become a vampire. He was scared enough in his house and he didn't want to be scared outside in the night.

He was asleep again and this time he was running towards the sun and smiling and shooting his toy gun. He had on cowboy boots and a cowboy hat on. He pretended to be an outlaw as he played in the warm sunny day. The bright sun shining on his face and making him happy. He pretended he was on a horse and it was running and he was shooting at the trees. Sometimes he wished that superman would come to get him and take him far away.

Once again his dream shifted and it was dark. He got up in his dream and made his way towards the back door and as he looked outside he saw a figure. He stepped back as the thing was looking at him. He was scared and he knew that if he went outside that the thing that was outside would kill him. He didn't want to die, so he ran back to his room and buried himself under the covers. Keeping still for a couple of minutes his head popped out again and he looked around. It was safe for now. He laid his head back down.

His dream once again shifted and he was in a plane flying away. The blue skies were so pretty with the fluffy clouds surrounding the plane. He thought that one of the clouds looked like a turtle and the other was a bunny. He liked animals, but he wasn't allowed one. He remembered he had one and his father said it had disappeared then he said he couldn't have more animals.

Suddenly the dream shifted once again and there was a little girl who was sitting on a chair pouring tea into little cups. He sat on the chair and watched her as she poured a cup for him and offered it to him. He grabbed the cup from her hands and sipped the drink. It was good. He smiled at her and they began talking.

The nanny stood there watching young Anthony dream and wondered what kind of dreams he was having. She hoped that he was having good dreams of a happy life. The little boy deserved it after he had lost his Mother and his Father didn't seem to care for him. She turned and went to her own room to go to sleep.

The End