Okay, he's got it – Ben's the crazy one; Alec's the cocky one; Dean's the one with the smart mouth. Or is it the other way around?

Let's sort this out. Due to various sightings, there are at least three of them running around. If there's a fourth Henrickson will gladly curse the descendents of whatever backwards doctor who invented a fertility treatment that led to scads of identical psychopaths running around. Unfortunately, until he tracks down their birth parents, there's no way to tell if another is just lurking in the woodwork. For now, all Henrickson can do is focus on the three in front of him while his team digs deeper into their pasts.

Two of them are traipsing through the country, one limiting himself to the northwest, mainly Seattle. All three have extensive knowledge of military tactics and culture, but only one of them was ever officially enlisted. One of the others had an ex-Marine as an adoptive dad, and the last got his military bearing from god-knows-where. Two believe in monsters, but one thinks the monsters are people themselves while the other one has delusions he's protecting people, and the third doesn't believe in monsters but does believe in government conspiracies. Two of them have confirmed barcode tattoos. Henrickson bets if he gets a look at the neck of the third, he will too. They've each used enough fake names to take up pages of lists. Luckily, they all seem partial to one first name, so for lack of anything less confusing to call them, Henrickson will use those names as well: Dean, Ben, and Alec.

Ben's the one who's pulling people's teeth out as sacrifices, so he's the crazy one. Except Dean's the one who believes in monsters and thinks he's hunting them, so he's crazy too. And then Alec is a cat burglar, so he has to be at least a little crazy as well, because normal people don't jump from three story windows like he does and then spend their free time walloping men twice his size in no holds barred cage matches.

Alec's definitely got a swagger, more so than the other two, traipsing around with mysterious government organizations that keep on cockblocking Henrickson's investigations, except Ben is running leaving his DNA all over the place, so he's cocky enough to believe he'll never get caught, and Dean regularly carries half a dozen fake IDs of various government organizations to talk himself into restricted areas for God knows what purpose and isn't shy about flashing them around.

Henrickson has actually talked to Dean, so he knows first-hand how much a smart mouth that freak has. The few glimpses of now-confidential surveillance footage lets Henrickson guess Alec must be as annoying as his brother, if the tense irritated behavior of his allies as his mouth moves onscreen are anything to go on, as well as the glowering humorless agents that have been hand-picked to capture him. Ben's delusions are a kill on humor, but Henrickson has talked to people and it seems that when he's not spouting wild religious theories on human sacrifice, he has an attitude that would do his brothers proud.

So really, all three of them are crazy cocky sons of bitches with smart mouths. Goddamned triplets.