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Still Not Use To It

By waterrain

It is difficult to fall asleep, but I have to sleep or else I won't have any energy for when morning arrives. I do not want to worry my mom about me and I have to be strong.

There are black birds high up in the heaven dancing and they are flying down earth.

Like always I was laying on the ground, mountains surrounding me, the sun is very bright, and countless black birds flying down to attack.

Using their claws and beaks to rip me into pieces. I could see the birds ripping my body into shreds with their sharp claws and beaks.

It is very vivid with the red blood, my guts being ripped out by those birds, and everything felt so very real as if I had experienced it.

I could hear the me laying on the ground screaming in pain as those birds attacked without any mercy and without any remorse.

My nightmare is always in color never in black and white. I wish it was in black and white then it wouldn't be as scary, but always in color. Always so vivid and full of details.

I'm still not use to this nightmare despite having the same one every night. My body is covered in sweat, heart pounding, and breathless. I wake up with my hands tightly clenching my blanket. Why must I have the same nightmare every night?

When I was child every time I had that nightmare about the birds attacking me. I use to wake up with tears running down my cheeks, body trembling in fright, curled up in a tiny ball, heart racing in a panic, and it took me some time to fall back asleep.

I'm still not use to my nightmare about those black birds attacking me, but at least I no longer wake up with tears falling down and being curled up in a tiny ball. I wonder if I will ever grow use to my nightmare? I doubt it. I'm frightened of birds. The bird could be tiny, but I would still feel frightened. The bird could be large and I would still feel frightened. I'm frightened of all types of birds. Who could blame me? After all in my nightmare birds are ripping me apart by using their claws and beaks.

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