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12 year old Sakura was in a deep sleep till she heard slow quiet footsteps walking somewhere outside her door.

When they stopped she became aware that she couldn't hear Konan breathing across the room, so she knew her older sister wasn't in the bed next to hers sleeping.

So that must mean that it was probably her coming back to their room after getting a drink of water. So Sakura turned on to her side intending to fall back asleep.

She heard her door quietly open but didn't say anything when the footsteps crept closer to the pinkettes bed. She felt warm fingers caress her cheek then a man's voice spoke.

"I'm so sorry baby sister. We have to leave but please…wait for us."

He whispered, not knowing the small girl was now fully awake.

'No…please no. Not now.'

He bent down and brushed his lips over her forehead and cupped her cheek. Sakura could feel his hot breathe fanning her face and couldn't hold it in anymore.

She let loose a tear before opening her eyes.

Neon green stared into shocked dark orbs.


Sakura started, putting her hand over his on her cheek and sitting up.

"Don't leave me."

He looked so sad as he cupped her face with both hands.

"Baby…we don't want to. It's the last thing we want. But…we have to. You know that."

"But Shisui-" His lips were over hers, kissing her gently.

As soon as the little pinkette got her head together she pushed him away.

"What if you get hurt? What if the others get hurt? Please just…take me with you."

She whispered desperately.

"You can't baby. We all will be back as soon as we can I promise."

He whispered using one of the affectionate nicknames Sakura's siblings call her. She knew better though. They will get hurt.

"No…no I won't let any of you leave me."

Sakura said pulling away from her brother and running out of the room.


End of Flashback 2 years later:


Sakura jumped awake by the shrill bell ending the last class of her day. Sakura hooked her arms through the straps of her batman backpack and made her way out of the classroom.

After stopping at her locker to grab her skateboard Sakura put on her big blue headphones and picked a song by the Dave Matthews Band on her silver nano as she made her way out of the school.

She passed through the glass front doors and walked down the steps to the dirty cracked pavement.

Sakura waited at the base of the steps singing along to the music blasting in her ears as kids walked passed her.

She spotted a familiar blonde in the crowd making his way to her on his skateboard, watching as people dive out of the way to not get hit.

Sakura grinned and pulled her headphones around her neck as he approached her.


He yelled skating to the stop in front of the shorter girl.

"Do you gotta scream my name right in front of me Naruto?"

Naruto just grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"Eh well I missed your Sakura!"

"You just saw me two periods ago." She said with a raised eyebrow.

"That's a long time to Naruto, Sakura."

A smirking Temari said, walking up to her with the rest of their group. Naruto stuck his tongue out at her childishly.

"So how was class with Mr. Orochimaru Saks?"

Kankuro asked with his arm around Hinatas shoulders who had her roller blades in her hands.

"Yeah he seemed to be in a freakishly cheery mood today."

Tenten said with her skateboard strapped to her messenger bag, holding hands with lee who had his scooter in his hands

"Beh he was noticeably crueler today. He kept making all the girls hold his stupid ass snake."

Sakura said as there group started walking.

"I would've loved to see their faces."

Temari said laughing holding her boyfriend Shino's hand.

"Yeah I bet they just about shit their pants with that snake around there necks."

Tenten said laughing with Temari.

"Orochimaru seriously has some problems."

Shino muttered with a small smile.

"Yeah he does! Other than his sick obsession with snakes and making people creeped out he's a fucking pedophile. Now do you all believe me when I said he was flirting with me and tried to get me to go to his house for 'Tutoring' in the beginning of the year?"

Kankuro said over dramatically.

"At least you were able to youthfully change classes!"

Lee said enthusiastically.

"I'm still scarred to this day."

Kankuro said once again, over dramatically. Although his friends couldn't blame him, Orochimaru was a creep that liked little boys.

"You'll get over it."

Gaara said, walking next to Sakura with his hand shoved in his jeans pockets.

"I think Gaara's the only one Orochimaru hasn't creeped up on yet. Lucky basterd."

Naruto said on the other side of Sakura with his hands placed behind his head.

"I'd beat the shit out of him."

Sakura smirked at her red haired friend.

"I'll help."

Everyone snickered at that.

"The sick basterd doesn't even have the balls to look at my bro Gaara."

Temari said with a proud smirk toward her younger brother.

Hinata who has been quietly listening with and amused smile pulled out her dark purple QA1 Karma cell when she heard her text ringtone go off, which was Lil Jons Get low.

"I haven't heard this song in forever, play it Hina!"

The violet haired girl laughed at her cotton candy haired friend and turned on the full song, volume all the way up.

Sakura started dancing to it in the middle of the street.

:To the window, to the wall (to dat wall)
To the sweat drop down my balls (my balls!)
To all these bitches crawl (crawl) To all skit skit motherfucker (motherfucker!)
All skit skit god damn (god damn!) 2x:

Tenten and Temari started dancing with Sakura as the rest of their friends laughed. Naruto whipped out his Samsung VP video camera and recorded them.

"Sorry guys, I gotta run! See you at home Ten!"

Hinata said quickly kissing Kankuro goodbye before strapping on her black and purple roller blades and skating off.

"Bye Hina!"

The girls yelled knowing she was heading toward the mall to get a birthday present for Kankuro since his birthday is next week.

After she left everyone rode off on their skateboard except for lee who decided to ride on his scooter today. Not much later Kankuro got a text.

"We gotta go too. Mother dearest wants her 'Medicine'." He said shutting his old blue flip phone with an annoyed sigh.

There druggy mother always had them get her pills from her dealer whenever she was busy or just too lazy to get them herself.

Temari kissed Shino before skating away after Kankuro who waved goodbye at them. Gaara knuckle punched Sakura and Naruto calling out "Later!" before following his older siblings on his skateboard.

"There mother is so annoying. I can't believe she is making them get her drugs now."

Tenten said irritably.

"Yes their mother is very unyouthful."

Lee said next to his girlfriend sadly. Sakura and Naruto just nodded sadly and the four rode off.

5 minutes later a beat up white house came into view and the four slowed to a stop in front of it. The house was dirty and the paint was chipping off.

It was bigger than any of the houses on the block. But that was because it use to hold a lot of people. The grass was dead and there was nothing but a rusty porch swing on the porch. Sakura sighed.

"See yah guys."

As she was walking up to her front door Naruto stopped her.

"Ssssaaaakkkuuurrraaaa, you forgot to give me a hug!"

The pinkette rolled her eyes but nevertheless turned and gave him a big hug. She waved to Tenten and Lee as she made her way to her front door.

"Bye Sakura!" they yelled as they skated away.

Sakura sighed once again and walked through her front door. But as soon as she did she knew something was off.

'It's too quiet.'

The small girl slowly and quietly walked toward the kitchen. She poked her head in but her father was nowhere in sight. Nor did she see one beer or wine bottle either.

'It's Thursday, dad should be in here passed out. There is no way he would've cleaned up either to get to his next shift. Sober or not…oh shit!'

Sakura started running to the door but as soon as her fingers touched the knob, she was yanked away by a big hand around her small wrist and pushed her into the wall.

She looked up into smoky grey eyes with little rings in them.


He said softly with his deep voice that Sakura regrettably missed.

"Pein…let me go. Now."

Sakura said glaring at the orange spiky haired man. He tightened his hold on her arms leaning his forehead against hers.

"Sakura…It's been a long time."

He said softly. Sakura looked away from his gaze and tried to break free from his hold. Pein pulled back to look at his younger sister better.

"You've grown…quite a lot in 2 year."

He smirked at her and her attempts at breaking free.

"Look at me."

Sakura ignored him and tried even harder to get him to at least loosen his hold, but even her amazing strength couldn't match his, or any of her brothers for that matter.

He firmly grabbed her chin and tilted her head up to look at him.

"Why are you here?"

Sakura asked quietly pausing in her efforts.

"Some of us were able to come home. Soon everyone will be here."

Sakura rolled her eyes and whispered a sarcastic, "Greeeaaattttt."

"Now now Sakura don't be like that."

A cocky familiar voice said from behind Pein. The cotton candy haired girl sighed as her other brother walked up next to Pein. He whistled down at his short little sister.

"Pein you weren't kidding when you said she's grown."

He said gazing down at Sakura.

'It's going to be hard keeping all those fucking guys away from her now. But even harder to get her to forgive us.'

"We missed you so much Cherry."

He said stroking her cheek lovingly. But Sakura wasn't having any of that. She glared at both her brother and moved her head away from his hand.

"Don't touch me Kiba."

Sakura felt Peins hands move to her waist in and iron like grip. Her glare deepened at him.

"Get off."

She said trying to pry his hands off her person. But he just smirked and started sliding her hands up and down her sides, not at all threatened by her glare.

Kiba took a step closer to her chuckling.

"Stop fighting back Cherry. It's useless."

Pein started inching up her tight green Gir tank top.

"Pein I swear to god, get your fucking hands off me or I'll-"

"Or you'll do what little Cherry?"

Sakura paused in her struggling and looked up shocked.

'How many are fucking here?'

Sakura thought as she started up at her only full blooded brother. Sasori stood on Pein's left side looking down at her with expressionless rusty red eyes.

He observed Sakura as she observed them.

In almost 2 years the 3 have gotten taller. 20 year olds Pein and Sasori were around 6 foot 4 inches and 16 year old Kiba was looking to be about 5 foot 11 inches.

'There god damn giants.'

She thought really hating her 5 foot 1 inch self. But she still had time to grow. Sakura was only 14 for gods sakes.

Not only were they taller but it seems they've become muscular as well from their time away.

Sakura snapped back into reality when she felt hands low on her hips.

"They were right, it seems you've started developing early baby sister."

Sasori whispered in her ear.

'When did he get behind me?'

The pinkette didn't even notice him sneak his way between the wall and her back.

By now Pein had her shirt above her belly button and was running his hand across the exposed skin while Sasori nuzzled her hair, breathing in her scent.

Sakura's brain blanked for a minute till she kicked it into over drive once she saw Kiba leaning down to kiss her.

'Shit shit shit! I need to get out of here fast!'

"Let us show you how sorry we are Cherry."

Kiba said before his lips crashed into hers and as soon as it did the atmosphere changed. Pein got down on his knees and started landing wet kisses on her flat stomach.

Sasori started nipping at her skin right under her ear. Sakura was shocked, confused, and becoming incredibly hot.

When they first started doing this it was a couple months before she turned 12. That was when Sakura realized that there was something deeper between her and her brothers.

Feelings beyond sibling love. Her brothers felt that way about her before she ever did, so when they found out she felt the same as they did…it was the start of many secret late night kisses.

But that's all they kept it to. After all their sister was so young.

So image Sakura's surprise when 3 of her brothers came back and went further with her than they ever did before they left.

'This is it. There distracted.'

Sakura rolled her hips backward effectively rolling her plump bottom into her brother's groin to which his hold on her hips tightened almost painfully and kept her to him.

Then Sakura raked her small hands through Pein's hair making him nip hard on her creamy stomach. Then taking hold of Kiba's bottom lip between her teeth and gently sucking on it made him grab the back of her neck and pushing his tongue into her cavern.

'Now's my chance.'

Sakura elbowed Sasori, pushed Pein as far as she could, and bit hard on Kiba's tongue then bolted.

Grabbing her backpack and skateboard that she dropped, she ran out the door running as if she was being chased by a 10 headed alien on crack.

"Sakura! Where the hell do you think you're going?"

Kiba yelled as she ran down the street.

"Wherever the fuck I want to go!"

Sakura got on her skateboard riding as fast as she could. After riding past many houses and turning on many roads she rode up to a light blue house.

She got off her board and walked around to the back yard and climbed up the tall oak tree jumping through the open window.

"Dude you are never going to believe what just happened to me."

Naruto looked up from his Skateboard catalog at Sakura who sat next to him. He noticed her slightly pale face and looked at her concerned.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"Well…when I walked into my house earlier…I sorta saw some of my brothers."

Naruto sat rigged looking shocked.

"Which ones?"

He asked tensely.

"Pein, Kiba, and Sasori."

Sakura said quietly watching Naruto. There was silence as Naruto seemed to be in deep thought.

"…What did they do? Did they touch you?"

He hissed, his eyes turning into a sizzling red. This only happens when he's pissed or incredibly horny. Don't ask how she knows that one.

Sakura knew he would go ballistic the next time he sees them, which she doesn't actually really care since she's extremely pissed at them, but it's just Naruto can be scary when he gets like that.

So Sakura decided not to tell him.

"No I ran out before they did anything."

Sakura kept a steady gaze on him, willing him to buy it. She hated lying to him. Really she did but she just didn't want anything to happen to him if he tries to fight her brothers.

Naruto's eyes slowly turned back to the kind electric blue that she loves.

"They better not."

Sakura gave him a small smile and nodded. Then her purple Zante Sidekick started vibrated and she whipped it out of her pocket.

To: PinkFireCrackerr

From: SoccerRocker911 (Tenten)

Party at Sinkills! Better be there bitch ;) 8 like always!

Sent: 4:48

Naruto got a text too and they both grinned at each other. It's been 3 weeks since the last one.

"Yes! This is the perfect time to have one! It's been forever since that last party!"

Sakura clamped her hand over the blonde's mouth glaring.

"It's a school night doofus! Your parents don't need to know that you're sneaking out."

He just shrugged and they both laughed.

Sinkills parties were the best. It's always held in a remote alley way in the deserted part of Konoha where the cops don't ever drive by.

And barely anyone lives there, meaning the police won't get called for loud music.

Only Junior and seniors go, but there were exceptions like Sakura and Naruto and some of their friends that are freshman. Because they are just that cool, and even though it's a school night people usually just skip school the next day.

"I wonder who bought the beer this time."

Naruto said, putting in Mass Effect 3 into his Xbox then handing Sakura a controller.

"Probably Nagato and Kisame. They told me they were buying beer the next time word goes around for the next Sinkill party."





2 ½ hours later

Sakura stretched before getting up and grabbing her stuff.

"Alright its almost 7 I'm heading over to Tenten and Hinata's house to change because there is no way in hell I am going back to my house for a while."

Naruto grinned at her as she climbed out of his window and onto the tree.

"Make sure you wear something extraaaa sexy tonight Sakura!"

Sakura flicked him the bird as he started laughing then climbed down the tree and got on her skateboard. After about 15 minutes she saw a little yellow house then stopped.

She made her way to the side of the house then climbed in the first story window to Hinata's first story window.

"Yo it's 7 already! So let's get a move on girlys!"

Sakura said grinning at the two girls who had laid out clothes on Hinata's baby blue bed.

"We're all good Saks. We got your text. Dad kick you out again?"

Tenten asked knowing how her cotton candy haired friend's drunken father can be. Sometimes Sakura stays with them when he kicks her out or when she just doesn't feel like being around that shit of a dad.

"Yeah I don't even know what the reason is this time. I just left and headed to Naruto's. Is it okay if I crash here tonight?"

Sakura really didn't want to explain about her whole brother situation with her friends. It was hard enough to lie to Naruto about what they did, but she wouldn't be able to hide the details from Hinata and Tenten.

Hinata smiled kindly at her.

"Of course you can Sakura. Our parents love you they never mind you staying."

"Hell they'd let you live here girl."

Tenten said smiling. Then she pointed at one of the outfits on the bed.

"We got your outfit all ready for yah, so chop chop!"

Sakura smiled at the two girls. She really loved them. If anyone would have her back it would be her friends.

Sakura through on her outfit like her other two friends were doing.

Hinata wore a white jean skirt that was two inches below mid thigh, a dark blue halter top that covered the right amount of cleaveage but still made her look great and sparkly silver flats that Sakura got her from Wetseal last year.

She had silver chainlike dangly earrings in and a white watch on her left wrist. For makeup she wore mascara and silver eye shadow that flattered her eyes.

Her naturally straight long violet hair was up in a ponytail with her bangs falling over her forehead.

Tenten wore a dark green strapless dress. It hugged her small but perky bust then flowed to a stop a couple inches above her knees. She had a black open vest over it and had on Qupid Saydie 21 black peep toe lug sole platform heels.

Accessories wise she was wearing a golden leaf shape pendant necklace that Lee got her for her birthday last year and black stud earings with a green hoop in her cartilage.

Like Hinata she didn't but much make up on, not that she needed it. She wore black eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes, mascara, and her favorite vanilla flavored lip gloss.

She had her wavy brown hair down and scrunched up with moose and hair spray, reaching to her colar bones.

"Dammmnn, is it just me or is it really hot in here?"

Sakura said waving a hand in her face pretending to cool it off, grinning at the two girls.

"Stop being over dramatic Sakura and finish getting ready."

Hinata said giggling, fixing her pony tail in her vanity mirror.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at her as she finished her makeup in Hinata's sliding closet full length mirror doors.

She had on a strapless dark red silk dress. It had a sweet heart neckline and reached to her mid thighs. Black strappy Disquared high heels sported her feet.

Her accessories consisted of big silver hoop earrings and a silver ankle bracelet on her right ankle.

She let out her long waist length cotton candy hair fall in tumbles of waves down her back.

After putting black eyeliner on the top of her neon green eyes, making it spike up at the ends a little, she put mascara and her strawberry flavored lip gloss on then turned to her two friends who also finished getting ready.

"Ow ow!"

Tenten said wiggling her eyebrows at her cotton candy haired friend with a grin.

"You look gorgeous Sakura."

Sweet Hinata said smiling. Sakura laughed.

"Aw shucks. Thanks guys. Let's head out ladies! It's time to partyyyyy!"

At that the three girls quietly snuck out of Hinata's window and started walking.









Just as the three excited girls were about 10 minutes from the alley Sakura's phone buzzed. She pulled it out of her bra.

To: PinkFireCrackerr

From: GrumpyyTeddy3 (Gaara)

Where you guys at?

Sent: 8:37 pm

Sakura rolled her eyes although she was surprised Naruto didn't text her first wondering where they all were.

To: GrumpyyTeddy3

From: PinkFireCrackerr

Calm yourself child. Momma Sakura is only minutes away :P

Sent: 8:38 pm

Just as she put her phone back in her dress Sakura could hear the pulsing music as they neared the alley. Walking through the bustling crowd of teenagers the three tried to find there group of friends.

There was a huge stereo blasting through its huge speakers near the end of the alley up against the wall. Bonfires were set up near each other with people sitting around it eating marshmallows and other junk food while drinking beer.

Sinkill alley had two large building on either sides of it and at the end it a brick was made for a reason unknown to them. But it was a very wide and long alley filled with people.

People from Konoha High and neighboring schools were always at this party.

Sakura, Tenten, and Hinata found their friends near a beer kaeg filling up cups of beer.

"Thanks guys for starting without us!"

Tenten said grinning as lee kissed her cheek and handed her a red cup of beer.

"That's your guys fault, if you didn't always want to come 'Fashionably late' maybe we wouldn't have started drinking already."

Kankuro said wrapping an arm around Hinata's waist handing her a blue cup of beer. Shino was standing next to him, arms around Tamari's waist.

"Damn Sakura you're looking good tonight."

Naruto said slinging a tan arm around the shorter girl's shoulders.

"I have to agree with the idiot."

Gaara said smirking and handing her a red cup of beer. Sakura just shook her head with a smile.


Naruto yelled not happy about being called an idiot but was interrupted.

"Cheers to a night of unbelievable awesomeness that awaits!"

Sakura yelled lifting her cup into the air. All of her friends followed with their own cups with grins on their faces.


Everyone knocked there cups together in the air then took a gulp of their drinks.


Everyone turned to look at Temari who had a disgusted look on her face as if she just drank bad milk.

"Look over there Sakura."

Shino said nodding his head to where Temari was staring. Everyone looked and watched as 4 girls were trying to flirt with a group of guys.

Key word trying. And failing miserably.

"I swear your sister and her skank cult are gonna try and spread around the Aids tonight."

Temari said with a role of her teal green eyes.

"How is our youthful cherry blossom related to something so…so unyouthful!"

Lee said dramatically as Tenten giggled at her odd boyfriend.

"Watch her start something with me."

The pinkette said with a sigh.

"We got your back girl."

Tenten said with a look like we-could-so-beat-there-asses. Sakura smiled at her in agreement.

"She wouldn't put up much of a fight anyway."

Gaara mumbled which made everyone laugh.

Karin and her band of zombie sluts must of saw them because they started walking over to Sakura and her group of friends, deliberately swinging there bony hips.


Sakura said rolling her eyes, not in the mood to deal with her older sister. The one that unfortunately had to stay behind with her when her brothers left for gang business.

"Such awful unyouthfulness."

Lee muttered making everyone snicker as the group of girls stood in front of Sakura.

"Whacha laughin at little sister?"

Karin said with a flick of her awfully hair sprayed red hair that was cut short and spiked on her left side and long and straight on the right, with ugly yellow sunglasses sitting on top of her head. She had a sneer across her makeup covered face.

She was wearing a blue ruffley mini skirt that barley even covered her nonexistent ass. A pink camisole tank top that she pulled down at the top to try and show her boobs, but all you could see was a lacy green bra.

And she had on red L.A.M.B. Nomad high heels that she probably stole from the mall.

There was no way she could have bought them because she doesn't have money from her lack of job. Her accessories made up of pink hoop earrings and a necklace that says Barbie in cursive.

"You obviously."

"Hey don't talk to Karin that way bitch!" The long black haired girl said from behind her, what was her name again? Kathy? Katie? Kim? Oh…Kin!

"Yeah or she'll kick your ass!" The one with frizzy shoulder length horribly died purple hair. Sakura could never forget Ami the girl with the worst hair in school.

The other two in her older sisters' posse were Ino and Moegi. Old friends now turned enemies.

"Why don't you just go back to your corner to get your nightly pays little whores."

Sakura said with a lazy smirk. Her friends laughed at their shocked and pissed off faces and so did a lot of the onlookers who were watching the scene.

"This isn't over Sakura."

Karin said glaring down at her shorter sister who merely raised her eyebrow at her. Not at all threatened.

"Oh I'm soooo scared."

Sakura said sarcastically maintaining her lazy look. Karin gave her an evil look before turning around flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"C'mon girls."

Then the bands of skanks were gone, walking deeper into the dancing crowd. Probably to find there next victims.

Naruto cheered while giving Sakura a hug while everyone just gave her high 5's and laughed.

"She never learns."

"Nice job Sakura!"

"Our Sakura displayed great youth!"

Sakura smiled at all her friends with a light blush adorning her lovely cheeks.

'Tonight's going to be a good night.'