Chapter four: Rudely Interrupted

Is it because of our purity that we are taken away?

We that see the cup half-full and never step on a crack intentionally?

The ones who kill people and steal their money give us a bad name.

For we are mages, the breed of human that they detest.

The world is a dark place with spots of light, like the sun.

It is our job to make them good,

and their job to make us evil.

A never ending struggle.



Gajeel smirked as he watched the two girls fall to the ground, his companion didn't feel the same way.

"...That looked like it hurt."

"Oh shut up blondie." Gajeel muttered bending down to grasp the closer of the two patients. It happened to be the feisty blunette. What had that girl called her again? Luvi? Oh, right, Levy. Gajeel frowned as he slung her over his broad shoulder. Why does Levy sound so familiar? He asked himself. Levy... Levy... Levy... He repeated in his head trying to remember. Oh well, doesn't matter much..

Laxus rolled his eyes at the seemingly threatening nick name. He carefully picked up the blonde patient in front of his and carried her bridal-style. Not like the barbaric carrying of the black-haired guard.

Seriously, He thought, It looks like he's some tribal warrior who just found his woman. Laxus chuckled at the thought and eyed Gajeel with a smirk. Well, maybe he did.

They walked back down the hallway, both of them not noticing the odd square of paint or the dented metal plate under it.

It was a silent desolate trip. Laxus, being the super chipper guy he obviously is, decided to strike up a conversation.

"Gajeel, how did you come here?" Gajeel grunted at the blonde man's question.

"Car. Walked. You know, human ways of transportation blondie."

Swing and a miss! He steps back up to the plate for round two...

"No, I mean how you did you start working here?" The girl tossed slightly in Laxus's arms; he glanced down at her to make sure that she wasn't waking up and about to go ape-shit on him. She was quite pretty, he decided, but not as pretty as the white-haired doctor. Well, I suppose its' a certain taste in women. She's too young for me.

"...Lord..." Gajeel mumbled. Laxus turned to look at him before sliding his hand over the door latch to enter the No-Patient zone. Gajeel repeated the action and waited for the scan to be processed before speaking again.

"Phantom Lord. I was a member, when the government disbanded it, I came here searching to amend my sins." He paused. Laxus didn't speak out of fear that this would be his only chance to question the pierced man. "Then it happened, it must have been my third week here when 'The Change' happened." Laxus nodded.

"Were you alone? In coming here?" He asked. Gajeel shook his head.

"No.. there was... one other... I'm sorry, it's a bit hard to remember and painful," Gajeel used his free arm to massage his temples. "A girl was with with me...Blue hair..." At this statement Laxus looked at the girl on his shoulder hesitantly. Could this be her? And something happened making them separate?

Gajeel stopped when the doors opened, his eyes opening with realization.

"Juvia. Her name was Juvia." Laxus nodded and stepped inside, he noticed that Gajeel wasn't moving so he stopped and stared at him.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Laxus said in a monotone voice. Gajeel shrugged and walked in as well. With the blonde man in front of him he whispered to himself.

"...I lied.." After deciding to push it to the furthest banks of his mind he looked at the girl on his shoulder. 'There was another girl, but she didn't come with Juvia and I'.'



Mirajane watched solemnly through the window as she saw the two girls dragged in. She chewed nervously on her blue fingernail. They were slumped down in chairs, the guards standing on either side as a precaution. Mirajane nodded once to herself for a tiny boost of confidence. She turned her back to them grabbing the lacryma controllers and the two folders that Freed had kindly taken out for her. Mirajane's blue eyes stared at the folders for one moment.

'Is this right...?'


Gajeel stared at the small bluenette slumped in the chair. He wondered what would happen to her; he wished he could know. More than that he wanted to know what had happened to her. In Phantom Lord, she was a bright bundle of joy and knowledge. Sure, they weren't the purest of people but everyone had good hearts- mostly. All they wanted was to bring down the Fiore government.

Then it happened, medicines from the very same place they were standing in were given to the Fiore army. Stronger, faster, smarter enemies were what they were faced with.

'It was all too soon.' He thought. The black haired man remembered perfectly the day that they all left.

"Where are you going?" A small girl with long blue hair asked another boy and girl.

"Why do you ask, Juvia?" The other girl asked.

"I don't want to leave." Tears swept down her face. "I want to stay with you two!"

"Juvia..." The boy said sadly.

"I'm going there!" The other girl said proudly pointing to a big city. "I'm not going to let anything stop me. I'll rebuild Phantom Lord! Then everyone can come back; and.. and... we can all be happy again."

Gajeel held his hands together to keep from touching her. It had been 9 years, nine long years since they last saw each other.

He stared at her white and dirtied face tenderly. Nine long years hadn't changed his feelings for Levy, not in the least.

'Why is it like this?' He screamed in his mind. He was a guard, she was a patient. She would live.. and... he would kill her.

That's how it was.


"Laxus, Gajeel, thank you for bringing them here." Mirajane said once she entered the room. Both men snapped their heads up, shaking out any previous thoughts.

"No problem, Mira." Laxus said with a wink. Mirajane blushed yet still waved him off.

"Doctor, why did you want these girls?" Gajeel asked nervously glancing at Levy. Laxus caught it and smirked. 'How interesting, Gajeel has a crush.'

Mirajane tossed her bangs out of her eyes, and took a deep breath. The sight of the girls, it was unnerving her somehow. 'It's because I don't want to do this.' She decided.

"Recent reports are accusing them of conspirating against the hospital." Mirajane flipped through one of the folders. "One of them has repeated violations," she opened the other one. "while the other was the last person Miyu Makino saw."

"Miyu Makino?" Laxus asked shocked. "What do you mean? What happened to Miyu, Mira?" Mirajane shook her head.

"Any feelings for her must be quenched Laxus, she's gone now." She said coldly closing both folders.

"Feelings? Gone?" He said aghast. "Excuse me darling, but what do you mean by gone exactly?"

"What other kind of gone is there?" She snapped. "Black guards took her. She's already been cremated."

"Miyu.. no..." He said the wind kicked out of him.

"Don't dwell on it, what's done is done." Mirajane said setting the folders down on a nearby table.

"At least I have the guts to admit that I can care about people." He hissed crossing his arms. Mirajane turned to him, her eyes livid.

"I can care about people!"

"Then why say that you should forget about Miyu? She was your mentor, not mine." He stated just as livid. Gajeel, whom expected that they forgot about his presence, decided to speak up now.

"Hey doctor, the patients?" Mirajane huffed angrily at the fact that Laxus had distracted her so much.

'Miyu, I'm sorry.' She admitted in her head. 'Is it wrong that I'm trying to move on from you? The past is so far far gone. I don't think we can ever return to those days when the most gruesome thing we would ever see, or shake our hearts, were the moments young children came in close to dying. The closest thing we had to drama was when Polyursca had her child.'

The white-haired women walked coldly over to the girls, she stared at the smaller one; before she slapped her across the face. A gasp flew from Gajeel's mouth before he could stop himself, Laxus scowled.

"Hey, don't go beat-"

"Wake her up, guard, this isn't something they can exactly sleep through." Mirajane said with her bangs covering her eyes. 'I'm sorry Miyu, you would hate me wouldn't you? But things have changed now. I can't be kind anymore. I know, that.. that's what killed you.' She bit her lip refusing any sort of sob to come from her lips. Her heeled feet walked over to the next girl not paying any sort of mind to the horrified face of Gajeel or the bruised one of Levy.

Her eyes swept over Lucy, before she completely froze.

A silence fell over the room and Gajeel cradled Levy softly, Laxus staring between all five inhabitants of the room, and Mirajane standing like the statue of liberty with her blue eyes growing paler.

'Layla?' Her mind screamed. 'No-no-no-no-no! This isn't right, because Layla is... and anyway, surely god isn't that cruel to be sending so many things from my past so increasingly? What's next to torment me? As if Miyu being executed wasn't enough! He gives me Layla-clone-whatever too!' Mirajane's mind ranted, her lips moving softly to her own unspoken words. 'Is he going to send Elfman too? How about having Lisanna join the party too?'

"Mira?" Laxus asked putting a hand on her shoulder, Mirajane jumped away from Laxus.

"It must be torture Mirajane week." She mumbled before fumbling with something in her coat pocket. "Back to business, it doesn't matter now if they are awake or not now, Gajeel." Gajeel nodded and slowly let go of the blue-haired girl.

Mirajane pulled out a long piece of lacryma. Laxus raised in eyebrow in silent accusation of the object.

"75 volts, I have been instructed to only use that much to interrogate these too. I see no harm in using that order." Laxus barely caught her mumble ''It's not like I have much choice in the matter anymore.' 'I wonder what Mira means, I thought doctors were on the top of the food chain here?'

Mirajane raised the lacryma into the air and pointed it at Lucy. It cackled and began to glow with energy.



"Oh, oh, sorry- pager-" Mirajane placed the lacryma carefully in Laxus's hands and searched through her coat for the accursed device. Once she found the small square object she held it up to her face so she could get a good look at it.

"Hmmmmmmmmm, stay here you two." She plopped the pager back into her pocket. "Put those two in examination room numbers 3 & 4 please. I'll only be a moment." With that Mirajane left the two men staring after her as she left the room in a gust of wind.


'Mira, meet in office. It's about the program.



"Watch them she says." Laxus said with a grunt. He leaned against the opposite wall of the door. Gajeel sat down by his legs, refusing to look at the man next to him. He stared at the door like he could see through it. Laxus shrugged, 'Maybe he can.'

"Hey, Gajeel, about that girl-"

"What about her?" Gajeel cut him off quickly. Laxus paused, Gajeel seemed really eager to answer his questions. Maybe he was hiding something?

"Her name wasn't Juvia was it?" Laxus dead-panned. Gajeel paused, 'How does he know already?' "I can see it in your eyes, when you look at her, 'Levy'." Gajeel stroked her blue hair lovingly. "You love her don't you?" Gajeel frozed, terror over-running his mind. They would take her away from him! And kill her, in front of him.

Laxus sighed. "I'm not going to say anything, Gajeel. I'm not that kind of person. I don't care what you do, as long as you don't get in too much trouble. It wouldn't fare well for both of us if that happened."

"I love her." Gajeel said softly. "I feel like I don't know anything about her. Back in Phantom Lord she was there because her family was killed for speaking out against the government in a newspaper. Of course, they later apologized for it when we got freedom of speech, but... but she never got over it. Her eyes always burned of hate but love when she saw us. When they disbanded our team, she grew more and more hatred for them. I thought it was a silly joke when I heard her say that she was going to re-build Phantom Lord." Gajeel said slowly, sadness creeping into his voice as he stroked the small girl in front of him. Laxus listened carefully, ever so often glancing at the blonde girl still asleep.

"It wasn't a joke was it?"

"No," Gajeel fists tightened. "Juvia and I came here deciding to put our anger behind us, we were happy for a bit. Then we heard, it was right before the great Change, we heard that a group sprung up calling themselves 'Phantom Lord' and that they were anti-hospital. I was shocked, she had actually done it!" Gajeel said hysterically. "We didn't want to believe it so we never said anything to anyone about it. Then, then Juvia was taken in when she wasn't able to hide her magic. Her magic, it's quite lovely you know. Her whole body is water and can create rivers from it."



"So, what then?"

"Then, I heard that they were taken down. The new Phantom Lord. I never knew though, whether Levy was in it or not. But, here she is." He said with a dry laugh. Laxus patted his shoulder.

"She's hear now, that's what matters."

"I KNOW! I know, but, but, I know nothing about her anymore. She's not the same Laxus. This hospital has changed her. We're on differed sides of the bridge, she hates me now." He screamed his hands hovering over Levy's body. He was scared to touch her anymore. "The worst part is that she doesn't even know it's me, she doesn't even know that we are all right here. She doesn't know that Juvia, who is still alive, is in this building. Well, maybe she does, but maybe she doesn't at the same time! Her eyes, oh god her eyes! When they saw me I only saw hate. Not a speck of recognition from her. We were much closer than her and Juvia, so if she can't remember me how can she remember Juvia?"

Laxus took in a deep breath, he could feel it, all of Gajeel's fear and frustration. It hung in the air like a blanket. "Calm down Gajeel. It's fine now. You know where she is and slowly, you can reconnect with her." This seemed to calm the man down as he sat on the ground and stared at Levy's sleeping face.

"Are you sure?" He asked as quiet as a mouse. Laxus smiled.


"You heard Mira though." Gajeel said. "They are suspected of treason. You know what that means. They will be tested, and tested, and tested, until they confess. If the confess, they will be put into the dungeons, just like.. just like that one girl was. The one with the pink hair? Her. I think she's still down there, and... and Layla." The name 'Layla' cast a spell over them. They were afraid to speak, the only movement was the stirring of the blonde girl, whom once the name was mentioned suddenly grunted in her sleep and shifted.

"Then they won't confess." Laxus said determined. 'Too many awful things have been going on here. I can't take it much longer. I can feel something happening, something is about to change here, majorly.' Gajeel looked up shocked.

"What do you mean they won't? You know what testing is like! Even you would buckle under that!" Gajeel shouted. Laxus smirked.

"We wake them up, we tell them what's going to happen, who we are. We tell them who they are, and why they must do this." Gajeel opened and closed his fists slowly, breathing deeply.

"This is dangerous."

"So is not doing anything."

"All of us could be killed."

"Everyone dies eventually. I see no problem why we shouldn't go out with a bang."

"And why, why should they do this?" Gajeel said. Laxus smiled, the second Gajeel said that Laxus knew he was on board with the plan.

"To save mages. That's why."


Mira walked heatedly into the large room with boarded up windows. Inside there was a long and narrow conference table. There were only six chairs. One at the end she was standing at, one on the exact opposite side, and two on either side between them. It was dark casting everyone in shadow, you couldn't see their faces. From what she could see, she was the last one to enter. With a determined huff she walked over to a wall and flipped a light switch. Only half the lights came on, making it so you could see mostly everyone, but it was dim and dark in most places.

"Welcome Mirajane." A soft voice said. Mira took her seat at the end and looked at the person who had spoken. It was the person who was the closest to her on her right. She nodded at the meek form of Meredy, who was wearing her labcoat still and bashfully holding her hands on the table.

"Director of Building 12." Meredy nodded at her title. Mirajane looked around, they had gathered all of the Directors. Next to Meredy was the Director of Building 3, Angel. Across from Angel was the Director of Building 6, Ultear. Lastly, next to Ultear was the Director of Building 9, Midnight. Originally there were thirteen buildings, but due to the massive break out in '77 many of them were destroyed. Now only five buildings remain, 13, 9, 3, 12, and 6. The way that the buildings were arranged were that they were in three columns, where it went 1, 2, 3, then 4 would be above 1, 5 above 2, and 6 above 3 and so on. The first two columns were completely wiped out, only column three remained and 13, which wasn't in any column but at the back of the property.

At the front of the table sat the C. M., Marakov. He sat solemnly, staring at each of the directors before speaking.

"Welcome Directors."

"Cheif." They all chorused. Marakov nodded.

"I'm sure you are wondering why I called you all in, naturally." He started. Everyone looked at each other nervously. "The council has came to me to request the progress of each building. So, we are here today to conduct a review. Angel," The woman who was not wearing a lab coat jumped. "how are things in your building?" Everyone turned to look at her.

Angel cleared her throat. "As you all know, Building 3's job is the intake and recovery of patients. We have been pulling in less and less mages, and scans of the city show that there is a 87% drop in the mage population." Everyone clapped, eying each other suspiciously. "All of the mages we are bringing in are showing less signs of struggle, which is good. Recovery, however, is not going very well."

"What do you mean Angel?" Marakov demanded. Angel fiddled with her thumbs.

"Well, there, uh, there have been a few sightings of mages who escaped back in '77," Everyone flinched. "near Hookoo Mountain, but search teams who went there came back empty handed. The only thing we have recovered was this." Angel then leaned under the table and pulled up a brown box.

"Well, what's in it?" Marakov asked. Mirajane eyed the box, she felt something strange coming from it. Angel nodded and slowly pulled out a dirty uniform, it had burn holes in many spots and threads coming loose all over. Carefully she rolled in out on the table for everyone to see.

"It's a Building 6 uniform, although we have no idea what it would be doing out there. That is all." Angel said slipping slowly deeper into her seat. Everyone turned to look at Ultear, she stood up and also cleared her throat.

"Building 6 is in-charge of medicine. The reason I can think of for one of our uniforms to be in the forest would be of a team we sent out years back to find a mage who supposedly lives there, going by the name of 'Igneel'." Mira noticed how Marakov tensed at the mention of that name. 'I wonder why?' She also took another peek at the uniform. Something seemed very familiar about it. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

"Excuse me if I may," Angel cut in. All eyes were once again on her. "If a mage lived there, then why wasn't Building 3 notified?" Back to Ultear.

"The reason for that is, Director, I was going to state before you cut in." Angel huffed angrily in her seat. "The rumors we heard of this mage was that he had a very powerful magical container, we were going to retrieve him, and then study him to see what the cause of this would be. A very large magical container would be helpful so that we can expand our own magical containers, and thus maybe a medicine could be used for this process. It would help the Army very much to know that there is such a 'power-up' drug." Marakov nodded, seeming pleased. Angel once more, growled under her breath.

"The team however found nothing after staying three weeks there. For staying so long changing clothes must have been necessary so someone simply forgot their uniform. Thank you." She said sitting back down, smiling at Angel. Angel rolled her eyes.

"Yes, very good Ultear. How is the research going?" He asked. Ultear smiled and leaned forward.

"We have developed a prototype of sorts, but we not been able to test is successfully. The drug does not match up well with many of the patients natural magic containers, thus creating a very explosive reaction." Midnight then stood up.

"If I may cut in, Director Ultear,"

"You may."

"Chief, I can testify for this statement. I have sent many of my people over there to deal with the... aftermath of such explosions." He sat back down.

"Thank you Director Midnight." Marakov said. He folded his hands and looked at Ultear. "What sort of person do you think would have a high-conductivity with this drug, Director Ultear?" Ultear coughed and looked down at a piece of paper.

"Reports are saying that mage who did not use elemental magic would fit the best. Preferably an ex-quip mage or a takeover mage." Mira stirred uneasily in her seat. "The reason for this being that they have naturally larger stamina and containers from having to completely re-arrange their genetic make-up and having to pull objects from another plane." Marakov nodded, he shifted his attention to Mirajane.

"Director Mirajane." She stood up.

"Yes, chief?"

"Do you have any patients who are listed as any of these mages?" Mira quickly ran her fingers over the list of patients she had brought with her.

"Yes, I have two ex-quip mages on record. Takeover mages are very rare and only two have ever been recorded." Mira said slowly. Angel smirked at Mira.

"Lissana Takeeovar and Elfman Takeeovar if I remember correctly yes? Hmm, they caused quite a big stir didn't they?" Everyone jumped at the mention of their names, everyone except Mira who glared at Angel.

"Yes, those were their names Director Angel." Mira bit out, wishing nothing more than to have Ultear experiment on her. Angel put her hands up.

"No need to become so upset, Director Mirajane Takeeovar." She hissed out. "Say, weren't they your siblings? Such a shame how you were the only one born without magic- oops!" She giggled. "I meant to say how you were the only loyal one." Meredy stood up.

"Director Angel, I think it is highly inappropriate to mention such a sensitive subject without any reason to, other than to take a shot at Director Mirajane, I find that this behavior is highly immature and a cry for attention." Meredy sat back down, satisfied with the dumb-struck look on Angel's face. Mira smiled at Meredy.

"Thank you Director Meredy, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," she said earning a glare from Angel. "we have two ex-quip mages in our building. Both of them have no recent violations and their most recent check-up said their bodies are in peak condition."

"Would that be fine for you, Director Ultear?"

"Yes, that is more than enough." Ultear sat down, Mira was about to when Marakov started speaking again.

"Director Mirajane."


"What progress is Building 13 having?" Mira cleared her throat.

"We have rehabilitated 68% of our admittances, and have just sent 200 more mages over to Building 12 to be trained." She said nodding at Meredy, whom nodded at Marakov. "Unfortunately, the percentage of mages who are in the dungeons is at 10%. This means that we have experienced a 3% rise in rebellion."

"Do you have any theories as to why?"

"Yes, I believe that the longer a patient has been here, and the more they get called in for making a violation, they build up a tolerance to the screening and are not affected anymore. If they cannot be rehabilitated, the only option we have for them is to be sent to the dungeons."

"I see." Marakov said slightly looking over his right shoulder. Mira dismissed this action.

"We are very grateful for all the mages that Building 3 is constantly sending in," She smiled at Angel, who blushed and looked away. "the new mages, as Director Angel stated, are more dormant and showing more signs of submission. There aren't any real issues, except, two of our patients are suspected of treason." This earned a gasp from the table.

"Treason? What do you mean?" Marakov gasped.

"Chief, please do not be so alarmed, I'm sure that it is merely a mistake. The two patients in question are roommates it would turn out." She pulled out two folders and slid them across the table to Marakov, who looked them both over quickly. His eyes widening.

"Director, you can't be serious! These two are the offenders?" He bellowed. Mira nodded.

"It shocked me as well, but we have to check it out anyway." She looked around the table. "Fellow Directors, I shall now turn this matter over to Director Midnight of Building 9." She sat down and Midnight stood up.

"Thank you Director Mirajane." She nodded. "I first raised the alarm when the body of Miyu Makino," This earned another gasp. "was brought to my office. I was pleasantly surprised, as I'm sure you all know, Miyu was a friend to all of us." They all nodded. "After doing a trial, I was shocked to find out why my black guards had brought her there." There was silence, waiting for him to continue. Everyone was on the edge of their seat. "She was convicted of telling secrets to a patient."

"WHAT?" Meredy yelled jumping up, she looked around, then slowly sat back down.

"I understand your excitement, Director Meredy, but everything I say is true. After hearing this I did what I am required to do. I sentenced her to death and she was cremated." There was a silence. "It doesn't stop there. I noticed one thing missing from her ashes, fellow Directors, please take out your lacryma." They all fished around for a small pink lacryma and put the on the table. "These lacryma have the power to un-lock the restraint we put on the patients and to shut down the guards weapons." He looked at Mira and Meredy for confirmation, they both nodded. "Every personnel is given one of these. Miyu, Miyu did not have hers on her body. We are required to never take these off. I'm sure you all know what I am saying." He took a deep breath. "Director Mirajane?" She stood back up, and he sat back down.

"Directors, Chief, Miyu's lacryma was most likely given to the last person who saw her, which was Lucy Heartfilia. PN67-R8-F4-B13, she is one of the folders. The other folder, is her roommate Levy McGarden, PN34-F4-R8-B13, was seen fleeing from guards with Lucy."

"A-And the status of these two?"

"They are in captivity, I was just about to deal with them when I called here. Do not fret, they are being watched over by two of my guards." Mira sat back down.

"T..Thank you Director Mirajane." He turned to Midnight.

"I see no reason to stop the review, to tell us your progress Director Midnight."

"Building 9 deals with the execution and undertaking of patients. I have proud to say that we rarely get called in and that there has been no trouble with our Death Row patients. The new crematory works perfectly and can fully turn anyone to ashes in five minutes." He smiled and sat back down.

"Thank you Director, Director Meredy, status?"

"Yes chief. Building 12 takes the rehabilitated patients and trains them to work in the army or the hospital. We are all quite happy with the new soldiers, as Director Mirajane mentioned. We are constantly sending off fresh troops to the front lines in Fiore's army. The new troops adjust quickly to their new locations and have a high tolerance against magic, since they are mages themselves." Meredy giggled. "Of course they themselves don't know that anymore. Riots between flanks are quickly dealt with, and our system of guards works so perfectly that no one has even tried to get within a 50 mile radius of the hospital. I constantly see the patients smiling and joking, the relief of being outside again does wonders to them. They walk around with no restraints and don't even try to use magic! We are experiencing a golden period." She said then sat back down. Marakov smiled.

"It's good to hear that two of our buildings are faring well." He stood up. "Well then, it is time to tell you why I really called you here today." Everyone looked at each other surprised and nervous. "I believe it is best to say it the short and simple way."

"I, am resigning momentarily." Loud shouts came from Ultear and Mira. "Calm down, the council has given me new orders, orders that.. I have no control over." He sat back down. "Please listen and respect your new advisers." He said slowly. Three men walked out of the shadows and stood behind them. Ultear gasped at the man standing closests to her, Midnight stared blankly at all three of them, Meredy joined Ultear in gawking at the man on the left, Angel rolled her eyes bored.

Mirajane stared heatedly between the other two men.

'Why are they here? Why them?'

"Council member Capricorn, you will be shadowing Director Mirajane." The two glared heavily at each other. He smirked, she scowled. "Council Member Jellal, you will be shadowing Director Ultear." Ultear gasped, Jellal nodded. "And, Council President... Zeref will be taking my place."

Mirajane shot up out of her chair.

"What do you mean shadow? And Zeref? Taking your place? Chief!" Marakov looked sadly at Mira.

"Calm down child, they will simply be following you around and making suggestions on how to run your building-"

"I can run my building just fine!"

"-and.. I'm going on a vacation, I need to see some people." Zeref put a hand on Marakov shoulder. "It's out of my control, Directors." Zeref smiled.

"We will now be taking a short intermission to gather your thoughts, we will meet back in here in a hour. Thank you, and Mirajane?" She scowled but nodded anyway. "It's Chief Zeref now."



A/N Boom! Shit just hit the fan. From now on, things will get heated, backstabber-y, and more of the past will be revealed, and what exactly did Lisanna and Elfman do?