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Hermione Granger sat alone in the living room of Grimmauld Place, which compared to the dank and musty state it was once in, was actually now, after many cleaning spells and hours of ridding it of various creatures, quite pleasant. She was sitting in the softest chair the room had, wearing a pair of comfortable sweat pants and a baggy sweatshirt. She brushed a piece of hair that had escaped her loose ponytail behind her ears, and continued on reading about transfiguration for seventh years, and although she had already learned all these spells by the time she was fifteen, she continued reading nonetheless for her own intellectual pleasure.

If Hermione had been eighteen at a different point in the last few years, then she would have been out of Hogwarts and underway with some magical career of her choice. However, her seventh year of Hogwarts had been postponed so that she could track down horcruxes with Harry and Ron, and she was completing it a year late.

Hermione didn't mind however, that she was to be in school a year longer than expected, and especially with Harry and Ron still in practically all of her classes, it actually seemed to be normal. Maybe that's why she didn't mind it so much. Because it felt normal. And it was the only thing that had felt normal in a long time. Being back at Hogwarts felt like it had years ago, when Hermione was still only a young child, and nothing had yet gone wrong. Nothing had really changed. And now, that wasn't true. A lot of things had changed. A full on wizarding war had just ended. Voldemort was destroyed. But Hermione had lost a lot of friends along the way. Fred Weasley, Ron's older brother, and Tonks for example. And although they had died fighting against Voldemort and his death eaters, it still hurt to think about.

But being back at Hogwarts was like a palliative of sorts for all the chaos and heartbreak that had happened in the past year. Hermione could finally feel as if things were normal again, for the first time in a while, and even though she knew that they weren't, it still helped some to be able to go back to where she had had some of the greatest moments of her life.

Hermione turned the page and started reading about how to conduct more complicated transfiguration than turning small items into cups and watches and matches, as she had done in her earlier years at school. But she found it, of late, more difficult to focus on her work. She had never had that problem before, and it was really starting to make her anxious.

Instead of reading she looked around Grimmauld Place. And for a house in which ten people were currently residing, she felt extremely lonely. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that she had been alone all day, what with everyone out doing something.

Arthur and Molly Weasley had been visiting their son Bill, at his new house that he and his wife Fleur had bought. Ginny had gone along with them, along with George. Harry and Ron had gone out to buy their new school stuff, even though their classes started in only a few days time, but like always, they waited until the last minute. Sirius was out somewhere enjoying his ability to simply roam, probably on a date, and Remus was out looking for a job.

Hermione started thinking about putting the book down and going to bed early even though she was not exactly tired. She just needed something else to do. But, just as she was about to get up she heard someone open the door, and being glad that someone was home, it didn't really matter, who, she walked toward the door to greet them.

"Hey" Hermione said, still unsure as to who she was talking to. She saw the outline of a man and walked closer to see who it was.

"Hermione, hello" said Remus Lupin, smiling slightly. He took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack before sighing out. Hermione could tell from his expression that his day hadn't gone much better than hers.

"No luck?" She said softly.

Remus looked to her for a second, shook his head, and offered another smirk. "No."

"I'm sorry" Hermione shrugged. She shook her head too. "It's really not fair . . .you know, people dismissing you and sending you away. Especially right after the war, you'd think-"

"Hermione" Lupin interrupted her quietly. "It's alright." He shrugged. "I'm used to it."

Hermione didn't know if it was the sadness in his eyes, or the fact that he had had to become 'used to it' that bothered her more. She smiled sadly and shook her head. "It's not fair."

"No." Lupin agreed. "But it is what it is. I can't change that."

"But you are more qualified than so many other people for those jobs. You deserve a job. A great job. I mean . . ." Hermione shrugged and suddenly felt a little shy, ", you were the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher I have ever had." She smiled.

Lupin smiled. "Thank you, Hermione. That means a lot coming from you." Lupin gave a soft chuckle. He ran his hands through his hair quickly and cleared his throat softly. He looked back at Hermione.

"Well," Hermione smiled again, placing a hand on his shoulder, "it's the truth."

Lupin shook his head. "Well, now that I am no longer your teacher," Lupin smiled, "I feel no restriction on telling you that you are the smartest student that I had."

"Really?" Hermione said in a high pitched voice. She didn't know why what Lupin was saying was making her feel so great. She had heard it before, from nearly all of her other teachers. So maybe it wasn't what he was saying, but rather him saying it. Hermione felt herself blush and couldn't help but think back to her crush she had had on Lupin when she was thirteen. She had thought she had gotten over it, but . . .

"That . . .ugh . . .that means . . .well thank you." Hermione stuttered and as Lupin smiled at her she couldn't help but look away quickly. She could feel the color in her cheeks and was suddenly embarrassed. Hermione hoped that he couldn't see it.

Lupin merely nodded. "It's the truth." He said, and then he walked over toward the living room. "Care to join me for a cup of tea?" He flicked his wand toward the kitchen, and Hermione could hear the sound of water filling the kettle.

Hermione was quiet for a few seconds as she merely watched Lupin walk away. The way his strong arms moved back and forth, the way his muscular legs moved, limping slightly from the full moon a few days previously, the way his shirt clung to his back, and his jeans on his – no. No. I do not like him. She told herself and she forced herself to look toward the tea kettle in the kitchen. "I'd love a cup."

"Great." Lupin smiled as he sat down on the couch next to where Hermione had been reading. "Ahh, Transfiguration for seventh years" Lupin said as he picked up the book.

"Yea." Hermione sighed as she sat down next to him on the couch. Why had it taken her until now to realize that she liked Lupin. No – not like. Right? She didn't like him. Not like that. Did she?

"I bet you knew all this when you were fourteen" Lupin smiled and chuckled slightly, and Hermione couldn't help but smile.

"Maybe" She said slightly seductively, and the seductiveness in her voice seemed a surprise to her, almost as if she had simply said it impetusously, for she quickly looked away from Lupin slightly confused that she had just used such a tone. She shook her head once. No. She thought to herself. Stop it. I don't like him. That was a school girl crush from five years ago. I don't like him. It's just been a long day, and I'm lonely, and . . . .no.

Lupin played it off quite friendly. He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head before chuckling lightly. "I'll take that as a modest 'yes'".

Hermione shrugged, still embarrassed at how she had appeared slightly seductive without even trying. But apparently Lupin hadn't noticed, or if he did, he was pretending he didn't. She was grateful either way.

Lupin looked at the transfiguration book for a few more seconds, seemingly pondering something and then looked back toward Hermione.

"So . . .you guys are still going back? You and Harry and Ron." He asked. Hermione could hear something in his tone that she was sure had not been there before.

Hermione nodded. "Yes. We thought it'd be good to finish school . . .you know, now that we have the time." She shrugged.

"Well, I think that's great." Lupin smiled and shifted in his seat. "Good to get back to normal."

And although he didn't say anything, Hermione could tell Lupin was thinking about Tonks. The woman who was so in love with him, the woman who told him numerous times that it didn't matter how old or poor or dangerous he was, the woman that he didn't give a chance.

For weeks after the battle at Hogwarts Lupin blamed himself for Tonks' death. 'What if I had dated her?' He had said. 'What if we had got married? Maybe she wouldn't have been there. Maybe she wouldn't have fought.' And despite everyone explaining that Tonks' would have fought no matter what, no matter who she was dating, or who she was married to, Remus still blamed himself.

Hermione saw the familiar look that Remus had had in his eyes for those weeks after the battle, and could not stop herself from comforting him. It was like an impulse. She hated seeing him so upset. Hermione had become extremely close to Remus over the past few years, and she considered him one of her greatest friends.

"Remus . . ." She said softly. Lupin looked up from the book and smiled sadly. "Remus, it wasn't-"

"My fault." Lupin said quickly and slightly annoyed. "I know." He said in a way that Hermione was quite sure he didn't really believe it.

Hermione sighed and Lupin looked back down at the book. "I'm tired of people trying to tell me that."

Hermione almost laughed. "But, Remus . . ..It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have saved her if you had dated. Even if you were married. It wouldn't have made a difference."

"It would have made a difference to her" Lupin said so softly, Hermione could barely hear him.

Hermione looked at him confused. "What do you . . .what do you mean?"

"She wanted me" Lupin sighed in anger. He chuckled in anger at himself. "She wanted me. And she wanted me so badly. And I didn't let her."

Hermione felt as if she wanted to cry. Lupin was sitting there, blaming himself for something that wasn't his fault, and no matter what anyone said, he continued to do so. Hermione felt so bad for him, all she wanted to do was hug him, but, given that she kept thinking about her crush on him, she figured it probably wasn't such a good idea to give him a hug.

"Tonks knew that the reason you wouldn't get involved with her was because you wanted to protect her. She understood that you were looking out for her. You can't keep blaming yourself, Remus. You can't." Hermione said softly, reaching over and placing a hand on Lupin's before she really even thought about. He flinched slightly, and Hermione winced, thinking about pulling it away, but then he rubbed her hand with his thumb. Hermione felt her heart flutter, and she still wasn't exactly sure why. All she knew was that she was glad that he was touching her.

"You always try to make me feel better." Remus smirked at Hermione. "And I have to admit, you succeed the majority of the time." Remus gave a soft laugh.

Hermione smiled back. "I just don't like to see you so sad. You deserve to be happy, Remus. You're a great guy." Hermione stopped talking. She was already going kind of far, and with her crush seemingly speaking instead of her logical self, she didn't know what else she was about to say. Hermione felt Lupin brush his thumb on her hand again, and she started to blush.

"Thank you." Lupin smiled. Hermione smiled back. She simply loved the way his face lit up when he did so, the way his hoarse voice seemed so smooth, the way his eyes smiled with happiness . . . no. Hermione shook her head. I can't do this. She said to herself

After a few seconds of Lupin merely looking at Hermione, and Hermione trying to control her crush, Lupin said, "So, where's everyone else?" He looked around the room and Hermione did the same. Lupin took his hand off Hermione's and Hermione felt slightly disappointed.

"They're out." She shrugged. "Mr. and Mrs. Weasley went to see Bill and Fleur and so did Ginny and George as well. Harry and Ron are out buying school stuff." Hermione rolled her eyes, and Lupin chuckled. "And Sirius is out on a date, I think. Enjoying his ability to simply go outside of this house and talk to people." Hermione smiled and so did Lupin.

Lupin suddenly smiled a little bit wider and looked at Hermione. "Speaking of dates . . .and you don't have to tell me . . .but . . . you and Ron . . .you guys still . . ."

"No." Hermione shook her head and smiled at Lupin. "No, we decided it would be better if we just remained friends." She shrugged and Lupin shook his head.

"Sorry" He said quickly, "I didn't mean to . . ."

"Oh not at all . . ." Hermione laughed. "No, it was a friendly break up, actually. We're still good friends. We can actually laugh about it now. It was fun, but . . .no, we're just friends."

Lupin smiled. "Well, that's good that you guys could maintain that friendship."

Hermione nodded. "Yea . . ." She found herself thinking of a relationship between herself and Lupin. Hugging him, kissing him, touching him, sleeping with him. She started to smile. She liked the idea. No. No I don't like him. It's just a stupid crush. Hermione told herself. She cleared her throat and shifted in her seat a little.

"So, ugh . . .what about you? Seeing anyone?" She said in a playful tone, and she smiled at him.

Remus smirked. "No, not me." He shook his head. "It's ughh . . .kind of hard to find someone who doesn't mind . . .well, someone like me." He shrugged and gave her a smile, but Hermione could tell he wasn't as accepting of it as he was pretending.

"That must be hard." Hermione said with a sigh. She felt bad. Why hadn't she thought about that? Of course he hadn't been seeing anyone, nobody was willing to see him. Hermione felt like an idiot for bringing it up.

"You are one of the most caring, intelligent, thoughtful, brave, kind," Hermione stopped for a second thinking maybe it was a bad idea to be saying all this stuff about her former teacher, but unable to prevent her self from continuing, she said, "people I have ever met. And if women can't see you for that, that's their problem, because they don't deserve you." Hermione's stomach felt like butterflies as she finished and she could feel her cheeks turning pink. She smiled and let out a giggle so as not to let Lupin see them turning so and she saw him smile. Maybe he had noticed?

Lupin looked to Hermione in a way that he hadn't before. He smiled and nodded his head. "Hermione, thank you. But a lot of women don't feel the same way." Lupin shrugged and chuckled.

Hermione's mind was whizzing. All she could think of was Lupin. Lupin's eyes, Lupin's smile, Lupin's face, Lupin's chest, Lupin's hands, Lupin's voice, Lupin's character. She kept thinking about the crush that she had had on him, and started to think that it was coming back. She didn't even bother to refute herself this time. Everything she had just said was how she felt. Lupin really was one of the most caring, intelligent, thoughtful, brave, kind people she had ever met. She started to think that her crush had been silly, but it wasn't. She actually felt attracted to him, and why shouldn't she? Who cares if he was nineteen years older than her and her former professor? Lupin was exactly the kind of guy she always pictured herself with.

Before she thought about it she said quickly, "I do."

Lupin looked at her quizzically, his smile widening as he laughed. "What?"

"I mean . . ." Hermione started to think frantically. Had she really just said that? "I mean . . .well, I had a huge crush on you when you were the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor when I was thirteen." She giggled nervously. "So, apparently you are liked by some girls." Hermione smiled, hoping that Lupin would take that as a compliment and not an insult, but still a little unsure of why she had even told him about her crush in the first place. It seemed kind of weird. But, after all, they were friends, right? And she could feel comfortable telling him stuff like that, as a funny sort of compliment.

Lupin looked unsure of what to do at first. Lupin looked to Hermione and simply smiled. "You did?"

"Yea" Hermione giggled again, still nervous of what he was going to say.

"Hermione that's . . ." Lupin started.

Gross? Weird? Wrong? Unexpected? Odd? Disturbing? Inappropriate? Hermione thought to herself about how he would think of it. But then Lupin smiled and nodded and she felt as if he wasn't going to say any of those things.

"That's ughh . . .sweet. Thank you, Hermione." Lupin smiled and chuckled. "You really had a crush on me?" He seemed to think it was extremely amusing.

Hermione, relieved, nodded. "I know . . .I just . . ." Hermione laughed. "I don't know why I just told you that." She said softly, slightly embarrassed.

Lupin shook his head. "It's quite alright. I kinda knew that you did when I was a teacher."

Hermione looked confused. Her heart was beating fast. "You did?"

Lupin nodded a few times. He laughed and smiled and Hermione felt reassured that he didn't think it was weird at all.

"You were always the smartest girl in class . . .so I kinda figured you didn't really need extra lessons and explanations after class."

Hermione felt her cheeks blush. "So you did know! Why'd you go along with it then? Why didn't you address me about it?" Hermione smiled and then let out a laugh.

Lupin shook his head. "It was just a harmless school girl crush."

Hermione felt her heart beat faster, her stomach was like butterflies fluttering, and she was starring at Lupin's smile. She glanced over his chest and how his t-shirt was sticking to his stomach muscles and clinging to his muscular arms that were showing several of the scars he rarely showed. Hermione looked to his slightly shaggy, messy, hair, and the way his eyes were concentrating hard on hers.

"Yea," Hermione said softly, "just a school girl crush."

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