Angel Investigations - Day


Team Angel is sitting around the hotel lobby and office, looking kind of bored. Gunn and Spike are cleaning weapons, Wesley is reorganizing his files, Fred is working on a brand-spanking-new laptop and Cordelia and Angel are fussing over Connor.

Angel: Stop it, he doesn't like that.

Cordelia: Of course he does. Look, he's smiling.

She leans in very close to Connor, makes a bizarre face and speaks in a high-pitched voice.

Cordelia: Is Cordy making a silly face? Is this a silly face? Yeah, you're smiling aren't you, Connor?

Angel: That's a grimace. You're freaking him out.

Cordelia straightens and frowns up at Angel.

Cordelia: So, basically, you're saying that my face strikes fear into the hearts of children?

Angel: (trying not to smile) Not just children.

Cordelia gasps, then laughs and swats at him playfully.

Cordelia: Jackass.

Angel grins cockily but when Cordelia turns away his face reveals that he is quite the smitten kitten.

The room is quiet for a little while, then...

Spike: Here's the thing. If someone says they miss you...

Groans from everyone in the room. Spike ignores this.

Spike: ...they're not necessarily saying they want you around or that they might still have feelings for you. It could just be something like, "Hey, I miss the way things used to be. Bloody shame everything turned out so crap." You know? I mean if she really wanted to say something, she could

Gunn: Damn, man! You have really got to get over this! Why don't you just call the girl already? Maybe she'll say, "How are you?" and give you a whole new sentence to obsess over.

Spike: (indignant) I'm not giving her the satisfaction! She knows the number here! If she really missed me she would have picked up the phone months ago when I didn't respond on computer.

Fred: Or... she's waiting for you to make the first move. She thinks you ignored her, Spike, of course she's not gonna call. But that doesn't mean she doesn't--

Spike: Don't start, you! I've had enough of your romantic notions. All this nonsense about champions being drawn to each other...

Cordelia and Angel steal a look toward one another. Two sets of deep brown eyes meet and then immediately look away.

Spike: I'm nobody's bloody champion, and the person who knows that best of all is Buffy Summers.

Spike becomes particularly focused on the knife he's polishing, rubbing at the same smudge with a scowl on his face. Gunn and Fred exchange concerned looks as Spike falls silent and glowery again.

Cordelia: (whispering to Angel) God, I really had no idea he was this insecure.

Angel: Spike? Oh yeah. Big time. Not on the battlefield, of course. There, he's the most sure-footed son-of-a-bitch you'll ever hope to have on your side. But Spike in love equals total pansy. Look at him. Poor sap looks like he's about to cry. It's pretty funny, actually.

Cordelia frowns at Angel, then looks back at sad sack Spike and rolls her eyes.

Cordelia: (muttering) Well, I've had just about all I can take of this. (then, louder, to Spike) Hey, you know what'd be a real shocker? If you actually had the guts to go back and talk to Buffy in person.

Spike: (not looking up) She doesn't want me to come back. She doesn't want me in her life.

Cordelia: Okay. Say that's true. Don't give her what she wants, give her what she needs. She's used to guys getting all wigged out and leaving. Imagine her surprise if one of them actually came back.

She glances at a mildly stricken Angel.

Cordelia: (to Angel) No offense.

Angel: (amused) Really?

Cordelia: Well, maybe just a smidge.

They share a look. Then Cordelia turns back to Spike and finds him staring at her intensely.

Cordelia: What? I'm just being honest.

Spike drags his eyes away from Cordy to look at Angel. Angel looks away, showing signs of... guilt? After some internal deliberation, blue fire ignites behind Spike's eyes.

Spike: I'm no better than you, am I?

Spike stands. Angel's eyes are still downcast.

Spike: (epiphany time) Bugger all! I'm no better than Captain sodding Cardboard!

He looks around at the faces of those he has come to trust over the past several months. His other family.

Spike: I just left. I didn't even try! What the hell was I bloody thinking?

Suddenly, he sets his sights on Cordelia, standing across the room, and stalks toward her. For a moment Cordelia shrinks, perhaps anticipating a blow. Instead, Spike grabs her and hugs her. A little shocked, Cordy puts her arms around him slowly. Over Spike's shoulder she apologizes to Angel with a look. Angel gives a small shrug.

Spike pulls away to look at Cordelia.

Spike: (gruff, emotion heavy voice) You might have brought this up sooner, love.

Cordelia: You're supposed to figure it out for yourself!

For emphasis on "yourself", she flicks Spike's forehead with her thumb and forefinger.

Spike: Ow!

Cordelia: Don't you know that all every girl wants is a guy who can read her mind? That's not too much to ask, is it? (off Spike's confusion) Don't worry. I won't tell Buffy you needed a little push.

Spike nods. He's in a bit of a daze. He rubs his stinging forehead, feeling excited for the first time in a very long time. He glances up at Angel finds him staring back at him with an unreadable expression.

Spike: Listen--

Angel: (cutting him off) You don't deserve her.

Spike: I know. (a beat) I have to go back.

Angel: I know.


Team Angel is gathered to see Spike off. Spike hugs Fred and when they pull away she looks very sad.

Spike: I'm sorry I annihilated your lap top.

Fred: (waving it off) Spike, stop saying you're sorry! I told you not to worry about it. Just gave me an excuse to get the pretty new white one.

Spike smiles at the sweet girl. He's grown very fond of her during his stay there.

Spike: Gonna miss you most, you know that right?

Fred: (shy) I know it.

Gunn twitches at this exchange. He comes over and slips a territorial arm around Fred.

Gunn: Real shame you have to go, man. (he extends a hand to be shook) Bye.

Spike smiles. Gunn's jealousy and competitiveness amuses him so.

Spike: Oh, come on. (re: hand) Put that thing away. I thought we were friends. (a beat) Give us a kiss.

Gunn: (laughing) I'll give you something to kiss. You better get on outta here!

Gunn makes like he's going to literally kick Spike in the ass. Spike laughs and holds up his hands.

Spike: Fine. Fine. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone, though.

Gunn: (serious) I know.

Okay, things are getting too sappy. Spike turns away, clearing his throat.

Westley stands before him, looking bored. Westley is the only one who never really warmed up to Spike.

Spike: Don't suppose you're going to miss me.

Westley: Not really, no. Safe trip.

Westley quickly turns and walks away.

Spike: Right. Thanks.

And there's Cordelia.

Cordelia: You know he's going off to listen to sad music and cry over you.

Spike: I suspect as much.

Cordelia: Well...

Spike: Well...

Cordelia starts to get a little misty and begins adjusting Spike's shirt and coat for him.

Cordelia: Remember to play nice with the other kids, especially Xander. I know it's hard but I also know that deep down you two are destined for buddy-film greatness.

Spike: (smirking) Deep down.

Cordelia: Yes, very deep. Just take it easy on him. You know how fragile he is. And it's okay to be honest most of the time, but try not to say absolutely everything you're thinking. Sometimes people don't like that. It takes a little getting used to, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Call me if you need any pointers. Or... just call for whatever, okay? We'll be here. We have no social lives.

Spike smiles.

Spike: (softly) You grew up real nice, Cordy.

Cordy stops fussing over him and looks into his eyes.

Cordy: So did you.

They hug tightly. Spike has to clear his throat again.

Angel is standing by the door with his hands shoved into his pockets. Spike walks up to him, slowly.

Angel: I'm not hugging you.

Spike: Thank Christ for that.

Angel: It's been... fun having you around again.

Spike: (quietly) Well, much as I hate to admit it, the fun doesn't have to end just 'cause I'm going.

Spike subtly flicks his eyes toward Cordelia. It takes Angel a minute to catch up, but when he does he decides it's time to check the shine on his boots. Spike picks up on Angel's discomfort and quickly changes the subject.

Spike: So, it's funny how being a white hat is almost as much fun as being a black hat, isn't it.

Angel looks up at Spike with a glint in his eye and grins.

Angel: Yeah. Almost.

Spike smiles.

Spike: See you around, Peaches.

He heads toward the door and opens it. Before he can leave...

Angel: Spike?

Spike turns around.

Angel: Take care of her.

Spike's eyes go a little bright.

Spike: (gruff voice) If she lets me.

He turns away quickly and leaves, leaving Team Angel with a Spike sized hole in it.


Buffy is working behind the counter in the magic shop.
Spike enters. Buffy freezes where she is. She doesn't speak.

Spike: They told me you were here.

Buffy: Who? Who told you?

Spike: Willow and Tara.

Buffy seems angry.

Spike: They said not to be mad and to hear me out. Because I'm a terrific fellow and I speak from the heart.

Buffy raises an eyebrow.

Spike: Okay, I embellished. Look I--

Spike takes a step forward and Buffy quickly backs up behind the cash register as though she's afraid of him. It affects Spike like a slap in the face. He fills his lungs with air and continues, determined to speak his peace.

Spike: I was an idiot.

Buffy: I was gonna say.

Spike: Believe me, no one is more disgusted at my behavior than I am. I should have trusted my instincts but I thought I was doing what you wanted. Turns out I'm as bad as the other two gits who I normally enjoy the pleasure of being superior to.

Buffy is listening.

Spike: The absolute last thing you needed to see was the backside of another stupid sod walking away because he thinks he's got just bloody cause.

Spike shakes his head, angry with himself. After a pause, he calms down and speaks slowly.

Spike: There's not really anything I can say to make it right. But I am so very, very sorry.

Buffy is now trying very hard not to cry.

Spike: (softly) I don't know if you can forgive me. I don't know if you even want me around. But I know you love me. I know it. I always have, I just... Being human spoiled me. I knew I'd eventually have to change back, but I kept kicking the thought aside. I didn't want reality to stomp in and spoil everything. So, I wasn't prepared for when it did. (looks down) I didn't think we could ever be happy again. Maybe I was right. (looks into her eyes) But here's what it is: I love you. And I'm staying.

Buffy is now trying very hard to catch her breath.

Spike: You can say what you like, but I belong here... or wherever else it is that you happen to be. And short of you shoving a stake through my far too vulnerable heart, you are stuck with me. Now, I'll respect any decision you make. I'll be a friend to you, a working partner, I'll even keep fifteen yards between us at all times if that's what strikes your fancy. But, I am not going anywhere.

Buffy opens her mouth to speak but stops abruptly. Her eyes widen. She grips the edge of the counter and proceeds to scream bloody murder.

Spike: (nervous) Or... maybe I'll keep myself on Angel's payroll a while longer and just pop in on you from time to time. See how that sits with you.

Buffy moans softly, becoming increasingly agitated.

Spike: Buffy, calm down! I--

She starts to move toward a phone.

Buffy: (muttering) I have to call Xander.

Spike is just about to ask why when Buffy moves away from the counter. The words die in his throat and the dumbstruck look on his face rivals the one he wore when he first saw her coming down the stairs toward him, back from the grave.

Spike: You're--

Buffy screams again and doubles over. When it passes...

Buffy: (labored breathing) Knocked up. Yeah, thanks for noticing. Could you please get me the phone?

Spike: What? Oh!

He leaps over the counter and hands her the phone, never taking his eyes off of her.

She takes the phone and tries to dial but she's in too much pain. He takes it from her.

Spike: You want to call Xander?

Buffy: Yes... he's... I don't know if he's home... this wasn't supposed to happen for another three weeks. He was gonna take me to the hospital.

Spike: Is he the...

He can't say it. Buffy looks up into his eyes.

Buffy: No, Spike, XANDER is not the father.

It takes a couple of minutes to register. When it does, every bone in Spike's body disintegrates. The phone falls out of his hand and he slouches against the wall, staring at Buffy's protruding stomach.

Buffy: Hey! Spike? Hello! Snap out of it, would you! I know it's a lot to deal with all at once, but I'm kind of in labor here! Oh GOD!

She cries out again and Spike stands up immediately. His only thought: Buffy hurting. Help Buffy.

Spike: (dazed) I... I have my car. I can take you.

Buffy hesitates for the briefest moment.

Buffy: Let's go.


Sitting up in bed in the delivery room, Buffy is disheveled, sweaty and in a great deal of pain. Standing next to her and blathering on is the now coherent Spike who is clearly annoying her.

Spike: And if I hadn't come back tonight, just when exactly were you going to tell me you were having my child!

Buffy: Spike--

Spike: No, Buffy, really. No matter what you think of me, it's just wrong to shut a person out like that. You could have picked up a bloody phone--

Buffy's arm shoots up and she grabs Spike by the throat.

Buffy: ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS? I am in blinding pain here and now that you've finally come out of your coma all you can do is stand there and lecture me?! I will snap your neck like a twig you insufferable pain in the ass!!

The nurse looks at Spike with a plastered on smile.

Nurse: Don't worry, it's just hormones. She doesn't mean it.

Buffy realizes what she's doing and pulls her hand back, embarrassed that the nurse witnessed her outburst. Spike adjusts himself and checks his neck for damage.

Spike:(to the nurse) Don't kid yourself, pet. She means it.

Buffy shoots Spike an angry look but it fades when she sees him smiling back at her.

Spike: Good to know you haven't changed.

She smiles weakly.

Buffy: What can I say. You bring out the best in me.

Another contraction hits and Spike grabs her hand.

Spike: Okay, okay. Em... just try and breathe... do the breathing thing.

Buffy: I never... went to... Lamaze class.

Spike: Why the hell not? Those selfish twits couldn't find the time to take you to one class?

The contraction subsides.

Buffy: Everyone was a little busy saving the world while I was on maternity leave. We could have used a little help from the absentee father!

Spike: (angry) Well if someone would have bothered to keep me in the loop, maybe I would have--

Buffy yells again and Spike is immediately repentant.

Spike: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm a wanker.

Buffy: (in pain) Yes, you are! You are a WANKER!

Spike: Yes, I am. Okay, calm down. Just go like this. Hoo-hoo-hoo...

Buffy starts to breath the way Spike is showing her.

Buffy: Hoo-hoo- where did you - hoo - learn this?

Spike: On telly. On my soaps, someone's having a baby every other bloody day. This is the way they breathe. Hoo-hoo-hoo...

Buffy laughs, and then squeals in pain again.

Spike: No laughing. Breathe. Hoo-hoo-hoo...

Buffy obeys. After a little while, the doctor enters.

Doctor: So... how's mommy?

Spike: Mommy needs drugs. What've you got?

The doctor laughs as if Spike made a joke. Spike is pretty confused as to why his question was not answered.

Doctor: Let's just have a peek then.

The doctor looks under the sheet for a moment and Buffy screeches louder than she has yet.

Spike: What the hell are you doing down there? Whatever it is, knock it off! Can you see she's in terrible pain? What kind of a doctor are you?

Doctor: I assure you, sir, I'm not doing anything. The pain she's feeling is perfectly normal and to be expected.

Spike: Yeah, well, if this keeps up the pain you feel should be perfectly expected as well.

The doctor looks frightened.

Buffy: Spike. Spike, I'm okay. Don't threaten the doctor.

Spike looks at Buffy and all the anger drains out of his face.

Spike: Sorry. I'm not very good at this am I?

Buffy smiles softly and runs her hand through his hair.

Buffy: Actually, you're doing pretty great. I'm glad you're here.

Spike: Really?

Buffy responds by gripping a huge chunk of his hair and pulling hard as she screams through another contraction.

Spike: Ow. Ow. OW! You're not breathing! Buffy? That's attached, love! Remember breathing? Hoo-hoo-hoo...


The Scooby Gang sits in the waiting room. Willow wrings her hands and repeatedly checks the clock while Tara sits calmly beside her. Xander paces back and forth. Dawn alternates between babbling excitedly about being an aunt and looking bored. Anya is literally sitting on the edge of her seat when she sees Spike walking toward them. He looks a little worse for wear and his hair is sticking up violently. Everyone watches him closely, waiting.

Anya: He looks so pale.

She gets looks.

Anya: I mean, more so than usual.

Spike stands before them and speaks hoarsely.

Spike: It's a... baby.

Everyone waits.

Anya: Yes, but what kind?

Spike: A... a girl. A little girl.


The last of the Scooby visitors have filed out of the room, leaving Buffy and Spike alone with their new baby.

Buffy: So, no one seemed surprised to see you here tonight.

Spike: I noticed that. It's the baby. Babies are very distracting.

He says this without taking his eyes off of the little bundle in Buffy's arms. He watches the infant's every movement.

Buffy: I guess I was the only one who thought you were gone for good this time.

Spike looks down, guilty.

Spike: I know. And I am sorry. I just thought--

Buffy: No you didn't.

She sounds more hurt than angry.

Buffy: You didn't think at all. You never do because you are a child and now you have a child. I can't deal with two children at the same time, Spike, so you'd better have grown up a little while you were away!

Spike looks at her curiously.

Spike: Does that mean you want me to stay?

Buffy: Of course I want you to stay you stupid jerk. But it's not just about us now. (she looks at the baby in her arms) If you leave again...

Spike: (looking into her eyes) I'm not leaving again.

Buffy studies his face.

Buffy: I believe you. It's a good thing you suck at lying.

Spike shrugs, shyly. After a moment, a serious expression crosses his face.

Spike: Speaking of sucking, love... I am still a vampire. I don't expect the others to ever fully trust me. But I'd like to know if you think you ever will.

Buffy: Well... I've had a lot of time to think while you were a way. (smiling) A lot of time.

She laughs as Spike shifts uncomfortably at that little dig.

Buffy: And I don't know from souls but what I do know is that you have something inside of you that is very special. There are humans running around right now... lots of 'em... who can't feel as deeply as you do. They don't even have a fraction of your kindness, your passion, your sense of honor. And they don't need to work nearly as hard to have those things as you do.

Spike swallows hard, emotions getting the best of him.

Buffy: You're strong enough to keep that demon inside you from taking those things away. Angel wasn't that strong. And he could never have loved me the way you do. He couldn't even love himself. It's a hard thing to admit even now and maybe that's why it took me so long to see the good in you. I didn't want to believe that Angel...

She trails off.

Spike: (quietly) Buffy, you should know that Angel did love you.

Buffy: Not enough.

Spike is startled by her matter-of-fact tone.

Buffy: If he did he would have come back and found a way to make it work instead of giving up so easily. But it's okay. We're better, happier people when we're apart. I realize that now. I don't know, maybe it's new mom wisdom or something. Everything just seems more clear. Especially when I look at you.

Spike's breath catches.

Buffy: I love you, Spike. I love the way you love me. And I know you'll be good to us.

They're both getting pretty choked up and Spike can't seem to speak at all. He has no idea how to respond to such praise. Buffy understands this and changes the subject.

Buffy: So... I was convinced she was going to be a boy, so I didn't pick any good girl names. Do you have any favorites?

Spike: (very shy and tentative) Um... my mum's name was Olivia.

Buffy: Olivia!

She looks down at the baby.

Buffy: God, that's beautiful. Do you want to be named Olivia? Look, I think she likes it too. Miss Olivia...

She looks expectantly at Spike.

Spike: (confused) My mum didn't have a middle name. Maybe you can--

Buffy: No, she needs a last name. Olivia Summers is nice, but... (nervous) ...she's got a daddy.

Spike looks at her, and then the baby. Awestruck.

Spike: You want her to have my name?

Buffy: Well, I don't want her to be called Olivia the Bloody, but I know you had a decent last name at some point. To tell the truth I'm kinda dying to know what it is.

Spike reaches out slowly and lets Olivia wrap her tiny hand around one of his fingers.

Spike: (whisper) Fairchild.

Buffy has never known Spike to have such an economy with words. She's quite moved by it.

Buffy: Olivia Fairchild. That's perfect. Do you want to hold her?

He does, but he's scared.

Spike: I... I don't--

Buffy: It's easy. Here. Put your arms like this.

He studys her and then copies what she's doing. She gently lays the baby into his arms. He holds Olivia stiffly for a minute, worried about hurting her, but instincts soon take over and he snuggles the baby close to him. Buffy's eyes well up with tears as she takes in the beautiful tableau before her.

Buffy: There, see. You're doing a great job. You'll be a good dad, I think.

Spike looks down at his daughter who is cooing appreciatively up at him. He can no longer hold back the tears.

Spike: I will. I promise.

He looks up at Buffy and sees she is crying too. He leans over slowly and carefully to place a sweet kiss on her mouth. When he pulls away, Buffy kisses the top of Olivia's head and smiles at him. They are now a family.


In the maternity ward, Spike watches all the newborn babies from behind a glass window. Buffy has fallen asleep and now he's waiting for the nurse to bring Olivia out to be admired by the rest of the visitors on the floor. Spike's mood suddenly darkens as Xander walks up to him.

Xander: So, you're back.

Spike: Look, I don't want to fight with you.

Xander: Who's fighting?

Spike: I know you don't think I should be here. But I'm not leaving again. Buffy wants me to stay, so you'll just have to get used to having me around.

Xander: Spike--

Spike: Here--

Spike digs into his coat pocket and produces a zip lock baggie with a strangely beaded necklace in it.

Xander takes it, nonplussed.

Spike: It's made of garlic. They sell them at Venice Beach up in L.A. They're not in quite as much denial as the good people of Sunnydale. You can wear it whenever I'm around if it makes you feel better.

Xander: (shocked) You had this in your pocket the whole time?

Spike: Well, it's sealed. See? Yellow and blue make green.

Xander just stares at the necklace. He has so much to say, but he just can't bring himself to do say it. Instead, he nods a thank you and tucks the baggie in his pocket.

Spike nods in return and they both turn to watch the newborn babies again. After a few moments, Spike speaks conversationally.

Spike: Cordelia says hi.

Xander: Yeah? She miss me?

Spike: I wouldn't go that far.

Xander chuckles.

Xander: And how's your grand pappy?

Spike: Irritating as ever. But that's family for you.

Xander: Yeah. (long pause) So, speaking of that... uh... Anya and I are gonna take another stab at this wedding thing.

Spike: Oh right, I heard about the first fiasco. Interesting choice of words, though. Will there be stabbing?

Xander: We're hoping to avoid that by not inviting family this time. Just close friends. Willow is performing the ceremony. She was ordained on line.

Spike nods, impressed.

Xander: Giles is coming back from England to give the bride away.

Spike: Does he know about...

Xander: Yeah.

Spike: (nervous) Good. At least I don't have to worry about the old codger dropping dead of a coronary when he sees William the Bloody's newborn human child nestled in Buffy's maternal arms...

Spike trails off. Saying it out loud in this cavalier way has finally made it real for him. It hits him like a ton of bricks. Xander doesn't notice and when he speaks again, Spike is startled.

Xander: He's not happy, I won't lie. But I think you'll be surprised at how much he doesn't kill you. Especially after he sees her.

They both both watch quietly as Olivia is brought in by a young nurse and placed in a little plastic bed.

Spike: (lost in thought) Yeah. (then, remembering) I'll believe it when I see it.

Xander seems very uncomfortable. He keeps sneaking side glances at Spike, trying to avoid meeting his eyes.

Xander: So... So I need a guy is my point.

Spike is confused. He blinks a few times and tilts his head questioningly at Xander.

Xander: (voice cracking) A guy! For the wedding. Buffy, Tara and Dawn are still bridesmaids and I need a guy to stand next to me and sign the thing and hold the rings - and not steal them. Basically you're my only option, so do you want to do it or not?

Spike: Well. That was... from the heart.

Xander: Look, man, I'm trying to reach out here. With Buffy and the new baby and everything, you're kind of like... I don't know. You're here so you might as well be a part of stuff.

Spike is completely stunned. He squints at Xander, trying to figure out whether or not it's a joke.

Xander: Is that a no?

Spike: No. I mean, yeah. I'll do it. (not a trace of sarcasm) That might be... nice.

Xander: Well here's hopin'. Can't be any worse than last time, anyway. (long pause) Thanks.

Spike doesn't know the appropriate response. He feels like thanking Xander but that might seem weird.

Spike: Uh... yeah. Okay.

REALLY uncomfortable silence. They watch the baby again and for the first time, Xander notices Olivia's name card. He reads it, his mouth drops open and he looks at Spike.


Spike: (Oh, crap!) One word. One word and I swear...

Xander: (hands up) Hey, I'm sayin' nothin'! (Xander hides a smile) I should get going anyway. I got the job in the morning, can't stand around all night staring at your kid. (a pause; he has to do it) Fairchild, could you bring the car 'round?

Xander cracks himself up. Spike tries not to smile.

Spike: Funny.

Xander: I'll take my tea in the drawing room, please.

Spike: (not looking at him) You can leave now.

Xander: Yes, of course. Tally Ho, Fairchild. Until next we meet, somewhere betwixt dusk and dawn, I do beseech you--

Spike: It's gonna get old.

Xander: Oh, I don't think so.

Xander turns to leave. Stops. Pauses for a minute, then turns around.

Xander: Welcome Home, Spike.

Spike turns slowly to look at Xander. Okay, Buffy being sprogged up was a shock, becoming a father was still sinking in. But Xander being nice to him? Off Spike's bewilderment, Xander smiles then turns and walks away.