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The Party Crasher

Year 22XX

A few months have passed since the Meteor G incident and all was well.

"Hey, kid" said a voice."Wake up!"

"W-w-wha" said the boy "Why did you wake me up on a weekend Mega!" ("Mega aka Omega-Xis, Geo's wizard, Am-ian" said a mysterious voice)

"Aren't you supposed to go somewhere today Geo?"

("Geo Stelar aka Megaman, hero")

It took a while before he remembered…

"Oh yeah I remember we were supposed to meet with Ace at the WAZA Base."

"So why aren't you up yet? You were supposed to meet in 30 minutes."

"I slept that late!"

20 minutes 12 seconds and 2 milliseconds later….

"You ready Omega-Xis?"

"How hard could it be? Were just going to take a trip through the Astro Wave"

12 random encounters later, unaware that they were being followed.

"You made it just in time." Said Ace

("Ace aka Acid Ace, Wizard Acid")

"For what?" said Geo

Once they entered Geo saw everyone gathered around him.

"Hello Geo" said a blonde girl("Luna Platz, Wizard Vogue") Next to her a fairly plump boy was standing ("Bud Bison aka Taurus Fire, Wizard Taurus") then a short young boy("Zack Temple, Wizard Pedia") a young girl("Sonia Strumm aka Harp Note, Wizard Lyra")and finally a silent white haired boy("Solo aka Rogue, Murian, Wizard Laplace)

"What's going on here?" asked Geo

"Were throwing a surprise party for Dr. Goodall" said Ace "Today's the day that she joined the WAZA many years ago"

"And she's done a lot for us" said Geo "She helped protect WAZA, and she helped Luna, I think she deserves it."

The party was amazing there was food on a buffet table("This food is good" said Bud), the decorations were everywhere from wall to ceiling, Sonia was singing on a Real Wave Stage and the rest was leading Dr. Goodall with a blindfold.

"Okay you can remove the blindfold now" said Luna

"Wait till you see what we did" said Zack

"Hmph" said Solo

Dr. Goodall removed the blindfold and saw the party and everyone shouted "Surprise" and she was close to crying. Then "CRASH!" "CRACK!" "BOOM!" "SMACK!" a stranger makes a hole through the roof and crashes down knocking him unconscious.