Whistle! : Eleven is not Enough!

By: SelfcreatedCharacter

New Player

A young boy stood in front of one distinct house in a particular neighborhood. His short chestnut hair was tamed under a white beanie, a white scarf clothe his neck and mouth, while his body was heavily coated with a blue coat buttoned-down. For bottoms, he wore dark pants and ankle length tan colored boots with a blue duffle bag slung on his right shoulder. The house was normal; it had a front yard and a backyard. The residence itself was a two-story building like all the others in the neighborhood. The only noticeable difference was that it was older in style and duller in color. The front gate was rusted; it displayed a well used home. The block was silent except for the crunching of his boots. Dull auburn eyes stared up at the old rugged house. The boy memorized every little detail to the building, as if it would disappear within a moment. A blue-gloved hand reached to the rusted gate and recoiled back just as quickly as it reached. A pair of shoes crunched a few feet away from the boy.


The young boy, Kazamatsuri, Sho turned his dull eyes to acknowledge the individual, Kazamatsuri, Ko, "Ah... Aniki."

His aniki was a tall and well-built adult with dyed golden hair and coal hues. He was dressed in a similar fashion of a host- white trench coat, blue suit, checkered scarf and black dress shoes. "You ready to go?"

The chestnut haired male shook his headed and took a small step towards the timeworn complex. Then, another gradually he came closer until a hand stretched in front of Sho. He blinked at it, the weight on his right should disappeared and a shuffle of clothing on his brother's side. Two tan hands clasped his face, his eyes adjusted to his brother.

"Sho! Look at me," Ko urged, "Are you still thinking that he'll appear? Even after the dozens of searching you did? There's nothing more here, Sho. Just come with me, please?"

Auburn hues moisten, his voice cracked, "Aniki... I-I…" His gazed shifted down to the snow-covered pavement.

The host sighed, "I understand. You can visit when we're all settled and once a month only." The boy stared at his brother and began to laugh. Ko rubbed his head, brows thinned and a change of subject, "So, how do you like the thought of living with your one and only brother?"

"I worry for our lifestyle."


"Can you cook, Aniki?"


"I still have to go to school, which I transferred to just last week... Can you handle the chores on your own?"


His brother went rigid and sobbed out, "Sho! Trust your brother a little won't you?" 'It hurts... Whether it's my heart or my pride, I don't know...' Sob.'

The following day, after Sho left his previous residence, his brother had arranged his clothing and all to be transferred to the condominium. The building was colored a bright mahogany, vermillion and cool gray. The condominium building was enormous, simple and beautiful. In respect to the area, it is near the market, the park, beach and even Sho's school. Even more, the Soccer Senbatsu was within his province. The boy stared at the crinkled paper in his hands to the point that it seemed like he had it memorized.

"Sho?" Ko called from the kitchen.

"Ah, aniki. I have to go. Remember the letter from Saionji-san? They invited me for the try-outs." Sho rushed to get his soccer gear.

"Are you sure you're not forgetting anything? Your phone? Camera? Bag? Soccer ball? Cleats?" His aniki shot question after question.

The latter laughed at him, "It's alright. It's all packed here," He slapped his duffle bag.

Sho opened the door, "Okay. If there are any problems I'll call you." The LG cellular phone appeared in front of Ko's face. "I'll be going now."

"Take care." His brother waved his hand as he turned and walked down the hall.