Charmed: Redux

Summary: 6 months ago, Penny Halliwell died, leaving behind four granddaughters by the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Bella. Now, with Phoebe back in San Francisco, the sisters discover that they have a destiny far greater than they would've ever imagined: a Charmed destiny.

A/N: I've been intrigued with Twilight crossovers for a while now and Twilight/Charmed crossovers seemed pretty interesting to me. I read a couple on here and some were pretty good. I decided to write my own to see if I could put my own spin on things. I spent quite some time plotting everything and now I've got things figured out until mid-season 3, just before Piper and Leo marry.

I wanted to know if I'd be wasting my time writing and posting this, however, so I've decided to post the first chapter/episode on here first and see how the reaction to 'Charmed: Redux' would be before I continue on with this project.

So, please, do me a favor and read this if you're interested then kindly leave a line or two to tell me what you think of this. Thank you very much.

A few things to note:

At the beginning of the story, Prue's 25, Piper's 23, Phoebe's 21 and Bella's 15.

Edward and the rest of the Cullens are not going to be a part of the story for a while. I'll be rewriting most of the episodes of the series (I'm still not so sure about season 8 considering I'm not too fond of the whole Billie/Christie storyline, not to mention the disaster they made of Darryl's character in season 7, but I did like how they wrapped everything up for the Charmed sisters, even if that's not how their lives are going to end up in 'Charmed: Redux'). My point is, Edward won't come in until season 5 and there's a reason for that - but it won't be revealed until then. There are going to be some other Twilight characters that make appearances and even make the recurring guest stars cut, so I hope that'll make up for it somewhat.

Patty died when Prue was 11, Piper was 9, Phoebe was 7 and Bella was six months old.

Patty and Sam, her Whitelighter, broke up soon after they gave Paige up. A few years later, Patty entered a brief relationship with a minor god who was a son of Aphrodite and Ares. The end result was Bella. Bella's father was absent throughout Bella's life and is rarely mentioned.

Because of Bella's paternal genes, which include not only DNA from an immortal being thus giving her the gift of immortality once she receives her powers, but also the power to lure others to her (she has Aphrodite's genes in her).

It is not uncommon to have multiple powers in the Charmed universe. In fact, most powerful witches (like the Charmed Ones and their offspring) have multiple powers each. This is the same for Bella, who is a Charmed One and a half-God.

Bella's powers: first manifested in the first episode of season 1 as Agility (the ability that provides the possessor with inhuman agility, reflexes and speed - which, as a sub-power, is called Hyper Speed, the ability to travel at the speed of light/exceeding the speed of light. Agility enabled Bella to jump great heights/climb walls/possess great fighting skills).

Some of her other powers, besides the basic witch abilities, was Enchanting (the ability to bend someone to one's will by manipulating their sex drive and/or radiating false feelings of love, friendship, happiness and other positive emotions), and Luring (which is basically a form of seduction, luring all men to her by walking into the room) - all gifts from Aphrodite, who was her paternal grandmother.

These two powers won't be really noticed or utilized much for now, and Bella won't know how to control them to her advantage until another season. For season 1, we just get mentions of Bella attracting others to her, be it in a sexual manner or otherwise, because let's face it. Any descendant of Aphrodite's gonna be able to do that, right?

The rest of her powers, just like her sisters' powers, will come to her/them as the series progresses and will be explained when it happens.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe and later on Paige will have the same powers they have on the show.


1973 - Prue is born

1975 - Piper is born

1977 - Phoebe is born

1979 - Paige is born

1983 - Bella is born

1984 - February; Patty died.

Disclaimer: Twilight and Charmed do not belong to me, but to their respective creators, SM and Constance M. Burge.

Something Wicca This Way Comes

I'm late, Piper thought, on the verge of panicking. Arms loaded with groceries, she did her best to balance an umbrella in her hand to shield her against the pounding rain. I'm late. I can't believe I'm so late. Oh, I just know Prue's going to be mad

She rushed as fast as she could through the rain, not wanting to slip on the slick ground below her, and hurried through the front door to the manor. She closed the door behind her, hung up her umbrella and walked past the foyer. "Prue?" she called out, almost timidly, placing her bags on the hallway table.

"In here," Prue's unmistakable voice called out from the living room. "Working on the chandelier."

Piper grimaced at the annoyance she could hear in Prue's voice. She shrugged off her wet coat and hung it up next to the umbrella. Picking up her grocery bag, she made her way towards the living room, hoping to pacify her older sister if she showed she was merely too preoccupied about work.

"Sorry I'm late," she apologized. The best way to handle this was to apologize first, she firmly believed that.

"What else is new?" Prue's voice was still tinged with irritation.

Piper walked into the living room to find her sister perched on a ladder under the chandelier. She still had on her work clothes. "You know, Piper," Prue turned around at the sound of Piper's footsteps drawing closer. Piper fought not to flinch at the annoyed expression she wore. "I would've been here to meet the electrician myself but you know I can't leave the museum until six. I haven't even had time to change."

Piper tilted her head to the side in acknowledgement of Prue's words and pulled her face into the most sincere apologetic look she could muster. "I just - I didn't realize how long I was in Chinatown," she explained herself. "Bella couldn't have…?"

"No," Prue still looked angered. "You know she has that project due Monday. She's not even home yet."

Not wanting to continue being lectured, Piper quickly changed the subject, "Did Jeremy call?"

Prue sighed a little before pointing towards the dining table. "No, but he had some roses and a package delivered," she informed her sister.

Piper's eyes sparkled as she headed towards the dining room. Prue hid a smile. As annoyed as she was at Piper, she was glad that Piper was happy with her boyfriend. Especially considering it had only been months since they'd lost their grandmother. It was good that her gentle hearted sister was living her life, moving on from the grief.

"What were you doing in Chinatown?" Prue asked, catching on to Piper's earlier words. "I thought that you had an interview in North Beach?"

"I did," Piper replied as they walked into the dining room. She smiled slightly at the sight of the red roses. Her eyes were quickly drawn, however, to the wooden box next to it. Putting her grocery bag down once more, Piper reached for the box. "But I went to Young Lee Market after my interview to get ingredients for my audition recipe tomorrow."

"So that Wolfgang Puck knock-off didn't hire you today?" Prue asked, watching as Piper slid the box's wooden lid off.

"No," Piper sighed, taking out the bottle inside the box and holding it up so Prue could see it. "But this just may get me the job."

Prue grabbed the bottle from Piper so she could read the label better. "Jeremy sent you port?" she asked, not understanding why Piper seemed so happy about that.

Piper nodded. "It's the ultimate ingredient for my recipe," she revealed.

Prue smiled. "Nice boyfriend," she said approvingly.

Piper smiled shyly and looked away so she wouldn't start blushing. Something at the edge of the table caught her eye. She gasped as she recognized the familiar object. "Oh, my God!" she gushed, walking over and picking it up, her eyes lit brilliantly. "I don't believe it. Tell me that's not our old spirit board."

Prue placed the port down on the table, watching as Piper inspected the board. Piper eyed the antique game, her gaze falling on the symbol in the center of the board. It was a circle with three interlocking arcs in the middle. She had never known what that symbol meant, if it meant anything at all, but she'd always secretly liked it.

She flipped it over, remembering that there used to be something written on the back of the board.

"Yeah," Prue replied. "I found it in the basement when I was looking for the circuit tester."

She moved to stand behind Piper, looking over her shoulder as Piper read the inscription out loud. "To my four beautiful girls. May this give you the light to find the Shadows. The Power of Four will set you free. Love, Mom…" Piper looked up and shot Prue a look. "We never did figure out what this inscription meant."

She smiled a little as she fondly remembered Phoebe and Bella as kids, running around convinced that it was some sort of secret, hidden message their mother had left for them.

Prue turned away from Piper and the spirit board, not as comfortable looking back at past memories as her sister was. "We should send it to Phoebe," she tossed over her shoulder as she walked back out into the hall. "That girl is so in the dark maybe a little bit of light would help."

Ooh, there's my chance, Piper thought, both thankful for it and dreading the upcoming conversation. Lord knows she'd put it off for long enough. Besides, she had to tell Prue tonight. It was her last chance.

Scurrying after her older sister, Piper chided gently, "You're always so hard on her."

And that was enough to rile Prue up. She turned around, giving Piper an incredulous look. "Piper, the girl has no vision, no sense of the future," she lectured.

Piper bit her bottom lip nervously. "I really think Phoebe's coming around," her words full of innuendo that Prue didn't catch on to.

Prue scoffed at Piper's words. "Well, as long as she doesn't come around here, I guess it's good news," she quipped, turning back around and storming back towards the living room to continue working on the chandelier.

Piper watched her leave, feeling incredibly awkward. She felt guilty for not telling Prue sooner but she had just been too intimidated. After all, Phoebe had left San Francisco six months ago not without animosity between her and Prue.

Maybe I'll wait until Bella comes home, Piper thought. Maybe she could help me break the news. Sighing to herself, Piper picked up her bag of groceries and headed over to the kitchen to put it away. I think I'll make some chamomile, she groaned internally.

An hour later and Bella still wasn't home. Piper was getting nervous. Phoebe's flight had already landed, she knew that, and she was worried that Phoebe would arrive before their youngest sister. If that were to happen, then she would have to confront Prue on her own and Piper wasn't sure she was up for that at all.

She stood at the living room window, peering out into the darkness outside looking for signs of Bella or Phoebe. When she saw the now familiar sight of the red Chevy Camaro that belonged to Bella's older boyfriend, Carter Sampson, Piper breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God," she muttered, throwing a discreet look over her shoulder to see if Prue had caught that.

Bella took longer than five minutes to get out of the stationary vehicle. Piper huffed, placing one hand on her hip as she watched the car. She was growing more and more impatient and was just about to just grab her umbrella and march over to the car, dragging her sister out, when the passenger side door opened.

Piper watched as Bella climbed out, her library bag slung over one shoulder and a stack of books cradled in her arm. She was bent over, half her body stuck inside the car as she said goodbye to her boyfriend.

Piper let the curtain fall back into place as Bella slammed the car door close and started walking briskly up to the front porch, her hair and clothes getting soaked as she made it to the front door. Piper swung the door open just as Bella reached it.

"Thank God you're home," Piper breathed, wrapping her hand around Bella's free wrist and yanking her through the threshold.

Bella gave Piper a strange look. "What? Did I forget to do something?" she asked, frowning as she tried to think back to anything she might've forgotten. Remembering Prue's comment about the electrician in the morning, she said, "I thought that I told Prue I had to work late on my project?"

Piper shook her head, closing the door and linking her hands through Bella's arm. "Shh," she cautioned, throwing another look in Prue's direction. They were relatively safe from hearing range, so far away in the foyer. "Listen, I need to tell you something but you have to be really quiet, okay? Prue doesn't know yet and I need your help to tell her."

Now Bella looked positively glowing. There was nothing she loved more than a good mystery or some sort of secret that she could be included in on. "Okay," she whispered back, agreeing quickly to Piper's terms. Shrugging off her wet coat and placing it together with her soaked bag and books on the floor, she raised an eyebrow at her older sister. "What's the secret?"

Piper cupped a hand over Bella's ear, leaning in to whisper the words.

"Phoebe's coming home?" Bella yelped, a little too loudly for Piper's taste. She shushed her sister again, throwing another paranoid look in Prue's direction. She relaxed minimally when it seemed as though Prue hadn't heard her at all. "Sorry," Bella lowered her voice to a whisper once more. "Look, Piper, don't get me wrong - I'm so glad Phoebes is coming back, but you're on your own telling Prue."

Piper threw her an aggravated look. "What! Oh, come on, you have to help me…" she pleaded.

Bella shrugged. "Sorry, but I'm trying to get in her good graces so she'll let me go to Carter's apartment on Saturday," she said, perking up at the mention of her boyfriend. Carter Sampson was seven years her senior, a fledgling reporter working for the San Francisco Chronicle. She had met Carter when she had gone with Piper to visit Jeremy at his workplace a few weeks back.

Piper rolled her eyes. She wasn't as stern as Prue was - she firmly believed that no one could be as stern as Prue was - but it didn't mean that she approved of the relationship. After all, Bella was three years below the legal age and there was just so much age difference. Even so, she knew that Bella, as a rebellious teenaged girl, would only fight to see Carter the more Prue and herself told her not to.

"First of all - there's no chance that'll be happening at all," Piper told her without apology. She knew Bella had started being sexually active a few months ago, with a senior football quarterback she'd dated back then. Prue might not know but Piper did and she wasn't going to fall for Bella's 'we're only going to watch movies' excuse. Thank God Prue isn't at all gullible, Piper grumbled to herself.

Bella made a face at Piper but stayed silent as Piper continued, "And second, it won't be that bad. We just need some time to convince her that Phoebe's matured and isn't as…Out of control as before and you know, she'll understand."

Even Piper didn't believe her own words.

Bella snorted in response to Piper's words. She knew Piper was trying to convince herself instead of Bella. "She'll understand?" she mocked lightly. "Which Prue are you talking about?" Hearing something rumbling, she reached out and pulled back the curtain covering the window next to them. "And your time's run out, by the way."

"What!" Piper looked absolutely horrified as she rushed to peer out the window as well. She cursed a little under her breath as she saw the cab out front. Turning away from the window, she quickly walked over to Prue, irritatingly aware of Bella following behind her, chuckling amusedly.

They walked into the kitchen and walked out the back door, where they found Prue fiddling with the circuit breakers at the utility box. Sensing Piper next to her, Prue muttered, "I don't get it. I have checked everything. There's no reason why the chandelier should not be working."

She closed the utility box and turned, her eyes widening slightly in surprise when she saw Bella there. "Bella, when did you get home?" she asked.

Bella shrugged. "Just now," she replied casually. "The electrician couldn't find anything wrong?"

Prue scowled slightly at the reminder. Piper hurried to change the subject. "You know how we've been talking about what to do with that spare room?" she raised her voice slightly to get Prue's attention. "I think you're right. We do need a roommate."

Prue pursed her lips, considering Piper's words. "Well, we could rent out the room at a reduced rate in exchange for help around the house," she suggested.

Bella, sensing that this was the opening Piper needed, hurried to ask Prue her own question first. "Well, that sounds just fantastic," she agreed cheerfully, causing Prue to look at her with barely concealed suspicion. Bella had been even more hesitant than Piper regarding getting a roommate. In fact, she'd been downright against it. She hated change and she hated strangers invading her privacy. Inviting someone they had never met before to be their roommate was both of those things combined and she had fought tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. "Speaking of fantastic ideas…See, I have this thing planned for Saturday…?"

Piper threw her a glare. "Bella, this really isn't the time," she muttered through clenched teeth.

Bella, unfazed, gave Piper an incredulous look. "Are you kidding? Once you tell Prue what you wanna tell Prue, she'll be in a bad mood for weeks," she scoffed. "This is the perfect time for me to ask my question first."

Prue, who was standing right there in the kitchen with the two of them, raised both her eyebrows. I feel a headache coming on already, Prue predicted wryly. "Okay, what are you two talking about?" she demanded.

Piper took a deep breath. "Phoebe's good with a wrench," she blurted out, panicking too much to care about finesse.

What little smile on Prue's face slipped off completely at that. "Phoebe lives in New York," she reminded Piper, a tiny sense of dread creeping into her subconscious.

Piper, grimacing, ploughed ahead, "Not anymore."

Prue froze for a moment before closing the kitchen drawer she'd just opened. "What?" she asked, the dread tripling in under a second.

"She left New York," Piper hastened to explain. "She's moving back in with us."

Prue sighed, glaring at Piper as she moved past her sisters and headed out of the kitchen. "You've got to be kidding," she muttered angrily.

"Just for the record," Bella piped up as she and Piper followed after Prue. "I had nothing to do with it."

"Bella!" Piper protested.

Bella ignored her, "In fact, I didn't even know until a few minutes ago. It was all Piper's doing."

Instead of deny it, Piper went on the defensive. "Well, I could hardly say no. It's her house, too. It was willed to all of us," she reminded Prue as they reentered the main hall.

"Yeah, months ago," Prue argued. "And we haven't seen or spoken to her since."

Piper and Bella exchanged a look. While Bella hadn't had a clue that Phoebe was moving back to San Francisco, she had been speaking regularly to her on the phone and e-mailing her constantly. The move was only kept secret because it was so last minute. Piper had volunteered to tell both Bella and Prue and had put it off to the very last second.

"Well, you haven't spoken to her," Piper corrected delicately.

"No, I haven't," Prue agreed angrily, swiveling around to face Piper. "Look, maybe you've forgotten why I'm so mad at her."

Piper shook her head. "No, of course not," she soothed. "But she had nowhere else to go. She lost her job, she's in debt…"

"And this is news!" Prue scoffed.

Bella, on the other hand, was more than a little stunned. "Wow, really," she said worriedly. "I had no idea…She never told me any of this."

Piper shrugged, shooting her a half smile. "You're only fifteen," she murmured. "She didn't want to worry you."

Prue rolled her eyes. It was just like Piper to try and paint the black sheep of the family in a positive light. She tried her best to ignore the fact that Bella had practically confessed to having spoken to Phoebe, as well, despite being kept in the dark about Phoebe's messes. Bella's closeness with Phoebe had always been a sore subject for Prue, especially since she didn't want her youngest sister to follow in the footsteps of the sister she was so close to. Jealousy had nothing to do with it. At all.

"How long have you known about this anyway?" she demanded.

"A couple of days," Piper hurriedly said. Her conscience kicked in a second later and she winced as she corrected herself, "Maybe a week…Or two."

Prue glared at her. "Thanks for sharing," she said sarcastically. "When does she arrive?" she asked after a moment's pause. If Phoebe was returning, and it looked like there was nothing Prue could do to stop that, then she was going to have to be prepared for it.

Just at that moment, the front door burst open. "Surprise!" Phoebe called out, grinning at her three sisters. Her short, curly dark hair and her coat were both slightly wet from the rain. She stepped into the house, oblivious to Prue's annoyed expression if only for a moment, and closed the door behind her. She placed her umbrella down on the hallway floor, holding up the spare key as she made her way towards her sisters.

"I found the hide-a-key," she explained.

Bella's face lit up at the sight of the sister she hadn't seen in half a year. "Phoebe!" she cried happily, rushing forward.

Piper followed after her, smiling as she hugged Phoebe. "Phoebe, welcome home," she greeted her with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.

"Hello, Piper," Phoebe smiled back at her, before chuckling as she was hug attacked by Bella. "Hey, Bells," she hugged her younger sister back tightly.

Bella didn't let go of Phoebe for a long time, only fuelling Prue's irritation. "It's so good to see you!" Bella exclaimed when they finally let each other go.

Piper nodded, "Yes, it is…" She turned towards her oldest sister and prompted, "Isn't it, Prue?"

"I'm speechless," Prue deadpanned.

An awkward silence descended on the four of them, broken only by a car horn from outside. "Oops," Phoebe said. "I forgot about the cab."

Piper, eager to do something to diffuse the moment, assured Phoebe quickly, "I'll get it."

Prue furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Piper lifting a black purse from the side table. "Piper, that's my purse!" she called out but Piper didn't seem to hear her, already reaching the front door. Piper merely waved her hand without turning around, slipping out the front door.

"Thanks," Phoebe said to Prue. "I'll pay you back."

Yeah, I won't hold my breath, Prue thought sarcastically. She looked down at the backpack at Phoebe's feet. "Is that all that you brought?" she asked, slight hope returning that Phoebe might not stay for long.

That hope was squashed when Phoebe replied, "That's all that I own. That and a bike."

Another awkward silence fell amongst them.

Bella, being the courageous one, turned to Phoebe with a huge smile. "Does that mean you're staying here for good?" she asked hopefully.

Phoebe laughed a little. "Well, you know, not forever like 'the next sixty years' forever," she answered. "But for now…Yeah. I think so."

Bella grinned happily. "Cool," she said, giving Phoebe another quick hug.

Prue rolled her eyes again. "Yeah - cool," she mocked.

Phoebe and Bella pulled apart, both looking over at an irate Prue. "Look, I know that you don't want me here-"

Prue interrupted Phoebe, taking a step forward. "We're not selling Grams' house," she informed Phoebe sternly.

Bella groaned at how the conversation had shifted from 'awkward' to 'potentially dangerous'.

Phoebe looked appalled at Prue's statement. "Is that why you think I came back?" she demanded furiously, trying to hide the hurt she felt at Prue's unspoken accusation.

Prue didn't answer, opting instead to say, "Look, the only reason Piper and I gave up our apartment and moved back here is because this house has been in our family for generations."

Phoebe glared at her. "No history lesson needed," she snapped. "I grew up here, too. So can we talk about what's really bothering you?"

"No," Prue replied coolly. "I'm still furious with you."

"So you'd rather have a tense reunion filled with boring chit-chat and unimportant small talk?"

Prue shrugged. "No, but otherwise we won't have anything to talk about," she quipped.

Bella, unused to being the mediator between the two considering that was usually Piper's job, said, "You know, why don't we just…"

Phoebe interrupted her, cutting to the chase, "I never touched Roger."

"Oh, hell," Bella cursed.

Prue glared at Phoebe. "Whoa," she said warningly.

"I know you think otherwise," Phoebe continued. "Because that's what that Armani-wearing, Chardonnay-slugging, trust-funder told you but-"

Bella breathed out in relief when they heard the front door slam close, Piper heading their way. "Hey!" Piper interrupted, still with a certain amount of forced cheeriness. "I have a great idea. Why don't I make a fabulous reunion dinner? Bella can bake her famous double chocolate brownies…?"

Bella nodded, eager to do anything she could to diffuse such a tense situation.

"I'm not hungry," Prue muttered, glaring at Phoebe before stalking past all three of them.

Phoebe, looking slightly disheartened at Prue's anger towards her even after all these months, picked up her backpack. "I ate on the bus," she told Piper, heading the other way towards the stairs.

Piper and Bella, the only two left, shared an uncomfortable look. "Okay," Piper called out belatedly. "We'll try the group hug later…"

Fifteen minutes later, Bella - overly excited that Phoebe was back at home - had abandoned her homework and gone to hang out with Phoebe. She was lounging on Phoebe's bed, the TV there turned on to the news report because there was nothing else on that was remotely interesting.

"I can understand not telling Prue," Bella was saying as Phoebe puttered around her room. "But me? That's just mean."

Phoebe laughed. "Well, I'm sorry," she said sincerely. "But you're as good at keeping secrets as I am."

Bella pretended to be offended by that. "Hey! I am not that bad!" she laughed along with Phoebe.

"…I'm in an apartment building on the corner of 8th and Franklin, where a murder occurred earlier this evening," the reporter on TV was saying, drawing Bella's attention back to the screen. "The victim, believed to be a nurse at County General, was reportedly stabbed to death in her apartment. Police have yet to comment if the murder bears any resemblance to the two other ritual killings that recently occurred in the downtown area…"

Bella shuddered a little as the woman continued on. She had read about the past two murders, as well, and the media was speculating that it was the work of a serial killer, even if the police hadn't confirmed anything.

"San Francisco," she muttered. "Home of the psychos…" She turned her head to look at Phoebe, who was shrugging off her dampened jacket. "Don't you just miss it here?"

Phoebe merely laughed as she tossed the jacket on the bed and walked over to the mirror to check if her light make-up had been smudged by the rain.

A knock at the bedroom door startled the both of them. "It's me," Piper called out.

"Come on in," Phoebe invited, smiling when the door opened and she saw Piper carrying a tray of food. "God, I'm starving!" Phoebe crowed, climbing onto the bed next to Bella.

Piper smiled knowingly, "Figured."

The news reporter was still speaking, her words making Piper turn around to look at the screen. "Speculation and concern is running high in this upscale neighborhood," the reporter was saying.

Piper's eyes widened as she saw a very familiar face on screen. "Hey, that's my boyfriend, Jeremy," she said for Phoebe's benefit, pointing to the man interviewing someone in the background. "What happened?"

Phoebe shrugged. "Some woman got whacked," she replied as nonchalantly as possible. It was always horrible to hear news of someone innocent getting killed but she wasn't nearly as freaked by it as Bella usually was.

"'Whacked'?" Bella laughed, stealing some food off of the tray Piper had placed on the bed. "Phoebe, you've been in New York way too long."

Phoebe tilted her head, reaching out for some food as well as Piper perched on the edge of her bed. "Yeah, I should've stayed," she sounded a little somber as she remembered how everything had gone so downhill for her the past couple of weeks in the Big Apple.

Looking up from the snack food she was picking at with her fingers, Phoebe shot Piper a narrowed eyed look. "Why didn't you tell Prue I was coming back?"

Bella snorted in laughter. "And risk her changing the locks?" she quipped with a wry smile. "I don't think so."

Piper gave her an amused smile before turning to look at Phoebe, a steely glint in her eyes. Bella, sensing that the conversation was about to get heavier, reached for the remote next to her and turned the television off.

"Besides, you should've been the one to tell her, not me," Piper reprimanded Phoebe as gently as possible.

"Good point, Chicken Little," Phoebe teased. Her smile fell as she thought about her oldest sister and the less than warm reunion that had taken place half an hour ago. "It's just so hard for me to talk to her. She's always been more like a mother."

"That's not her fault," Piper was quick to come to Prue's defense. "She practically had to sacrifice…"

She trailed off when both Bella and Phoebe jumped in to finish her sentence for her. "…Her own childhood to help raise us," the two sisters chanted simultaneously, giggling.

Phoebe was still chuckling as she shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," she said dismissively.

Piper, although she couldn't contain her smile at the two of them, insisted, "Hey, we were lucky she was so responsible. We had it easy. All we had to do was be there."

Phoebe nodded. She couldn't dispute Piper's words but things had changed now. She wasn't a teenager anymore. She wasn't sure about Bella, who was only fifteen years old at this point, but things were different for herself, personally. "Yeah, well, I don't need a mom anymore, you know?" she argued softly. "I need a sister."

Piper gazed at Phoebe with a kind of deep empathy only she could pull off. She was worried about the two sisters getting along. Their relationship had deteriorated so much over the past couple of years. Piper didn't want them to be the kind of family who were separated and would only argue whenever they saw each other, but unfortunately that was how it looked like it would be.

She opened her mouth to say some comforting words to Phoebe but before she could, a knock at the door interrupted her. All three of them turned towards the direction of the door to see Prue standing at the entrance of Phoebe's room, carrying a thick blanket in her arms. "Hey," Prue greeted. Holding up the blanket, she said by way of explanation, "This was always the coldest room in the house."

Phoebe watched as Prue placed the blanket down on top of the dresser. "Thanks," she said quietly.

Prue nodded once, lingered awkwardly for a few seconds before turning around and walking away without a single word.

Phoebe sighed. Guess we're going to stick to 'awkward and uncomfortable' for a little while longer, she thought sarcastically.

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