A/N: I'm going to set this about two or three weeks before iOMG.

Sam hated bullies. Even if she was one herself. Well, she considered herself more of a former bully. She'd grown out of randomly pushing around weaker kids and focused mostly on Freddie and on occasion Gibby. (What? She needed to keep it mixed up a bit.)

It's not to say she wouldn't put someone who was obviously out of line into a headlock to teach them a lesson. On this particular Monday afternoon, she had a recent transfer student from another school in a choke hold. Clint Marks. He was the new captain of the wrestling team and made Gibby look like a genius.

Of course, all of this was moot to Sam. He wasn't cute enought to catch her attention, and he didn't make the mistake of catcalling to Carly like many of the new male students tended to do. He did however make one mistake.

He cornered Freddie, stole his lunch , punched him in the gut and gave him a wedgie for good measure. All on a Monday morning. That was unforgivable in Sam's eyes.

Monday mornings belonged to Sam. It was a tradition they had since sixth grade. Freddie brought a double lunch, gave half to Sam, let her punch him 'lightly' on the shoulder and sat in the courtyard with Carly to eat lunch. A couple of years ago she would have given him a wedgie too. But since there first kiss, she'd outgrown that. She felt any guy that'd kissed her was above a wedgie, even a nub like Freddie.

So, when Clint Marks made the stupid mistake of messing with Freddie on Monday, well Sam had no choice.

"How long they been at it?" Carly asked Freddie.

"Almost seven minutes," He said proudly as he stared at the timer on his PearPod.

Carly chuckled. "And I see you're in no hurry to get a teacher."

"Why should I? The guy had it coming to him. I'm just lucky he messed with me on a Monday. Any other day and Sam would have given him pointers." Freddie said relieved.

"I'm just glad it's not me in that headlock. Sam's arms are strong." Gibby commented.

They all laughed. Unfortunately, Mr. Stern came down the stairs at that moment and broke up the fight. Sam would have been suspended if it hadn't been for Carly, Freddie and Gibby's intervention. In the end, Mr. Stern gave Clint a double detention and Sam got off with a warning.

"Thanks, Sam" Freddie gave her a warm genuine smile.

She shrugged and picked up the smooshed lunch bag on the floor. "Any other day you'd been on your own. Mondays are mine. The faster that guy learned it the better."

Freddie smirked. He knew had it been a Thursday she'd still found a reason to intervene.