Author's Note: The product of being bored and junk. I actually planned on doing this for a while, mostly because I like the idea of Wally and Roy broness and haven't seen much of it without Robin. So after collecting a few starting words, I have started my very first series of one-shots/drabbles.

Summary: Bacon instantly makes everything better, for example, bacon bits are like fairy dust. Don't like your Brussels sprouts? BAM! Bacon bits.

Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice. I'd actually do what the fans would want and put out new episodes, but that's just me.

The (Mis)Adventures of the Red-Haired Duo



Roy's hand paused halfway to the box of cereal on the shelf, turning his head to look at his companion, "What?"

Wally picked up a box of Fruity Pebbles, seemingly reading the nutritional information, "You need bacon."

The archer rolled his eyes, picking up his target box of Apple Jacks and tossing it into his basket, "And what makes you think that I need that?"

"Because you're a guy and bacon is naturally awesome."

Roy hummed in disinterest, continuing his way down the aisle, the speedster trailing after him like a puppy. This was pretty much how the whole day had gone. Wherever Roy went, Wally was following close behind. The thought of trying to lose the younger teen had crossed his mind but, it would be pointless, Wally always found him.

"No dude, seriously, bacon is the greatest food in existence. I can go with anything and makes everything instantly better."

Sighing, the older teen glanced at the younger showing that he was listening.

"And bacon bits is like fairy dust-"

"Isn't fairy dust 'magic'?" he asked smirking.

A frown passed over Wally's face, "Shut-up, you know what I mean." The frown instantly disappeared, "Like I was saying, bacon bits is like fairy dust. Don't like your Brussels sprouts? Bam! Bacon bits!"

"Brussels sprouts?" Roy repeated, quirking an eyebrow.

Wally shuddered, "I hate Brussels sprouts, well when there isn't any bacon bits on hand."

He shook his head, tossing a package of snack packs in the basket, Wally helped by tossing in two more. When Roy glared at him, Wally just grinned.

"I'll pay you back?"

"Whatever." Of course added food to his grocery bill wasn't much of a surprise when he went shopping with Wally, that's why he tried to avoid doing so when the speedster did one of his impromptu visits. "So, why are you babbling about bacon."

"Because there's an obvious lack of bacon in your basket."

"The surplus of crap in it probably more than makes up for it." Roy said smacking Wally's hand causing the speedster to drop the box of said crap in his hand.

"Ow. You could have just said 'put it back' you know."

"Would you have?"

"Good point." The younger said with another grin, "So, you're going to get bacon right?"

A small growl escaped his mouth, "Why do I have to get it?"

"I told you-"

"No, you told me about your unnatural love for it."

"Okay fine, I'm in the mood for a peanut butter bacon cheese sandwich."

Roy stopped in the middle of the aisle, nearly causing a woman in front of them to ram her cart into him, "A what?" he asked quickly stepping out of the way.

"A peanut butter bacon cheese sandwich." Wally repeated his eyes wandered back to the items on the shelves.

"That doesn't even sound good."

Wally snorted, "That's where you're wrong."

The archer shook his head in disbelief, "How did you even come up with that?"

"I was home by myself and hungry. I figured if bacon, peanut butter, and cheese were awesome on their own, then together it could be one of the greatest sandwiches ever. I wasn't that far off. You should try one."

"There's no way that I'm eating that." Roy scoffed.

"Oh come on, don't knock it until you try it." Wally said stepping in front of Roy, walking backwards while still facing the archer.

"I'll eat that sandwich when you eat rhubarb."

Wally scowled, "Now we're talking about realistic terms, it's not the time for impossible ones Roy. What if I pay for your next grocery bill?"

The older ten steered the speedster to the side before Wally backed into an old man who was closely examining the selection of soup the store provided. "And what are you going to do that with? Your imaginary money supply?"

"I have money." Wally said indignantly, "Come on, Roy."

"You're never going to stop bothering me are you?"

Wally grinned, "Nope."

Roy sighed, figured. "Fine, let's go get your bacon."


"This is disgusting."

Roy leaned against the counter opposite of the one where his microwave was located. Two sandwiches rotated inside. Beside him, Wally swung his legs as he sat perched on the counter.

"You haven't even tried it yet."

"It looks disgusting then." Roy amended crossing his arms.

In an instant, Wally was next to the microwave just as it went off. "Just take a bite." He said offering one of the sandwiches.

Roy took it with a frown. "Can't believe I'm doing this." He said under his breath before taking a bite.

Wally watched the older hero chew, looking for any indication to whether the archer liked or disliked the sandwich. Once Roy swallowed his bite, he stared at the sandwich still frowning. For a moment, Wally was certain the other was going to throw it in the garbage and soil it's holy baconess.

"Okay fine, it's not bad." Roy relented. "But that doesn't mean the rest of your ideas are any good."

A triumphant grin spread across Wally's face, "You should try a twenty stuff." Wally suggested grabbing his own sandwich and hopping back onto the counter.


The teen speedster nodded, swallowing his mouthful before explaining, "Once Rob spent the night at my house and no one else was home and we had a package of double stuffed Oreos. We put the cream of twenty Oreos between two of the cookies. It was awesome, Rob threw up." He finished laughing at the memory.

Roy shook his head, a small laugh of his own joining in.

"We're going to have to go back to the store."

End of Bacon

To be continued

Final Thought: Never had a peanut butter bacon cheese sandwich? You're missing out. It's simple, make toast put peanut butter on one side, place the cheese and bacon on, stick it in the microwave for fifteen seconds and enjoy. It's delicious, sweet yet salty.

As for the twenty stuffed, I had these two friends who did that. Both of them ended up sick because there was too much sugar.

Woot. So this is going to be my "I'm bored so I'm going to write the next part" fic. So updates are going to be very sporadic. However, say if you want a certain type of event or you have a word you'd like a drabble/one-shot centered around Wally and Roy, if I can do it I'll give it my best go. I'll try to make them longer than this one, but for each I'll just push for close to a thousand words if I can.

Until the next round this is Fallen Shadow signing out.

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