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Summary: After realizing what was wrong with the speedster, there was really only one thing that Roy could do; release a stream of curse words towards Wally, even though in his fevered state, it was unlikely that Wally would hear or understand any of them.

Disclaimer: If I owned Young Justice, I see no plausible reason for me to have a Summer job, I guess this means I can quit.

The (Mis)Adventures of the Red Haired Duo

It's Catching

Bartholomew Allen was no longer allowed to leave Central on 'official business' anymore, that was that. Every time he did, Roy swore something bad happened, the chocolate milk fiasco, Wally breaking his nose, Roy's car being totaled after Wally assured him that he had plenty of practice behind the wheel, stinkin' little liar. Course, this time was not any different than the other instances, only with a whole lot more swearing involved.

"Son of a bitch." Roy swore for maybe the tenth time as he adjusted his grip on the arm that was slung across his shoulder. Almost there, he thought to himself, finally prying the window open to his apartment. He never kept it locked, his neighborhood was secure enough that he was willing to leave it unlocked, besides the last guy who tried to break in permanently lost the ability to use his left arm. The window slide open with easy and with one final grunt, Roy was able to haul himself and the extra weight he was towing along with him inside. He would have gladly used the front door to his apartment, but his neighbors were too busy not minding their own business to make it possible to getting in without being spotted in his gear.

Dropping his bow once he stepped foot on the carpet, Roy used his free hand to balance more of the weight making the few steps the couch much easier, "There." he sighed, setting the other red head down on the sofa, the worn springs sagging beneath the speedster. "Don't move." though seeing how the younger teen's head lolled to the side, the order served no purpose.

Time and time again he told himself that he should move to a different apartment, he had the money to get a nice place, in a far better neighborhood. Somewhere where the heating system actually worked and the summer months didn't feel like he was living in an over sized sauna, but he continued to live in this small place. Maybe after all this time he had grown fond of the water stain that was on the ceiling above his bed. But, looking at the rusted water running from the faucet, he was starting to reconsider moving all over again. After a few seconds, the odd colored water was replaced with clear which quickly filled up his water marked glass.

Returning to the couch, Roy was careful to tilt the speedster's head back as he pressed the glass to Wally's lips, "Come on, Kid." he murmured, tilting the glass, "You better not drool this everywhere." he warned. The younger red head made a sort of grunting noise in reply. Well, it was better than nothing, Roy figured glad to see that Wally was swallowing the water.

Of course, it had to happen when Barry had left him in the archer's care while he was away in space. Never seemed to happen when the other speedster was around, the whole 'something bad happened to Kid thing' always happened when it was just him around. Figured that it would happen this time around as well. The only thing that miffed Roy (okay, let's honest, this thing was only one mark on his very long list of things that ticked Roy off) was that it all could have been prevented. "You could of stayed home, but no course not. Leave me to play wet nurse." sure he knew that the chances that Wally actually understanding him were probably not very high.

Setting the glass on the sad excuse of a coffee table (without a coaster, the rings it left would add character to the table), Roy pulled off his gloves tossing them beside the glass. Pushing back the Wally's hair, the archer pressed his palm to the speedster's forehead. If anything, his frown deepened as the skin beneath his hand burned. So much for speedsters not being able to get sick.

Maybe he could blame himself for this situation, but really it was completely Wally's fault. Roy was not expecting the speedster to show up to start with, the archer was perfectly content with spending his day by himself without any interference from anybody. Out of all the people that would show up this day, he figured it would be Oliver, trying to get his previous partner to become more friendly with his new protégé. Instead, in a blur of red and yellow, he got a Wally instead. The surprise visits usually entailed Roy having to spend more on groceries than he would have liked, but this time around maybe, just maybe, he should of figured something was off. Probably because Kid looked ready to pass out the moment he showed up. When Roy asked, the younger teen shrugged it off stating that he did not sleep well the night before. See if he were a more hands on type of guy, he would of pushed KF, but seeing as how he was one to respect a person own privacy (most of the time anyways) he left it alone.

Perhaps, not the brightest move on Roy's part. Soon after there was a call in about an attack on Queen Industries (Roy may have laughed a tiny bit), Green Arrow being away on official League business, that meant Roy for the time being was the only one around to do anything. At the time it seemed like a bit of luck that he would have some competent help that wasn't blonde. That is what he thought at first, though not even fifteen minutes into the fight, some wannabe crook somehow managed to land a hit on Kid, which really should have been his first clue that something war wrong, if he didn't count when the speedster first showed up that is. At first, Roy figured that the blow must have been harder than it looked judging by the way Kid was not automatically back on his feet.

Once everything was taken care of, crooks packaged nicely for the upstanding Star City police force, he was using the term loosely, did Red Arrow make it to the speedster's side. There he found that Wally was passed out and even with his gloves on, he could feel the heat coming off Wally's skin. Really, there was only one thing to do after that; release a string of curses to the speedster despite the very likely fact that all of them would go unheard.

Back at his apartment, Roy was only seeing one option here. If Barry was not around to bring Kid back home, then maybe he could get out of wet nurse some other way….Though no other options were coming to mind, Dinah wouldn't come over and even if she did, Roy had a feeling that she might try to make Wally run it off. Glancing over to said speedster and seeing him drooling on Roy's couch, he was not seeing that as a good idea, not for the moment in any case. He could call the team, the Martian and Super-clone ought to be around but then again, him calling might be further liscense for the others to push him into joining their after school club. So..he was stuck.

Maybe this was a sign that it was time to get some change of address forms.


Why. Was. Everything. Hot.

On top of that his skin itched, yet he also felt sticky. This was not comfortable in the least. From what he could tell, he was laying down, it could not of been his own bed judging by how it felt like a spring was digging into his lower back. Then where was he? Wally remembered waking up and feeling like something from the Walking Dead, but then after that, it was a bit hazy. Despite wanting to know where he was, Wally did not find the idea of opening his eyes appealing. If he was kidnapped he could deal with that after ten more minutes of rest, right? Of course he could. Though, rolling over to find a more comfortable position only to end up crashing onto the floor may have put a damper on that.

However, after hearing someone cursing, Wally knew where he was, so that was a good thing. Can't argue with results. Was that result? Wait was he performing an expierement? What were his parameters…crap what was going on, where was he? Wait, the cursing, that meant Roy…why was he at Roy's again?

Deciding that after the resulting brainache from the jumble thoughts, it was time to open his eyes. "Holy crap on a cracker." when did his voice become that hoarse? Quickly shutting his eyes to end the assaulting light that only intensified his blossoming headache, Wally figured he would just lay on the nettle like carpet for a while longer. Apparently, his companion didn't share his thoughts.

"Maybe next time open your eyes before rolling over." Roy advised, no missing the sarcasm behind that bit of wisdom. As the archer pulled Wally back onto the couch, his stomach lurched with the movement causing a sound that was a mixture of 'bleeech' and 'yaargh' to escape him. Apparently he was part pirate, go figure.

Throwing an arm over his eyes, Wally tried to open them again, pleased that there was no unpleasant result this time around, "What happened." he asked, chancing a look to the archer.

He did not look too pleased by the question either, "Apparently, your 'genius' doesn't extend to knowing that when you're sick, it's best to stay home." only Roy can pull of a deadpan like that, what a guy. Though, that did clear some things up. Wally remembered thinking that with his Uncle away he could bother Roy for a while, it was starting to be one of his favorite pastimes. Wally shifted so he was sitting up, noticing how the movement was easy.

"Did you change me out of my suit?"

"Yes and we're never going to talk about that, ever." The emphasis wasn't needed, Wally did not like the idea of Mr. Grumpypants dressing his unconscious self.

"No problem." pushing himself up straighter, Wally pressed a hand to his stomach as it rolled unpleasantly once more, "So, you've been playing nurse? I'm touched that you didn't throw me in a dumpster and have the alley rats take care of me as one of their own."

"I can still do that if you want." Roy replied without missing a beat, "I think you'd fit right in."

Wally waved the remark off, "Nah, they'd probably end up eating my face." the speedster cleared his throat, "But you know, thanks for bringing me here and stuff." And there you have it folks, how to make any room uncomfortable in a manner of seconds staring your favorite speedster, Wally West. He was going to blame how hot his face felt on the fever he probably had.

Luckily, Roy only shrugged, "No problem." Nope, still awkward.

Maybe it was his sense of smell being off but, "Is something burning?"

The archer blinked at Wally, remaining still for a few beats before, "Shit." the older ginger swore before breaking away to go to the kitchen.

"Are you making me soup?" Wally called after him, "I knew it! You do care."

Not even a second later, "If you don't shut up, I'll pour this on your lap." Roy shouted back.

Settling back into the couch, "I care about you too buddy." he laughed. Even if it did make his stomach hate him for it, hearing the clattering of glass and metal coming from the kitchen made him cackle to near Robin levels.

Besides, whether he knew it or not, a week from then Roy was going to show up on Wally's doorstep blaming the speedster's existence for everything wrong in his life before passing out himself.

End of It's Catching

To be continued

Final Thought: I've been taking a trip down memory lane cause I've recently decided to close my Young Justice rp site (Young Justice RPG don't join today!) and I kind of really miss the days when the place was a lot of fun. And the more I missed it, the more I wanted to write Wally and Roy and seeing as how this was already started, I figured I could at least finish it.

Trying to finish up Center..but uh, may have forgotten how I wanted it to end. Really should of written that down.

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