You Are Here

by LordHellknight

Edited by Garden Beauty

I am going away now...Canaan, where are you?

Maria stared out the small window beside her seat. She saw nothing, nothing but the cloudy sky. Her injuries were still hurting her, but the pain in her chest caused her so much agony that the physical pain was nothing in comparison.

I can't believe that you ran away from me...again. Why did you do that? Canaan…When will I see you again?

Unknown to her, tears started to roll silently down her cheeks.

I want to stay by your side.

She placed her left hand against the ice cold window, it's pane was cold, just like her heart. All of a sudden she felt as if someone was staring at her; which was strange because when she looked beside her all she found was Minoru, asleep. If it was not Minoru, then who?

Is it you, Canaan?

She felt the window become warm beneath her touch, as if in answer to her question. It was so warm; like the sun that was obscured by the clouds.

It is you that is here, right? Canaan.

Maria felt as if she could somehow see Canaan's face, even through the great distance between them.

Canaan…you are so far, yet…so me.

Putting her hand on the top of her heart, she made a silent promise to herself.

When I get stronger, I will come and find you. But for now Canaan you will be the one protecting me. Since you are here, just stay by my side.

The End

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