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Full Summary: Hermione has to attend the Granger family Christmas reunion that happens every 5 years. The last time that she had attended one was during the winter break in her 1st year at Hogwarts. She didn't really enjoy it and had wanted to avoid it when it came around again but that doesn't seem to be the case. She is currently in her 6th year and winter break has arrived. She is having Harry join her for the break, with no idea that she had forgotten about the reunion. With her intimidating and snobby cousin present for the occasion, white lies begin to emerge. But they're just tiny white lies right? What could possibly go wrong? Stay tuned for new feelings being discovered between two best friends, jealousy, a rivalry between two cousins, and tiny white lies. ;)

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(Third-person omniscient POV)

Later that day after dinner in the Great Hall, Ron and Harry were engaged in an intense game of wizard chess and Harry was desperately trying to find a way to save his king from being captured by Ron's queen.

"Oh bloody hell; I might as well give up now." Harry muttered and Ron shot him a victorious smile. Before Ron had a chance to reply, they heard a scream come from the girls' dorm rooms. It was Hermione.

Both boys stood up ready to face something horrible but were surprised when Hermione came running down the stairs, holding a piece of paper, towards her two best friends with a huge smile plastered across her face.

"Hermione, bloody hell, you probably shattered my poor ears. What's going on? Are you okay?"

Hermione was smiling so big that she looked like she would break her face any minute if it got larger. "I'm better than okay Ron!"

She turned away from Ron to face Harry and told him the fantastic news. "Harry! I asked my parents if they would allow you to stay at my house over the break and they agreed to it! Now you won't have to go to those Dursley gits or stay here. Would you like to go? I mean it is your choice and if you don't want to go then you don't have to. I'm not forcing you or anything but I just asked my parents anyways just in case you…" Hermione continued to ramble on.

It took a couple seconds for Harry to process exactly what had happened but when he finally figured it out he started grinning like mad and hugged Hermione to silence her babbling.

He smells divine…Hermione thought and flushed pink. What in Merlin's name am I thinking?

He pulled back and looked at Hermione with his twinkling eyes. My best friend is truly amazing.

"I would love to spend the holidays with you 'Mione. That shouldn't even be a question worth asking. As long as I'm not a bother of course, then I would not want to go and disturb your family and…" now it was Harry who was rambling on. But Hermione silenced him with one of her bone-crushing bear hugs and showed him the letter that she had brought down with her.

Dear Hermione,

Of course Harry can stay for the holidays, love! After all, he has been one of your best friends since 1st year. Your dad and I are quite excited to meet him. You have always talked so highly of him and we are sure that you aren't mistaken. He may sleep in the extra guest room that is next-door to your own. Your dad had nearly thrown a fit when he found out about your sleeping arrangements, but I got him to agree anyways. I'll see you both when you two arrive at the station! Have a safe trip.

Lots of Love,

Mum and Dad

"So, you have been talking about me very highly for a while now Miss Granger?" he teased and wiggled his eyebrows at Hermione.

Hermione flushed as red as a tomato. "Sod off. And for the record, it's true you know. You have been an incredibly amazing best friend. Always there for me and caring and brave and lots of other things…" she finished quietly and seemed to have taken a sudden interest in the carpet of the common room.

Now it was Harry's turn to flush bright red. Ron just stared at his two best friends who were both blushing crazily and avoiding the other's eyes. I've always knew that they had a thing for each other. Maybe they'll get together already before we come back…Ron smiled to himself.

"So when are the two of you going to stop admiring the floor or adoring the walls? They aren't that interesting if you ask me, I thought that you two would be getting lost in each other's eyes instead or something like that," Ron said smirking at then two of them.

Harry and Hermione were about to protest when Ron interrupted them again.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. How about we go and pack our bags already mate? After all, we leave tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, we probably should." Harry replied glancing towards the stairs and stopped looking at the walls.

As Ron headed towards the stairs leading to the boys' dormitories, Harry gave Hermione one last hug before following Ron. "I really appreciate you doing this for me 'Mione. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Hermione just stood there flushing for while, before heading up to her own room and beginning to pack.


"Will all students please use this time to gather your personal belongings and exit the train onto platform 9 and ¾. Happy holidays."

Harry and Hermione quickly grabbed their luggage and headed to the exit of the train. Hermione was wearing a black wool beret with a Gryffindor scarf, a thick jacket and black skinny jeans. Harry was wearing the new clothes that he had bought from Hogsmeade the other week. He was wearing a maroon shirt with a black jacket on top, with some black slacks.

Hermione was currently talking to Harry about how fun it's going to be with each other for the next two weeks, before she had heard her name being called. The two best friends turned around and saw the Grangers smiling at them, well maybe not Mr. Granger.

"Mum, Dad!" Hermione jogged over to them and hugged her parents enthusiastically, with Harry following close behind.

"Mum, Dad, this is my best friend, Harry Potter." She said proudly with a smile and turned towards Harry.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. It's a pleasure to meet you." Harry said nervously and managed a small smile and shook both of the adult's hands.

"It's great finally being able to meet the Harry Potter that my daughter has talked endlessly for nearly 6 years about in her letters," Emma said warmly, with a hint of amusement in her eyes as she saw the two teenagers flush.

"Yes, it's great finally being able to meet you," Dan said in a cold-like over-protective voice, as he narrowed his eyes and looked Harry up and down. In front of him, Dan Granger saw this strikingly handsome young man with bright emerald eyes and disheveled jet-black hair.

Harry was pretty frightened about the way that Hermione's dad had been looking at him and how he had gripped his hand very tightly during their handshake. Her dad is looking at me like he wants to kill me right now. That's it, I'm screwed.

To Harry's relief, Hermione suggested that they should get going already. "What are we four doing standing here? I reckon that we leave for the house already?"

"Oh yes, we probably should. We have about an hour worth of driving." Emma says to her husband who was still staring intently at Harry. Oh Dan, Emma chuckled before hooking arms with her husband and dragging him towards the car.

Harry felt like a huge amount of weight had been lifted from his chest and breathed out a sigh of relief as they headed towards the car. Seeing that the coast seems clear of Hermione's dad, Harry started to talk to Hermione, quiet enough for only them two to hear.


"Yes Harry?"

"Does your dad err…like me at all?" Harry nervously ran a hand through his untamable raven-colored hair. Hermione gave him a confused look before replying.

"Of course he does! Let's just say that he is just in his 'over-protective dad' mode right now. I'm sure that he will warm up to you in no time." She said reassuringly and gave him a half-hug as they were walking.

Oh no, her dad is going to kill me for sure if he sees me hugging his 'princess'!" Err…'Mione not to be rude or anything but is it okay with your dad if you hug me?" Harry said as he was looking at Dan, thankfully the adults were talking amongst themselves and weren't looking back.

Hermione just chuckled and shook her head, leaving Harry to wonder in his own thoughts.


The car ride seemed very awkward and quiet, for the most part. Harry couldn't think of a subject to talk about while in a car with Hermione and her parents. So Harry just opted out to stare out of his window and watch the many buildings and cars that they had passed.

After about an hour, they had arrived at the Granger residence. (A/N: They arrive at the house on Thursday, December 22nd :) When the house came into view, Harry was awestruck. It was a gray and white house covered beautifully with sparkling white snow and decorative Christmas lights surrounding it. The house was two stories high, and had two beautiful staircases that led up to the doorway of the house, where you would also pass 6 tall, white pillars. The house was simply marvelous. Harry also noticed that there were a number of cars already parked there, about four.

"You have a beautiful house Mrs. Granger," Harry complimented, as he was looking out of the car's window, appreciatively at the house, his emerald orbs shining with delight. After all, the Dursleys never decorated that much for the yearly event.

"Thank you dear. But no need for such formalities Harry, just call me Emma." Mrs. Granger said happily. "And plus, Mrs. Granger makes me sound old."

Mr. Granger parked the car in the remaining spot in the driveway and then Harry and Hermione got down and walked to the trunk of the car.

"It's alright Hermione dear; I'll take care of the luggage. You two should head inside," Dan offered.

"Okay, thanks Dad." Hermione said and kissed her dad's cheek. "Come on Harry, let's go!"

Before Harry could get dragged by Hermione, he offered Mr. Granger if he needed help with the bags. He politely declined which Hermione took as a signal to start dragging Harry towards the house.

Dan had heard a faint "thank you Mr. Granger" from Harry as he was being dragged away by his daughter. Hmm, Harry seems like a nice guy…

As Harry and Hermione walked through the front door, Christmas music was softly playing and lively chatter was heard in the living room, which were about 10 steps away from the front door.

"Harry, do you hear that?" Hermione asks Harry as she tries to focus on who the conversations were coming from.

"Uh yeah, it sounds like people talking, why?" Harry says and glances at Hermione only to find her in a frantic and distressed expression.

"Oh my gosh. This can't be happening."

"'Mione, what's going on?"

"Let's head into the living room, maybe they aren't even there."

"What? Who?"

Hermione just walked into the living room with a confused Harry following behind her. As she headed closer, the voices became louder and she became more nervous.

Finally, Hermione came into view and so did Harry. "'Mione, who are these-"Harry was cut off by the loud commotion that soon erupted when Hermione's presence had been discovered.


"You're here!"

"Welcome back, love!"

Hermione was about to make an excuse to leave and join Harry again but it was too late. She soon became lost in the sea of Grangers as they all greeted her. Hermione was showered with 'hellos', 'welcomes', and hugs from her aunts.

Ohhhh, so these people are Hermione's relatives. Why would she be worried about seeing them? Harry thought, as he just quietly stood by the entrance to the living room. In a while, Harry would understand why. Seeing that Hermione was finally disentangled from her relatives, he started to head towards her.

Hermione nervously scanned the room for any sign of her. She did not want to see her again. I really hope that she is not here. She will just ruin my vacation, I bet. Oh Merlin, Harry is here for vacation too! So far I don't see her… maybe she is not-

Hermione's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice that she recognized. A voice that she absolutely dreaded, loathed, and detested very much. She heard her voice coming from behind her. Hermione slowly turned around to meet her cold ice-blue eyes.

"Hey, Cousin. Long time no see?" Arabella said with an evil glint in her eyes.


(Hermione's POV)

"Arabella, you're here; it's so nice to see you again." I said with fake enthusiasm and forced myself to smile at the girl in front of me. Stay calm Hermione, don't do anything rash. Arabella and I were currently standing next to my black grand piano positioned in the corner of the living room, near the Christmas tree.

"It's been such a long time, Hermione, since I last saw you. Oh how dreadful you looked before, honestly! I'm so glad that you had finally learned how to tame that wild, monstrous bushy hair of yours!"

I clenched my teeth. I could have sworn that Arabella seemed to have escalated the volume of her voice loud enough for the people around us to hear so that I would be embarrassed. "Well, actually I learned to fix my hair-"

Arabella interrupted me, and continued her comments about my appearance. "And those giant beaver teeth of yours are also gone, bravo!"

This girl is getting on my nerves. One more snarky remark from this girl and I might just have to hex her into next year. "My teeth-"

Again, Arabella interrupted me. "Oh and I bet anyone, anything that you are still a bookworm huh? Always reading alone in the library and not socializing much, that's really sad. Speaking of socializing, have you found a boyfriend yet? Wait, I don't even need to ask you such an obvious question. Of course you don't! Unless he was completely blind or something, who knows?" Arabella finished with a triumphant smirk.

By this time Hermione had tears in her eyes that were threatening to fall, if she wasn't strong enough to keep it back. She just wanted to run up into her room and cry her eyes out but she couldn't because that would give Arabella too much satisfaction. What Hermione didn't know was that a certain, raven-haired, green-eyed boy was standing behind Arabella had watched the whole scene unfold…

(Harry's POV)

I had smoothly passed through the Grangers effortlessly and thank Merlin I was quick enough to avoid being questioned about who I was or what I was doing here; I certainly wouldn't want to say anything that would upset Hermione.

As I was heading towards Hermione, I saw her having a conversation with a girl who had Barbie-doll blonde hair and was wearing a very short white miniskirt with a red wool-like jacket. She seems very pretty, I thought and I walked over.

(Third-person POV)

Before Harry had the chance to introduce himself to the blonde girl, he stops as soon as he hears their heated conversation. Harry had intended on greeting the two girls but stopped to listen to their conversation while quietly standing behind the blonde girl, unseen by Hermione.

"I'm so glad that you had finally learned how to tame that wild, monstrous bushy hair of yours!"
Harry had heard the blonde girl say. Hermione's hair was perfect the way it was before and it's even more beautiful now.

"Well, actually I learned to fix my hair-"he had heard Hermione begin.

"And those giant beaver teeth of yours are also gone, bravo!" the blonde girl said with an evil smile on her face. Those weren't Hermione's fault.

"My teeth-" Hermione started.

"Oh and I bet anyone, anything that you are still a bookworm huh? Always reading alone in the library and not socializing much, that's really sad." Harry's anger had started to rise and he frowned at her statement. She just insulted my best friend. And she doesn't read alone! I read with her.

"Speaking of socializing, have you found a boyfriend yet? Wait, I don't even need to ask you such an obvious question. Of course you don't! Unless he was completely blind or something, who knows?"

By this time, Harry was angry beyond belief at the cruel things the girl said to Hermione. Harry could see that there were already tears in Hermione's eyes and knew that he had to do something.

(Harry's POV)

I have to do something; I can't just let my best friend get talked to like that!

I acted on impulse and did something that I did not expect and neither would Hermione. I tapped the girl's shoulder and she turned around to look at me. She looked at me with hungry eyes after taking in my appearance.

"Oh hi there, my name is Arabella." She said flirtatiously and batted her eyes quite a few times but I wasn't that affected by it. Not after all of the things that she had said.

I kissed her hand with fake interest and did my best to give her a sweet smile, instead of a deathly glare, and say, "It's a pleasure to meet you Arabella. I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

I saw Hermione's reaction and she seemed betrayed and crushed at the gesture that I did. Don't worry 'Mione.

Then I did the most unexpected thing I could have ever done.

Before Arabella could respond, I walked over to Hermione and snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her close, before I gave her a peck on the cheek. "I'm Hermione's boyfriend." I said proudly and smiled with real enthusiasm.

If I hadn't been so mad at what happened, I couldn't have done this. I may be able to face dragons, evil wizards, and gigantic snakes but the one most thing I am horrible at is girls.

I saw Hermione's eyes widen in disbelief as she stared up at me, obviously confused at what I had done. I looked into her eyes and was glad that her tears were fading.

(Third-person POV)

Arabella's expression had also changed into a shocked and horrified one. He can't possibly be dating her. That's impossible! He is so hot and she is so not!

"WHAT? YOU'RE DATING HER! HERMIONE GRANGER?" Arabella hysterically shouted at the top of her lungs and then the whole room had gone silent and turned their attention on the three of us.

Oh bloody hell, Harry thought.

Another person had shouted as well.


It was Hermione's dad. Everyone turned their heads towards the entrance of the living room.

Hermione had to think of an excuse and fast. "I can explain." She said nervously. This is going to be one interesting vacation…

Everyone now had their heads turned towards Hermione and waited for her response.

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