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"I think they're on to us," Blaine says, sliding into his seat.

Kurt can think of several things they've done that would cause various people to be upset, so he steals some popcorn from the huge bucket Blaine brought and asks for details. The surprise date wasn't going as nicely as he had planned, because Blaine's looked worried all night. Even though the previews haven't started yet, Blaine leans in close in order to whisper. "About my, uhm, condition. My parents called because they've been hearing things in Arizona."

"Things like what?"

Blaine looks away, voice dropping so low Kurt can barely hear him. "Things like deportation."

Fear seizes Kurt's heart, because as a kid he had sobbed at the second half of E.T. and refused to watch it ever again. He imagines Blaine laid out in some laboratory, being poked and prodded until blank faced government officials decided he was no longer useful. Like hell if Kurt will ever let that happen.

He grabs Blaine's hand and squeezes it tightly, never ceasing to be amazed at how he was always warm. It's a reassure that, yeah, Blaine is still here with him and will be for a while. They're solid and together and nothing on this planet or any other will change that fact.

"If you go, I'll do my best to follow," Kurt vows, looking sincere and wonderfully human.

It makes Blaine's chest feel weird in a wonderful way. He's about to think of something clever or reassuring to say, but the previews start up and Kurt turns to face the screen. His mouth is tight with worry and Blaine can hear him doing some kind of deep breathing thing. Kurt never lets go of Blaine's hand though.