Hey all! This is my first Soul Eater fanfic, and also my first SoMa fic as well. Not gushy, but it'll make your heart flutter :)

Summary: Maka is up late again, and Soul knows she needs her sleep. So he sings her a lullaby

Disclaimer: Yep, I don't own this and junk...I only own the fluffiness :D

Up Late Dancing In The Rain

She was up again.

And once again, this aggitates Soul. How is it that she could stay up all night worrying about all this, when he wasn't in the least bit worried. He had confidence in them both. They were going at it together. It was enough to make him shout about how powerful they were.

Maka Albarn. Such a worrywart.

Oh, and how he loved his worrywart with all his heart.

Cool guys can do that, right?

He tilts his head, wondering what he could do to make her sleep like a baby. He obviously couldn't fix her sweets; she'd be up late more.

Damn this.

"Maka." he states quietly. She turns around and her emerald eyes were a glass green. He knew that color. It was a mixture of nervousness and sleepiness. Sometimes it would show up when there was a big final.

"Soul." She states right back. She knew she needed the sleep, but she couldn't sleep at all. If she did, the nightmare would return. And she knew that Soul would think it was uncool for her to lay in his arm. But not even his warm protection could keep that nightmare away.

"Stunning I know you, I seek you, I see. Futher and further you fall into place, but the sleep keeps leaving your face." Back when his grandmother was alive, she would sing this to him all the time.

"Oh how I hope that it would soon return. Your awake, but I'll love you in sleep. It won't return, because I'm keeping you safe." He paused. he wasn't sure it would help. But he continued.

"You and me. We can pretend. That we're just up late dancing in the rain. I'll be your soldier, I'll fight of the pain. Close those eyes, count your sheep. No more pain love, we're-"

"-Just up late dancing in the rain." She finished for him, a sleepy, loving smile.

"You know it?"

"Mama used to sing it to me all the time when I was a baby. It'd put me right to sleep." And it was jerking at her, the sleep was. But she had to sk, maybe it was simple. He just admitted he loved her, after all.

"Can I sleep with you?" Innocence reeked with every word she spoke. She could feel it coming on, and she couldn't let it take her.

"Sure." the most genuine she had ever seen eched his face. He bridal carried her into his room, where her head his chest and her mind went ti the most beautiful moonlight meadow, where the rain hit them slowly, and they weren't up late discussing the morning's battle. They were just up late dancing in the rain.

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