The Very Thought of You (Pillow)

In case you were wondering, Kurt missed Blaine.

He knew he was only going to be out of town for three days on business, and he also knew that he was getting texts from him at ridiculously frequent intervals, telling Kurt how much he missed him, commenting on how cold it was, or how stupid this one girl's shoes were.

He knew Blaine hated to be gone from their bed as much as Kurt hated sleeping alone.

But he still curled up with his husband's pillow, smelling the scent he couldn't get enough of - mint shampoo, and citrus-y cologne, and a little of Kurt's lotion (because sometimes a little ended up on him, okay?). He still wished he was there.

And so when he woke up on the second day to find Blaine's arms wrapped around him, and his voice telling him some of the meetings had been cancelled, and he'd gotten the first flight back he could find, he smiled into the pillow. Then he rolled over.

Because now he had the real thing.

[A/N: This is going to be a series of drabbles taken from my tumblr masterpost, which is linked in my profile. The prompt will be in parentheses, if it is not the title of the chapter. They have no timeline and are not part of a particular canon, and are, by and large, ridiculously fluffy. I have rated this T for now, because none of them are particularly graphic, but some do discuss slightly more mature topics and/or contain language, and so could be considered for older teens. I will endeavor to warn at the beginning of those, but I am comfortable with rating this T overall. I hope you enjoy. Also, thanks go to Caitlin for helping me select the overall title from my list of options.]