A/N: If I remember correctly, klemonademouth prompted this. And now I'm hungry.

On Saturday night Wes waltzed into Blaine and Kurt's dorm room, his arms full of plastic bags.

"Did you go shopping," Kurt gasped, "and did you go without me?"

"Food," Wes explained. "I decided all this healthy school food was bad for us, so I had that fast food place on Oak street deliver some sweet, salty goodness."

Blaine brightened. "Did you get the potato wedges?"

Wes looked offended. "What kind of person do you think I am? David's stealing more napkins for us, and I decided to be benevolent and share."

"There is enough there for at least ten people," Kurt objected, eyeing the bags warily. Wes set them down and started unpacking boxes, and Kurt hurriedly threw a blanket down onto the floor and moved his jacket out of harms way.

David appeared at the door with a huge pile of napkins, and handed some to Blaine, who was already stuffing potato wedges into his mouth in a deeply undapper fashion.

"Kurt," Blaine said through a mouthful of potato, "you have to try the chicken nuggets. They are fantastic."

"Seriously," David agreed. "They are life changing."

"If they would marry me, I would consider leaving Jo for them," Wes added.

Kurt blinked at him.

"Don't look at me like that," Wes said. "She has a whole thing going on with ice-cream cake on the side."

"Actually," Kurt said, "I've never had chicken nuggets."

Blaine dropped his potato wedge. "What?"

Kurt shrugged. "I always thought it was weird when I was a kid. Chickens don't have nuggets. It freaked me out. I thought they were alien chickens or something."

There was silence for a moment.

"That is the most adorable thing I have ever heard," Blaine blurted out. His cheeks turned red. "I mean… you should try one." He handed Kurt a box. "Are you ready for your first chicken nugget experience? I promise, they're earth chickens."

Kurt regarded them with distaste. "They're so greasy. My skin…"

"Is perfect." Blaine covered his mouth while Wes and David grinned in triumph. "I - um… you should try one."

"You know," Wes mused, "I think we should go steal ketchup. David?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "We might be a while. You two… amuse yourselves."

They liked to pretend to themselves that the "oh my god" they heard from Kurt's mouth as they walked down the hall was from more than just his first bite of chicken nugget.