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From Then To Now Til Later

Arc 2.8: Off to Grandmother's House We Go

When Duo heard a knock on his door at 2 am, he figured that something either really good or really bad had occurred. In an attempt to delay having to wake up to deal with either, he pulled his pillow over his head and went back to sleep.

When Duo heard Apollo's voice in his head, he came to the conclusion that it probably wasn't news of the good variety. In an attempt to delay the now more likely bad news and get a little more sleep, he began singing the most obnoxious song he knew in his head to drown out Apollo's voice in his head, and snuggled deeper under the covers.

When Duo heard his apartment door opening, and felt the light that Apollo radiated with out thought, he knew that the news was apocalyptic and decided that since the world was ending any ways, a little more sleep couldn't hurt. He blindly reached out to the bed stand to grab his little used eye mask, slid it on, and hoped without hope that he would be left alone.

When Duo's bedroom door opened, he gave up any hope for just five more minutes, threw his pillow at the intruder and sat up, taking off his eye mask so that he could properly glare at the bothersome Sun God.

"So? What's so important that Apollo himself couldn't wait for the sun to rise to seek me out? And could you please turn down that damn glow?"

Apollo flushed, and the glow dimmed, but didn't leave from his position at the jamb of the door. "You need to get up, get dressed, and help me find the Wufei and Triton so that we can hunt Ares down. As of a few hours ago, Serena was attacked and the Negaverse is on the rise."

Duo needed no more explanation to haul his butt out of bed and throw on jeans and a T-shirt. "Is she okay? Are the other girls alright? Was Serena being targeted deliberately? Are we sure it's the Negaverse?"

Just as Apollo began to reply, Duo cut in again. "Well, what are you waiting for man? We have people to pick up." Calling forth the powers at his disposal, he faded from view.

Apollo sighed. "Some of us aren't sure of where we're going, and thus have to home in on the signals on foot. Baka Shinigami." He turned to head for Duo's apartment door when Shinigami's voice echoed in his head.

Sorry, I forgot you haven't been here for very long. This is Wufei's residence. A picture of a temple with cherry trees all around it appeared in Apollo's mind. This is Triton's. The image depicted an upscale looking apartment building in the middle of a posh neighborhood, surrounded by green. Got it?

I'm on my way. Apollo's form wavered as the light around him bent, and snapped back into place.


He reappeared moments later before the gate leading to the temple. "Shinigami?" He hissed in to the darkness, and whirled around when he felt something blow across the back of his neck. "Stop that!"

Shinigami held a finger to his lips, the universal sign for quiet and whispered, "Wufei and his family are all really light sleepers, so we have to be quiet." He then jerked his head in the direction of one of the side buildings, and indicated for Apollo to follow.

When Wufei heard the soft footsteps in the courtyard, he registered it as the cats that frequented the temple and the wind, and decided that it was nothing to investigate, falling back into his meditative sleep like state.

When Wufei felt two powerful presences arrive outside the gate of the Temple, he registered them as Apollo and Shinigami, but decided that for the moment, they had nothing to do with him.

When Wufei's head began to ache because an obnoxious song had begun to be sung in what sounded suspiciously like Duo's voice, he acknowledged that he was going to have to get up and find out what the braided baka of death wanted, because Duo wouldn't be going away until he got what he wanted.

Wufei sighed, lifted himself from his bed, and made his way out into the entrance of the temple house, nodding towards Apollo, and arching an eyebrow at the rambunctious god as a silent question.

Shenlong, we have some problems, I'll explain at Triton's.

With those words, Shinigami disappeared. Apollo disappeared as well, but not before informing Wufei turned Shenlong that it was important.

Shenlong sighed in acceptance, and followed to the apartment complex of one god of silence.

None of the three realized that they were not the only ones to be up that night at the temple, the fourth person having been studying for a test to take place the next day and had come out to investigate upon hearing Wufei's movements. And not even she realized the tear that slid down her cheek upon seeing the lithe form of the god of the Sun.


"So how are we going to wake him up?" Apollo asked, staring down at the sleeping form of the god of silence.

It looked like Triton had been put through a washing machine and then hung up to dry. Early that afternoon, Shinigami explained, he had felt Ares's powers flare and had attempted to locate him. When he arrived, however, he had discovered only a lingering power signature. Later that afternoon, Triton's power had flared as well, but disappeared almost immediately, leaving only Shinigami, who was capable of capturing changes in auras immediately, aware that anything had gone on.

"Given the circumstances, I'd guess Ares put a power surge through Triton's body in an attempt to awaken his memories, and further awaken his powers. Because Triton is going through this unnaturally, rather than recovering his memories in an accident of some sort, it's harder on him than it was on us, but chances are also good that he'll remember a lot more than just fragments and our deaths." Shinigami finished his thoughts on Trowa's deep sleep, and went back to staring at their friend with shadowed eyes.

"In other words, you're saying we should probably just let him sleep." Shenlong concluded.

The presence of Shinigami disappeared and the façade of Duo returned, grinning madly. "Yip! That's about the extent of my reasoning. And I figure we should return to 'normal' to avoid disturbing his sleep with our 'active' powers. While we're waiting for him to wake up, Cat can explain precisely what happened." He started walking towards Triton's kitchen.

Wufei, having let go of Shenlong as soon as Duo let go of Shinigami, followed, frowning. "Are you telling me you disturbed me for some unknown reason, braided baka?"

Cat, quick as always to preserve diplomatic relations between the two, explained as he searched Triton's cabinets for food—he was starving, and had no doubt the other two were as well. "No, we disturbed you for a very good reason, Wufei. How much do you remember of your life during the Silver Millenium?"

"I remember Makoto and our death. I remember you three, as well as Ares. Other than that, my memories are completely fragmented." Wufei accepted a glass of juice from Duo, the other pulling out a can of soda for himself from the fridge.

"Then you have enough to understand when I say: The Negaverse is on the rise again!"

Wufei dropped the glass.

In the bedroom a few feet away, green eyes flew open. The god of silence had woken up, and heard his first call to war.

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