TITLE: Untitled as of yet. RATING: PG-13 (for now)
SUMMARY: Puck's life in Avalon (provided you're not going from the Shakespearean canon) is a relative unknown. So I put before you the idea that Puck had a fiancee. The chosen heir to Titania just as Puck is the chosen heir to Oberon.

This is simply a speculation fic. Character driven not plot based (unless anyone wants to help me think of one.)


David Xanatos looked at his friend and faithful servant Owen with heavy contemplation. Owen was playing with his food. This, though unusual and cause for inquiry, was not why he was contemplating Owen so fiercely.

No, David was thinking of the trickster that lay just beneath the surface. Puck was something of a taboo subject between them. More so than ever since the birth of his son Alexander when Owen had unwittingly sacrificed his place in Avalon by siding with Xanatos over his Lord Oberon. But Owen would would always answer a direct inquiry about his life as Puck. And at the moment David was full of them.

"Has the food offended you in some way?" He asked in a light tone instead, surprising himself. Owen looked up startled, as if he'd forgotten that Xanatos was there.
"Oh..." Owen said as he saw the mess he'd made of his plate. "No... it's nothing sir." He paused there, wondering if he should say more. "Just... there's an old friend in town."

'Cryptic as ever' Xanatos thought. This was enough indication that he meant someone from Avalon.

"Should we be expecting a visit?" He asked cautiously. In an unexpected display of reaction Owen's breath hitched and his ears and neck tinged with a pink that would never reach his face. It was a moment before he could reply.

"Almost certainly".

Author's Note:

I would first like to apologize in advance for this. I'm not a great writer and my original character is bound to be a Mary-Sue (I'm soooo sorry) who drives Owen into fits of OOCness. I've tried to tone in down and it's been working so far, so I hold out hope for the whole thing.

Also I do not have this story written in advance at all. I've got a few snippets but for the most part it's all just a partially formed scenes in my head. So updates are probably going to be randomly spaced and possibly slow.

Most of the first chapter needs to be re-written. But it'll be up very soon.