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Title: Who Would Have Thought

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jakeward

Rating: M – Adult content, language, smut…with the potential to grow into more

Disclaimer: Not my characters, only having fun with them and there is no financial gain from it. This is entertainment material only.

Summary: After hearing the news that Bella walked out on Edward, Jacob can't help but be curious about how the vampire is dealing with the news. But Jacob discovers he's opened a different can of worms when it turns out that Edward is just as curious of him…

Chapter One: See Him Squirm

Bella left Edward: good.

When Jacob Black heard the news about his one time rival, Edward Cullen, he was hardly sympathetic. He heard that Edward's fiancé, Bella Swan, had left him. She apparently moved to Phoenix to live with cousins she had. The reason why she left was unclear to Jacob, but the fact that Edward no longer had her was reason enough to make him smile.

Edward and Jake had been fighting over Bella's affections for years. They'd had too many confrontations over who would be the better choice for her. Although Jacob felt he was the perfect man for her, Edward was open to the idea that he himself was not.

Being a vampire had its drawbacks. Bella was not ready to accept growing old and dying while Edward stayed young forever. She wanted him to make her like he was. Jacob had been furious and Edward understood why completely. Edward didn't want to make her a vampire. He wanted her to live a normal life and was willing to leave her alone in order to make her do just that. But Bella was not one to be told no. She fought it and Edward ended up coming back admitting he couldn't live without her. Jacob, who had been there for her during the time Edward was gone, was pushed aside and rejected.

Even though he had every right to be angry, Jacob still loved Bella and thought he could convince her to be with him. When that didn't work and Bella told him flat out that she'd chosen Edward, Jacob recoiled into a shell having to deal with his beloved Bella choosing a vampire over him. His resentment toward Edward grew worse and so when he heard that Bella broke their relationship and left him, Jacob was quite satisfied.

There had been so much drama involved with Bella and Edward making everyone accept their relationship, that even the creepy Volturi, that Jacob only heard about through talking with the elders in his tribe, were watching them. Bella had turned his entire world upside and he was willing for the most part, but now he was sick of it and of her. He still cared about her, but stealing her from Edward Cullen became too exhausting for Jake and he just wanted to have some peace and lick his wounds. She'd left him scarred and didn't seem to care. All that mattered to her was Edward…well, not any more and that was just fine to Jake.

As Leah spewed out the details she'd learned about their breakup, Jacob shrugged his shoulders with indifference as he munched down one of Emily's awesome chocolate chip muffins. He found the consistency of the muffin more interesting than the dramatics of Bella Swan's love life. He was just glad he wasn't a part of it anymore. Fuck both of them.

After Jacob came home from his classes, he retreated to the garage to work on his motorcycle. He'd taken apart Bella's bike and sold the parts. He bought better parts for his own bike with the money and was just about to get to work when he realized he'd forgot to pick up a new wrench to replace the one he'd broken (yes, broken) when he pitched it at Paul one day. He huffed and went inside the house to grab his wallet, tell Billy where he was going and then hopped in his car to drive to the hardware shop.

Jacob was flustered when he was told the particular sized wrench he was looking for was not in stock. The employee suggested that he drive into Forks to check out one of the specialty stores and that they'd probably have what he wanted. Jacob huffed again and left. He drove into Forks cursing under his breath. He still disliked seeing anything that reminded him of Bella or Cullen. Just the town's name, Forks, made him grind his teeth.

As Jacob pulled into the Ace Hardware right off S. Forks Ave, he took a deep breath. He parked and went inside. Instead of looking around, he went right to the customer service desk and asked for the wrench. A very nice, flirtatious young woman with a healthy rack showed him where it was located and Jacob quickly took the item to the cashier counter. He tossed some bills at the woman tending the register and smiled as she told him to have a good day. He walked back to this little Rabbit, tossed the bag in the backseat and started the motor to go home.

When Jacob pulled up to the stop sign to turn left onto Forks Avenue, he saw a black Volvo go by heading south. Jacob rolled his eyes. Cullen drove a Volvo. That was last vehicle he wanted to see. And yet… Jacob turned right instead of left watching the Volvo enter the driveway of the local library. He couldn't help but wonder if it was Cullen. He knew from what Bella had told him that Cullen was a bookworm. Jacob snorted thinking what else does a dead guy do with eternity on his hands? At least now Edward's empty hands would not end up on Bella's sacred body. Jacob nodded to himself agreeing with his mind.

He parked the car a distance away to see who got out of the black car. He found himself snickering when he saw that indeed, it was the infamous Edward Cullen looking exceptionally pale and depressed. He must have "Everybody Hurts" by REM playing on repeat on his radio. Jacob watched him walk inside the library and then sat in his car with the motor running. He contemplated going in, but what for? Why would he want to stand before a heartbroken vampire? Who cares? Maybe he longed to see the pain in Cullen's eyes? Perhaps Jacob just desired to say, 'told you so.' But then again…Bella did not come running to Jake. Bella left both of them.

"Bitch," Jacob sighed rubbing his eyes frustrated to recognize the familiar shitty feeling he always felt when Bella was involved. It was a mixture of shame and rejection. She stomped on his manliness so many times he should be walking with a limp and a red face.

Jacob stared off into space thinking about all the drama he went through on Bella's behalf. Now she went and left Forks and Edward without as much as a goodbye to Jacob. She was gone. In complete secret she took off without a word. Thanks Bella.

Thanks for the memories…and a thousand headaches.

Knock, knock…

Jacob hopped in his seat a little hearing the noise coming from his driver's side window. He looked up to see a blurry figure on the other side. The window was fogged up with his overly heated body temperature. He mumbled a few cuss words and rolled down his window. To his disappointment and surprise, Edward was looking down at him with a puzzled expression.

"What are you doing here?" Edward asked.

"Same thing you are," Jacob answered while cursing some more in his head.

"You read?"

Jacob rolled his eyes, "Yes, the pale face men have taught us savages to read their English."

"No," Edward closed his eyes tight appearing annoyed, "I meant that you don't come across as the reading type."

"I pick up a book every now and then," Jacob shrugged.

Edward nodded studying the boy, "More like never, right?"

Jacob tisked shaking his head. He looked off in the distance and then up at Edward again, "So what are you reading today, Cullen? Let me guess, a pick me up novel? Something to make you smile? Edgar Allen Poe maybe?"

Edward glared at him, "No, more like 'Wolves are from Mars, Vampires from Venus."

A snicker escaped Jacob, "Sure…you mean vampires are from Uranus."

"Oh…ha-ha," Edward tilted his head side to side while making a face at the boy. But then Edward couldn't help but start to smile. "You're in full form today. You must love the fact that Bella dumped me. Makes you happy to bask in the sun and lick yourself under a tree."

Jacob looked down at his dash with an amused smile, "I prefer the moonlight, thanks."

"Such an asshole," Edward shook his head with a sigh. "A professional asshole."

"That's Mr. Asshole to you Cullen," Jacob remarked playfully.

Edward glanced around the parking lot before staring Jacob down some more, "And what are you here for? Is your father having trouble crate training you? Or is it your inability to let him know when you have to go outside to go potty? How many more carpets does your poor father have to replace, Jacob? Give him a break."

Although Jacob should have been fuming at Edward's verbal jabs, he laughed out right, "Apparently I'm not the only one in full form."

To Jacob surprise, Edward smiled back with a proud nod. "Why are you really here?"

The boy shrugged his shoulders again, "I had to go to the hardware store."

Edward frowned, "The hardware store is that way." Edward pointed north.

"I know," Jacob nodded with big, brown eyes. "I just came from there."

"But you're here now," Edward reminded now pointing to the ground.

"Very good, Cullen! You, unlike most of the male species, do not require a compass," Jacob beamed mocking him.

"And you, very much like the female species, have to point out that men are not good with directions," Edward teased.

Jacob's felt his pulse rise, "I am not a female."

"You have a bigger chest than my sisters," Edward pushed some more.

The two boys stared at each other in silence as Jacob couldn't find a thing to say back. His mouth sat open, his fingers gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter. Then Edward smiled and gave the boy a wink of his own, "Kidding."

"It appears I'm not the only professional asshole out today," Jacob glared.

"Graduated top of my class," Edward nodded with pride.

"When was that?" Jacob pretended to act interested. "When Lincoln was shot?"

"Oh, long before then," Edward waved his hand outward.

"I thought so," Jacob nodded. "Look it was nice talking to you…"

"Is that what we were doing?"

"Yes," Jacob replied.

"Sounded more like we were picking on each other."

Jacob nodded again, "We're very good at that. I got to go. I have my motorcycle waiting."

"How romantic," Edward said.

"Later Cullen," Jacob started to back out, but Edward suddenly put his hand on the doorframe.

"Jake, wait a minute. I want to say something."

"Make it quick, Cullen."

Edward took a deep breath before he started, "It was nice seeing you. It felt like old times. I enjoyed it."

"Old times?" Jacob snorted. "That's hard to interpret coming from someone who was born at the time of the dinosaurs."

"Give me break," Edward leaned down to smile at the boy. "I mean it. I really did have a good time talking…or ah…making fun of you."

Jacob smiled back, "And making fun of you was my pleasure…truly."

"Well then, maybe we can do it again sometime?" Edward suggested.

At first Jacob frowned at him, but then he nodded, "You know, everyday should begin taking a shot or two at you. I'd like that."

"Great," Edward chuckled.

Jacob looked at him oddly again, "You can't be this lonely."

Edward shrugged. Actually he was painfully lonely. Every minute of the day he tried to distract himself from thinking about Bella. He refrained himself from calling her (and was doing really good). He missed hearing her voice, smelling her sweet scent, touching her brown hair… He hated being alone. It was too much. Being subjected to Jacob's constant teasing was fine to him at the present. Hearing Jacob's potshots reminded him of when Bella was there with them always trying to get them to make peace. He kept thinking she'd come out of nowhere to shut them up. And even though she wouldn't, he didn't mind. Jacob, although as annoying as ever, made him laugh.

"Can I have your cell number?" Edward bravely asked the shifter.

Jacob's mouth fell open, "You're kidding me."

Edward did not reply. He merely stood there asking with his gold eyes.

It took a while for the boy to react. He kept looking up at the vampire trying to read his intentions. Finally, Jacob gave up and grabbed the bag from the backseat. He took out the receipt and scribbled his number on the paper. He handed it Edward with strict instructions, "After you put this in your phone, burn it. I don't need my handwriting of my number in your house where 'Blondie' can find it and torment me."

Edward smiled, "Thank you, Jacob. I really appreciate it."

"Whatever," Jake snorted. He backed the car up and drove away wondering if he'd gone insane. Why did he give Cullen his number? What the hell was wrong with him? If any of the pack found out, he'd never hear the end of it. Shit…

Jacob contemplated turning around to ask Cullen to give it back, but it was too late. Before he reached highway 110 (La Push Road), Edward whisked by him almost sending the small Rabbit flying. Jacob cursed remembering to tell Cullen to shove it if they talked in the future.

The shifter's cell phone beeped suddenly. Jacob picked it up and saw an unfamiliar number staring back at him. There was a text waiting for him. He accepted it and saw who the text was from: Hey, sorry about that. I thought that was your car, but wasn't sure until I saw your face. You looked pretty mad and I don't blame you. Sorry Jake.

Jacob sighed and immediately stored the number as Edward's. He tossed the phone on the passenger seat, but then grabbed it to send Edward a text back: Hey, no problem. I'll kick your ass later. Now burn that piece of paper Cullen.

A few second later his phone beeped again. The name was clear; Edward responded to his request: Done.

When Edward got home he folded the piece of paper Jacob had given him (he had no intention of burning it) into his pocket with smile. He grabbed his cell phone and the book he chose at the library before walking up to the front door.

As he hopped up the stairs taking two at a time, Edward could hear Esme and Alice in the kitchen. Esme was trying to cook something. Since Bella was no longer coming over, Esme had no humans to test the food upon, but she'd discovered she really enjoyed cooking so she kept doing it anyway. Sometimes Alice would help out as well.

Edward rounded the corner with a grin. His sister and mother couldn't help but laugh slightly. They were happy to see Edward in a better frame of mind than when he left. Bella's sudden departure broke his spirit and he began to look like his old self before the girl had entered his life.

"And what are you all happy about?" Alice asked. Her expression was cheerful until she thought they maybe Bella had called him and was playing with his heart again. She stared at him trying to capture his future in her mind, but something blocked it.

"I saw an old friend," Edward replied.

"Oh really?" Esme teased almost taking a taste of the spaghetti sauce she was simmering. She put the wooden spoon down with a shocked expression and then smiled nervously, "That was a close one."

Edward nodded, "Too close. Stop watching The Food Network."

Alice giggled and then got serious, "So…who was the old friend? Anyone we know?"

"Yep, you've met him," Edward answered her.

"Him?" Esme checked the burner to turn it down.

"Jacob Black," Edward said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Both Alice and Esme turned to look at him with shock.

Alice cocked her head, "Now it makes sense I can't see anything in your future."

Edward smiled, "I know, I know. You can't believe it."

"I didn't know you were friends," Esme folded her arms.

"He's actually being civil with you?" Alice put her hand on her hip.

Edward gestured with his hand shifting it side to side, "Sort of. He's talking a lot of smack, but I'm enjoying it."

"How so?" Alice gave him a funny look.

"It reminds me of when Bella was around," Edward confessed. "Besides, it's better than being alone."

"You can't be that lonely," Alice sighed.

Edward smiled, "That's what Jacob said."

Both Esme and Alice shook their heads looking at each other.

"We're just friends," Edward shrugged his shoulders.

"No good can come from this," Esme joked as she began to stir the sauce once more.

But Edward felt a surge of hope in his heart. He knew he and Jacob wouldn't be best of friends, but at least Jacob would provide a good distraction. Edward had been spending too much time hanging around sadness. It was like sadness was Edward's personal shadow; it was connected to him and everywhere he went, it followed. There was no escape. But Jacob might be able to help Edward shake it. Somehow…someway…

Edward retired to his room. As he rested himself on the chaise lounge he took out his cell phone and dialed Jacob's number. He knew the wolf would probably be pissed that he called, but Edward almost looked forward to shaking up the boy. It rang a few times before a flustered shifter answered in a huff sounding out of breath (which was unusual since shifters were in fantastic shape).

"Hey," Edward couldn't help but chuckle.

Jacob huffed again, "What do you want?"

"Are you busy?"

"Kinda yeah," Jacob said quickly and sharply.

Edward smiled, "With Sam and the pack?"

"I can't talk right now," Jacob snapped in a hiss and hung up.

The vampire wasn't put out by Jacob's sudden rejection. He laughed to himself instead putting his phone down next to him. He enjoyed the idea of getting Jacob all frazzled. It would make him very sarcastic when he'd see him again which would mean a guarantee that Edward would be laughing at Jacob's smartass remarks.

Oh yeah, it was going to be a great reunion next time around…

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